Janko Tipsarevic: “Sigh, Everything Hurts Today”
by Tom Gainey | September 7th, 2012, 1:07 pm

In a short and sweet tweet today, Janko Tipsarevic summed up how he was feeling on the day after losing a grueling 4-hour, 31-minute marathon to David Ferrer in a fifth set tiebreak in the US Open quarterfinals.

“…sigh…everything hurts today…”, Tipsarevic tweeted a short while ago.

The 63, 67(5), 26, 63, 76(4) loss kept Tipsarevic from reaching his first career Grand Slam semifinal, a goal he’ll have to wait just a little longer for.

“I’m honestly really sad because I didn’t clinch my chance to be the last four of a Grand Slam, which would really help me not just stay where I am, but hopefully attack the world No. 5, which was my goal at the beginning of the year,” Janko said. “If you look at points purely, I am playing better this year than I was playing last year.

“There are still two months to go, but I’m feeling sad because I didn’t clinch the chance to attack the top 5.”

The Serb actually led Ferrer 4-1 in the final set before the Spaniard was able to turn the tables after Tipsarevic slipped tumbling hard to the cement. He then received a medical timeout during the game to treat the injury.

“I don’t want to blame the fall, the fact that I got broken on 4‑2,” he said. “When I rewind the film in my head, I think he played a really good game on 4‑2. He was defensive but able to pass me every single time when I went to the net. If I remember correctly, I think I even put every single first serve in and he managed to return, so I definitely don’t want to blame the fall. Even though it’s really painful, I don’t want to blame that on the loss today.

“I don’t really feel that I screwed up in any way, that I played bad, I mishit, or I double faulted or anything like that,” the 28-year-old added. “I’m just feeling really sad that I’m not on the other side of the net like a victor.”

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8 Comments for Janko Tipsarevic: “Sigh, Everything Hurts Today”

jamie Says:

It would have been great to see an all Serbian SF…

jane Says:

In his full presser, Janko noted that Ferrer’s first serve and return game were very much improved, and that his first serves were always coming back. No doubt Ferrer is super tough and will battle always so hard!

Ferrer’s own presser I think shows that he is more confident now, as David is kind of free and comfortable – I don’t think he feels a lot of pressure and he said he is just enjoying tennis. That can make a guy very dangerous in a way.

Anyhow, hope we have two great semis!

RZ Says:

It’s a shame that Tipsy didn’t win that one, but I don’t think he’d have been able to bounce back in time to play Nole competitively. Ferrer shouldn’t be too winded after that and can still play Nole tough.

Brando Says:

Did not watch the match, unfortunately.

But from what i have read here and elsewehere, it seems to be a great match in which janko played fantastically well.

Very little between the two apparently.

Nonethless i have to say i have been impressed by tipsy’s tennis and consistency ever since he got into the top 10.

At first i thought maybe he wasn’t top 10 material, but now there is ZERO doubt in my mind that he is, but also he is a player- when his game is on- can actually really challenge the top 4.

‘ I’m feeling sad because I didn’t clinch the chance to attack the top 5.”’

I like that statement- shows a lot of ambition!

Well done janko on a good USO!

kriket Says:

Tipsarević choked, plain and simple. He said himself that he didn’t feel he had enough confidence that he could beat one of the top 4 players in a big tournament. That’s what he showed us today vs Ferrer. He had the victory in hos hands, 4-1 5th set and then he choked. Too bad Tipsy, you’ll just have to work on that self-confidence angle some more in the future. Nice match though.

Wog boy Says:

From what I heard from some people, Tipsy was, maybe, even more talented as junior then Nole was, but less dedicated to tennis and less hard working. He wasn’t really part of tennis society on tour. He was a wonderer with inteterest in different things who was making good luvin by playing tennis. I think everything changed two years ago, accidentaly after he got married with beautiful Biljana, I think he wanted to make a statment and give one last decent push so he can have a peace of mind ones he retires and he made it. He proved that he is decent top10 player. I was of Brando’s opinion last year that he is going to get out of Top10 faster thsn he got in but he proved me wrong, good on him, he has sll the reasons to be proud of himself for what he achieved so far.

Wog boy Says:

“living” should say and not “luvin”, I don’t know where this came from:)

Wog boy Says:

There is few more spelling mistakes, as usual:( it was big night, last night, with one to many…..I need another short black double shot, one of those mornings…..

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