Andy Murray: We Need Proper Representation at the Grand Slams
by Tom Gainey | September 8th, 2011, 9:36 pm

Andy Murray was again outspoken about the need for better scheduling and communication at the Grand Slams. Following a comprehensive win earlier today over Donald Young, Murray expanded on talk of the ATP players needing a voice at the Grand Slam table.

“Well, the difference is that for at the ATP tournaments, the ATP tournaments, not this one, we have like ATP representatives, we have like an ATP Tour manager, like ATP referees, so they’re sort of there looking out for the players is what they’re obviously there to do,” elaborated Murray. “Here we have an ATP Tour manager who was in the locker room with us beforehand yesterday, and he was saying, it’s still raining out there, guys. You shouldn’t go out there and play. And then the referees here, it’s different. You know, it’s the ITF. They want us to go out on the court. If it was at an ATP tournament we wouldn’t have been on the court, but because it’s not, the ATP don’t run the Grand Slams, then it’s not always up to us.”

Murray, who comes from rainy Great Britain, said the problem at the US Open isn’t lack of a roof, but instead it was the schedule.

“It’s not the roof,” Murray said. “It’s not the roof that’s the problem, I don’t think. It’s, you know, having a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday first round doesn’t help. Having the semis on Saturday and Sunday I don’t think helps. Some basic covers I would think would do for now. I don’t think the roof is necessary.”

And Murray has a fair point. Until today’s schedule revision, players were to player semifinals and finals over two days. But they play the first round over three days, which raises more than just a few eyebrows.

Murray will play big American John Isner tomorrow in the quarterfinals. He reached the US Open finals in 2008.

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7 Comments for Andy Murray: We Need Proper Representation at the Grand Slams

jane Says:

Murray makes good points: Nole reiterated the point about basic court covers in his presser, at least in the interim, until they get a roof.

Dan Martin Says:

I think something big could be brewing here. In one sense, the top guys are so dominant compared to other eras when the top 7 or 8 guys were dividing the slams right now it is 3 guys and a 4th who is so close. Add that to the bad weather and these guys can make some demands about scheduling.

Kathy Says:

Strange there is no mention of Nadal’s contribution to this discussion. I thought Andy Murray and Andy Roddick were actually backing up Nadal.

Skeezerweezer Says:

^ thats because as Dan said something bigger is going on here. This is not about Rafa, this is about the players uniting, seems as though the incident was just the tip of the iceberg.

I get the super sat tradition, what I don’t get is the first round is spread over 3 days.

Anyways, this is all good. The players should be more involved closely on the business side. They are right, they drive the show. They are not cattle. Its not about placating the players, but setting them up with scheduling that gives there best performance.

The way the players are talking is they want to help. That is way better than running around and just complaining.

scineram Says:

Too much whining.

madmax Says:


you don’t agree with murray, novak, rafa and roger’s contribution to changing the current schedule at the USO? It’s a great idea and a very, very long time in coming.

Why do you think it’s too much whining? A fairer system, got to be the right thing to do?

WTF Says:

Make 1st round played over 2 days, or start on a Sunday if they insist on doing it over 3 days. Get rid of Super Saturday. The highlight of that day should be the women’s final anyway.

For me, the men’s semis are the bigger draw than the women’s final, so throwing them on the same day takes something away from the women’s final. I’d rather see the men’s semis at prime time.

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