Roger Federer Enjoys First French Open Practice [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 24th, 2012, 10:50 am

Eyeing a 17th career Grand Slam, second at Roland Garros, Roger Federer was on the practice courts yesterday at the French Open in Paris.

“I am excited to be in Paris for Roland Garros. I just finished my hit and am walking past the wall with all the players signatures who have played on center court,” he posted on Facebook.

In an abbreviated clay court lead-up, Federer won the Madrid title and was a semifinalist at Rome last weekend. When Federer last won Madrid in 2009 he also won the French Open a month later.

Last year Federer lost in the French Open finals to Rafael Nadal.

The tournament is set to begin on Sunday. The draw will be made Friday. Seeded third, Federer will either be projected to meet Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal in the semifinals.

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74 Comments for Roger Federer Enjoys First French Open Practice [Video]

Brando Says:

Is it me or ARE the balls going through the court SLOWER than last year? they also seem to be NOT BOUNCING as high?

A CHANGE of the balls from the last year?………

Rick Says:

Can you gurantee that, Federina makes it to the semi?

Heynen Says:

Federer falls in that video. First time I’ve seen him fall basically unforced. Dude is usually like a cat.

Humble Rafa Says:

Jon Wertheim is recommending the tennis public not use the word “Fedtard”. Too late, Jon.

Your Humble Highness has always believed in using a more appropriate term, Arrotard.

Rick Says:

Yep, old man that he is!

Mark Says:

Tom Gainey. Do you know what balls the will be using at Roland Garros this year? Is it the same as last year or different?

Tom Gainey Says:

@Mark – the balls should be Babolat again. They signed a 5-year deal starting in 2011 with the French Open.

Lisa Says:

@Rick, yeah old man, kicking young butts, should be imbarrasing, dont you think?

Funny, dont think those young guys will ever play at the level (Fitness wise) Federer is at his age……NEVER

Even more imbarassing would be, if Djokovic loses to Federer in this tournment (FO)……Oh whats worse? Hope Djokovic even lives to meet Federer later on in the tourny…..?? I’d have more questions on that rather then worrying about Federer….hahahaha!… people are funny…:)

If Djokovic doesnt make it to semis, imagine when he is 31 years old, AN ASS BEEN…….HE WILL NO WAY BE AS CLOSE AS FEDERER IS NOW……NEVER WILL BE IN THE TOP 10 EVEN…..

So much for old man now……..

Skeezer Says:

There called Rafa balls( Rafa is sponsored by “Babylot” )

Skeezer Says:

Brando re 11:11

FO cannot get any slower than it already is, unless they change the balls to beach balls, IMO the’re almost there.

I predict a new time record here, Yes, its coming, an 8 hour match.

Rick Says:

Fedthugs are uneducated, you’read making me laugh! LOL

Mark Says:

One less Frenchman at the FO. Gael Monfils has withdrawn with a knee injury.

roy Says:

yes rafa gets babylot to make balls that are slow and don’t bounce to give him an edge.
even though he’s always said he likes lively balls with high bounce.
because heavy balls actually suit flat hitters. like his rivals.

Rick Says:

Berdych, Isner would stops him! And JMDP took Federina to five in 2009. Could send him home!

Rick Says:

The old man kicked a young man’s butt is Kuerten in 2004. Federina had his best year. Shame on him! What a disgrace!

Brando Says:


LOL. My comment was regarding the babolat balls. Last year they seemed to speed through the court and kick up high.

Based on this footage it doesn’t seem to speed through the court as much- and stays a bit low.

Do you feel that its same as last year?

Rick Says:

Beating Soderling on clay, but Soderling got him back in 2010. And Fed was winning those crappy tournaments on clay, like Hamburg. And it is being taken off the calendar by ATP.

jane Says:

During Madrid (or Rome – can’t remember) I interpreted one of Nadal’s comments in a post-match presser as suggesting that the balls this year would be closer to what is used for the clay masters events, though it could be a misinterpretation on my part, i.e., different than the balls used at last year’s FO.

Rick Says:

Fed is crap on clay, if Gaudio comes back can also kick his butt. LOL

Rick Says:

I have serious doubts for Fed making the semi, especially if he runs into Isner. He was defeated by Isner with his hometown support, I doubt that he could wins in Paris.

Skeezer Says:

I am enjoying the rick/roy show. They only come out at this time of year for the annual worship. They must have a mini me Fed puppet in there bedroom they use with pins and needles.

Skeezer Says:


Weather ( temp, humidity ) play a role on the Clay at FO, not just the balls ;)

Skeezer Says:


“I have serious doubts….”

Yes, u have them.

Rick Says:

The young lions are ready to send Fed to where he belongs, the nursing home. LOL

Steve 27 Says:

I hope a Federer Berdych clash in quarters
Nadal Del potro (could be 4 round)
Djokovic Ferrer
Murray? Tsonga?

Rick Says:

French is a GS for all these unseeded players to get well known. So Fed be afraid, be very very afriad. LOL

Bom Kelvin Says:

Hey Rick,
I think you don’t have better job to do than writing Federer off. Who cares whatever happens to him in the French Open. He got almost everything in tennis. Win or Lose , nothing gonna change his Tennis History. Every player has his strength and weaknesses. Writing one-sided opinion all the ways are annoying and childish. Nadal and Djokovic and others will have their own turn and lose big time while they are getting old unless they retire at young age like Bjorg Borg.

Skeezer Says:

Lol Rick has a hard on for Fed. Love the infatuation Rick.

Kimberly Says:

Hadn’t seen Rick, fed is afraid, fedend around for awhile.

jatt Says:

Fed practicing for what ? spot in the semis or finals at the max and then what ? Ultimately he is going to run into Nadal and then the same old story.. Wish it is different this time..

Good luck roger

Dave Says:

Rick: “Fed is crap on clay, if Gaudio comes back can also kick his butt. LOL”

ROTFL. Federer bear Gaudio in their only two matches on clay — this happened during the time when Gaudio beat Nadal three straight times on clay. Overall, Federer has a 5-0 record against Gaudio. I wish these amateur hour whiners would do their homework

Was Roger hitting against Cilic?

madmax Says:

RickRoy has a serious case of verbal diarrhea. Ouch.

King Federer Says:

good one dave. it also includes a double bagel in masters cup for Fed VS gaudio.

if rick/roy’s was intelligent enough to be aware of cond0ms, this world would have been saved from ret@rded dumbf#$ks like them. oh well! live and let live i guess.

Kimberly Says:

For the ladies bracket, will S. Williams win and start to challenge for the #1 spot?

jatt Says:

yeah dave, that is cilic… did not know that they practice together

Lisa Says:

Nadal is in the best form he has ever been for a long while leading into the FO……

I hope and wish every player will be fully fit before and throughout the whole tournament…..

Despite Nadal being the heavy favourite, I think there is a chance that any player within the top 10 or possibly outside can also win……not impossible…..but again, should come as no suprise to anyone, Nadal to win in routine fashion….

But I hope that whatever happens, I’d like to see also that this tournament will be one to remember for a long time, one players will find their new form of dominance and one as a base where hopefully new stars will be born….

Whatever fans we are, we’re always going to have arguments and support our favourite, thats normal no? I think in Tennis were very lucky to have such players in Rafa, Fed, Novak, Murray, Ferrer, Tsonga, Berdych……the list goes on(we’re blessed)

May the best player wins…lets hope for an exciting 2012 FO…:)

Dave Says:

jatt; They practiced together in Australia as well.

rave Says:

Rick/Roy, your obsession with Fed is so cute. You guys must think of him all day and night. There is no greater compliment than that.

Michael Says:

It would be nice if Roger manages to win Rolland Garros. But it is a tall order and I do not give him much chance there unless Nadal falls early which can ofcourse happen. Roger can beat Novak and Murray, but against Nadal on Clay he struggles and though he can surprise us, it is too much to expect that from him at this age. Therefore, my request to him is to prepare for Wimbledon where he has a realistic chance.

van orten Says:

fed in same half with djoker same quarter with berdych and delpo ..what a bummer …

van orten Says:

so let us wait and see who nadal is going to face in the final…delpo was my only hope to upset nadal before the finals…hope is dust now

pablo Says:

go rafa!!!!
i bet a huge pile of cash for that lucky 7, go get it.

mat4 Says:


What do you think of the draw?

mat4 Says:

You can see the draw here:

So I was wrong. I thought Berdych would land in Rafa’s quarter, Ferrer in Novak’s and Tsonga in Murray’s.

Brando Says:

Djokovic got a TOUGH draw: hewitt in rnd 2, federer in SF- IF not him then delpo or berdych- OUCH!

alison hodge Says:

Shame to read some peoples comments,as they seem fixated on Rafa failing,surely they should be looking forward to there favourites suceeding,personally ive never understood that type of logic.

sub023 Says:

Lets put it this way alison; at this point in Fed’s career, realist Fed fans know that after five straight FO losses to Rafa, for Fed to have any chance at the title is unfortunately contingent on Rafa getting beaten before they have a chance to meet.

Brando Says:


I AGREE- there are some PATHETIC posters of that variety. Just wishing rafa to fail each and every time.

WHENEVER rafa plays a final, i’ve noticed that hardly ANY nadal fans post during the match- its just the HATERS who do so. You could tell they are SQUIRMING when the match turns in rafa’s favour, LMAO!:-)

Kimberly Says:

Federer has a tough draw. But as we know sometimes the draws open up. Last year wimbledon rafa had raonic third round, Del potro fourth, berdych quarters but he ended up playing mueller, delpo and fish.

Mat4 what do I think. If it is fixed its certainly not fixed to favor federer who is the beloved player there. And the French cant stand nadal so I doubt they would do him any favors.

I haven’t looked at it at length though just read summaries.

Brando Says:

My take on the draw:

Rafa COULD face: R1- Bolleli, R3- Karlovic, R4- Juan Monaco OR raonic, QTRS- Tipsarevic, SF- MUrray OR Ferrer.

Verdict: SHOULD be through to finals. It’s an almost PERFECT draw for him. IF the draw WAS fixed- this outcome would not happen for rafa.


Verdict: on paper the TOUGHEST draw (another reason to dispel the FIX idea). HOWEVER IMHO, fed NEEDS a tough draw to get going in a tourny nowadays. Pre QTR, nalby is tough BUT fed should win regardless- IF murray can beat him why not fed?

Tbird or delpo in QTRS is tough and dangerous, BUT recently fed has had their measure. And WHOEVER of the 2 he faces- SHALL most likely be tired from the R16. Fed in SF for me.

Novak COULD face: R1- storace, R2- HEWITT, R3- Melzer (he beat novak in 2010), R4- Verdasco, QTRS- Tsonga, SF- FEDERER.

Verdict: IMHO, he has the TOUGHEST pre qtrs draw. BUT he may need it to play into form. SF’s easily- BUT it won’t be smooth sailing IMHO.

*Won’t BOTHER with andy’s- WORRYINGLY he LOST an EXHIBITION match on clay in STRAIGHT SETS to gulbis. Forget RG for this guy.

Polo Says:

If I could will somebody into winning the French, I would do it for Ferrer, then Nalbandian, followed by Verdasco, then Murray, then Federer. But of course, it’s not going to happen.

alison hodge Says:

Subo23 you could also see it another way,things can go one way or another,not just the predictable way,Roger has 16 grand slams,and is the worlds greatest ever player,just a shame to me that some of his fans,dont have more faith in the guy and treat him as such.
BTW thanks Brando great post,ever the voice of reson.

alison hodge Says:

Polo i have to say David Ferrer,is by far and away,about the nicest male tennis player out there,you seldom in fact i dont think i have ever heard him complain about anything,he just works hard and goes about his business, he is one of the underdogs i would absolutely love to win a GS before he retires.

alison hodge Says:

Reason not Reson duh.

alison hodge Says:

Brando Boris Becker thinks Andy should pull out of RG and concentrate on getting fit for the grass court season,been as hes struggling with his back,hmm maybe BB has a point,whats your take?

Brando Says:


Thanks. i read that becker article too- and i think he’s right. 2 week r and r pre grass season would be PRICLESS for andy IMHO.

Re fed: i think your SPOT ON there. the guys the greatest of all time, last year he was the best player at RG, he SHOULD have won set 1 in final, and has IMPROVED against rafa, YET most of his fans have LITTLE FAITH in him?

they SHOULD be backing him- like the man does himself!

jane Says:

Nole and Fed are in the same half again – these two have the toughest draws. Sigh.

alison hodge Says:

Brando yeah 2 weeks r and r then a weeks practice on grass at queens,would be pefect prep for wimby,pulling out of RG,IMO would be a blessing in disguise,unfortunatly hes still playing at the FO so its all moot,i just hope he knows what hes doing and does not risk futhur injury.

Kimberly Says:

The draws are open on the site. Pick away

Polo Says:

Brando, I don’t think Federer fans have little faith in him. It just that some fans have accepted the fact that he is not as good as he once was. This is a function of 2 factors: Firstly, his age. Secondly, his greatest rivals, Nadal and Djokovic, who are among the best players ever and they are also playing at their prime. Those two factors are real and both are negative factors against Federer. He can still beat them but the chance of that happening gets slimmer each day that passes by.

“Age, with his stealing steps,
Hath clawed me in his clutch.”

jane Says:

From the ATP site, re: Murray’s draw –

World No. 4 Andy Murray, who has been drawn in the same half of the draw as Nadal, will face Japan’s Tatsuma Ito in his first match. Murray could potentially play Bernard Tomic in the third round, followed by a Last 16 meeting with No. 17 seed Richard Gasquet or No. 16 seed Alexandr Dolgopolov. Sixth seed David Ferrer, who plays Lukas Lacko in the first round, or No. 10 John Isner may be last eight opponents for the Scot.

Even on Rafa’s half most of the tough players are in Murray’s section. Rafa’s draw is definitely a kind one – imagine if Murray pulls out, which is possible due to his back – especially if the lost that exo versus Gulbis.

Brando Says:

rafa’s got a GOOD draw- that’s why i say it is FIXED!

We ALL know the FFT, the french love rafa, don’t we? I mean all those occassions they booed him in the past, questioned him regarding steriods etc- surely it was a WARPED WAY of expressing their hidden love for the man?

I’m sure it was. It ALL adds up now and makes sense. Hence they have FIXED the draw in his favour and detrimented the chances of the one they REALLY hate: Roger Federer!


Brando Says:

Bjorn Borg says IF djokovic does the 4 in a row it would be GREATEST achievement in tennis.

He also say nadal is the GREATEST CLAY COURTER OF ALL TIME and will win MANY, MANY more slams- music to the ears of rafa haters of course.

Here’s the interview:

Kimberly Says:

Jane, ultimately if Murray pulls out I don’t know that it affects Rafa. I will probably have him playing ferrer regardless. And tomic, gasquet, dolgopolov have zero chance against Rafa. Raonic and karlovic are tougher than those guys. But he did get a sweetheart quarter with tipsy and no federer in the semi.

Rick Says:

I hope that Federina runs into Isner. He will be Isner’s bitch!

Rick Says:

Or Raonic, Fed was having problem with him on that dodgy tournament in Madrid.

jane Says:

Maybe it makes no difference Kimberly; it does feel like Rafa will win the trophy regardless, but he does have a nice draw imo. I think the next two slams will be more “open”.

Speaking of which, when do we have to have our picks in for FO brackets? I just haven’t got round to it.

jane Says:

Rick Raonic and Isner are on the other side of the draw.

jane Says:

Thanks for all the links Brando – Borg, on one hand saying Nadal is the greatest clay courter, and on the other hand saying “here’s how to beat him” :). Maybe he wants to protect his record. hee hee.

Brando Says:


LMAO- that HAS to be the most idiotic remark i have seen, lol!

you want isner or raonic to face federer right?

that can ONLY happen in the final!

LOL, i bet fed fans will be HOPING WITH YOU on that one!

Brando Says:


No worries. Lol also on Borg’s take. I AGREE re rafa’s draw- abit of a DREAM draw, BUT at the same time, he has shown that infront of most opposition on clay this year he does seem to have their measure atm.

I think federer’s is the toughest on paper, BUT IMHO in reality i see novak’s as the tougher one. Federer has the measure of nalby, delpo and berdych recently. also he NEEDS the tough draws to be match sharp.

Novaks, BAR tsonga, will be testing since BAR the federer match, IMO he hasn’t looked at his best on clay this year. The pre QTRs match shall show IF his clay game is upto the mark or not.

Probably stil expect a rafole final though.

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