Rafael Nadal and Megan Fox Featured in Hot Armani Campaign [Photos]
by Tom Gainey | January 20th, 2011, 7:48 pm

Tennis star Rafael Nadal and the super sultry, super sexy Megan Fox are featured in Armani’s latest campaign. And the near naked photos of the two sstar are out and they are hot!

It was announced last month that Nadal would succeed Cristiano Ronaldo as a new face of designer Giorgio Armani’s Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans line.

Fox has been with Armani for a few years now.

Wearing his Armani underwear (?), the top seed Nadal plays teen Bernard Tomic tomorrow.

Here’s a photo of Rafael Nadal (or it’s said to him):

*Jan 01 - 00:00*05_Flatbed_WEB

And a favorite of mine, Megan Fox:

*Jan 01 - 00:00*05_Flatbed_WEB

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21 Comments for Rafael Nadal and Megan Fox Featured in Hot Armani Campaign [Photos]

Skeezerweezer Says:

That’s not Rafa! Ladies…his butt is bigger than that no? :)

However….with my research with WTF! Network…there is plenty of research material to confirm that is Megan….

Daniel Says:

What a gay photo, seems like he is saying, jump on!

Sorry, couldn’t resist! :)LOL

Daniel Says:

Megan, as alaways, is super HOT!!!

Daniel Says:

Ok, I made a bad taste comment on Nadal’s photo and it is waiting moderation, I will soften it.

What a suspicious photo, seems like he is saying: Jump on?! :) LOL

Kimberly Says:

Rafas body looks pretty hot here.

Anna Says:

A highly stylized photo by Armani, but two years
of my own research tells me that definitely is

Daniel – Jump on what?? Why don’t you try “reading” Megan’s photo. You might have better luck.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Lord almighty! Yes, that photo of Rafa is hot, but definitely enhanced. Personally I think Raf looks best when he’s dripping sweat in his Wimbledon whites. Or maybe in white pants, covered in red clay. Rafa in white makes me wish every tournament would adopt the no color rule!

Josephine Says:

Rafa is HOT HOT HOT! What a gorgeous guy!

Christy Says:

i love it!!!!

M Says:

Rafa looks great.

How come only one photo of him from this part of the campaign? There are two. :-)

Nina Says:

Rafa looks yummy. Not my type at all, but in this pic he looks sexy as hell.

Bobby Says:

He looks really good.

Catherine Says:

I might well be the only one, but I highly prefer Natural-Rafa-in-tennis-clothes over all those lame attempts of ‘sexy’ photoshoots of him.
Somehow he looks a lot more uncomfortable doing this kind of stuff than, for instance, our friend Verdasco.

I know, it’s just me. ;-)

M. J. Says:

Hot Hot Hot Nadal is so Hot that my computer is on Fire right now, LOL. Just in case you did not know Rafa is the Hottest Tennis Player. He is so Hot on the Tennis Court and Outside the Court, particularly in those Jeans, oh No did you See the one on the Armani Underware, oh GOSH and I am a married woman and can be His mother if I was having a kid at an early ade, LOL.

rjnick Says:

Actually, there was a second picture of Rafa released where he is in just a pair of Armani underwear. I imagine a simple Google search can find it for those interested as several blogs had it yesterday.

Colin Says:

To balance this discussion I might mention there is a match now on involving Simona Halep, the young Romanaian who was famed for her truly huge – er – chest. Heroically, she had them reduced drastically, presumably to make tennis easier, but as she’s ranked about 400 it may not help too much. She’s playing Radwanska, unless the latter has already won, which seemed likely from the two minutes I saw.

scineram Says:

Not as hot as Mahut!

Anita Says:

Rafa is breathtaking!! Jump on? Let me please!!!

mimi Says:

Love you..RAFA!!

The fighter Says:

wow!!! he is looking delicious…

Lytton Says:

Great campaign…wish I had that body

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