Rafael Nadal Clinches Year-End No. 1 Ranking
by Staff | September 16th, 2010, 12:41 pm

The race for the 2010 No. 1 ranking is over. Rafael Nadal has clinched the year-end ranking after winning the US Open this past Monday, that according to the ATP. ADHEREL

“It has been an incredible season – one of my best ever, if not the best,” said Nadal who finishes No. 1 for the second time in three years. “Winning the US Open together with Roland Garros and Wimbledon, as well as the three back-to-back (ATP World Tour) Masters 1000s in Europe, was not easy. I worked very hard to get back to the top and it feels really good to know I will end the year as No.1.”

The 24-year-old Spaniard just won his ninth career Slam at the US Open on Monday and in doing so Nadal became just the seventh player to hold all four major titles (career Slam) and he also has an Olympic gold and a Davis Cup on his resume.

Nadal joins Ivan Lendl and Federer as the only players to have held, lost and regained the year-end No. 1 ranking in the 37-year history of the Rankings (since 1973).

Rafa leads the ATP with six titles and a 59-7 match record in 2010. Since April he has won 43 of 46 matches, winning six of nine tournaments and the last three Slams.

Rafa is next scheduled to compete in the PTT Thailand Open in Bangkok starting on September 27.

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26 Comments for Rafael Nadal Clinches Year-End No. 1 Ranking

Max Waffles Says:

“Nadal became just the seventh player to hold all four major titles (career Slam) at the same time…”

Can someone explain to me how Nadal is holding all four major titles at the same time, since Fed won Australia?

jatt Says:


You are talking about calendar year grand slam.
But that is not the case. Nadal has completed a career slam meaning all majors won at different time of his career. Had he won Australian open this year also , we would say he completed “Calendar” Slam i.e all majors won in the same year.

Daniel Craig Says:


Max is right cuz Federer won Aussie ’10. This means that Rafa currently holds three slams, davis cup, and olympic gold.

The article is contradictory imo because it indicates that he currently holds ALL slams AND the career slam.

Isn’t holding a GS equivalent to being its CURRENT defending champ?

Also, Agassi has davis cup and olympic gold as well if I’m not mistaken

Dan Martin Says:

I am just curious, does anyone like the funk trunk stuff on this site?

topspin Says:

Only player to hold Davis cup and Olympic medal too, ahhh rafa!!

jane Says:

Congrats to Rafa for holding onto number 1. Might as well start counting weeks now as I don’t see him losing it any time soon.

stu Says:

Dan, I look forward to the funk trunk stuff. Altho I think Roddick should have been in the trunk this time for his despicable behavior.

aleish17 Says:

Congrats Rafa!
Year end No. 1!!!
Can you also take home the title for the World Tour Finals? pleeeeease!!!

Von Says:

And, the joker should also be in the trunk for the many times he’s banged his head with his racquet plus beating it to death — breaking it into smithereens. tit for tat ….

If we are going to look for and write about all these petty little things then, why write about tennis, why not make this a gossip column. We’ve seen a lot of gossip already for this USO alone. I mean how many times was Venus’ dress not mentioned. I didn’t see Woz’ dress mentioned half as many times. Nor, did anyone care to elaborate on Wozniacki’s statement that if she can attract the guys showing most of her what not to them, how sweet it is ….Endless bias …. and drivel.

BT Says:

I love the funk/trunk. Some of the comments are hilarious.

SE Says:

I love the funk/trunk stuff. Wish you would update it more often , though

kimberly Says:

Tennis channel showing france argentina dc instead of serbia czech tomorrow.

Dan Martin Says:

Thanks for the feedback

skeezerweezer Says:


Keep it up! For good or for bad, it makes Tennis X unique.

Re; Rafa clinches year end # 1 ranking

I like how the despite the excuses, complaining, would coulda shoulda, the ATP rankings hold true. It’s a good system.

Rafa wins 3 grand slams this year + some master titles = deserves to hold #1 ranking!

Hope this stops ( which it won’t ) any excuses, complaining, etc about how someones fav should have this or that and they have been wronged in someway. Heard too much of that this past year.

Congrats Rafa!


Anna Says:

Well Jeeze Skeeze (I like saying that). Roger DID have a bad back at Wimbledon, and you CAN die from a lung infection!!!!! You know, Roger didn’t say he would have won if his back hadn’t been bothering him, he just said he was bothered by his back. So what. He may have garnered some criticism, but it took the media away from “the old guy can’t hack it anymore”. I’m not one of those who thinks players need to be tight lipped about what’s going on with their body. I mean, how thin skinned are these guys that they become offended because an opponent said he was playing with a strain or what have you.

Skeezerweezer Says:


No prob with the excuses either, but when it takes away from someone else who wins a tourney or does well, WTF? I had a bad back or hurt knees, well you didn’t say that right after or during did you? IMO it just doesn’t sound good. Stand by my previous posts, if you enter, then play and don’t use excuses, unless of course you get hurt during a match. If your hurt, don’t play! Just my IMO….curious to hear IMO’s

Skeezerweezer Says:

Anyways, don’t want to get off article here, awesome feat for Rafa this year with FO, Wimby, and USO, Masters, the guy had a super year and a great comeback from the knees.:) Congrats again…

jane Says:

Staff – just wondering if we’ll have a thread for/on the Davis Cup semis? There could be some good matches, with the Czechs taking on the Serbs and the French vs. Argentines. Monfils will be playing Nalby tomorrow(!), which could be a blow out or a very fun match, also Tipsy vs. Berdy, Djoko and Steps, Llodra and Monaco.

stu Says:

Awww sar, how nice is that?!!!

Kimberly Says:


Sar, thought you might like this one too.

zola Says:

Sar, Kimberly

Thanks a lot for awesome videos.Great finds.
I don’t think the American media showed that hug. It is very special. Djoko also walked over to Rafa’s side of the net to shake his hand and give him a hug after Rafa’s victory.

Dan Martin Says:

I don’t right the funk-trunk stuff I was just curious. Also, I have more or less finished a piece on Nadal and the US Open I want to proof it again tonight and it should be up this weekend. Good for Rafa to have clinched #1. He deserves it.

margot Says:

Damn Martin: Andy seems to live in the trunk. Surely there must be some even worthier occupants out there? Also, ages ago, Colin and I commented on what a strange perspective on us Brits, whoever writes it has. Also, why “funk?” Apart from rhyming with “trunk” of course.

Dan Martin Says:

I don’t “write” the funk trunk stuff – I left my comment window open and a co-worker edited my spelling and submitted it. Friday pranks I guess

sar Says:

Thanks Kimberly for the video. funny stuff.

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