Nadal Cruises To 30th Straight Barcelona Win, Almagro Meets Raonic Thursday; Retirements Hit WTA Stuttgart
by Staff | April 25th, 2012, 10:01 pm

Despite a troubled left knee, Rafael Nadal blitzed countryman Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-1, 6-2 in the second round at Barcelona Wednesday. Nadal, a six time champion at Barcelona, improved his win straight at the tournament to 30, and overall on clay to 17.

”My knee bothered me a little, but that’s normal. In 15 days, the discomfort isn’t going to go away, but it doesn’t keep you from playing so it’s not a problem,” Nadal told the AP.

Of course Nadal’s left knee kept him from playing the Miami semifinals last month against Andy Murray.

On Thursday Nadal meets the little known Colombian qualifier Robert Farah who won his first career ATP match earlier in the week.

Nadal’s countrymen David Ferrer breezed past Filip Krajonovic, Feliciano Lopez topped Flavio Cipolla and Albert Montanes saved four match points in a win over Bernard Tomic.

Second seeded Andy Murray returns tomorrow against Farah’s countryman Santiago Giraldo. And in all-Top 25 matchup Milos Raonic battles Nicolas Almagro.

At the WTA Stuttgart event, two retirements marred the proceedings. Maria Sharapova advanced with Alize Cornet retired with a right shoulder injury down 6-3, 1-0. Then Jelena Jankovic had to withdraw with a lower back injury to Caroline Wozniacki trailing by the same score.

“You never want matches to end that way,” Sharapova said. “But my opponent today had already played four matches to get here and was obviously feeling it and having a bit of a problem with the shoulder. At this stage, a few weeks before Roland Garros in her home country, it’s important for her to get well.”

On Thursday, former French Open champion Francesca Schiavone takes on the third-seeded Petra Kvitova and four promising German women are in action as Andrea Petkovic takes on top seed Victoria Azarenka, Julia Goerges battles Sam Stosur, surging Angelique Kerber clashes with Wozniacki and Mona Barthel, who upset Ana Ivanovic Tuesday, matches up with Marion Bartoli.

PISTA CENTRAL start 11:00 am
[6] N Almagro (ESP) vs [11] M Raonic (CAN)
Not Before 1:30 PM
S Giraldo (COL) vs [2] A Murray (GBR)
[1] R Nadal (ESP) vs [Q] R Farah (COL)
A Montanes (ESP) vs [3] D Ferrer (ESP)
Not Before 5:00 PM
[9] F Verdasco (ESP) vs [13] K Anderson (RSA)

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38 Comments for Nadal Cruises To 30th Straight Barcelona Win, Almagro Meets Raonic Thursday; Retirements Hit WTA Stuttgart

skeezerweezer Says:

“My knee bothered me a little, but that’s normal. In 15 days, the discomfort isn’t going to go away, but it doesn’t keep you from playing so it’s not a problem,” Nadal told the AP.

Of course Nadal’s left knee kept him from playing the Miami semifinals last month against Andy Murray.”

This is why I love Tennis X, no holds barred and not afraid to blow out the smoke an mirrors sh!t.

Hey Rafa… Just play and win dude. If you can’t , just quit and get well soon. No excuses. We all know you will dominate the Clay season even on weak knees for hard courts( although they seem to be fine on your fav surface ), so why the setup? Vamos la shamonos!

skeezerweezer Says:

for hard courts…except for HC….

alison hodge Says:

wow great going Rafa 42 straight wins at mc,and now 30 straight wins at barcelona and counting,that really is phenomenal,but i agree with skeezer just play already,enough with the injury talk.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Another Game For Milos!
Huge win against Almagro, the world #13 with great clay pedigree. Three wins in a row in clay is already a huge accomplishment, and a few important points adding up, plus more match experience on the surface.
Great tournament for Another Game For. Keep it going against Murray- he’s beatable.

Kimmi Says:

new talent emerging, Mona Barthel

alison hodge Says:

kimmi also saw that match,the commentators are tipping her for great things.

Kimmi Says:

vagabond – yes, great win for milos. almagro is a great clay court player.

alison – i watched her beat ivanovic yesterday. today she is giving bartoli a match. the serve especially is unbelievable.

carlo Says:

Skeezer, I know better than to think you care but Fognini is back! YaY. He beat Bagdhatis. And Kubot won another match :D Sadly, Cedrik-Marcel Stebe lost to Sepp. Bucharest update ; ) just to bug you. Oh ya, Simon takes to center court v Sela. Simon should win this, though cheering for Fabulous Fabio.

Good for Mona beating Marion, I guess. But I like Bartoli. If I recall, yeah, Kimmi, Barthel has a big serve. Future star?

Had to sleep in. Didn’t get up at 5 am to stream matches. But loving the results from Barcelona. Nice wins for Andy, Milos, and Kei :D

Humble Rafa Says:

My knee bothered me a little, but that’s normal. In 15 days, the discomfort isn’t going to go away, but it doesn’t keep you from playing so it’s not a problem,” Nadal told the AP.

Ofcourse, when it becomes a problem I will be happy to enlight you on the developments. Stay tuned.

jane Says:

Glad to see both Murray and Milos won their matches. Tipsy is through too. He is playing here, but i wonder if he is playing Serbia too?

RZ Says:

Jane, I read somewhere that there aren’t any Serbians in the Serbia Open draw. Tipsy and Troicki are out. (Really it’s a case of bad timing with all these important tournaments right before and after it).

jane Says:

RZ, agree about the timing but it’s surprising Tipsy would play Barcelona and not Serbia. Is Barcelona a 500 pointer? If so, that could explain it as it’s worth more.

RZ Says:

Jane, I should amend my comment above to say that I know Tipsy and Troicki are out but don’t know about other Serbians.

Barcelona is 500 points; Serbia is only 250.

Kimmi Says:

top players seem to be dishing bagels and bread stick in barcelona.

skeezerweezer Says:


No posts on the fantastic nearly impossible and very difficult win by Rafa over the great Robert Farah??

Kimberly Says:

skeezer, i didn’t see it. If he wasn;t playing well the win would be near impossible no?

Watching a livestream of petkovic azarenka and observing the really mature chat session, NOT! Are these poeple on livestream 12 years old. Really silly.

carlo Says:

lol, sorry, no Skeezer. In fact my day off today is busier than some days working. For starters, my car died. It was the fuel pump – has to be replaced and I fear the parts and labor will cost a fortune! That’s just one of my excuses.

I’m following livescores though sometimes though. And since you asked, Simon, I see won his match v Sela. Bucharest is heating up nicely.

montecarlo Says:

And in other news Nadal is rapidly closing in on Roger Federer’s no. of likes @ facebook.

As of now they are at

10,422,629 and 10,415,858 a gap of only 6771 likes. I think before the start of this month gap was around 80000. RAFA has made huge inroads over past two weeks when Federer wasn’t playing any tournaments. I am pretty sure as soon as Federer returns in Madrid we will be witnessing a fun filled fight on facebook but as of now it looks RAFA’s popularity is finally matching Federer’s and RAFA looks all set to surpass him this clay season.

Kimberly Says:

wow too bad for petkovic. Even though she used to annoy me with the petko dance one has to feel for her. Out 3 months with injury 2-6 4-4 playing well in the second, still totally in the match and she rolls her ankle bad and had to retire.

skeezerweezer Says:

^oh goody

Bummer about your car:(. When is it inexpensive nowadays to get your car fixed? Always cost more than expected…

skeezerweezer Says:

The oh goody was for Montecarlo

carlo Says:

^^^ Yeah, and I get anxious and defensive because I no nothing about what it should cost vs what my bill will be!

Really bad luck for Petkovic. Good draw in Stuttgart though, Kimberly. I had to look up where Fes was. And don’t know many on that WTA draw.

Kimmi Says:

kerber just breadstick wozniacki in the first set. second set up a break. great match..

Kimmi Says:

wow! what a drubbing!! wozniacki was playing her best but kerber, totally outplaying her.

Again, this says much about wozniacki game. she needs to be aggressive.

harry Says:

Nice article by Tignor:

skeezerweezer Says:


Thanks for the link but that write was a ????. Still trying to figure out what he was trying to say, wanted to say, and if he was trying to make a point I don’t get that either. Waste of virtual paper…

harry Says:

skeeze, i agree that it is a bit of ramble and that it lacks a focused conclusion. but what i liked about it were the little nuggets of info. for e.g., how well muzza’s forehand breaks down due to the mental aspect than a specific technical defect. whereas ferrer’s backhand breaks down due to a technical element of his game.

harry Says:

ah! errors… i meant “how muzza’s forehand breaks down” instead of “how well muzza’s forehand breaks down”…

skeezerweezer Says:


Ok thanks, I got that. Thanks for pointing that out, I got lost in the summary of his article :(

jane Says:

harry, thanks for posting that article. The part I found interesting was about “lifting” one’s game at the appropriate moments against the necessary opponents. The top four do this well, particularly because they have that “higher gear”, but Tignor’s point about Murray needing to do this more frequently, at the right times, is perhaps a good one – saving the best for last, so to speak.

jane Says:

Kimberly, are you cleaning? Panthers need to tie this up soon or it’s golfing time for the team.

jane Says:

OMG! They tied it with 3:26 left. Looking like OT.

King Federer Says:

must be a real snoozer of a time if people are discussing facebook likes and other topics.

facebook likes is only one way to measure popularity. another measure 9 ATP fan favorite awards in a row including 2008 and 2010, 2011 when rafa ended with better ranking. I guess rafa fans have given up an ideas of catching up on that one.

it’s sad that a champion who won a GS 6times gets less fan support than the guy who won it only once but made 5finals.

there’s a reason why rafa is referred to as “the beast” or “kryptonite” – he got one ugly @$$ boring game. unfortunately it is beyond raf@tards to understand winning is not the only thing, [though rafa comes 2nd best there too] it is also how you win.

it is like explaining mozart/beethoven to a donkey which thinks his fellow donkey’s braying is the greatest music.

this should get the raf@tard zombies who remain in coma outside of the clay season, to wake up.

jane Says:

Too bad Kimberly, but anyhow you can still cheer on Rafa and I don’t think you’re much of a hockey fan anyhow.

puckbandit wherever you are in the wide world, congrats on your NJ Devils win – I doubt you’ll see this, but I haven’t forgotten.

And Ike wherever you are in the wide world, I am so very happy that Boston lost, ha ha! :)

harry Says:

at times, i have felt murray’s game to be remarkably similar to mecir’s. both have a lazy elegance; i dont know if you have felt it that way…

harry Says:

and yes, i agree with you/tignor that muzza needs to do it more frequently ;-)

Michael Says:

Roger has been on a long lay off than usual. I hope this doesn’t hurt his game. He could have opted to play atleast in Barcelona before the important Madrid and Rome Masters. It could have given him a feel of the clay courts and enabled him to face the competition in those Masters tournaments. But unfortunately it is not to be and he might head straight to Madrid where he might possibly play Nadal in the semis. I hope the Blue clay plays fast and helps Roger against his nemesis.

alison hodge Says:

michael Roger doesnt usually play Barcelona anyway and its never bothered him that much before,so i dont think it will effect him that much,although having said that if Rafas at his best for the rest of the clay season,and Nole will most probably bounce back sooner or later,then he may have his work cut out,however Rogers the worlds best ever player so nothings impossible so we will see,watch this space.

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