ATP Round-up: Djokovic Wins Belgrade to Remain Unbeaten; Davydenko, Del Potro Win
by Staff | May 1st, 2011, 1:52 pm

World No. 2 Novak Djokovic is keeping pace with world No. 1 Rafael Nadal and the possibility of claiming the No. 1 ranking by the end of the claycourt season, on Sunday winning his hometown title at the Serbia Open in Belgrade with a 7-6(4), 6-2 win over Spaniard Feliciano “F-Lo” Lopez.
The title lifted Djokovic’s win-loss record on the year to 27-0, the best season start by a player since Ivan Lendl began the 1986 year 29-0.

“You people make it worth it to come back to this city and play and hope for the victories,” Djokovic told the Serbian crowd following the win.

The 23-year-old Djokovic won his fifth title of the year after the Australian Open (d. Andy Murray in the final), Dubai (d. Roger Federer), and Indian Wells and Miami where he defeated Nadal in the final.

Lopez dropped to 2-5 in career finals.

In the Sunday final of the BMW Open by FWU Takaful in Munich, world No. 3 Nikolay Davydenko topped German No. 1 Florian Mayer 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 for his first title of the year, making nine consecutive years with at least one title for the Russian.

The 29-year-old Davydenko entered the event outside the Top 30 after a wrist injury last year saw his ranking plummet. This year he has a 13-9 win-loss following the Munich run.

“I haven’t played that well for a long time,” Davydenko said. “I think I will have to come back.”

Mayer dropped to 0-4 in career finals.

Comeback player Juan Martin Del Potro, contesting his first claycourt tournament for 23 months after a wrist injury, won his ninth career title on Sunday at the Estoril Open, soundly beating Spain’s Fernando “Hot Sauce” Verdasco 6-2, 6-2.

Del Potro has won 23 of his last 26 matches, earlier in the year claiming the hardcourt title in Delray Beach, Fla. He improved to 9-3 in career finals.

“This is a great victory, it’s unbelievable to win on clay. It’s something I never expected so soon,” said Del Potro, who says his wrist is still not 100 percent. “It’s almost fine, it’s getting better. When the weather is humid I feel something, But the doctors say that’s normal. It’s getting better faster than we expected. I’ve stopped worrying about my injury. It’s just a little pain, but it does not stop me wanting to win. That’s more important than any pain.”

Verdasco, who beat Del Potro earlier in the year on hardcourts at San Jose, found the Argentine a different animal on clay.

“I didn’t have many chances to put him in trouble,” Verdasco said. “It was hard, he was hitting the ball hard and deep. It was difficult to be offensive. I didn’t play my best game.”

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21 Comments for ATP Round-up: Djokovic Wins Belgrade to Remain Unbeaten; Davydenko, Del Potro Win

jane Says:

Congrats to Djoko, Delpo and Davy for their titles. D-day! ;)

I had thought Lendl’s record was 25-0 but I guess Nole has a few more wins to go if he wants to be second behind J-Mac’s amazing 39-0 winning streak.

contador Says:

such a great picture of davydenko after winning munich on atp website! very, very happy for him.

i didn’t get to see any matches so it’s great to read how well delpo is playing! keep it up juan marteen! vamos del potro!

great day for nole too. wow, watching livescore, i was getting worried that 1st set. so glad f-lo didn’t end his winning streak. if anyone is to do that, let it at least be in the final of madrid! or semi-final, i guess. but i can’t quite see murray beating nole. ferrer has the h2h advantage on clay though.

dari Says:

GET outta here with that costume and cane, Rafael nadal!
And those cute chubby hands

Tennis Tipster Says:

Thought Mayer would break his duck. He could be the next Nieminen who is 1-10 in finals I think.

Guess Davydenko is back? Hard to tell with 250 events.

contador Says:

what’s the matter with gulbis? i see olivier rochus has taken his spot in the draw as a LL.

but no injury or illness as an excuse. maybe that’s it for him. no more tennis. full-time party boy now?

for some reason the link wouldn’t load on my computer, tfouto. but i am going to look for some interview and match highlights. : )

Kimberly Says:

uncle toni looks kind of hot there

Kimmi Says:

“Mayer dropped to 0-4 in career finals” bad record!

contador Says:

finally watched the highlights of delpo’s match. my god, i thought he was hitting hard and deep, moving well, looks svelte, even good at the net!

maybe verdasco helped him look good. but vamos delpo!

about mayer. i thought for sure he’d win munich. he’s been hot for some months now. he earned a trophy, imo. davy isn’t going to turn down a chance – but i wonder if this is a comeback or mayer choked? so many great talents in the atp can’t get the job done when it comes to an atp trophy. look at janko tipsarevic too.

makes delpo look all the more like he’s separating himself from the rest as he keeps steadily going up the ranks where he belongs. : )

grendel Says:

Going to be off topic, but it seems films do get their share of mention here.

Just seen 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days – a remarkable Rumanian film about abortion as I suppose the title hints at, set in 1987, and which apparently won a big prize at Cannes film festival in 2007.

I’ve not seen a film quite like this before, because it seems to make no concessions to the audiences’ desire for entertainment. Even a film like Mike Leigh’s Vera Drake, a good film, which is reputed to be gritty and “realistic” is actually quite cosy in some respects, beautiful to look at with great period charm, whilst it has quite a strong story line with good interplay of characters, some typical offbeat Mike Leigh humour and so on.

4 months is not like that. It has the style of a hallucinatory documentary. Everything is relentlessly drab – this is, after all, Ceaucescu’s Rumania still – and yet at the same time on a human scale. We are not asked to gawp at the wretched conditions, they are presented matter of factly as almost a facet of nature. This is how things are. The student hall of residence, the polytechnic, the hotel, it is all much of a muchness. There is no music. In doors, the camera seems to be set in one direction and that’s it, there is no panning – it has the quality almost of a home movie. Faces dip in and out as they talk.

The heart of the film is the abortion itself, including the talking leading up to it. The “doctor”, right from the moment he meets Otilie, played by the wonderful Annamaria Marinka, is tense and worried looking – abortion is a serious crime in Communist Romania, presumably because they have a population shortage. Marinka is helping her friend who has stupidly lied about the length of her pregnancy. In increasingly urgent tones, the “doctor” explains the difference between 2 months and 3 months and so on not only medically but legally (4 months is murder, for instance), the increased danger having cash implications. Of course the girls do not have the extra money, and the doctor dismisses contemptuously promises to get it. It is the one scene where a voice is raised, and it is shocking.

Otilie perceives what she must do, and sits down and takes off her shoe. The “doctor” also sits down on a chair and, silently, takes off his shoe. That is it. There is not the slightest hint of voyeurism. Afterwards, Otilie rushes into the bathroom to wash herself, desperately.

The abortion proceeds in an atmosphere of calm. The “doctor” is now placid, kindly almost, and dispenses pertinent advice.

The viewer is full of foreboding. But the operation is successful. When Otilie returns from a meeting she could not avoid, she is confronted with the ruined foetus lying on the bathroom floor, looking disturbingly, just, human. The camera lingers on it for several seconds. In a late scene, the camera lingers likewise, on a plate of meat (residue from a wedding party). Otilie’s journey through the night, as she seeks to dispose of the bundle, has a nightmarish quality, and this time the camera is prolific in movement. You fear for Otilie but here, as elsewhere, people are either kind or puzzled or indifferent.

It is one of the most absorbing films I have ever seen.

jane Says:

grendel, ever heard of *spoiler alert*? I was meaning to see that film but you have revealed a fair bit. Oh well, will see it anyhow, have heard many great things about it, but have avoided reading imdb or the like.

grendel Says:

sorry – I did think of that, but it was too late. It seemed to me it was a minority film wouldn’t attract much attention, still, I was wrong.
That said, I’m going to view it again very soon, I don’t often do that. This is a remarkable film, he director does not preach to you – always tempting with this kind of subject – and the plot is not so important. Obviously I know what is going to happen, but this does not diminish in the least my looking forward to seeing it again. i) for details, you’re bound to miss some but 2) for the spirit of it. There is a wonderful spirit animating it, all the stranger considering the general bleakness. That is not easy to account for. I am sure you will enjoy it jane – even so, you are right, so sorry.

jane Says:

no worries grendel: a friend saw it and she raved about it. of course critics did too. so it’s been on my “list to see” for a while. your review prompted me only to see it sooner.

margot Says:

deja vu grendel, u me and “The Killing” :)

tennis coach Says:

Corazon posted on

Djokovic already passed Lendl’s ex-record. Lendl had 25 straight wins in 1986 season; not 29 as you assert in your article. For your info the wins are:
– Philadelphia (27/01/1986)
1) Lendl – Seguso 6:2 6:2
2) Lendl – Holmes 6:2 6:2
3) Lendl – Annancone 6:4 6:4
4) Lendl – Gilbert 7:5 4:6 6:2
Lendl- Mayotte W/O – do not count
– Boca West (10/02/1986)
5) Lendl – Sadri 6:2 3:6 7:6
6) Lendl – Van Rensburg 6:4 6:1
7) Lendl – Holmes 6:4 7:6
8) Lendl – Arias 6:1 7:5
9) Lendl – Nystrom 6:1 6:1 6:4
10) Lendl – Connors 1:6 6:1 6:2 2:6 5:2 (DEF)
11) Lendl – Wilander 3:6 6:1 7:6 6:4
– Milan Italy (10/03/1986)
12) Lendl – Aguilera 6:3 6:1
13) Lendl – Ostoja 6:1 7:5
14) Lendl – Hlasek 6:3 6:4
15) Lendl – Mecir 7:5 6:4
16) Lendl – Nystrom 6:2 6:2 6:4
– Fort Myers (17/03/86)
17) Lendl – Sadri 6:4 7:5
18) Lendl – Teltscher 7:6 6:1
19) Lendl – Pate 6:4 6:2
20) Lendl – Gomez 6:3 6:3
21) Lendl – Connors 6:2 6:0
– Chicago (24/03/1986)
22) Lendl – Wilkison 6:4 6:3
23) Lendl – Giammalva 6:4 6:3
24) Lendl – Kriek 6:4 6:3
25) Lendl – Davis 6:1 7:6
The last match that Lendl win (25th for the 1886 season) was against Davis. Next match he lost against Boris Becker in two sets (6:7 3:6).
So, Djokovic already passed Lendl record by 27 winning in 2011 season. It is two (2) more than Lendl, at this point of time.
Can you please correct the error!

skeezerweezer Says:

“10) Lendl – Connors 1:6 6:1 6:2 2:6 5:2 (DEF)”

Anyone know the story of this match? Looks like his toughest match during his streak ( against Connors ) and it ended as a DEFAULT?

jane Says:

tennis coach, interesting, because that’s what I thought! I remember at the beginning of IW or Miami people were talking about Lendl’s and JMac’s record, and remembered them as 25 matches and 39 respectively. In fact, I had thought that with the win at Miami he’d either tied or come very close to tying Lendl’s record. And now suddenly, Lendl’s record was changed to 29 matches in the media so I was confused. (see my post on May 1st, first post in this thread).

jane Says:

Just one correction, though; I know for a fact that Lendl wasn’t playing in 1886. ;) I know you meant 1986, but couldn’t resist.

jane Says:

Maybe there were DC matches for Lendl; I would assume they’d be listed though?

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