Roddick, Djokovic Tumble on the Queen’s Turf, Nadal Survives; Federer on Falla in Halle
by Sean Randall | June 10th, 2010, 7:05 pm

Some eye-opening results out of the Queen’s Aegon Tennis Championships today. We are just about 10 days from the start of Wimbledon and already some of the big names are having trouble finding form on the grass courts. ADHEREL

Andy Roddick, Novak Djokovic and Marin Cilic all took it on the chin today in Queen’s while Rafael Nadal survived in three and Andy Murray’s fate with Mardy Fish is in the balance with the match paused in the third set.

The biggest surprise has to be Roddick’s 6-4, 7-6(8) shock loss to Dudi Sela. I don’t care how accomplished Sela is or how much trouble he causes Roddick, Roddick is the second best player on the grass and he should win that match.

“He played great,” the 4-time Queen’s champ Roddick said. “Credit to him. I think he had a very specific game plan, and I thought he executed it very well and never dug himself a hole on any service games, never had any sloppy errors.

“I think I could have done some things differently, but I thought he played a pretty perfect match. I’ve played worse at this tournament before and gotten through and won it before. I feel fine about the way I’m hitting the ball and constructing points.”

Said Sela who actually out-aced Roddick 14 to 10, “I played very well. I thought that I didn’t serve well, but after the match my coach told me that I served 14 aces, so for me it’s really good.”

The other major casualty on the day was the sputtering Djokovic who lost to former Wimbledon semifinalist Xavier Malisse 6-3, 4-6, 6-2. Cilic was also a loser to big-serving Frenchman Michael Llodra 7-6, 6-2.

The top-seeded Nadal also struggled but advanced with a tight 7-6(4), 4-6, 6-4 win over Denis Istomin. Nadal improves his win streak to 24 overall and 14 straight on the grass.

“It wasn’t easy for me,” Nadal said. “The day was difficult, too, a lot of wind. The positive thing is I was there mentally in the third. I finished the match playing better and winning the match.”

Also, the Murray-Fish match was suspended at 3-3 in the third due to darkness. Murray was down a break 3-1 in the final set before recovering.

As for the upsets, with Djokovic’s loss it’s hard to classify the Serb as a serious threat now at Wimbledon. Since his allergy attacks he’s been off the radar and now with the defeat it’s clear his still not back at full strength be it mentally, physically or otherwise.

For Roddick, who many people are rightfully picking him to do well at Wimbledon, but is this loss a warning of some kind. Andy hasn’t played much tennis since Miami and with his grass prep over already, I wonder if this lack of match play will come back and bite him.

And while Nadal having just come off a French Open win may not be in form on the grass just yet, Murray should be. And to me it’s not a great sign that Andy’s having trouble against Fish.

So are these losses a harbinger for Roddick, Djokovic and Murray (should he lose, too)? We’ll see.

While the contenders/pretenders were struggling in Queen’s, Grass King Roger Federer continued to mow down the opposition, albeit the light, fluffy kind of opposition. Federer crushed Alejandro Falla 6-1, 6-2 to advance to the quarterfinals where tomorrow he’ll face his first real test in German Phil Kohlscreiber.

“On the one hand, I’m looking forward, but on the other hand I also know that he is the player, who is the toughest to beat,” said Kohlschreiber about facing Federer. “I have not yet succeeded. So, also this time it will be difficult. But I will try to speed things up right from the start, see and hope that I will have a good day to play a close match. Maybe that will shake him, who knows.”

The German is 0-4 lifetime against Federer including 0-3 on grass. But Kohlschreiber did get a set off Federer at Wimbledon last year.

So tomorrow in Halle the quarterfinals are Federer v. Kohlschreiber, Hewitt v. Beck, Lacko v. Petzchner and Becker v. Zverev. (Becker beat Davydenko today).

HALLE CENTER start 12:00
[8] L Hewitt (AUS) vs [WC] A Beck (GER)
[WC] M Zverev (GER) vs B Becker (GER)
Not Before 4:00 PM
L Lacko (SVK) vs P Petzschner (GER)
Not Before 5:45 PM
[1] R Federer (SUI) vs P Kohlschreiber (GER)

In Queen’s, the decimated quarters are Nadal v. Lopez, Llodra v. Murray/Fish, Querrey v. Malisse and Schuettler v. Sela.

[3] A Murray (GBR) vs M Fish (USA) 46 61 33 – To Be Finished 46 61 33
[1] R Nadal (ESP) vs [8] F Lopez (ESP)
[3] A Murray (GBR) or M Fish (USA) vs [12] M Llodra (FRA)
[7] S Querrey (USA) vs X Malisse (BEL)
R Schuettler (GER) vs [14] D Sela (ISR)

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215 Comments for Roddick, Djokovic Tumble on the Queen’s Turf, Nadal Survives; Federer on Falla in Halle

Deborah Says:

I find it interesting that few who reported on the Nadal match commented on his “medical time out” after he lost the second set. Nadal continues to exhibit really lousy gamesmanship, especially for the number one player in the world. Yet, the members of the press are so busy in their effusive praise, he gets a complete walkover.

Chris Says:

Quite right, Deborah! Should it have been Federer, that would have been another story. What´s wrong with Federer? Is he too perfect? By the way, the current number one (until Wimbledon) should stop scratching his behind with such abandon…

Kimo Says:

Deborah, I don’t think it’s gamesmanship. Rafa has played more tennis off-late than anyone else. Add to that the fact that surface change often causes injuries. Players use one set of muscles for a certain surface then another set for another surface. This causes a lot of strain on those new muscles. Add to that the fact that the clay-grass transition is a drastic one to begin with, and players get absolutely no time to rest.

Kimmi Says:

since Fish beat murray in Miami, he has a lot of confidence against him. Today’s match shows.

their match now is lock at 3-3. If murray starts slow tomorrow like today, he is gone. he needs to serve well from get go.

Kimmi Says:

kohls has always played federer very close even though he has lost all his matches.

Guys who have never beaten federer before are beating him nowadays, so kohls will be thinking he can also cause an upset.

federer needs to be vigilant from get go. go fed.

Anna Says:

Hi Kimo – Rafa has played more tennis than anyone through clay court season. I honestly don’t know how he was able to make his way to Queens the day AFTER the FO and play again on Tuesday. In his post match presser he said he felt a “twinge” and wanted it checked. Didn’t want to take a chance on a small thing becoming a big thing with Wimbledon so close. I doubt that 3 extra minutes between sets put Istomin off. I thought he played very well considering the conditions. Hope tomorrow is a better day for Rafa, but he’s got at least two matches to play and maybe three.

skeezerweezer Says:

@anna & kimo,

Yeah he got through but IMO could tell he was laboring, all kudos to the other guy of course for playing grass court tennis.

It’s quite a feat to put all your energy into winning 3 straight tourneys, then a GS by itself is a physical test, and win, then right away go onto another prep tourney for a GS. However, you have to take the good with the bad. Clay is where he is King. I am sure this is a path they chose, and expected. Don’t know if the doubles thing was a wise choice though after all that tennis. In any event, hope he comes out stronger next match…after all, he still pulled it out! :)

SN Says:

Deborah – Not only did he wait until the end of the set to have a time-out, he’s been having scans this evening to make sure it’s OK to continue in the tournament. Aches and pains are common when moving from clay to grass, as it’s a completely different hit zone and movement.

It’s a shame that some are so quick to try to criticise players that may not be their favourites. Poor Gamesmanship?? He takes too much time, but that’s my only criticism of him.

jatt Says:


I am trying to search for the daily highlights for london queens but i do not know where to look for. For Halle it was easy but for queens i do not know where to go ?

Any pointers or any links you can forward ?


cynthia Says:

You all have a point. My point is that the fake grass has been a problem for football and other sports and why they continue to use it, MONEY!!! They just want to make more money off the players and disregard their health. Of all the players I’ve watched, to me, Rafa is the funnest and most exciting. He isn’t smooth like Fed, nor as talented, but he is definitely the most exciting and I would hate to lose him because of his knees. I do hope we have Fed and Nadal for time to come. They have so much class. Think of the past, we never had this kind of top players, amazing how long they have stayed at top. It’s very special time for tennis.

grendel Says:

6 off

“honestly don’t know how he was able to make his way to Queens the day AFTER the FO and play again on Tuesday.” – Anna. Well, he did that two years ago, didn’t he, and won the tourney. So he knows he can do it. He says he likes Queens, small club atmosphere and so on. Mind you, on both these occasions, he’s had easy 3 setters in Paris. That must help. Presumably these decisions on whether to play or not are dependant on just how tired a player is after just winning a tournament. Also, perhaps on temperament. Nadal thrives on competition.

Borg never played competitively between Paris and Wimbledon. He practised relentlessly on the grass for the two weeks after winning Paris. Apparently, for the first two or three days, he was awful. His timing was said to be lamentable, but he just stuck doggedly to his task, not minding that a mere club player could out hit him. By the the time of the first round of Wimbledon, he was sort of alright, but still vulnerable. Remarkable how he always scaped through those early rounds. By the second week, he was imperious.

But Nadal looked really good in the first round, against an admittedly weak opponent. But the point is, his ground strokes, volleying and general movement were excellent. Is he just more adaptable than Borg was? Or is it, instead, that the grass these days is much more easy to adapt to?

I can remember when they said Borg, the great claycourter, would never win Wimbledon. Knowing heads nodded wisely. Then he wins it. Fluke, they all say. So he wins the next one. Heads are scratched, and mumbling references are made to the paucity of the competition. He wins again. The penny begins to drop, and grudging acknowledgements are made. The fact is that Borg, who was the master of clay, liked the challenge of grass, and was not interested in merely being known as a great claycourter. He wasn’t a natural on grass the way Sampras was, he didn’t dominate his opponents the way Sampras did, but he very badly wanted to win, and so he did, again and again. Are we going to see history repeated?

Clay Says:

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to note Nadal’s conveniently placed delays. It’s the classic complaint against him. That said, his record does speak for itself. While questionable, his obvious stalling tactics tread the line of legality, yet yield pretty good results.

As for the references to Borg that grow louder every day, I reserve judgement, but agree that Rafa has to show good results at Wimbledon to even approach that legacy.

And I agree with grendel — grass takes a little getting used to. Just ask Roddick, Djokovic, Cilic, Youzhny and Davydenko.

Nick Says:

No one will quarrel that Nadal is already one of the greatest 10 players ever. No one can ever accuse him of poor sportsmanship or taking advantage of rules or belittling another player. If he is hurt, I believe it is 100 % true, he is a model for all sportsmen int he world and he alone has the ability to pass most of Federer’s and tennis records if his knees can hold up.

This is coming from me, a rabid Federer fan ..

dave Says:

This is the kind of double standard writing often applied to matches of Federer.

Sean wrote: “Grass King Roger Federer continued to mow down the opposition, albeit the light, fluffy kind of opposition.”

Well if the more highly-ranked, experienced and arguably more grass-competent (Nieminen anyway) opponents of Federer are light, fluffy opposition then…

what do you call the more lowly-ranked, less experienced and less grass-competent opponents whom Nadal had some problems beating?

Powder puff opponents?

why not call a powder puff a powder puff when Nadal struggles to beats them?

dave Says:

Nick Says: “No one will quarrel that Nadal is already one of the greatest 10 players ever. No one can ever accuse him of poor sportsmanship or taking advantage of rules or belittling another player. If he is hurt, I believe it is 100 % true, he is a model for all sportsmen int he world and he alone has the ability to pass most of Federer’s and tennis records if his knees can hold up. This is coming from me, a rabid Federer fan…”

When a person presumes he knows everything about someone he has not met or spent time with, he probably does not know everything about him.


dave Says:

Btw, has Nadal ever been even nominated for the ATP Sportsmanship Award at any time in his career? Who nominates players — other players? If he has not been nominated, why not?

Anna Says:

grendel, I’m watching the Wimbledon 08 match on tennis channel. They were able to track two of Federer’s balls across the net simultaneously, one from 2003 and one from 2008. The one from 2003
bounced much lower to the ground and was significantly faster than the ball from 2008. What they didn’t say is why these changes have occured, but apparently it benefits players in general. In regard to Rafa/grass court adaptability, it’s probably a little of both.
I’m relatively new to tennis so I haven’t watched many old Borg matches. I’m going to keep an eye on classic tennis to see if I can catch one of his matches.

I’d love to see Rafa take a run at Borg on grass. He’s almost surpassed him on clay and he still has many years left to play.

Back to Wimbledon 08.

Anna Says:

Dave, Were just having a nice conversation about todays matches and maybe a little history. Why don’t you take your nasty comments and spin them somewhere else. We really do our best not to pit Roger against Rafa and vice versa. There’s no reason why we can’t admire them both. And we do!!

By the way, what ta heck happened to our top 10 players at Queens today. Andy R., Cilic and Nole are gone and Andy M. is barely hanging on. It couldn’t have just been the weather.

Fot Says:

Dave, your 10:30 post was exactly what I was about to say as well when I heard the …”albeit the light, fluffy kind of opposition.”

If you look at the top players at Queens and who they had to play the first 2 rounds, they also had a ‘fluffy’ opposition:

Istomin ranked 72
D. Sel ranked 63
Marcos Daniel ranked 112
Ivan Navarro ranked 108
Fish ranked 90
Lorenzi ranked 96
Malisse ranked 74
Kunitsyn ranked 105

Roger had to play Nieminen ranked 65 and Falla ranked 67.

So if you’re calling Roger’s draw a ‘flffy opposition’, what did you call Nadal, Novak, Murray and Roddick’s draw with those players above?

Just trying to get consistency here….

skeezerweezer Says:


Absolutely! Well said! Hang in there Anna you’re a great poster…. :)

Pat Westrope Says:

To be fair, I don’t think it’s necessarily such an “ominous” sign that Murray is struggling against Fish. Fish has an excellent game for grass, and he’s given Murray all sorts of trouble lately. As was previously mentioned, Fish was bound to be full of confidence before this match.

That one is excusable. But Rafa struggling against Istomin? Roddick LOSING to Sela? Those are the real shockers.

I’ve learned not to expect much from Djokovic these days.

Ben Pronin Says:

I have to agree with Pat. Fish’s game isn’t only good for grass but it’s also the effective type of style against Murray in general. However, I think it’s fair to say Murray is, at least, more comfortable on grass than Djokovic is. But Djokovic beat Fish at Wimbledon rather comfortably just last year. Just goes to show, the transitive property simply doesn’t apply to tennis.

Michael Says:

I was fancying Roddick to win the Aegon Championships for the fifth time and it was really a shock that he has fallen to Sela in straights. What has happened to Roddick ? Grass is his favourite surface suiting his game well and he flounders. As regards the other results, it is clear that Nadal is not such a big threat in other courts as he is on Clay where he seems invincible. If Istomin has taken him to tight three sets then he is definitely beatable on Grass. But Nadal’s passage to the final in the Queens has become easier due to the unexpected exit of Roddick. As regards, Djokovic and Murray, the less said the better. They are definitely not living up to their reputation. All these leaves Wimbledon as a wide open field where Federer once again will reign supreme and may be win it for the seventh time. I hope he does and equals Sampras record.

Michael Says:

I hope Murray does not lose to Fish and spoil whatever interest we have in the Aegon Championships. I want a Murray Vs Nadal semi-final. That will give a wonderful opportunity for Murray to prove himself.

Ben Pronin Says:

I just realized I haven’t even looked at the Queens draw. Murray and Nadal are in the same half? Who’s (left) on the other half?

Michael Says:

Ben, As Djokovic and Roddick have been eliminated, Schuettler and Sam Querrey are in the other wing and they are competing against Sela and Mallisse. Only if Murray reaches the Semi-finals will there be some interest left in the tournament. Otherwise, Nadal will be an easy winner.

margot Says:

I don’t think Fish looked too impressive and Andy was just bloody inconsistent as per usual. Played like a champ in the second and like a challenger in the first 3 games of third.

contador Says:

Please, please beat fish, Muzza! (then take down rafa)

margot- you are right about andy, sadly.

: (

missing ernie and delpo. …. old tommy haas, too..

hoping nole, roddick and cilic get their grass games together by wimbles as well.

Huh Says:

“But Nadal looked really good in the first round, against an admittedly weak opponent. But the point is, his ground strokes, volleying and general movement were excellent. Is he just more adaptable than Borg was? Or is it, instead, that the grass these days is much more easy to adapt to?”


It’s not coz Rafa is more adaptable than Borg, it’s SOLELY coz the difference between grass and clay has reduced drastically and it’s way way more easier to do the transition from clay to grass today than it was earlier. Your answer lies in your second question itself.

Huh Says:

From now onwards. I’d not like to describe Nole’s getting beaten by average players as upset. Nole’s too frequently being trounced by lower ranked guys, that means it’d be no surprise if I see Nole losing again to some proverbial journeyman. Hopefully Nole’d force me to eat my words.

jatt Says:

Thanks skeezer for the link :)

…Under the video/audio section, The highlights they have hosted are so odd and strange..instead of showing the match ,they are playing music and just faces of the players with what score they had on finish.. :(

its all abt da game Says:

Rafa proves time and again how important luck is in men’s game!!
if a top player had run into rafa at this juncture, he could have taken down rafa, not by his skill, but due to rafa’s fatigue!!
however what do the top players do??
get thrown out together and make sure rafa will have an easy final(unless big man querrey comes through)
if murray loses today, this title, even with rafa’s fatigue should be rafa’s in all pobability..
Vamos rafa!!

Eskay Says:

Since it did not appear to be a flare up of the old knee injury for Rafa, there is no need for pessimism. If he were to withdraw from Q.F against Lopez, that would show that the injury is really going to affect his performance at Wimby, if it does not heal up. Withdrawal from this Q.F may be the smaller price to pay since already he has had some sort of grass tournament practice in the two rounds and the doubles. The results of the first three rounds show that Rafa will have to run a lot at Wimby.

maia6776 Says:

there is no success without talent + effort + a bit of luck.. a player dont get 7 GS just on pure luck n tricks. dont be mean!

rg.nadal (planet Rafadom) Says:

Hello guys!
Was not nice to see Rafa grimace like that when the trainer was treating him. Hope he is ok. A Murray Rafa final would be great.

rg.nadal (planet Rafadom) Says:

Eskay: Hi. Saw the news about Tsonga? His injury has healed and now he mostly would play W.

grendel Says:

To be fair to Djokovic, Malisse has always been very talented and unpredictable – just the sort to fall to a nobody and beat a somebody.

stu Says:

Do they not have pressers in Queens? What did Djoko SAY?

madmax Says:

This was the first time that I saw Novak, come to the net and NOT hug his opponent. He looked very upset and wanted to get off the court as quickly as possible.

Ollyk/duro/sar, are you around? did you see the match? can you give any input?

The commentators over here commented on Novak’s serve. They did an analysis on his first serve and said that his arm was too straight as he threw the ball into the air, which is affecting his lower back. I am sure that Novak’s team will analyse his game and the reasons why this happened yesterday. I am also sure that Novak will still be a force at Wimbledon and won’t be down about it for too long.

Huh Says:

Let’s make a case study on tennis players and their eternal fatigue.

Huh Says:

Let there be some losses and let there again be the fatigue excuses in TOTALITY!

Huh Says:

“madmax Says:

This was the first time that I saw Novak, come to the net and NOT hug his opponent.”

Thank God, Nole didn’t give his opponent a nice hug, coz that means the loss really stung him! May be some of such tough losses would help Nole get his anger and old fire back, which’d be truly great for tennis. Hoping for Nole to finally get bored of losing, very soon!

tfouto Says:

Murray is out. Not a very good preparation for Wimbledon.

madmax Says:

I thought the Murray match was just about to start! only to find that it was over!

Margot, did you watch andy? I went onto BBC 606, as they give a full commentary on the match – I found this – for anyone who also missed the match – it did go to a tie break, I understand, so was close, not as if it was a whitewash by Fish, but clearly he had murray running around the court a lot – (needs to be read in reverse).

1310: Murray picks up his court-side possessions and stomps off down to the dressing rooms. That’s six matches against Fish and three defeats. Credit to the American, who utilised trusted grass-court tactics to beat the world number four – 12th seed Michael Llodra faces a stern test. So it’s Wimbledon next – but expect Murray to put in the practice hours on the courts. Happy World Cupping everyone. Bye.


Murray 4-6 6-1 6-6 Fish (tie-break 2-7)
Silence across the Centre Court as Murray overhits a straightforward forehand winner as Fish takes a 4-2 lead at the changeover. A slow second serve allows Fish to attack the net once more, dispatching a volley to move within two points of victory. Fish takes the next point with another unforced Murray error for set point before sealing the match – and a quarter-final slot against Michael Llodra. The defending champion is out.
* Denotes next to serve

Murray 4-6 6-1 6-6 Fish* (tie-break 2-3)
Brilliant start from Murray as he sends a forehand winner from a wide Fish serve for an early mini-break, but Fish responds with an equally impressive forehand winner to level at 1-1. The American takes the next point as Murray nets a regulation baseline return – and the British number one is absolutely livid. But he levels when his opponent does exactly the same in the following point. Fish then charges to the net with a deep serve, dispatching an easy volley for a 3-2 lead.
* Denotes next to serve

madmax Says:

Huh, I know.

In a way, I was pleased, purely for the same reason as you in terms of Novak being “upset with himself” shows he really cares about his tennis – there was a match recently of novak, on classic watch in UK, i dont manage to get to watch it a lot of the time, but every now and again, i channel surf, and he was on – what a player! what talent! he is seriously flexible, seriously talented and i know that it is still there. I think novak is having a mental blip. But there are ways of getting over that and I am sure that he will, given time.

Polo Says:

I thought this year in tennis would be very exciting and competitive. Federer started well with an AO title but everything has been downhill for the top players since then. Federer, Murray, Djokovic, Roddick. And add to that del Potro and Davydenko for their injuries. It has been a lackluster year so far. Nadal has been the only one able to hold up his end of the bargain. Good thing his knee problem has resolved. Otherwise, it would have been really blah.

tfouto Says:

Nadal lost the first set on Tie-break. Will he hold up?

Eskay Says:

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that. I would like to see Tsonga at his very best. Andy is out. Who will Rafa meet in Semis, then? Fish is like old wine. It won’t be a surprise if some Americans made merry at Wimby.

grendel Says:

Anna, that was very interesting, tracking those two balls from 2003 and 2008. You go on to say:”What they didn’t say is why these changes have occured, but apparently it benefits players in general.” Well, my understanding is that the powers that be at Wimbledon were worried that the bang/crash type of serve and volley game (how many rallies did anyone ever see between Sampras and Ivanesevic?) was boring the public,and therefore would presumably affect sale of tickets.
Was there any real evidence for this? Were carefully controlled surveys conducted? I highly doubt it.

Until one hears otherwise, one has to assume that some geezer with a lot of clout took it upon his own head to fundamentally alter the landscape of Wimbledon. And this – a momentous decision – perhaps simply on the basis of a few chats over a few pints. Thus is history made. But really, think about it. Is it really true that short, sharp rallies are boring? That depends upon the viewer, doesn’t it? The different surfaces ought to cater for a variety of tastes – and skills. Furthermore, on the old fast courts, you did see long rallies sometimes, especially with players like Connors and Borg and Lendl. And a short McEnroe rally would be exquisite rather than bludgeoning.

When you say “it benefits players in general”, surely that can’t be true? Maybe a majority of players, I don’t know, but obviously players like Lopez, Llodra, Mahut, Dent and so on would prefer a fast court. The question of Federer is an interesting one. He seems to me to fall somewhere in between. He’d have a much better chance against Nadal on the faster grass surface. On the other hand, he would have been more at risk from Roddick.

Nadal misses an easy smash, and Lopez takes his first set against Nadal for 6 years – despite just putting an ordinary second serve low into the net. Now here’s a case in point. Surely, on the old grass courts, Lopez would go onto win. As it is, Lopez has kind of made his point, and I confidently expect him to fade away over the next two sets…..

tfouto Says:

Nadal broken. Lopez serving to win the game…

JCZ Says:

Can F-Lo actually pull through and not choke?

tfouto Says:

Match Point…

Eskay Says:

Rafa is on the brink of elimination in Queens. This tournament has been the graveyard of seeds. What does it augur for Wimby.

JCZ Says:

I’m only following the score online, is he choking or is it more the case of Nadal tough till the end?

JCZ Says:

Never mind. He closed it out!

skeezerweezer Says:

rafa out.

its all abt da game Says:


tfouto Says:

i am only watching the score online either…

Yahoo tennis said:

Nadal is broken again! A poor service game by Nadal. The French Open champion is looking a bit tired out there. Bit of fatigue out there perhaps.

tfouto Says:

its all abt da game…

of course. and after wimbledon Nadal can go on vacations until the US Open. And Nadal will win US Open without loosing a set, or even drop a point.

its all abt da game Says:

isn’t it sorta ironic??
the only person with the guts to defeat rafa in the last few months is actually a spaniard???

grendel Says:

Prediction’s mug’s game. I never, never learn. Even so, can’t help asking: will Lopez do his wonderful grasscourt game justice at Wimbledon? I know what I think, but I’m not going to be so damn silly as to say this time.

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Based on the tune-ups it ought to be a crazy fortnight. Of course order might be restored in 10 days. Maybe Murray, Roddick and Rafa can play some practice sets. Kohl-nice backhand might beat Fed today.

its all abt da game Says:

no, tfouto..
he has some serious points to defend..
he will play cincy and toronto..
he has got 45 points from ere anyway..
and it is free points at wimbledon..
so rafa does not need to worry!!

Sean Randall Says:

Top 6 seeds now all out after Nadal loses to F-Lo.

tfouto Says:

Nadal can win Wimbledon, but its not so obvious that he will win it, he’s not the favourite.

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

To wade in my guess is Rafa will give Canada a sincere effort but bow out early from Cincy. The humidity in Cincy is nasty and he has had injuries at the last two hard court slams. He will want to be fresh headed to NY.

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Sean I thought Queen’s had all the good players…

its all abt da game Says:

well, he is the fav to reach the final..
and in final, once fed stands across the net, nadal will be fav..
mental thing!!

tfouto Says:

he’s he the favourite to reach the final? hmmm. i dont know for shure…

Thomas Says:

if tsongas playing,that is wonderful news. Like I said earlier,the guy has the perfect game for grass;and hes so charismatic!!

its all abt da game Says:

oh well, tfouto..
don’t scratch your head over that..
trust fed, he will be in finals..
i trust rafa, he will be in finals..
who do you think will stop rafa??
roddick?? murray??
no way (ok roddick has a 30 % chance)
and anyway the oddmakers know their maths well..
rafa is the 2nd fav i think..
and that means they expect him in the finals..
and in the finals, well, rafa always has the edge over fed..
its a mental thing..

Eskay Says:

After the experience at Queens, it appears any prediction about wimby is a mere talk in the air at this stage. Will Roger restore the order at Halle?

its all abt da game Says:

tsonga is playing??
hen we will be treated to some classic volleying for sure!!

tfouto Says:

Roddick has all the chances against Nadal, as Murray. Murray plays well against Nadal. Murray can loose games against weaker oponents, but he likes to play Nadal. Nadal can reach the final and win Federer, but i am not so convinced as you are that he reaches the final.

Soderling on grass can win Nadal. F-Lopes maybe on a yes day? Nadal is playing a different game, more agressively, more unforced errors. I just dont know how his game will suit grass.

I would give Nadal 51% a chance of reaching the final and 49% chance against Fed on final.

its all abt da game Says:

well tfouto,
you give him 51% chance of being in finals..
well, then he will be in finals..
as for what happens in finals, well, we will see!!

tfouto Says:

yes we will see, if he reaches there…

Polo Says:

I wonder, of the top four, who will fall the hardest at the end of this year. Nadal seems to be safe, though. I wish for all of them to recover but it does not seem probable.

andrea Says:

Nadal has been the only one able to hold up his end of the bargain


nadal finally won a title in almost a year…on clay…the surface which he is superhuman on. so, not that really not out of the ordinary.

his end of the bargain was in question until a few weeks ago.

let’s see what the rest of the year brings.

Dari Says:

kohlschrieber and federer up in halle, streaming in the library while doing bio/chem!
I usually enjoy the matches between these two.
Goooo Roger!

stu Says:

Djokovic/Elrich just won their doubles match. 4-6, 7-6, 7-6 is a lot of games. Does anyone know where I can look up serve statistics for this match? Thanks !

Eskay Says:

Superstars have faded at Queens, small stars are shining bright. At Halle, Roger is 5-4 on serve. He does not appear to be in danger at this moment. Infact this could be just as far as Kohl gets in the first set.10th game yet to begin. No point in saying that Halle is a depleted field, since superstars lost at Queens to lesser players.

Huh Says:

Hopefully Nole’d win at least the Queens doubles title.

Huh Says:

“The question of Federer is an interesting one. He seems to me to fall somewhere in between. He’d have a much better chance against Nadal on the faster grass surface. On the other hand, he would have been more at risk from Roddick.”


Huh Says:

It doesn’t matter if it is Halle or Queens, if it’s Federer on grass, I’m gonna bet my money on him, it’s the safest bet.

Huh Says:

C’mon Fed, win it!

Huh Says:

I read from here that Nadal pulled out of doubles due to hamstring strain. Anyone knows about this?

tfouto Says:

1 set won by Fed.

Kimmi Says:

federer first set GO!

fadingis Says:

stu , go to live scores (from the atp site , choose queens then clic todoys results and then press the match you want to

Huh Says:

BTW, my heartiest congratulations to Felicano on beating Nadal. One can’t imagine how tough it must be to live under the shadow of Nadal if you’re a spaniard or under Fed’s shadow if you’re a Swiss. So, whenever these underdogs from Switzerland/Spain must win against their respective national heroes in the international stage, they deserve to be lauded.

Huh Says:

Though Nadal lost here, I would still rate him as the favourite for WIM. One of the reasons for it is that the grass courts at SW19 are slower than the Queen’s Club courts.

Thomas Says:

you are absolutely right. I hope Federer winns Halle and Wimbly :P

Huh Says:

I badly want Fed to win the Halle tournament so that he’d again have chance to regain the No.1 spot from Nadal.

Kimmi Says:

federer serving GREAT..keep it up

Huh Says:

Hi Thomas! Nice to see you again. Yeah, I also really hope that Fed performs better than Nadal at WIM.

tennislover Says:

“I just dont know how his game will suit grass.”

That comment is really surprising considering the fact that Nadal reached three straight Wimby finals and is, in a way, the defending champion. If you think the flatter strokes of Nadal could potentially derail him or make him more vulnerable, I can’t buy that argument. If anything, this will probably make him even more formidable. In any case, Nadal always has his “default” mode to fall back on as an option.

He is probably the best when it comes to thinking on the feet and I am sure he will make the required adjustments when he really needs to. More importantly, he appears to have more options in his game than ever before when it comes to effectively making those adjustments. Combine that with the fact that Nadal’s serve is extremely effective, sometimes lethal, on grass, I’d put a lot of money on Nadal if I were a betting man

Huh Says:


I hope Fed serves super great at WIM, particularly if Nadal meets him. Go Roger!

Huh Says:

Nadal has shown us for years now that on this WIM grass, he’s second only to Fed. I agree.

SG Says:

Deborah Says:
I find it interesting that few who reported on the Nadal match commented on his “medical time out” after he lost the second set. Nadal continues to exhibit really lousy gamesmanship, especially for the number one player in the world. Yet, the members of the press are so busy in their effusive praise, he gets a complete walkover.


Gamemanship has been a part of the game for as long as its been played. Federer and Nadal employ it differently, but they are in reality, still trying to employ a type of mental warfare. Singling out Nadal because he happened to recently win a major isn’t reasonable. He is entitled to a medical timeout and he used it.

tfouto Says:

Last time Nadal won in 2008 he also won Queens. This year he lost Quarter-finals. He’s game is different. I am not saying it wont work, just saying i am not shure Nadal is going to shine and win again like WIM.

Gannu Says:

Hi Huh, Kimmi.. good to see our man winning and playing so well.. federer is a beauty to behold on grass…!!!
Huh Says
“I read from here that Nadal pulled out of doubles due to hamstring strain. Anyone knows about this?”

Has Nadal ever lost a match when he is not injured? If he loses he is injured if he is injured he loses… rememebr a fit nadal can never lose thats wat nadalites will say…

and this is really a good excuse prepared in case he loses early n wimby… Fed up and tired of him..

Kimmi Says:

YES..The fed wins. Great serving. Goodluck for the rest of the tournament.

Daniel Says:

Fed looked imperious on serve! Great win.

tennislover Says:

“Prediction’s mug’s game. I never, never learn. Even so, can’t help asking: will Lopez do his wonderful grasscourt game justice at Wimbledon? I know what I think, but I’m not going to be so damn silly as to say this time.”

Well, I am sure most of us will agree with that sentiment regarding predictions.

As for Feli’s “wonderful” grass court game, I’d beg to differ just a wee bit. I’d like to add a qualification that his game appears almost tailor-made for the wimby lawns of the 1990s. I am not sure it is as “wonderful” for the wimby grass courts today. I also think his movement could be just a touch better.

On another note, some of the posters here think Tsonga could be a very exciting prospect at wimby. Surely serve and volley players should, theoretically, prosper. Again, it is a question of how well you move on a surface and Tsonga, to me, still has to learn to move on grass. He is another player who would have prospered in the 1990s because he is a gifted volleyer imho.

Kimmi Says:

Hi gannu, i know what you mean. I don’t think Lopez will get credit for this win. All Murray wins over nadal have an asterik in them.

its all abt da game Says:

yo gannu man..
you are right..
a fit nadal is nearly unbeatable..
the last time a fully fit nadal lost was to an on fire nikolay davydenko in doha..
and that has been the case..
nadal has always been unluckily unfit..
but really he has made a big mistake that he has not produced his certificate of health to wannabe healthcare specialists like you who can predict which person is fit when and which person is not..

Gannu Says:

I want to see Feddy win wimbledon.. meanwhile guys we need to admire Sean for his predictions.. they are going right now… The sean reverse curse not applicable these days ;-) Well done Sean…
Hope feddy bear takes the halle and wimby title….That would be the ultimate treat to my eyes!!!

dave Says:

Federer just beat the #1 German player Philipp Kohlschreber 7-6 6-3 on German soil in front of German fans. Kohlscreiber is #35 in the world (Lopez is #31). The remaining players in the draw are less worthy of being labelled light and fluffy.

310 ranking points separate Federer and Nadal. If Federer wins the 250 point Halle tournament (he did not play Halle last year) what would be the points difference between Federer and Nadal on Monday?

tennislover Says:

“Last time Nadal won in 2008 he also won Queens. This year he lost Quarter-finals. He’s game is different. I am not saying it wont work, just saying i am not shure Nadal is going to shine and win again like WIM.”

Well, nobody can be “sure” of anything. If you are more “sure” of others’ chances as compared to Nadal’s, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion. Was anyone “sure” of Nadal’s win in 2008? I think Nadal is as big a favorite for Wimby as anyone else.

grendel Says:

nice match between Malisse and Querry. Malisse a real mystery man, he’ll play a real creamer of a shot, beyond most players, and then feebly hit a ball long with no particular excuse. Presumably this is about concentration? If this plays such an important role in tennis, which it must do, you wonder if players undergo any kind of mental training – if, indeed, there is any such which isn’t just pseudo spiritual claptrap.

Querry looked formidable, the man has powerful groundstrokes on both sides, and for such a big fellow, moves very well. He could cause a lot of grief, I reckon, at Wimbledon.

I don’t mind that all the big names are out. Kind of refreshing to see a new lot battling it out in the semis.

Gannu Says:

“its all abt da game ”
You have lost your senses… Blind devotion is injurious to your mental health and thats wat is getting reflected in you..

A fit nadal is unbeatable?? excuse me have you seen federer hammering nadal in masters up in 2006 and 2007 and also in wimbledon 2006 and 2007??

Dont be a pussy,… if you cant take care of your health then sit at home and do baby sitting.. please dont play tennis… if you have chosen this profession then better take care of your health… no pint in running like a monkey during 3 months of clay court and then telling that look i am unwell.. you are just making an a$$ of yourself…

tfouto Says:

I have said before “I would give Nadal 51% a chance of reaching the final and 49% chance against Fed on final “.

“If you are more “sure” of others’ chances as compared to Nadal’s, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion (…) I think Nadal is as big a favorite for Wimby as anyone else.”

where does this two setences colide?

Fot Says:

I’m not going to comment on the ‘hurt Nadal’, etc. Just – congrats to the Lopez fans here. He won the match period.

So Sean… how bout those ‘fluffy competitors’ at Halle? Let’s see, the SF at Queens are: Querrey; Lopez and Fish and either Schuettler or Sela will join them. Like I said earlier – anyone can beat anyone on any given day. Those who had Nadal penciled in for the final; those who had Roddick or Murray or Novak going on before their matches -I say “that’s why they play the game”. Anything can happen.

Even in Halle, I hope Roger gets to the final but with the way the grass season has started, who knows what will happen. I will say Roger has looked very impressive even if (by Sean’s definition) he has been playing “fluffy” players.

dave Says:

FoT: You’re absolutely right, anything can happen in tennis. You backed up your considered opinion with hard facts and sound analysis in your earlier post. Would #35 Kohlschreiber, the top German player playing in front of German fans, be considered light and fluffy next to #31 ranked Lopez who beat Nadal? Tennis writers need to be more consistent in her analysis, cuz it just feeds fans enamored with certain players.

Anna: there is much you can learn from this. While we are having tea, scones and a nice conversation, let’s not let our admiration for any one player supercede the facts and sound analysis. The only spin is your spinning my honest sound comments as “nasty”.

andrea Says:

nothing’s better than watching roger on grass. sweet!

madmax Says:

It’s all about da game,

I dont know why it is that people are saying that rafa was “injured” at the WTF in London. He gave many pressers beforehand saying that he was feeling well, and was ready to play – I wish these excuses would stop – can you send me a link (if you know of one), that said he was NOT fit to play in the WTF? because I havent read one, and it’s very possible that it’s out there, and I’ve just missed it.

Kimmi and Gannu,

this is great news for roger. I am going to watch the match now, the timing conflicts with the working day right now, so couldnt watch it! Damn!

But am so pleased!

Go Roger!

zola Says:

Congratulations to Feli and his fans. He played fantastic tennis. Love that one-handed lefty backhand.Hope he gets the title.

I am not too worried about Rafa’s loss in Queens. No one wins all the times. On the bright side it gives him some more days to have some rest after such a tough and emotional clay season.

The conditions in Queens are very harsh. Very slippery and wet. I am glad no one is injured.

Kimmi Says:

Querrey beat malisse 6-3 7-5. great run for querrey on grass. What a chance to win the tourney..its wide open right now.

tennislover Says:

If Federer wins Halle, the difference between him and Nadal will come down to 170 points. The problem for anyone hoping for Federer to take over as number one again is that he is defending 2000 points at wimby whereas Nadal is defending nothing. In other words, Nadal will be number one after wimby even if he loses in the first round and Federer wins wimby. The more likely scenario is that Nadal will increase his lead over Federer by a significant margin after wimby. Barring very unlikely events, I don’t see how Nadal won’t finish the year as number one given the form he has shown so far this year.

Gannu Says:

Madmax great to have you here… was wondering where you had disappeared.. now we fans are going to be there all the way till feddys 6th halle and 7th wimby championship this year… Go roger!!!

its all abt da game Says:

gannu man..
see its you who lost your calm..
so its you who is blabbering..
i said the last time a fit rafa lost was to davy in doha 2010..
now it is pretty obvious(except to fedturds like you) that he must have lost before 2010 even when he was fit..
and still you are saying about 2006..
but i do admire your gall to say that fed hammered rafa..
man you have selective memory problems??
you forget that the favour was retuned with interest??
another thing before 2008 whenever rafa lost obviously, he was fully fit..
its only in 2009 that his knee problem cropped up..
but your blind devotion makes you ignorant!!
read some news articles..
you will know when he was fit and not..
come on you wannabe health inspector..
your fed was also having mono during 2008 AO..
did you forget that??
oh punks like you are certainly a disgrace to the great man roger!!
and really you can gloat because your roger got 4 days of extra rest from RG..
so, he is obviously winning at halle..

someone sensible asked here what would be the point gap between rafa and fed this monday if fed wins halle..
it will be 195 points..

zola Says:

Rafa did not play Queens or Wimbledon last year. so even if he has zero points from Queens and Roger wins Halle, Rafa will remain number 1 and every round he advances in Wimbledon, will add to his points.

Roger won wimbledon, so he will not accumulate any points from wimbledon. Even if Rafa withdraws from Wimbledon, he will stay #1.

zola Says:

Wow! Querry!


Gannu Says:

its all abt da game

My fed had mono.. but unlike nadaltards like you , we dont blame fed’s mon for wimby’s loss… But Nadla’s french open loss is blamed to his injury…

For your kind info.. fed reached RG final, won halle and Wimby couple of times all at the same time.. so fools like you will pity rafa for today’s loss since he had to play so soon.. but we know what fed has achieved…

I dont want to be health inspector..but you need to understand that injuries are part of this game and one needs to manage his health.. So Managing health is also one aspect of this game in which ur monkey can never do… Fed is way better.. thats why he has reached 23 consecutive semis.. Poor Nadal has not even reached 3 semis consecutively due to his bumped out knees… deserves so…

Andrew Miller Says:

Mr. Randall, this sentance was awesome! “While the contenders/pretenders were struggling in Queen’s, Grass King Roger Federer continued to mow down the opposition, albeit the light, fluffy kind of opposition”

Thanks so much!

Gannu Says:

and Mr loser “its all abt da game”
You said ” a fit nadal is nearly unbeatable..”

and all those wins of feddy was said in that context .. really retarded you are.. cant even understand what you have written…

Gannu Says:

nearly means losing once or twice but not 6 times!!!!

Fot Says:

Hypethetical situation:

Say that Roger wins Halle and then he defends Wimbledon. He would have 2 of the 3 Grand slams this year and yet he would be #2. Would people really say he’s #2? Or would they treat it like that did Serena when she said “they know who the real #1 is” when she was ranked lower? Just wondering.

zola Says:

I think there is no sense in a question like that. First of all, you have to let Roger win wimbledon. Second of all, Rafa is a 7-times GS champion. No comparison to Safina or Ivanovic. Your ratinale gives no importance to the obligatory master series tournaments, of which Rafa has won 3, and reached the semis or better in the others, while Roger was out in the early rounds.

I see no benefit in starting a Roger-Rafa war now.

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Federer has won 11 of his last 13 matches

Dan Martin Says:

FoT I think Roger would be given a lot of respect if he bags #7 and #17, but Nadal seems like a far more worthy #1 than someone with zero slam titles to a career or 52 week span.

Huh Says:

I can just say that only one guy is nearest to unbeatable(except to Nadal on clay) when fully fit and in-form, and that guy ain’t Nadal. ;)

Golf is barely a Sport Says:

Rog beat a crafty but old Jarko and a really good Kohl-nice backhand (in his backyard no less). Seems like he played as stiff of comp as any of the top 6 seeds at Queen’s.

van orten Says:

if federer wins wimby wins us open plus 2-3 masters he could end up number one at the end of the year providing nadal loses early in 1-2 masters and wimby and us open…so i think pretty much impossible the whole back to number one scenario for fed…maybe next year

Dan Martin Says:

I think Hewitt deserves some credit for how he has continued to be a tough out on tour and keep his competitive fire lit despite some health issues, being 29 and being a lot less powerful than most of today’s top guys. On grass, he may very well still be a top 10 player.

madmax Says:

Hello Gannu.

It’s all about,

am still waiting for your link.

If it’s a toss up between being no.1 (which Federer is anyway, in many people’s eyes), OR winning another slam. I dont think the question needs to be answered.

Plus, there is every chance that Roger could still be No.1 by the end of the year. Okay, so he won’t get any points at wimby, BUT he will get a trophy! (hoping, more than hope). PLUS there is the possibility of USO 2010, PLUS there are some more tournaments during the rest of the year and the WTF – so all in all, it will be close.

Fed will go in seeded No.1 for wimbledon, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t go on to win, if he plays his A’ Game. He knows the score. He knows what’s on the line. Good luck to him.

I dont actually feel that Fed has played all that badly this year, it is just we are so used to him winning all the time. Remember that whenever he plays rafa – it’s near on a 5 setter ALL THE TIME. plus, match points along the way this year, but some of those matches he didnt close out, when he should have!

But this is grass, Roger’s best surface and I reckon he can do the math.

Huh Says:

An in-form Hewitt on grass is easily in the top-4, even now.

“Andrew Miller Says:

Mr. Randall, this sentance was awesome! “While the contenders/pretenders were struggling in Queen’s, Grass King Roger Federer continued to mow down the opposition, albeit the light, fluffy kind of opposition””

Can’t agree more. :D

van orten Says:

i would like to know how many times hewitt lost to fed or nadal in 3rd or 4th round in majors…i can think of at least 5 times the last 3 years…he is a great player losing always to the best. no shame about that

van orten Says:

fed is goin to be number 1 seed at wimby? don’t think so..but would be cool if so

zola Says:

Dan Martin,

Can’t agree more about Hewitt. I respect all players who come back from surgery/adversity and try to do their best. I hope he can get to top 20. but not sure about top 10 yet, as he has to replace some really tough guys.

stu Says:

Thanks fadingis! 0 DFs from him in that match – just to give us hope and bring us crashing down again the next time!

nadline Says:

Fot Says:

Hypethetical situation:

Say that Roger wins Halle and then he defends Wimbledon. He would have 2 of the 3 Grand slams this year and yet he would be #2. Would people really say he’s #2? Or would they treat it like that did Serena when she said “they know who the real #1 is” when she was ranked lower? Just wondering.


If Fed holds 3 GS titles and he is still No 2 it just shows that he does badly in all other tournaments, it shouldn’t only be about slams. If you can’t make it to the 3rd round in the other tournaments, how can you be No 1? The No 1 in the world should be able to win Masters, 500s and 250s as well, not just slams.

daredevil Says:

I am a big fan of Nadal .i hate the criticism about him .Itis a great deal that he has won all his matches on grass just after a long tiring clay court season.Hats off to him! and best of luck to him for his upcoming matches and the Wimbeldon tournament and for his entire career.

Huh Says:

Hey Gannu:

Welcome Back Buddy! Nice to see ya. :D

But don’t you know one thing? A fully fit Nadal is unbeatable ONLY on clay and nowhere else? ;)

Now look Gannu:

I’m gonna give you the list of some important wins and losses of Nadal in 2010 with special reference to his fitness in those matches.

1.A fully fit Nadal loses to Davy in Qatar.

2. Fit Rafa in the AO 10 Qtrs. outwitted and outplayed by Murray in the first two sets, then injury kicked in to save him from further embarassment at the hands of Muzza.

3.Then after recovery in four-weeks time, the rusty but fit Rafa beaten by ‘in-no-way-mediocre’ Ljubicic in Indian Wells in semis.

4.In Miami, the determined and dangerous Andy Roddick takes down the fully fit Rafa in semis. The in-form and almost ominous looking Rafa tried to bully, but Roddick simply didn’t care and showed him the exit.

5.Now that by Miami masters, Rafa had regained full form, hell broke loose for even Rafa’s rivals and Rafa annihilated and grounded whoever fell before him and was unstoppable and created the history of winning all the masters and the FO in one season. This was by far the most utter domination of clay court season by Rafa. That he lost just one set clearly indicates how devastating he proved for the rest of the field, none was shown mercy by the Rafael Nadal. Good for him.

6.Rafa was happy and had no pressure nor was he unfit, so he confidently entered the Queens Club with some of his fans thinking that he has already pocketed it or something like that perhaps. But all this rejoicing was cut short by Felicano who straight-setted Rafa. Admittedly, it was a huge upset. After this defeat, Rafa pulled out from Queens doubles citing hamstring injury. The jury is out now. Some are buying the hamstring thing while some are criticising him as usual. None knows the truth, but Rafa probably must be given the benefit of doubt this time considering the fact that Rafa won 24 consecutive matches since his loss to Roddick in Miami and that might have affected him at least to some extent, it’s plausible at this point to so assume.

Huh Says:


Same here, I would take a WIM any freaking day over the No.1 spot. Winning the WIM at this point is far more important for Fed IMO than just about anything else.

Huh Says:

I felt very sad seeing the dejected face of Muzza thou. Hoping for his bad times to be behind him and good times ahead for him.


On a different note. Congratz Fed for 28th consecutive win at Halle.

madmax Says:

van orten Says:
fed is goin to be number 1 seed at wimby? don’t think so..but would be cool if so

June 11th, 2010 at 2:58 pm

van orten. This is so. Past Champions rule at wimbledon. Federer won last year, it holds the following year, irrespective of his ranking. He will go into wimbledon as the no. 1 seed.

You heard it here first!

Hello Huh!

Dan Martin Says:

Wimbledon may weight pass grass results which could put Roger as the #1 seed. Since Australia 2008 the #1 seed has only won 2 of the 10 majors played. Fed and Nadal won the previous 2 Aussie Opens as the #1 seed. Fed was the highest seed at Wimbledon 2009 so maybe I should say 3 of 10.

grendel Says:

Unless Nadal breaks a leg, Federer is not going to be #1 again. My reasoning is as follows.

I followed with great interest the long, drawn out saga of Federer creeping closer and closer to Sampras’ record. It was clear to me that Federer had to get it in one fell swoop, so to speak,if he was to get it at all. It was always going to be tantalisingly close. If Federer had taken his match points against Baggy and Berdych, perhaps he would have clinched it. If he had done a little bit better in the clay court season, not much, just a little, perhaps again. If, if, if. It was not to be. The opportunity was missed, and it won’t come again.

Consider: Federer’s record in non grand slams has, over the last two years, been in a state of continual deterioration. Not in a dramatic way, just in the way which is usual for champions past their prime. He’s now nearly 29. What is the likelihood that he will suddenly recover a youthful like energy and start winning masters titles again?

Talk of his winning two more slams this year also strikes me as wishful thinking. Of course it is possible. There are any number of plausible permutations, none of which are particularly likely (as from today’s vantage point) but one of which must be true.

What does remain the case is that Federer will remain a strong contender for all the slams for maybe another couple of years. If he pinches another two, in my eyes, that would be wonderful.

But he won’t be #1 again. That particular record of Sampras’ will remain intact for a good few years yet. Ah, but it was a close thing. Damn!

madmax Says:

Fed’s interview in Halle –

How did you feel today?

FEDERER: I feel in good shape, playing well in all areas of my game. Tactically, I’m doing the right things, serving great, moving really well. So, there is no complaints on any level and that’s obviously a great feeling. But they need to be put into stone on the Centre Court. You need to win matches to prove yourself and a good feeling is just sometimes not good enough to always win, but I’m happy that the success is coming upon me. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Are you surprised by the early exit of all your grand rivals in London?
FEDERER: Yes, sure. Who would have guessed that they are all out before the semis. I was following it the way I could. I’m not watching much, just hearing that one after another was going out because there are big names over there. Yes, surprising.
But then when it comes to Wimbledon … They are based in London, they will be in good shape, they just don’t have the matches or the momentum coming into Wimbledon, but they can still create that starting Wimbledon. We’ll see how it goes for my side. How I’m playing that’s the most important anyway.

How do you rate Philipp’s performance today?
FEDERER: I didn’t have the feeling that he played badly. The rallies were short. If he serves well and I serve well, the rallies will automatically be short. As for me, my serve was a dream today, the first serve as well as the second serve. I mixed it up nicely so the couldn’t really neutralize my service games. I hoped that there will be some of his service games where he wouldn’t play as well.

Tomorrow you will play Petzschner. You never played him?
FEDERER: No, obviously not (laughs). He played well, very convincing, beat some good opponent. He mixes his game well, has a good tactic, uses his slice a lot. He has quit a few weapons which you need that nowadays if you want to make the top 50. So, I will have to pay attention. He can easily play himself into euphoria with the German crowd. I’m quite aware of that. So, it surely won’t be an easy match tomorrow.

Did you hear anything about Raffa’s knee?
FEDERER: No, I didn’t and I also didn’t watch the match.


Huh Says:

It’s truly nice of Sean to call my second fave Roddick as the 2nd best player on grass. I wanna thank Sean for this. :)

nadline Says:

Nadal was seeded No1 at Wimbledon last year before he pulled out, so he will be seeded No1 again this year, no question about that.

nadline Says:

Wimbledon 2009: seedings (world rankings in brackets)
Men’s singles

1 (1) Rafael Nadal (Spain)

2 (2) Roger Federer (Switzerland)

3 (3) Andy Murray (Britain)

4 (4) Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

5 (5) Juan Martin del Potro (Argentina)

6 (6) Andy Roddick (US)

7 (8) Fernando Verdasco (Spain)

8 (7) Gilles Simon (France)

9 (9) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France)

10 (10) Fernando Gonzalez (Chile)

madmax Says:

Federer has every chance to be no.1 by the end of the year Grendel. More than that, he has also the possibility of two further slams – am sure he would prefer two more trophies more than the no.1.

Go federer!

nadline Says:

Listen madmax,

You do not own this site, I will post wherever I want whenever I want. You are just a pathetic little twerp who thinks that Federer’s greatness rubs off on you. If you don’t want me to post here, sue me.

madmax Says:

Grendel says:

What is the likelihood that he will suddenly recover a youthful like energy and start winning masters titles again?

You know Grendel, where there is a will there is a way. Men can move mountains and anything is possible in this world with a positive frame of mind and a willing heart and body.

I watched Fed yesterday at Halle and his original coach, Pagnini was there, sat next to Mirka – he was clapping away when fed was at the net – the match against niekkemon. At first, I didn’t recognise him, and then I realised who it was. Not only was sevrin there, but it made me think of the years that those two (fed and Pagnini) have put in together, since he was 15 years old, they have worked as a team – I mean talk about commitment. The guy travels with him for half of the year (his trainer), and you never really know what fed does in his training off season, because it is all behind closed doors – but damn he works so hard, I noticed some different muscles coming through his legs and quads in his practise sessions at RG. He has a great team surrounding him who are positive about his future. Fed is still raring to go. It’s crazy to think otherwise. He is a great athlete and has proved that year upon year. He is in tremendous form.

Every chance Grendel. You see the cup as half empty to me, not half full – anyway – if both sampras and agassi can do it, then why not federer? he has won twice as many slams as sampras in half the time. That makes a helluva difference when you are talking about the wear and tear on the body – so technically, another 8 years of play! (that is what Fed has said he wants to do), to play professional tennis at a high level until 35. Plenty more gas in the tank.

Huh Says:


Neither is Nadal gonna break any leg of his nor is Fed not going to be # 1 again.

You saying Fed won’t be No.1 again reminds me of 2009. People were even then unsure of Fed returning back to No.1 ever again, many even betting their lives/cars/houses on it, but we all know what happened. Moreover who’s gonna stop Fed from regaining No.1 back from Nadal? Just tell me the name of that person who you think can do that! Look there’s no way either Nole/Muzza are doing it for long, if at all they get there first of all. And the same is true for even Nadal or JMDP. May be the sudden emergence of a new Fed/Pete can deny him the chance to get back to No.1 ever again, but unless that happens I don’t see either Rafa or Nole or Muzza or DP preventing Fed from getting back the top spot ever again. So what if Fed’s 29? Fed still can play better tennis than the rest of the field, even if it be for relatively smaller stretches of time in comparison to the good old times of his incredible dominance. To stop Fed from regaining the top spot in men’s tennis, these guys need not just to win a slam or some masters, they also need to dominate the tour like a Fed or a Pete over vast stretches of time, which I doubt anyone of the present top players including even Nadal is capable of.

Daniel Says:


If Fed wins Halle and Wimby, and Nadal reaches quarterss in Wimbledon, they can change places in Toronto.
Nadal wil have 9105 pts and Fed 8550 pts. Nadal and Federer reached quarters last year in Canada: 180 pts. If Fed gets on a tier again and win Toronto he still have a shot. And he has zero pts in Shangai where Nadal defends 600 (final) and 10 in Paris where Nadal defends 360 (semis). He will still have some gaps.

Basically if Nadal doesn’t win any more titles for the rest of the year (as he already did in severel years) and Fed wins 1 more Slam, 1 masters, Basel, Tokyo and semis or better in all other Masters he can regain n.1, anything less than this and Nadal winning more titles will settle the question.

Huh Says:

Great post by Daniel at 4.37 p.m., you summed things up re: Fed’s shot at regaining No.1 so very well!

Kimo Says:

I think that by the time the US Open starts, both Roger and Rafa will be fighting for year-end no.1. It’s not a sure thing for Rafa just yet.

Rafa is defending his semi points from last year at the US Open, so if he fails to go that deep he’ll lose a few points. Of course Fed has to defend more, but I think it’s not improbable that he will reach at least the semis there. After that, all Fed has to defend are his points from the reaching the final in Basel last year and two wins at the WTF. Meanwhile, Rafa has to defend his Shanghai and Paris points, a sum of 960. Roger made no points at those two events last year (he skipped Shanghai and lost his first match in Paris). He can make big gains there if he wants the no.1 ranking that badly.

Kimo Says:

And btw, neither Fed nor Rafa care about whether they’re seeded 1 or 2. It make absolutely no difference to their draw. They also don’t care if they get scheduled on Court 1 if that means they get to play on time.

Huh Says:

Oh TT! ;)

Huh Says:

Oh TX! ;)

nadline Says:

If, if, if Federer does this and Nadal doesn’t do that Federer will end the year as No1. Of course if all these ifs came true he would, but we don’t knoe that they would come true, so let’s not waste time on all the ifs, whatever will be will be, let’s just enjoy seeing it unfold.

Nadal has only 540 points to defend up to the end of August, Federer has to defend 3180, so let’s see how they get on until then. Rafa can only add points at Wimbledon, Federer can only lose points there.

Kimo Says:

What’s TT?

Huh Says:

Cheers for the Soccer World Cup!!! :D


Huh Says:

Hey Kimo:

Let this TT-TX stuff go, it is becoming too funny already! ;)

BTW, if you’re a big fan of soccer, time to dance WAKA WAKA! :D

Kimo Says:

Sure nadline, these are all ifs, but they’re possible, and since they are possible, no one can say it’s impossible for Fed to regain the no.1 ranking. I wouldn’t even say it’s all that difficult, let alone IMPOSSIBLE.

That’s all I’m saying about this particular topic.

nadline Says:

TT is a tennis forum and Betting site called tennistalk. Link -

Check it out.

Huh Says:


Can you tell how many points is Fed gonna lose if he doesn’t proceed past semis at WIM?

Kimo Says:

Hey Huh.

I really don’t know what TT means :S

And yes, I am a FOOTBALL fan. Watched both matches today. Both of them were disappointing. I don’t see how the hosts can go into the next round after drawing their easiest match of the group. As for Les Bleus, their golden generation is all but over. Sad. I miss Zizo everytime I watch them play.

Kimo Says:

“Can you tell how many points is Fed gonna lose if he doesn’t proceed past semis at WIM?”

A lot. 1280 to be exact. But do you really think anyone can derail Fed’s campaign at SW 19 before the final?

Kimo Says:

Beore RG, the difference between Roger and Rafa was about 2300 points. Do you guy think the few hundred points Rafa now has over Roger are un-surpassable?

Huh Says:

I got so curious that I went to TT and read some tennis stuff there.

Got to know from there that Novak has tipped Nadal and Federer as the WIM faves, but at the same time he also said that he’d thrilled to compete at WIM as usual and expressed his desire to put himself in a position to fight in a title match of WIM men’s singles. He also promised to his fans that he’d give his all at WIM. Felt very nice reading that. Now I would sure like to see him dong well at WIM. Wishing Nole all the best for WIM. Hoping that he will play confidently there.

Huh Says:


You’re so fortunate that you got to watch the two matches today! :P

And I really dunno Kimo. Who can say that Fed’s a shoe in to reach the WIM final this year? He’s already made 7 back-to-back finals, so history is against him making it to the finals for the 8th consecutive time. That said, of course I’m hoping for the title to go to Fed, if Rod/Muzza fail to win it.

Kimo Says:

Huh said:

“He’s already made 7 back-to-back finals, so history is against him making it to the finals for the 8th consecutive time.”

If Lendl could do it at the US Open, Roger could definitely do it at Wimbledon.

skeezerweezer Says:

Back to tennis,

IMO I wouldn’t count Rafa’s early exit from Queens ANY indication of what to expect at Wimby. I watched both matches he played and he looked uncomfortable on the grass for sure, but also looked stiff. Too much tennis. He has played since early spring pretty steady, and went deep and won the last 4 tourneys. For Rafa fans they should look at it like a blessing ( his early exit at Queens ). He needs the rest. Rafa has had a history of health issues and needs to plan accordingly. He can still go down as one of the greats, but can’t do it sitting out tourneys from injury.

Fed fans want a fully rested Rafa for Wimby, why not? :)

Veno Says:

Just to throw in a couple of more ifs:

If Fed wins Halle and Wimby, which I suspect he will, then the race for the year end number 1 is on, even if Rafa makes it to the Wimby final, which I doubt.

If Rafa wins Wimby, then Fed will have almost no chance to get to number 1 again during 2010, but he could do it in 2011 then.

Remember, Sampras got his total of 286 weeks during 8 seperate stints occupying the top spot. Fed has only had 2. Who is to say he will not get a third stint in, even if it’s only for 2 weeks, which would break the record.

@nadline: I don’t know why you think it’s necessary to settle your personal differences with madmax on this forum about tennis, trust me, none of us care, but if you do post addressing tennis issues, which we all of course welcome, try not to propone something you “think” is truth as the actual truth and be open for correction when you’re wrong:

Federer WILL highly likely be the number 1 seed at SW19(let’s say 99,99%) and Nadal will be the number 2, irrespective of their world ranking, because the AELTC uses a different seeding system to the other Slams, not purely based on the world ranking, but also, and severly weighted I might add, the past results of players at Wimbledon and other grass court tournaments.

Veno Says:

I think in all fairness Rafa IS already an all time great and can only add to his legacy.

Fed won his 6th major a month after turning 24 and has won 3 of the 4 different Grand Slams. Rafa has already 7(granted 5 of them Roland Garros) but also has won 3 of the 4 different Slams at just 24.

I doubt though whether Rafa will be able to keep it up as long as Federer has done for the obvious reasons, but who knows, it’s possible he’ll win a US Open some day, he could win another Wimby and another Ozzie Open and 3 more French Opens, all in say the next 4-5 years. That will put him at 13 Slams as well as the career Golden Slam. It’ll put him at least on par with Pete Sampras’ 14.

Sean Randall Says:

Madmax/Naldine, that’s about all the personal garbage I can take. Your posts will now be moderated and any future attacks on other posters or each other will be deleted.

Veno Says:

has m/b had in the second sentence

KillerC Says:

Grass tennis is beautiful. Its About time too, clay tennis season seems way too long, not to mention boring. With clay its whoever can bash the ball longer or tricky-er, the other surfaces reward aggressive play. just my personal opinion. wimby white tradition and uso nights are what make pro tennis good.

Daddy federer has won everything, his fire isnt quite what it was. Look to see some new blood winning..

Kimmi Says:

KillerC – exactly. I love grass tennis too, its a pity the season is very short ( they really needs to do something about this). With the roof now at wimbledon, it will be good to get uninterrupted tennis at least on center court.

grendel Says:

Daniel – you make a good case, but it hinges very much on Wimbledon. What happens there is crucial. I find it hard to believe Nadal will only get to the quarters. I am sceptical that Federer can beat Nadal if they both reach the final – not, Madmax, because I am a sourpuss, though I may well be of course, but because the record firmly suggests Rafa has Fed’s measure; if Federer can turn this around, nobody will be more pleased than me, and if wishes were horses…I do think some one like Querry or Isner or Roddick or Soderling might beat Nadal, however, so the draw is going to be critical this year.

As for the fact that Sampras had several stints at #1 – yes, but he didn’t have anyone remotely approaching the stature of Nadal as his chief rival. Only Sampras himself, along with Federer, rivals Nadal, and that’s beside the point.

Ben Pronin Says:

Speaking of the Wimbledon ranking, isn’t it possible Roddick might be seeded 2nd? I know they have their formula and a lot depends on the grass results of the last 52 weeks so I’m curious about where Roddick will be placed as last year’s Wimbledon runner-up.

I don’t understand what the big deal is about the number 1 ranking. I mean, if Federer can keep it close and there’s a legitimate race at the end of the year, then isn’t that what tennis fans want? Fed’s been the clear cut number 1 for a long time and I’d love to see a heated race, something we’ve never truly seen in almost 10 years (remember the sick way Kuerten clinched number 1).

tennislover Says:

Federer will definitely be the top seed at wimby this year. Nadal will be the second seed.
There appears to be some confusion amongst some posters regarding how the seedings are determined at wimby. While the seedings for ladies are determined more arbitrarily, the men’s seeds are determined by rearranging the ATP Entry System Position (ESP) on a surface-based system to reflect more accurately the individual player’s grass court achievement as per the following formula:

1. ESP points as at a week before The Championships i.e. after Halle/Queens
2. Add 100% points earned for ALL grass court tournaments in the past 12 months
3. add 75% points earned for the BEST grass court tournament in the 12 months before that.

Of course, it really doesn’t matter whether Federer or Nadal are seeded first or second so long as they are guaranteed of getting either of the two seedings. The other players who get promoted or demoted will be more concerned since their revised seedings may have a more material impact on what part of the draw they get placed in.

skeezerweezer Says:

So this is interesting, they partially base there seeding on past Grass court and/or Wimby results? I kinda like that because guys do have better results on different surfaces. Wonder why the rest of the tour hasn’t followed? :)

aleish17 Says:

I just came home from work and found out that my fav Nadal was eliminated in Queens. Im a bit sad because I was hoping he can extend his winning streak. But I guess, Nadal fans should be optimistic about the early exit. At least he can take several days of rest before Wimby starts.

BTW, I read a lot of negative reaction about the “injury” thing. It is really amazing how people suddenly jump into criticizing Nadal about the injury. For the information of everybody, Nadal did not say in his post-match interview that he is having health problems. On the other hand, he gives full credit to F. Lopez. Though Nadal lost today, it seems like he didn’t lost at all. Actually, some of the posters here seems to be more defeated than Nadal today.

Here’s the excerpt from Nadal’s interview:

The world No1, meanwhile, headed smilingly for the plane home to Mallorca, where he will play some golf and watch the World Cup this weekend, apparently untroubled about surrendering his 24-match winning streak to his compatriot Feliciano López in three sets.

Whereas Murray was desperate for success, Nadal came here with it falling out of his kitbag. “He played well,” Nadal said. “I had [many] opportunities in the first set. But his serve was very good and, from the baseline, he has very good slice. The forehand is very good.

“I think I played, for moments, very good tennis, good forehands. I played much better than the previous days with my forehand. That’s a positive thing.”

He paid tribute also to López’s volleying; it seems there is a groundswell of support for daring among contenders on the fringes. Such courage at the net by their opponents did for Murray and Nadal. Asked if he felt ready for Wimbledon, Nadal was at first equivocal. “I will know in one week,” he said. “I feel ready to go home and enjoy [time with] my family and friends. Since Indian Wells, I haven’t spent one week in my home.” As for the injury that required three minutes of on-court massage on Thursday, he said: “I am happy. It seems like it’s nothing very important, so that’s a positive thing. It is not a big problem.”

But then nothing is for the world No1. He and Murray are as aware as any of the players at Wimbledon of the power and truth of Rudyard Kipling’s inspirational poem, If, inscribed there, especially the lines that might have been written for their sport: “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster/And treat those two imposters just the same…”

The rest is up to you, my son.

tennislover Says:

I am inclined to agree with grendel regarding Federer’s chances of reclaiming the top spot although I won’t rule it out completely. Improbable but not impossible. Rankings are related to the grind of the season and I am not sure if Federer enjoys that grind anymore. Certainly, his results at the smaller events appear to be a reflection of his diminished motivation even though he keeps stating that he is highly motivated for the smaller events too.

I’d love to say that he is declining but some of his AO 2010 performances showed that he could still play great tennis and I refuse to believe that he has declined so much since then that he can’t win one of these smaller events.
Now, if he can’t be consistent in most of the lesser events he enters,he can forget about reclaiming the top spot so long as Nadal is doing fine physically.

The problem primarily for Federer, or any other aspirant for the top spot, is the absolute domination of one surface by Nadal. If Nadal keeps on collecting about 5000 points on clay,it becomes extremely difficult for the rest of the field. Nadal’s task becomes much easier and he has to only post solid results i.e. qf/sf/finals at other events to retain his position. Nadal is more than competent on the non-clay surfaces.

Hard courts are the most competitive and the spoils are shared among many players. It will take a player who is good on all the surfaces to challenge Nadal’s top spot. Federer can still do it if he can find the motivation but that is unlikely. Federer’s days of hard court domination are long gone.

The only other player who can potentially do it is Djokovic if he can find his mojo again. Murray will have to improve his clay skills a lot to stand a chance. A better scenario for them would be to hope that someone emerges to challenge Nadal’s clay monopoly. I was looking forward to see if Delpo could trouble him on clay. Delpo’s absence will help Nadal in the rest of the season too. I am sure uncle Tony and his nephew are more confidant about their US Open campaign than they ever were.

Andrew Miller Says:

Maybe Roddick will be #2 at Wimbledon – BUT I think it’s hard though to rank the #1 player in the world and, bascially, a co-defending champ (Nadal) as a #3 seed, or to rank the actual defending champ as anything other than a #1 or #2 seed.

Leaves Roddick out as “#3”, especially after the tumble at Queens in my opinion. Even Federer’s first QF in a while at a slam has him higher on the order than Roddick.

Anyhows, I think Roddick has a shot at the #3 spot. But #2 or #1, even with the closest loss of the modern era in last Wimby’s final, I dont think it’s happenning.

skeezerweezer Says:


Kinda agree and then maybe not. One thing Fed has made clear is, he is after records, and the #1 streak is still one that may motivate him. Fed has issues of his own lately, and no one will lay claim to it cause he hasn’t used it as an excuse. So I will throw out a possibility, but in no way lay claim that I have some inside knowledge, it’s just a thought. Marriage, 2 new kids, heck he is a family man now, can do a lot to change your perspectives. However, on the other hand, I would like to think anything is possible for him, as I thought 15 GS titles was enough and he seemed to be fading and BAM. Wins the AO crown in dominating fashion. We’ll see :)

Regarding Rafa, IMO if his team is smart they should not worry about #1 ranking for now, he has got it, he deserved it, but also he is just coming back and they need to figure out what schedule bests suits his body. Playing and keeping a #1 ranking means like you say, playing the “grind” of the season. I still think they are finding there way. Take Queens for example, why doubs? After 4 grueling tourneys going all the way to the end?

I do like your idea for him is to pound out the Clay season for points and then pick and choose in the rest and the points will follow with maybe a #1 ranking?. I am sure they are smarter than we are and have that mapped out. :)

On an end note, with Murray and Nole no where to be found and Roddick? Sure miss JDP. Last season we were looking at a 5-6 man duel and all that has faded. Hope it returns in Wimby, we can’t rely on Fed & Rafa to always carry the torch for Tennis.


Daniel Says:

If we look at the grind of te season, Nadal already played 45 matches: 40-5 record; while Federer played 33 matches: 26-7 record so far, still alive in Halle (2 more matches).
Fed is freshier for his own standards, he used to get in this part of the season with 40-50 matches.
So, I think he has a lot left in the tank, while Nadal will have to be concerned about having extra weeks between toruneys, specially Toronto/Cincy/US open, where the point will be to arrive fresh at US Open (see DelPo who made final in Montreal, skip Cincy and bang! Made Federer run out of legs before him in US Open final 5 sets – by far one of the smartests moves in recent tennis history).

Yeah, agree Grendel! Wimby is vital for Fed, if he doesn’t defend his title his quest back at number one this year will be 95% over.

andrea Says:

it is a shame for fed to fall one week short of the sampras record so for that very reason alone – being so close – i hope he manages to get the #1 ranking back.

with the recent grass results this week, it’s a real sh** show out there on the men’s side. almost impossible to guess at this stage who will come out strong at wimbledon. lots of big servers who can do damage. even nadal was 2 sets down in round one a few years back due to some spectacular serving from his opponent.

fed seems like a no brainer, as always, but we’ll have to see.

madmax Says:

This is from the wimbledon website:

The seeds are the top 32 players on the ATP Entry System Position (ESP), BUT then rearranged on a surface-based system. A seeding committee is not required for the Gentlemen’s Singles since the seeding order is determined using an objective and transparent system to reflect more accurately an individual player’s grass court achievements: The formula is:

Take ESP points at 19 June 2006
Add 100% points earned for all grass court tournament in the past 12 months
Add 75% points earned for best grass court tournament in the 12 months before that.

madmax Says:

The Committee seeds the top players and pairs on the basis of their rankings. However, the Committee does also change the seedings due to a player’s previous grass court performance. (Past Champion’s Rule).

This is why federer will be seeded no.1 at wimbledon. If he isn’t, then the official wimbledon ATP site is incorrect.

OllyK Says:

maxi, hey, I just saw your post about Novak not hugging Xavier after the match. Too many Fed-Rafa argues here so I haven’t been around much.. His post match interview explains why he was pissed:

“The conditions today are impossible,” Djokovic said. “Under these conditions, to be able to play a professional tennis match, this is ridiculous.

“The whole match you can feel the rain and the court was extremely slippery. A couple of times I could have injured myself, to stretch the muscle or something like that,” he said.

And, no, I haven’t watched the match cause court 1, on which he was playing, doesn’t have TV coverage. I hope for the best at Wimby.

And, for now, go Nole and Erlich!! :)

madmax Says:

Ollyk, good to see you. Hope you are well.

I said to Huh earlier that I thought this was a good sign, because I thnk Novak sometimes is too “nice” after a match, it’s all great sportsmanship, but I think if he was really upset with his play (which he was), then this is a great sign that he will be putting it right and that he DOES care that things are not quite right with his game. Plus, I mentioned there was an analysis of Novak’s serve (I cant remember who did the analysis, but am sure it is on youtube), whereby his arm is too straight when he is serving and this is affecting his lower back. I would have thought that his team will be working on this and looking at previous recordings of his game – what do you think?

And novak is just being “ultra” careful before wimbledon as well – and there is nothing wrong with that – he knows his body better than anyone.

nadline Says:


I’m surprised that you took no action when madmax made personal attacks on me over and over again, even when I hardly ever posted here. It came to a point when I just couldn’t take any more of it that’s why I retaliated.

One good thing this has achieved, madmax will stop her vile insults against people she does not agree with, I am not a regular poster here, as you will find, I only post here every now and again, but other posters here have asked me why I let madmax get away with the things she says about me, so one thing I have achieved is that you will now moderate her posts.

nadline Says:

The one thing that’s affected Federer’s career the most happened on the June 3rd 1986.

OllyK Says:

maxi, good to see you, too. I see Fed is cruising in Halle, so congrats to you!!
Yes, I saw pics of his serving motion in 2007/08 and someone said on other site – his racquet should be facing upwards not towards the back fence during service.
Nole said in one interview (during RG, I think) that he was watching tapes of his old matches and trying to “learn” that motion again. He is trying – that’s very good!!!

madmax Says:


you just have to stay positive. You have been here before, and will be here again. Novak is no fool, and when journalists write nonsense, which goes against your sensibilities about a player that you have seen playing, (which some journalists haven’t), then you just have to ignore the negatives about it.

You have often talked about his coach, vadja (and I have probably spelt that incorrectly – sorry), but I would imagine that he is novak’s rock and if anyone can untangle how he is feeling about his game, then it is him. :)

Andrew Miller Says:

Federer: Really needs a higher racquet tension against this Petzcher (opponent). Ball is flying off the racquet and it’s going too long. Either that or keep his head down (whatever happenned to that Federer who focused on the ball until the very last millisecond?)

Djokovic: Whatever he did to get in the 2007/2008 form will be “great” for 2010. That guy would be a slam finalist in 2010!!! Sorry to repeat it so much. I liked that Novak – not the funny guy. The guy who threatened the top players on the court and who had a mouth off it. Then it all became PC! I dont like the nice Novak!

2007, Djokovic – ready to takeover!

The serve – messed up now. The shots: falling WAY short – sitting up for opponents (whether or not they win, the opportunity is there).

Sorry to be of offense to Todd Martin, but Todd Martin really deserves the fall for messing up Novak’s serve and game (I’d blame Novak’s racquet switch also but it’s beating a dead issue).

Andrew Miller Says:

(Even if Todd Martin is fired [which he was of course by Novak], if I were a player considering his coaching services, I’d have to say no way].

Andrew Miller Says:

Ollyk interesting note there about “Nole”‘s statement about learning the old motion. I wonder WHO told him to use the new motion (in place since 2009)????????????????????

Andrew Miller Says:

Ha I dont think it’s a shame that Federer loses the top ranking! The rankings are impersonal and dont care about the players, and a player has to earn it. Federer, in the period he’s played post AustralianOpen brilliance, has been playing “poorly” or “not like the Federer of the AO 2010” so he deserves the ranking slip. Heck it’s only one spot.

Plus, Nadal doesnt seem to like being number one much. If Federer grabs Wimbledon, he’s #1 even if the rankings dont show it. Two slams beats one slam.

Andrew Miller Says:

I wonder what is getting at Federer. He is playing “not so great” though he’s up a set and a break in his semifinal in Germany.

I have to think it’s being a dad! For practical purposes and history purposes, focusing energy on the slams is the only strategy that makes sense!!!

madmax Says:

Andrew, I wasn’t able to get the stream for federer’s match, so will have to wait and watch it later tonight and obviously read his interview when it is published on the official site.

Could you give me a “fair” and “rounded” resume of his match play? I’ll ask Kimmi to do the same as she was on the other thread – so didn’t know which one to follow.

He has been playing really well this tournament and played brilliantly against Kohls yesterday, so perhaps he was just one millisecond off focus today (shouldnt be allowed, I know), but I am positive he will regroup for the final tomorrow.


madmax Says:

Andrew, I also find that if Fed hasn’t played a player before (which he hadn’t against Pezschner (!)), it takes him a while to “figure out his game plan” – so I am not too worried that he wasn’t playing perhaps at his very best today – he had no previous match play to draw upon, whereas yesterday, he had played Kohls four times previously. I am pretty certain this will have had an impact on his game today – do you agree?

Andrew Miller Says:

Hi Madmax – your assessment of the match sounds correct – Federer truly has a few issues playing a new opponent (every player does!) – like Takao Suzuki in Japan [who was ranked something like #1000 in the world and almost got Federer!], and I don’t think he (Federer) believes much in scouting opponents unless he does it himself in person. From what I understand (or believe!) Federer is pretty “old school” – he does his own homework in person, on the job!

First set, Federer down 3-5 to Petzcher, who got nervous and Federer went up 6-5, then won in the tiebreak. The court really dulled the pace – I did not see Federer in the first set going for huge shots. He almost seemed to be trying to figure out P.’s gameplan first.

I did not see the 2nd set other than to see that Federer pulled ahead with a break and served it out. I think your characterization makes sense in my opinion!

On another note: why so many top players “losing early” in the grass warm ups? There aren’t many of them, so Wimbledon becomes a realy crapshoot. I think the ball bounces a little higher at Wimbledon (it does not seem to bounce at all in Germany!) because of the new grass they planted there (I think that’s what it was, something that is a little bit more durable).

Sorry about the book length response. I am wary and confused when U.S. players such as Fish and Querrey are going deep at Queens, which is the premier warm up for Wimbledon. I am happy that they are performing well – a good result is a good result, and something to celebrate. But it raises some serious questions and either makes Wimbledon a toss up (because you cant predict what will happen based on the warm ups and thus have no information to assess it) or means that the past favorites will do well because of “experience”

No idea what to hope for. As always, just happy to watch the game and hope my favorite players do well!

madmax Says:

Andrew, thanks for that.

Wimbledon. You’ll be interested to know that they planted a “new grass seed” last year. The Head Groundsman went into it, in a lot of details – and I am talking about the “science of the seed”. It was fascinating. I am sure you can youtube it. You wouldn’t think that laying grass seeds could be THAT important, but the groundsman was very vociferous in his views and wanted to be respected for handling his team of “assistant groundsman with their lawnmowers. The grass has to be mown to a particular length – it is that specific. God, I am sounding like an anorak! But I was honestly impressed with all the hard work that goes into all 18 courts plus practise courts at wimby. Great effort!

As for Fish and Querry, are you an American? If so, I would have thought you would have been ecstatic about the final tomorrow – so who are you going to root for?

Our very own treasure here in UK, Sue Barker, asked both Andrew Castle and David Lloyd (previous british tennis players, now commentators), who they thought would win. They both said FISH. Apparently he played and moved really well against Lopez today.

I dunno. I think Querry, though tall and a big hitter, is actually playing really well.

I’ll be watching the Halle final though.

The 25th time, Hewitt and Federer have met in their careers. Brilliant.

And Andrew, as I said on the other thread, Fed’s grass court record since 2003 – 176 wins to 1 loss, is pretty impressive!

So, he has made the final and I hope he goes all the way. He is such a pleasure to watch on grass.

Andrew Miller Says:

Hi Madmax, I agree there is really no equivalent to Federer’s grass game (making Nadal’s 2008 win that much more impressive in its own right as quite an accomplishment). I’m just a little surprised – I’m accustomed to seeing Federer’s dominance on grass and today I saw Federer being played on even terms. That said: Federer played CONSERVATIVELY today, especially in the 1st set.

I’m shocked that two yankees are in the Queens final given how outstanding the draw was (I just would not expect Fish or Querrey to beat out the rest of the field on grass), and none are named Andy Roddick. I will root for Fish. Querrey already has some big wins this year, I’d like Fish the veteran to get the title. (In my reasoning, his ranking would rise! Querrey’s already high, so having more higher ranked Yanks works for me).

I really and truly believe that a transition in the U.S. is underway. Blake has essentially fallen off the tennis map, Roddick’s results are nothing to speak of, and the players that are playing the best at the moment are Isner, Querrey, Ginepri and Fish (with Dent following, then after that Michael Russell, James Blake, and another player who we almost never see, Rajeev Ram).

So…in my opinion on the ATP side the future of U.S. tennis is here in the form of Querrey and Isner, Roddick will be around a few more years based on his big game and his hard work. I am being unfair here and I always am to James Blake, but he’s out of the picture and I dont know if he will get back in the picture.

madmax Says:


I think Blake will. Remember, it was only last year that he reached the finals at queens and lost to Murray. So I think you are a little harsh. Plus, hasn’t he just got married?

Secondly, what about your rising star, Ryan Harrison? He is certainly going to be one to look out for in the future. He is American, yes? At the Nick Bolletteri academy.

OllyK Says:

Maxi, I am positive, I believe that everything in his game will come in its right place eventually. He showed us that he can be a great player. Come on, people talked about him as a successor of mighty Fed. He can do it again. He can’t forgot everything. When it will happen – I don’t know, but his time will come! I stongly believe in that! I’ll be here waiting. And, his coach is VAJDA. :)))
Andrew, Todd is guilty and I can’t explain how much I hate that guy. I don’t know what he was supposed to do with Nole’s serve, it was JUST FINE before his “intervention”. I read that Nole took him because his old service motion could cause a shoulder injury in the future..Well, it is true that he has tapes on his shoulder since the beginning of 2010..

OllyK Says:

sorry for the typos
he can’t forgot = he couldn’t forget…etc. ;)

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