Tennis-X Blog: Roddick, Schiavone Sliding Along on Grass Wednesday; Thursday Previews
by Jeremy Davis | June 20th, 2012, 5:39 pm

No matter what big names are on court, that gets trumped when a player saves eight match points to advance.
Former French Open champ Francesca Schiavone saved eight match points in a 6-2, 2-6, 7-6(8) win over Romanian Irina-Camelia Begu on Wednesday at the Unicef Open in the Netherlands. For her troubles the Italian will next in the quarterfinals get former No. 1 Kim Clijsters.

“When I started the tiebreak, I said, ‘Francesca, come on, pay attention and take two or three of the first six or seven points.’ Nothing, 6-0,” Schiavone said. “I went to the other side and told myself there is not too big a difference in winning or lose one point, so keep going and push. We will see what happens. And then I won.”

Also Thursday at ‘s-Hertogenbosch will be (3) Dominika Cibulkova vs. (8) Nadia Petrova. On the men’s side Wednesday (1) David Ferrer advanced while (3) Jurgen Melzer was upset by Japan’s Tatsuma Ito, and (8) Lukasz Kubot was ousted by France’s Benoit Paire. Xavier “X-Man” Malisse vs. the big server Gilles Muller of Luxembourg is one of the men’s highlights Thursday.

No one fought off eight match points at the AEGON International in Eastbourne Wednesday, but there were bigger dogs making noise.

Andy Roddick, desperately looking to find his grass court legs before Wimbledon, notched a 6-2, 7-6(6) win over France’s Jeremy Chardy to move into the quarterfinals, where he will meet Italian Fabio Fognini. Fognini on Wednesday toppled (4) Bernard Tomic in three sets.

Advancing were (3) Andreas Seppi and (7) Philipp Kohlschreiber, while (2) Marcel Granollers lost in a third-set breaker to Denis Istomin. Istomin on Thursday will meet American Ryan Harrison, who bested grass court upset king Yen-Hsun Lu 6-1, 7-6(2).

On the women’s side in Eastbourne, two seeds bit it in three sets when Austrian Tamira Paszek topped (8) Daniela Hantuchova, and Czech Klara Zakopalova upset (9) Petra Cetkovska. Also into the quarters were (4) Marion Bartoli, (5) Angelique Kerber, and (7) Lucie Safarova.

“Kim is different on grass,” Bartoli commented on Clijsters and Venus Williams being unseeded at Wimbledon next week. “She hasn’t had the same results as Venus. But Venus being unseeded is a bit hard. I hope she’s not going to draw Serena first round. We will see how the draw comes out. But if Venus is unseeded, for sure the draw is going to be hard for whoever draws her in the first or second round. I love challenges, but I hope not too early.”

American Christina McHale, who the previous day uprooted seed and former No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki, lost in three to Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

Thursday will feature (4) Bartoli vs. (7) Safarova, and (5) Kerber vs. Russian Ekaterina Makarova, who earlier in the event beat reigning Wimbledon champ Petra Kvitova.

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60 Comments for Tennis-X Blog: Roddick, Schiavone Sliding Along on Grass Wednesday; Thursday Previews

boss Says:

federer and nadal’s outfits for us open and wtf this year and australian open next year…just found this randomly



australian open:

Kimmi Says:

Kim is different on grass,” Bartoli commented on Clijsters and Venus Williams being unseeded at Wimbledon next week. “She hasn’t had the same results as Venus. But Venus being unseeded is a bit hard. I hope she’s not going to draw Serena first round. We will see how the draw comes out. But if Venus is unseeded, for sure the draw is going to be hard for whoever draws her in the first or second round. I love challenges, but I hope not too early.”


Goo point bartoli

Kimmi Says:


PJ Says:

I completely agree with Marion about Kim. Kim has never really done much to deserve being bumped up. I have mixed feelings about Venus. Obviously, Venus has had amazing success at Wimbledon. Two years ago, she made the quarters. Last year, on the 4th round. And, she hasn’t played much since (which is certainly understandable). I go back and forth on bumping Venus up to seeding based on history alone. Regardless, I would absolutely hate to meet her (or Kim) early. Can you imagine being a top-seed, getting Venus or Kim in the first round, and then the other in the second?

Kimmi Says:

I believe the women seeding has always been the same as ranking. It is mens seeding that has always been tampered at wimbledon.

Kim is currently ranked 53 and venus 55, so..there is no way they can be seeded.

jane Says:

It’ll be interesting to see if Seppi translates some of his clay success to other surfaces over the reminder of the season.

jane Says:

*remainder not reminder.

conty Says:

just checking if i can post w/o being moderated like this morning, for no explanation.

conty Says:

ah well, no moderation this time; just never know, I guess.

Cant wait for the wta bracket!

conty Says:

allez Benoit Paire! he won 2 matches and is into the 3rd round and Unicef Open. Rising grass court star, maybe? he is a little nuts on court; can be entertaining.

conty Says:

jane, you have probably seen this video of Nole and Jelena, but for other Nole fans, this is so sweet!

the Nole/Jelena video on that boodles site :)

conty Says:

Oh hey. Murray and Djokovic are just about to walk on court! the boodles site has it’s own free video stream; just like in the old days, 2009, when Moscow and St. Petersburg had their own streams.

conty Says:

weather is a problem… apologies. match suspended.

wow, that definitely is the club/tournament of the high brow and well-heeled.

better get myself off to work. I got to watch Ferrer play at the Unicef open via live stream this morning early. Ferrer is a grass court specialist! no adjustment time for him between FO and Dutch grass. no pun intended. well, he was playing Igor Sijsling. anyway, Ferrer looking snappy in all white with gold, reminiscent of Fed’s kit 2007 Wimbledon; except, Ferrer’s shirts could be tailored for him, imo. He doesn’t need a baggy shirt.

metan Says:

rooting for murray, come on andy, prove that you can make it!

metan Says:

Uh, raining ,,,,,raining,,,,, the game postpone

Kimberly Says:

ATP Bracket pre-registration link. The submission window will open tomorrow. I want as many tennisxers as possible especially Dave.

Kimberly Says:

I wonder if alejandrobello will return to the bracket challenge or did we scare him off?

Kimberly Says:

In a way I agree with Bartoli comment re Clijsters Venus. I mean, I think Venus is just too sick and maybe old to do anything but see the link

Williams/Davenport 2005, i cannot recall the last WTA final of such quality and drama. I think this was the best women’s final since 2000 for sure. This match was played at a very high level by both players. Maybe Sharapova Kvitova or Kvitova S. Williams could give us such a match today?

grendel Says:

conty- as a fellow cyclist, thought you might be interested in the following, which I tentatively label: a bicycle ride in an English June. I’ve just returned, as a matter of fact.

The afternoon was wearing on, and I still hadn’t gone for my ride. One thing and another had got in the way of it, the last being listening to my son on the piano, a delight I am not always granted. It was really early evening as I opened the front door and peered out. “It’s alright” said Jack encouragingly, “it’s quite dry.” Jack the great weather forecaster. As a matter of fact, to say it was quite dry was to stretch a point. There was something vaguely menacing in the air, and by the time I had crossed the road to drag my bike out of the garage, I felt a couple of drops. I pretended this had no consequence, and stoically mounted my bike as I prepared to do battle with the endless series of hills which disfigure the landscape I inhabit. There is currently a campaign to introduce the Dutch way of cycling into English cities. The campaigners have forgotten one thing: in Holland, the land is flat and even people who don’t like cycling find it a convenient mode of transport. Here, you face the fact that every time you go out on your bike, there’s going to come a moment when you wonder whether the old ticker has finally decided to call it a day.

Anyway, by the time I had reached the summit, or the first summit shall we say, of a series of hills – feeling surprisingly good and pleased with myself – the rain was coming down steadily. If it kept on like this, I thought, it’s not too bad. Quite refreshing even. But it was getting darker, and somehow, you knew that the rain had only just started. English rain tends to build in a slowish crescendo, so you’re never quite sure whether it’s going to ease or increase. But eventually, a kind of point of no return is reached, and you understand that the heavens are about to relieve themselves in no uncertain manner. And this is when you have to make your decision: do you find a tree to shelter under – or do you plough on regardless? The sheltering-under-the-tree option is not straightforward. For one thing, you have no idea how long you’re going to be stranded for. There’s always the annoying possibility that you’ll stop for 20 minutes or so, the rain shows no sign of stopping so you get fed up and decide to push off – bitterly regretting that lost 20 minutes. Or the rain stops, your caution is vindicated and off you pop, only to be faced with the same decision ten minutes later. In this event, experience suggests that patience is likely to wear thin and that in any case, standing under a bloody tree in the pissing rain with water dripping through the leaves and trickling down your neck has its drawbacks.

So I decided to eschew the tree option and face the open skies. Once you’ve accepted the fact that dryness is not going to be on the agenda in any shape shade or form – once, in short, you embrace the concept of wetness – it’s really not too bad. The water is coming down in sheets now, the drops are surprisingly sharp. I wear glasses, sometimes , and I am surprised to find that, by dint of squinting and peering, I can more or less see where I am going. Dim memories of Martina Navratilova playing in the rain at Wimbledon come to mind, she wiping her glasses irritably, and I feel quite good about the fact that I can manoeuvre with a nice degree of improvisation, treating traffic lights, for example, and even occasionally cars, as mere impediments to be circumnavigated. My clothes can absorb no more water, and they hang heavily. Last to go are my socks and shoes. I feel a curious regret as my trainers, which had resisted so stoutly, gradually absorb the water. In certain circumstances, objects take on the cast of friends. Meanwhile, little rivulets are forming in the road, and this is fun as one goes swishing through the water. Shallow rivulets become pools, and in my imagination raging torrents. I hang on, a cool desperado.

Low rumbles punctuate the air, and glimpsed through the gathering gloom are gentle flashes of sheet lightening. Involuntarily, thoughts of death come to mind. Of course, this is absurd, the chances of being struck by lightening are always vanishingly small but somehow, statistics fail to reassure. In this sort of situation, the irrational side of one comes strongly to the fore. The rational chap in one says: look, I’ve got far more chance of getting killed crossing the road. The irrational chap sneers knowingly:oh, yeah? Surprisingly potent, that oh, yeah. I wonder about funerals. Will my son Jack go to it, or will he just go on to America as planned? And what about my ticket, what happens to that? These are not really morbid thoughts, just light fancies trickling across one’s outer consciousness. I think about the doctor I saw that morning, a fat little Indian chap who arrived late. I am wondering about some physiotherapy for a spot of tendonitis – if I book now, maybe there’ll be an appointment for when I come back from America. The doctor asks me to move my arm about. “You don’t need physiotherapy,” he says. “Just move your arm around”, and, by way of demonstration, he moves his arm around vaguely, up and down and behind his back. “Just do that,” he says. “That’ll be enough”. I look at him unbelievingly, but he seems impervious to my annoyance. I try again. I say I have always fancied running, but whenever I give it a crack, sooner or later my back gives way. I’d like to have another go, and does he know any exercises which could forestall this tendency of the back to collapse? “Just do swimming”, he says with an oddly unfocused beam, “swimming good for everything”. “I don’t want to swim”, I reply , hearing the petulance in my voice and thinking that I sound a bit like Kramer. The doctor looked at me with pitying sarcasm, as if such childish opposition to authority was only to be expected from the likes of me. I give up, and decided to push off. “This has been about as unhelpful a visit as I could imagine” I say coldly, as I open the door. Waves of indifference penetrate my back. And the odd thing is, part of me can’t help feeling the doctor has a point.

Now, the thunder is really loud, and forked lightening streaks across the sky. The rain is hard and unremitting. It is frightening, but exhilarating, too. As I wind my way back home, there are no pedestrians but there are a few cyclists. I mentally salute them for their fortitude, not failing to notice that this is saying something about me. Most of them, though, are wrapped in all kinds of protective gear. I feel a glow of superiority.

Am pleased to be approaching home, though. A change of clothes, a hot shower, some sausages and The Sopranos beckon….

Kimmi Says:

great read grendel!!

conty Says:

indeed! enjoyed the ride! and was so detailed and descriptively written; your writing is entertaining. I was right there on the bike ride getting drenched, suffering, but loving it.

But, you made me write a story too. Not sure I should post what I just wrote, inspired by your bike ride. I got moderated the other day. Maybe off topic too far, I fear, or too anti-armstrong in my long posts on the “trivalry” thread. I have some guilt, but just wrote a spontaneous story. er……prolly shouldn’t post it….eek. But, it’s tempting. If I could, I would personal message it to you. Never sure what I write is any good; though I have been told that I should write, I’d not consider giving up my day job.

ooh, i’m tempted to post it but it could be embarrassing. :/

conty Says:

^^ comment to grendel!

conty Says:

Kimberly, why would alejandrobello be scared off? ‘She’, yes in my imagination, ‘she’ was top o’ the bracket most of the time, until ‘superlamb’ took over, closely, followed (2 measly points) by tuity fruity.

conty Says:

lol, grendel. I was laughing but proud of you riding through the flood and lightening.

Kimmi Says:

conty – i also thought the story about his doctor and “i don’t like to swim” was funny.

It will be nice if you could post these stories once in a while grendel – that will lighten the mood on tennis-x, don’t you think?

Humble Rafa Says:

Congratulations to the Cleveland Traitor and the Heat. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

Eric Says:

(real) congrats to Kimberly and Miami… :)

conty Says:

Exactly, Kimmi… his stories are a treat. Also writes some fun post-match impressions quite often.

Anyway, grendel thank you so very much. Had to come back to it one more time tonight and suffer riding up and down the short steep hills, slick, possibly cobblestones, dodging traffic. ha! Divine misery. And at the doctor visit annoyed; hearing your son, the weather forecaster, play the piano as you left; just an interesting and delightfully written account of an afternoon adventure. And told as if sitting in a cafe laughing, and I’d have a couple simple but elaborated adventures to tell after hearing yours. Buried in an Avalanche: is my scariest true story; the thoughts that pass, the pictures of my life, moments of anger, too young to die, the panic, then acceptance; scenes of a grieving family at my funeral. lol, ironically ending up buried with the 1989 walkman strapped to my body under a powder suit, earphones remaining secured in place by my hat; the hat fastened by my goggles…the music blaring a happy song and positive message of “Swing Out Sister’s” hit, “Breakout.” as I suffocated, shivering, helpless to move…i’ll not post the whole thing, but you do tempt me. Avalanche is a real adventure story; but I can make something out of a terrifying visit to a new salon and an angry stylist armed with scissors, hot blow dryer, and assaulting my scalp with a prickly round brush. Or, just last weekend I had a painful, swollen lymph gland on the left side of my neck, just under the jawline and was writing my will, knowing i must have a tumor, squamous cell type, soft palate, oral maxillary pharyngeal cancer, or Non- Hodgkins lymphoma; certainly a tumor, no doubt, or something that might asphyxiate me in my sleep. Then, at last, after waiting a week, finally the Dr. appt and his pronouncement of acute lymphadenitis. Again, it’s not my time quite yet. Satisfied, I can calm down and wake to the business of Wimbledon bracketology and get lost in it, in the morning. (this was not the post I had already written. just a short summary.)

Kimberly Says:

YES!!!!! Miami wins!!!! Thanks Eric!!!! Humble rafa the Cleveland Traitor has his ring, I guess you can still stick to yo mama jokes. Hope you win wimbledon Went to game 3 planned to go tonight but ticket prices over $1000 a seat. Can hear fireworks from my house. Taking colin07 to the parade this weekend.

conty Says:

Know nothing about basketball, but congratulations to your team, the Heat. How fun for Colin07 , too.

have not been paying enough attention to WTA and ATP; my pick are going to “stink.”

azrael Says:

Listen live to The Championships draw

azrael Says:

rafa gets murray

nole gets federer

who could have guessed? :P

van orten Says:

fed with nole in the same half hahahaha as always…now get that number one ranking roger!!!!

Gannu Says:

this is getting to be a joke everytime fed and nole in semis…i am fed up,.

Anthony Edwards Says:

cheer up gannu! novak might not make it that far. he has berdych in quarters, ferrero in 1st round, winner of lu/harrison in 2nd and possibly stepanek in 3rd.

then again berdych plays gulbis 1st up!

Anthony Edwards Says:

nadal-belucci 1st up, 3rd round he might get haas/kohlschriber [they play 1st round!]

grendel Says:

not fair, is it conty? I think the reason the moderators tolerate me going off topic is that I slipped through the net once, and then again, and now they’ve become kind of resigned – providing I don’t lapse too often. Incidentally, I am well acquainted with your version of hypochondria although, because I know nothing of medicine and pathology, I’m not as inventive as you in my speculations of personal demise.

Kimmi, I actually love swinning in the sea, a lake, a river. It’s swimming pools I can’t abide. Apart from the hassle of getting there and the aweful business of getting undressed and finding a locker, knowing it’s going to be a job stuffing all the clothes in, and then thinking that really the towel should have gone on top and can you be bothered to rearrange it all and meanwhile your teashirt has fallen into a pool of water and someone is staring at you, you stare bellicosely back and then wonder whether that was wise, he’s bigger than he initially looked. Then there’s the struggle with the key, the coin and the wristband. Finally you get to the pool, and you start to do your lengths. This is a tedious enough business, it has to be said, and to relieve the monotony you invent different ways of counting lengths. Meanwhile, the inevitable competition starts. You get some swimmers who are so fast, you just ignore them, you have nothing to say to them and they have nothing to say to you. And then you get the slow ones who always get in the way and you feel like you’d like to say something to them alright and it’s a matter of whether you can exercise some self-restraint. But the ones that are at about your level are the most problematic. You find yourself, insidiously, being drawn into a race. You note precisely where they are and you try desperately to keep the relative positions between you the same. But the gap, you can’t help noticing, is steadily diminishing and finally you are obliged to give second best. Although one way out of the quandary is to pretend you don’t care. You start treading water,you gaze around you nonchalantly taking in the scene, possibly manufacture a wave or two. But all the time, you can’t help understanding that none of this is in the least convincing. Something about the posture of your rival, dimly perceivable through the water, suggests extreme self-satisfaction.

Anyway, cheers to you both, conty and kimmi, I’m off now, and I won’t be posting for a good long time. This will be the first Wimbledon I haven’t watched since – Connors beat Ashe. I was a youngster then and hated Connors and thought he was bound to destroy Ashe. Of course, Ashe won – just my luck, eh?

jane Says:

Bon voyage grendel: have fun on your trips – hopefully some more stories when you return!

dari Says:

Buen viaje, grendel! loved the story and the way you weaved the dr’s interlude in. it was really a vivid picture for me the whole thing.

For the men’s draw- I am not complaining on fed’s behalf, let’s just say that.

For the women’s- the serena Maria final is a possibility, but a looooong way to get there, particularly for serena who seems to lose at any time in slams these days.

azrael Says:

cupcake draw for federer..rafa might have to deal with toughest qf opponent in tsonga

gonzalowski Says:

Rafa with
– maybe T. Haas or Kohlschreiber in 3rd
– Then maybe Feliciano
– Then maybe Tsonga
– Then maybe Murray

pfffiu… it seems though to me

gonzalowski Says:

What could be thougher,

Tommy Haas or Kohlschreiber in 3rd (for Nadal)

or Raonic or Cilic in 4th (for Murray) ?

Brando Says:

In order of who has the toughest draw: 1- Murray, 2- djokovic, 3- nadal, 4- federer. Feel sorry for andy with his draw, content with rafa’s- bar tsonga, a pretty ideal draw- and pleased that fed got some luck for a change.

Kimberly Says:

SUBMISSION WINDOW OPEN. No excuses. Plenty of time.

Submit your bracket here:

The deadline to enter is 6/25/2012 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

We want as many people as possible. THis is a wide open tournament so it should be a great one!

Dave, you have two days.

Still waiting to hear when the parade is for the NBA CHAMPION.

Kimberly Says:

Murrays bracket is tough but when you break it down each individual match he can and should win. He kind of owns Del Potro and Ferrer won’t make the quarters. I think Nadal and Djoker, by drawing Berdy and Tsonga, ultimately have the hardest draws as those matches are actually losable.

Kimberly Says:


Submit your bracket here:

dari Says:

Thanks, Kimberly, there is plenty of time.

Congrats to you in Miami! Am very glad Lebron has his ring now. Hope they will leave him alone a bit now.
Chalmers is NCAA and NBA champ, wow!

Anthony Edwards Says:

murray has two ways to look at his draw. like a loser or like a winner. if he makes it to the quarters, he will be looking at ferrer/rafa’s games in slow-motion.

he’s had his share of luck this year already with walk-overs all over the place. i hope he steps up and plays like a contender and doesn’t sulk and moan.

he has got the semi-final he wanted and if he doesn’t choke away like he did in last year’s semi-final, he should make it to the final.

conty Says:

grendel, have fun and hope you have time to write your impressions of places and experiences during your travels. Stay safe, watch out for those inflated airfare and hotel charges!

The Great Davy Says:

Muahahaha, say GOODBYE to your very own Mr. Lady Forehand, THE GREAT DAVY will end his embarrassment fast!

conty Says:

okay, am i in permanent moderation now? I don’t have pop mail to send tennis-x a message. would like to know via email what exactly I did. Otherwise, I’ll stop posting altogether, if I’m that bad and keep having to be moderated. that’s fine.

skeezer Says:

Safe travels grendel! Thanks for sending us all a bon boyage read. Awesome as usual. Now, about that swim…….

Wog boy Says:


Bon Voyage……..have a safe trip:)

the mind reels Says:

@The Great Davy: yes, Murray will certainly be undone by a guy who has — wait for it — 6 first-round exits at Wimbledon at the hands of grasscourt superstars such as Lee Childs (isn’t he an author anyway?), Michel Kratochvil, Martin Verkerk, Alejandro Falla, etc. etc.

Murray should consider his still-young career in a new state of decline should he not advance pass Davydenko.

skeezer Says:


harry Says:

grendel — excellent posts! bon voyage…

conty — dont go away! nice long post again, although i did feel my neck a couple of times (just to make sure)…

Dave Says:

Kimberly, I haven’t forgotten, but thanks for the reminder :) Your guy has a winnable first round against Bellucci (who hasn’t played since losing first round in French Open). When a clay courter like Bellucci loses in the first round of Madrid, Rome and French Open — and has not played a single grass court match — I doubt if Rafa will have too much trouble this time around.

The Great Davy Says:

@ the real mind

I was forced to throw these match. I mean, I am bad luck? Grass is a dumb surface anyway, who thought this was an idea? Additionally, Falla is such a good good grass player, remember he almost beat My Master in the first round in the 2010!

The Great Davy Says:

@ the reels mind

Pulse, I am under no pressure from the russian… brothership (now they have hard way time with Youzhny) I am free to beat the peas out of Murray I will do it in straight sets. Bet on me, I will win Im telling you, I will be betting on me!

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