Novak Djokovic Presser: I Need To Make A Few Adjustment Before Paris But I’ll Be In Top Form
by Tom Gainey | May 21st, 2012, 11:28 am

It sounds like the endless questions asked Novak Djokovic to compare his 2011 season with 2012 are taking a toll on the Serb. That and his loss today to Rafael Nadal in the Rome final made him seem somewhat chippy in the press conference following the match.

That’s just my read on it, there is no video available yet of the press conference. Djokovic did say he needed to improve for Paris where he’ll try for the “Djoker Slam” and he stated that Nadal is the best player in the world on the clay.

Here’s his presser from the Rome website:

Q: If you compare last year and this year….
Djokovic I am not comparing last year and this one.

Q: NO, just in the way you are both playing. What are the main differences
Djokovic I cant say – he is always the favourite even if I win against him 7 times – he is the best player in the world on this surface and the two wins I had gave me confidence and I think that the match today was quite close …even if he won in straight sets. If you don’t use the opportunities against Rafa he gets momentum. I made unforced errors and I don’t think he played extremely well – I made a lot of errors which should not happen when you play against Nadal and ….. I will go to Paris with confidence and I played a great week.

Q: Sorry to say but will it be crucial to block ……
Djokovic The facts are there. I cannot say it is not present and its there and a possibility to win 4 Grand Slams in a row and I am going and preparing for a Grand Slam as I prepare for any other big event with more focus and its 2 weeks long and the most important tournament and we always wast to deliver out best game and we are good – I feel good on the court and I need to make a few adjustment before Paris but I’ll be in top form

Q: 2 raquets broken in 3 matches. Whats your opinion.
Djokovic No opinion. Its my emotions on the court and I show good and bad emotions.

Q: You day the fist set as 6 break piints —
Djokovic A lot of changes from 5 all – a lot of changes and I made incredible mistakes. What can you do – Nadal is across the net and you need a strong and precise shot and you can over force the shot but look — as I said – its been a good week and he deserved to win.

Q: Do you watch the match on TV or you never do it. Today you were pushing him back and he was playing short and you didn’t take advantage.
Djokovic I feel the ball as well as in the semi finals

Q: How you explain the unforced errors today. Bad form?
Djokovic I just answered that question

Q: Novak – you said Rafa didn’t play but is he doing any thing different with his serve or forehand
Djokovic That is a question for him. I don’t fee that there is much difference in the tactics., Always when we play t is a close match and small differences.

Q: Why did you feel last night you couldn’t play
Djokovic Made a decision together with the officials and we made the decision that the court was not possible to play. Sorry for the people but risky to go out on the court an having an injury and very soft and not good conditions and I think that the finals today was good and a good crown of people in the stands.

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22 Comments for Novak Djokovic Presser: I Need To Make A Few Adjustment Before Paris But I’ll Be In Top Form

Brando Says:

mmm…. based on the transcript nole does a bit annoyed. Have to see a video of this presser though.

Nonetheless, the media press can be ANNOYING with some of their questions.

WHY do they keep on comparing this year to 2011?

that was a MONSTER year- first 8/9 months were the best for over 25 years! And they expect a repeat?

LOL, some journalists need to WAKE UP and recognise the silliness of some of their questions!

Jack Lewis Says:

Losing can be pretty annoying. Losing on a double fault is even more so after making so many errors. The questions in this presser are exactly what you would expect given the match and Djokovic’s performance from last year, I don’t think they need to start wearing kids gloves for hom. He is right to be annoyed but the target of that annoyance should be his own performance.

rogerafa Says:

Novak can still have a monster year. The most crucial part of the season begins now. Novak can still win the most important trophies going forward. The Djoker slam is still pretty much on. He is the only one with a shot at the calender year grand slam and even the so called golden slam. While Rafa is the obvious favorite for RG, I do not think there is much difference between them. Novak has a very realistic shot at beating Rafa even at RG. It is clear to me that Novak makes Rafa nervous and if he can clean up his game , anything is possible. I have no doubt in my mind that he will do everything to get that Djoker slam. Something tells me that Novak will step it up big time at RG. Only a Rafa at his very best seems capable of denying him the RG title.

Kimmi Says:

Novak Djokovic new logo

jane Says:

Thanks Kimmi, the logo has been around for a little while, a few weeks anyhow, but I had not seen that video. It’s pretty cool methinks. :)


Nole does sound a little short in the presser, but he just lost so I guess it could be expected. He will have to just focus on the task at hand and learn from this loss. 18-14 is still a decent H2H. Hopefully Nole doesn’t backslide too much, and they meet on hard court a bit too. :)

Wog boy Says:

Did you see replay of the match.
Novak was upset with himself and he had a reason to be. He shouldn’t get that bad call get into his head, Novak was a better player until then and he still had plenty of chances to get back in the match in the second, he was his worst enemy, “patience is a virtue” and he didn’t have that last night. Nadal was doing what he usualy does, retrieving everything and giving you that extra ball, nothing that Nole isn’t familiar with.
This victory means a lot, much more, to Nadal if you have a good look at his box and uncle Tony after last point. It does give him a confidence before Paris, but I still think after watching match last night that they are 50-50 if they are to meet in Paris.
To my Nole fans, keep your heads up he made us proud again in the match against King of Clay.
To Rafa fans, your man was better one when it counted last night.

Bring the Paris:)

jane Says:

Wog Boy, yes I am up to speed now. I agree with you that Nole was too wound up during the match (although it was a bad call). Nole could have come in a little bit more perhaps, to finish points, but that has to be certain versus Nadal or he’ll get passed. I agree it was very close. Nole and Rafa faced the exact same number of break points but Rafa was just better at saving them in this match. He protected his second serve well. I agree, too, that Nole was not patient and thus made more errors. He needs to be judicious. I assume this match can help if he watches it and reviews each step. All in all a good effort from both Nole and Rafa. Looking forward to the French Open!

Michael Says:

Novak’s tactics against Nadal is fine. He is one of the very few players who puts him under tremendous pressure on points. But to beat Nadal consecutively on Clay, you need a special game that is without far too many unforced errors. Novak couldn’t produce that game on a consistent basis and he has yet again lost. On a hard court things are different and he can win against Nadal even if he is not at his best. But things are quite different on Clay. Still not everything is lost for Novak. He can win Rolland Garros against Nadal and he is the only player who can do it. A Rome win would have given him that much more confidence which may not be the case now when has twice lost consecutively in straight sets. So a Novak slam seems probable but not possible.

Aravind Says:

For Nadal to win against top notch opposition on clay, he relies on errors from his opponent. If you are a shot maker at some point, you will run out of steam and start going for risky shots and the errors will pile up. Novak kept going for shots and making errors. At sometime in their matches recently, especially when he has had success, he has stuck to a safe game not going for too much and has forced Nadal to pull the trigger. I feel that he is not defending as well as last year. I don’t know if this is a conscious effort by Nole to extend his career, but since he is not defending as well, he is forced to go for more, playing very close to Nole of 2009 more than 2011. The building block of his success last year was his impenetrable defense. Rafa has had success with the same tactic for the last 6 years. Nole seems to have abandoned a working tactic. whether this is a clear strategy to save his effort for matches that matter(like back to back brutal matches at AO), or simply is an unsustainable strategy for him is not clear at this point. I did not see anything new from Nadal. He grinded and waited for errors and in this case Nole gave 40 of them. You can’t win against Rafa on clay having such a large gap between errors and winners

alison hodge Says:

Congrats to Rafa and my fellow fans,on another clay court title,Brando,Lulu,Kimberly etc,my commiserations to Jane,Wogboy,Mat4,Courbon,etc,and i think its fair to say,that your guy was a little unlucky,especially with that dodgy line call,would it have made a difference who knows?to sum things up,both players had there share of break points,its just that Rafa was better at taking his chances on this occasion,what this means ahead of the FO i dont know,but both Rafa and Nole are both out to make history should either win the title,and Rafa has been given a massive momentum boost going ahead to RG with the two clay wins over Nole,so the FO looks very exciting indeed,and im sure Roger will be out to prove a point too,cant wait,may the best man win.

jamie Says:

When Nole started wearing ST it was at AO 2010. It took him a year to win a slam. Now with this move to Uniqlo and looking at astrology, and since Nole will start wearing Uniqlo at FO 2012 maybe he will have to wait a year to win a slam and his next slam win will be RG 2013.

jamie Says:

Murray will win his first slam at AO 2013.

Nobody has won 3 AO in a row, not even Federer or Agassi. So I don’t think Nole will win 3 AO in a row and that means he loses at the AO 2013. Nole wins RG 2013.

Nadal goes slamless in 2013 since Borg, Sampras and Federer couldn’t win slams for 9 years in a row.

Nadal wins his last slam at RG 2014.

Federer wins his last slam at USO 2012.

Federer retires with 17 slams and Nadal with 13 slams.

jamie Says:

In 2012

RG Nadal
Wimbledon Nadal
USO Federer

jamie Says:

Nole retires with 8-10 slams.

jamie Says:

Nole wins RG and USO in 2013.

Murray wins the AO 2013.

Wimbledon 2013 will be won by a player having a breakthrough and winning his first slam there.

Rick Says:

Jamie! LOL

Mark Says:

Rafa fans see Tennis Times. Rafa wax work for Madame Tussauds.

alison hodge Says:

It was always a bit of a tall order for Nole,asking him to repeat what he did last year,and hes still having a great year so far,contesting four finals and winning a major as well as a masters,so hes still been there or there abouts,hes never had the pressure that he has now,been the number 1 guy so this is new territory for him,as hes now facing what Roger and Rafa did before him,personally i think hes handling things really well.

Polo Says:

Nole himself does not believe that he can have another year like 2011. That is the difference between him and Federer. Roger, at his prime, never doubted and always believed that he could do even better with each coming year. And Roger’s fans were with him, never doubting that he could still do better. He has done that and has given us, his fans, many glorious years that we will always cherish. Everything else henceforth will simply be unexpected gifts.

Steve 27 Says:

Anyone knows how much cost the tickets in RG, SW19, NY and Melbourne?

Steve 27 Says:

By the way, Jamie, you dont see Nadal winning GS for nine years in a row, because Borg, Sampras, Federer didnt? and you dont see Nole winning 3 aussie open in a row because Agassi and Federer didnt? Is your thought or physic assumption?

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