Novak Djokovic Officially Clinches 2011 No. 1 Ranking
by Staff | October 13th, 2011, 11:27 am

The ATP has announced today that after Rafael Nadal’s loss this morning in Shanghai, Novak Djokovic has secured the 2011 year-end No. 1 ranking.

The 24-year-old Serb becomes the 16th different player to finish a season No. 1 since the start of the rankings in 1973.

It’s also the eighth consecutive year that a European finishes on top of the ATP standings, following in the footsteps of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

American Andy Roddick (2003) is the last non-European No. 1.

Djokovic will be officially crowned year-end No. 1 during a special ceremony at the Barclays World Tour Finals in London which run November 20-27.

Following his recovery from a back ailment, Djokovic is scheduled to return to the tennis courts at Basel on October 31. This season Djokovic, who ascended to No. 1 on July 4, has 10 titles including three Grand Slams.

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41 Comments for Novak Djokovic Officially Clinches 2011 No. 1 Ranking

Brando Says:

Congrats to novak! He’s been brilliant this year. Aside from his play, I really think his scheduling has just been excellent this year- something rafa could learn from?

RZ Says:

It’s amazing that it took so long for him to wrap up the year-end #1, especially considering that in previous years Roger and Rafa have gotten the year-end #1 much earlier. I guess that this is a testament to how well Rafa has done as the #2 player to still have had an outside shot at #1 (even though he kept losing all those finals to Novak).

jane Says:

Way to go Nole! You deserve it.

Polo Says:

Very well deserved. Congratulations.

tennisfansince76 Says:

i don’t care what the computer had to say. you win 3/4 slams and 5 masters shields you are #1 period. end of story.

Polo Says:

That is one slow computer!

alison hodge Says:

just to highlight what everyone else has already said really,well done to nole the best player this year,and maybe after this year rafa will try to curtail the shedule a bit who knows,i hope rafa,roger,jmdp and muzza can all raise there game next year,nole needs some decent competition i feel.

skeezerweezer Says:

Must sound sweet for Nole fans, Novak secures #1 year ranking. Nole number 1 for 2011, congrats.

Kimmi Says:

Nole did not play beijing and shanghai because of injury not because of resting. If he was OK health-wise he would have played. Unlike federer who decided to rest.

stu Says:

Yay Nole :). Here’s hoping the rest of your dreams come true too!

Kimmi Says:

congrats to nole

Swiss Maestro Says:

What is the earliest a year end no.1 was decided?

Kimberly Says:

I think Rafa clinched it last year right after the open.

dari Says:

Congratulations to novak, he has stepped up to challenges exquisitely this year!!!

RZ Says:

Swiss Maestro, I believe that would be … the Swiss Maestro. I haven’t doublechecked my info here, but I remember one year Roger wrapping up the #1 ranking in August.

tennis coach Says:

Congratulations Novak! Well deserved!!!

Michael Says:

Congrats Novak, you deserve it !!! Hope you continue this form into 2012. Above all, I wish you good health because you are prone to injuries.

Dory Says:

Wow wow wow! This is the best news of the week. Now he can play Paris and WTF with less pressure.

Duro Says:

Only the year-end number 1 counts!

Nole, you achieved something really special.

Biggest congrats and keep on going!

Your and our dream fulfilled. The greatest thing that can be in tennis. Final confirmation of someone’s quality and success.

Proud for ever, faithful fans of yours…

alison hodge Says:

rogers done it,rafas done it,now noles done it,come on andy its now your turn to do it,hopefully he will be next,watch this space.

tennisfan Says:

Well no wonder he has become No.1. Check this out: He has reduced his Break points by 60% in 2011! Wow. Nice article on his stats: :Djokovic’s 2011 stats and his No.1 ranking!

Wog boy Says:

Milose, Thanks , it is nice one.

margot Says:

Congratulations to Nole and all his steadfast, long-suffering fans, jane, Duro, stu, Nina et al. What a blooming astonishing year :)
Wog boy: you must have one of THE best jobs. When I read what you do, I thought of the American film “Sideways.” :) Hope I’ve remembered that one right, about 2 blokes touring the Californian vine yards. A hoot! BTW is your nom de plume ironic?
Come on Andy, 1000 lovely points waiting for you. Nishikori won’t be easy. I agree with comments about him here, he is a lovely, fluid player and gr8 to watch. So focus Andy!

Wog boy Says:

@Margot: ” is your nom de plum ironic.” Sorry I did’t get it, it could be my english ,can you please remind me which post you are talking about. I wish I can answer the question.
Two blokes you are talking about, are they British, if so I have seen it and I liked it.
I like my job:-)
Ferrer is fired up. Andy , remember AO and you will beat him.

Wog boy Says:

It was a long day, I forgot Nishikori is still there.

margot Says:

No, no in UK “wog” is a term of abuse. Am just curious and tell me to mind my own business, won’t be offended :)
Andy too good today :)

margot Says:

PS An American Indy film, brilliant and funny. Skeeze likes it too :)

Wog boy Says:

@Margot: it is offensive here to call somebody “wog” . It is aimed at people of medterranian origin, Italians, Greeks , former Yugoslavs. It is not so bad these days, and when I go to pub with my mates, we cal each other names, wog , pom( english people) , convicts( aussies) etc. You don’t do that to somebody you dont know couse you will end up bashed. Couple of years ago film “Wog boy” about Greek boy growing up in Melbourne came out and it was hit, then “Wog boy2” came out. It is nice film thah can cheer you up. Not an Oscar winning film. So yes, you can call me Wog boy ( not boy anymore) and I will not be offended……but do not touch Novak, please. He is best thing that happened to Serbian people since Nikola Tesla and we are ready to share him with rest of the world. :-)
I fell asleep after two games, but yes go Andy for third one.

Swiss Maestro Says:

Novak is the best thing that happened to a country? Surely that does not reflect well on a country?

Does djokovic even have the trust of his peers? I am sure Roger and Rafa will beat him hands down in such a poll. As a tennis fan, I just hope novak doesn’t end up damaging the reputation of the sport. Already, he has orchestrated 3 minor fiascos – [tipsarevic+gun, EGG, and retiring in a must-win davis cup match]. I am totally glad this guy is NOT from my country.

I would say Ivanovic represents serbia in much better light than djokovic. Most countries wouldn’t care a hoot, if Djokovic was not shared. UK, US, australia, germany, czech, swiss, spain and sweden have GS and tennis titles by the bucket that none are salivating for djokovic. [maybe UK, but they keep craving for champs in every sport, so that doesn’t count] maybe some asian/african/ nation would love to have novak djokovic. maybe the empire penguins in antarctica are as ignorant of tennis as these djokovic fans and will adopt him as an antarctican. you could also check with polar bears in siberia. LOL!

RZ and Kimberly : I think it must be either Roger in 04/06 or Rafa in 10. 2003 was the last time the no.1 went down to the wire – till the WTF (or whatever it was called then)

Swiss Maestro Says:

@ alison hodge @ 743

before roger and rafa, an andy did it :) he was a roddick and not a murray, though. LOL

Wog boy Says:

@swiss maestro:
The best answer is no answer.
To be able to do that, I have to know how to hate and I don’t. But you do , for whatever reason. There is no cure for that. I beleive it is hell to live like that. Feel sorry for you.

Brando Says:


Take it easy on SM. Legends of the game have touched on this point. 12 time grand slam winner roy emerson on djokovic:

margot Says:

Swiss Maestro: in fact I believe the LTA did try and entice Novak away from Serbia at some point lol Mind you, they embraced Rudedski…say no more…
Brando: past champions are always sticking their oars in, aren’t they? Personally, am waiting for Roger and Rafa to be sanctified at any moment. Next article “Andy Murray should smile more often” I expect. Pah!
Thought Emerson’s other article on players being too reliant on coaches was interesting, going with a nice pic of Andy ;)
Don’t suppose Rog does care about being 3 or 4 but Ferrer is very close behind him and being 5 would have huge implications for draws.

Wog boy Says:

It is ok, thanks for Roy Emerson’s article. I never heard him saying that for Hewitt , his C’MON and other antics, running in with other payers on tour, namely Spanish and Argentinians. Does it mean it is OK if it is an Aussie but not the others? Does that look like a double standard?
There is also a big cloud above his 12 GS , most of them are won against amateurs. If Rod Laver and the others were allowed to play do you reckon he would have more than few? Nobody knows.
Getting ready for Andy-Ferrer, if Andy stays cool he is winning regardless of Ferrer being fired up, but I wish it was Nadal.
Thanks and Cheers.

Michael Says:

@Swiss Maestro. I whole-heartedly share yr sentiments on the Djoker. I would add that he will probably go down as the worst example of a No. 1.

Brando Says:

@ wog boy: no worries, and I do agree with your and margot’s point.

Veka Says:

Coming from Serbia,and following Djokovic career for more than 6 years I am proud of him.well done Nole! For Swiss Maestro-sour are making a fool of yourself.

Kimmi Says:

congrats to kvitova for winning Linz too. it was a decent field. Good prep for Year end Championship.

Swiss Maestro Says:

Thank you Brando.

Except for rabid and blind novak fans, everyone will notice Fedal as champions are in a league of their own.

Margot: I am sorry, but the british disgrace themselves too often in such matters. LOL! I am quite positive Murray will put an end to LTA making a fool of themselves. 2012 – murray is bringing home a slam for sure. maybe more than 1. remember, when it rains, it pours. :)

Michael : for the sake of the sport, let us pray novak doesn’t do that. tennis will become a joke if novak goes ahead and retires in some GS final.

Wog boy :

hatred? really? Is novak beyond criticism? did the Pope declare so? I am not a blind novak worshipper to not see such obvious mistakes. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Veka :

You make wog boy look like einstein with your embarrassing IQ level. Djokovic will always be below Roger in tennis history. You can bet your house and the whole of serbia on that!

I like it how some stupid Djokovic fans think that rafa/fed fans are “jealous” or “sour” about novak’s fans. What next novatards? that US/russia/china are insecure about serbia becoming a super power? fcuk! i cant imagine if you guys are just being funny or you are actually that stupid!

Veka Says:

after this tantrum by Swiss Maestro i just hear a puff sound..SM must have exploded with anger and bitterness…and please take some Swiss chocolate, I’d recommend Lindt, Frey is also good…

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