Ferrer Seeks First Masters 1000 Title Sunday Against Surprising Cinderella Janowicz
by Staff | November 3rd, 2012, 9:17 pm

In a field that begin with many of the biggest names in tennis including the best of France, the last two men standing at the Tennis Masters Paris are David Ferrer and qualifier Jerzy Janowicz.

The 21-year-old Janowicz has been the story of the final event of the ATP’s regular season. During this breakout week, Janowicz has seen off Philipp Kohlschreiber, Marin Cilic, Andy Murray, Janko Tipsarevic and today he added Gilles Simon to his list of victims. While Murray, who held a match point, and Tipsarevic, who retired in the third, faded in lackluster late-match efforts, Simon stood toe-to-toe with the 6-foot-8 Janowicz but he couldn’t breakthrough losing 6-4, 7-5.

“There was no surprise about this. I played a player who’s totally confident right now,” said Simon. “He is playing and having fun while he’s playing. He’s hitting as hard as he can each time.

“This is what I saw from his game on the previous matches, and I was not surprised with how he played against me today. He is very difficult to return. Normally I’m supposed to be one of the best returners on the tour, and I was not able to do that today.”

The 69th-ranked Janowicz admitted to some nerves today en route to his first career ATP final.

“When I had match point today, I felt a little bit strange. I had chicken skin,” said Janowicz. “I was a little bit nervous during this match point, but this was really an unbelievable feeling. I just said to myself before this match point to not change anything, just to play the same game as I played before. I did this. I finished the match with a dropshot.”

And Janowicz loves to hit dropshots in addition to possessing a cracking serve.

Ferrer, who was a 7-5, 6-3 victor over Michael Llorda, is one of the best returners in the sport and Spaniard is on the cusp of his biggest career title.

“I feel good. I am very happy because I am in the final,” Ferrer said. “Tomorrow, it’s going to be a very difficult match because my opponent, he’s playing very, very good. But I will try to do my best for to beat him.

“Of course I have pressure, but every match I have pressure. We know that. For me, tomorrow is one match again. I will try to be focused every point and to do my job to win.”

At 30, Ferrer is enjoying arguably his best season with six titles and a solid Top 5 rank.

“Of course this year was the best of my career,” said Ferrer.”“I never won six titles in one year. If I win tomorrow, it’s going to be seven. I’m very happy for that. I won a lot of matches.”

Ferrer has three times finished runner-up at a Masters 1000 while Janowicz, who had never beaten a Top 40 player before this week, is trying to become just the second first time ATP winner this year after Martin Klizan. And win or lose, Janowicz’s ranking will climb into the Top 30 on Monday.

“Honestly saying, I’m 69th ranked guy in the world and suddenly I am in the final,” Janowicz added. “For me this is still like I cannot believe this actually. How is this possible? I came here just to play qualifications, and suddenly after few days I’m not final. I don’t know how did I this, but tomorrow is final waiting for me. Wow.”

Wow is right.

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67 Comments for Ferrer Seeks First Masters 1000 Title Sunday Against Surprising Cinderella Janowicz

Kimmi Says:

i root for Cinderella. But really, if ferrer wins.. great for him.

laslo Says:

I am of the opinion that since JJ did all the hard work, he should reap the benefits.

Michael Says:

I am extremely impressed with the quality of play of Janowicz. Where was this guy all these years ? His drop shots are just exhilirating stuff. I have never seen any player hit that shot with such authority except Roger. He has a fiery serve supported by the devastating cross court forehand and that sliced backhand too is an value addition. He is 21 and has definitely potential to go great heights. Hope he lives up to the promise and not go the way of many other players who promised much but delivered little.

Michael Says:

Regarding that match between Ferrer and Janowicz. I would give 55:45 in favour of Janowicz, not surprisingly. I am betting on him due to his current form but Ferrer can never be discounted. Finally, it will boil down to the form of Janowicz. If he plays like he is doing, he should win. If not, Ferrer will have his first Masters Title deservingly.

alison Says:

Im so pleased for Daveed Ferrer,and what a fantastic week for JJ,just hoping David will get his 1st masters titl it would be well deserved,JJ will have plenty more chances as hes a very young up and coming player,showing alot of promise,and is probably destined for great things,but Davids 30 so things will only get harder for him,the tennis gods need to let him have his slice of luck,anyway good luck David in the final go get the title.

Stella Says:

They’re all destined for greatness at first but it’s how they perform over the years that make them great.

All the best to both in the final!

racquet Says:

Ferrer wins the first set. C’mon Daveed.

the DA Says:

Just as I thought beforehand, the drop shots aren’t working so well against Ferrer.

the DA Says:

Daveed breaks! Up 4-2. Won’t be long now. Jerzy looks deflated.

Queen Says:

Ziomek przegral haha

the DA Says:

Hooray! Ferrer wins his 1st Masters title. The look of joy says it all.

Polo Says:

I second the hooray for Ferrer! I am so happy to see a nice hardworking guy finally get rewarded for his efforts.

racquet Says:

So happy for David. It was long overdue. Now it’s time for Delpo to get one.

Kimmi Says:

Cinderella run ends here..congrats to to ferrer for his first masters title.

Brando Says:


Janowicz was on empty near the end there, but a brilliant week for him no doubt!

A spanish clean sweep in paris- just what the parisian’s love!:-))))))))))))))

Brando Says:

‘Now it’s time for Delpo to get one.’

AGREED- well overdue!

racquet Says:

That is one ugly trophy.

Margot Says:

Tennisx breathes an almost( just seen post at 10.57) collective sigh of happiness.
Is this a first?
Hooray for David :)
There is some justice in the world….

dari Says:

Well that was a fun tournament! And an ending all can be happy about. CONGRATULATIONS to David, so glad he finally got the masters trophy!!
And of course a tremendous run for Jerzy, hope he keeps it up!

the DA Says:

I think this win takes him to within 700 points of Nadal. If he does well at the WTF he could become no. 4. That would give a different complexion to the AO. One of the top 3 would possibly get a scary QF.

alison Says:

WOW so happy for Daveed,such a sweet lovely guy so well deserved,and a nice embrace with JJ right at the end there,hope he has something left in the tank for London to give the top guys something to think about,tall order i know but i would love Andy to win the WTF,but if he doesnt Ferrer winning would be great.

alison Says:

No offence but i Have to say it can get a bit annoying when people lose interest in a tournament just because its not one of their favorites or one of the big 4 winning the whole thing,i find it rather unfair and disrespectful David and JJ have both had a terrfic week,and ive enjoyed the tennis,its been great to see some other players having their moment in the limelight,i love the top players but this week has been great in terms of competition,tennis doesnt begin and end with the top 4.

jane Says:

So happy for David Ferrer! What a nice cap to what’s been a stellar year for him. I don’t think he’s had this good and consistent of a year since 2007, so it’s been very special!! Way to go Daveeed!!! :)

alison Says:

Jane i believe the commies said hes won more titles than anyone else this year.

alison Says:

AWW Lovely picture of Daveed stroking those cubs so cute.

Kimberly Says:

Congrats to David Ferrer, well deserved.

grendel Says:

@alison 12.26 – absolutely spot on. A dismal paucity of comment on the semis and final and much of it anyway begrudging. I agree – how nice, for once, not to have any of the top 4 around. Very refreshing. I would add to David and JJ, alison, Lodra – he was quite wonderful, and outplayed Ferrer, b.t.w., in the first set. And the Lodra/Querry match was pure delight.

Petchey made a great comment in the course of the final. Ferrer, he said, had won golden opinions from all the top players for his professionalism, extraordinary tenacity and of course talent. Janowicz, he went on, had won their attention, but not yet respect. Very true, but I fancy that will change over the coming year.

Today was a step too far. Janowicz was certainly lacking sharpness after all his efforts, including qualies don’t forget. Not that I think he would have won otherwise – not at all, but it could have been tighter.

Consider: at 4-4, Janowicz had a break point, to serve for the set. Ferrer saved the point as he nearly always does – I recall him saving break point after break point against Federer in Hamburg some years ago, a very difficult match for Federer. And then Ferrer broke himself to take the set.

The heart of the 2nd set was round about 2 all. Janowicz broke, but Ferrer broke right back. Then Janowicz again had a break point, but once again Ferrer proved equal to the situation, brilliant defence, as I recall, turning into attack. He does have a lot in common with Nadal. Then he broke the Pole.

Now it is true that Janowicz’s serve had decidedly gone off, but this raises the old question – what was responsible for that? For instance, when Murray beat Federer at Shanghai, many commented on how poor was Federer’s serving, including even Murray himself. But Murray was, imo,being too modest. Because the sheer excellence of his returning, which was quite breathtaking on that day, almost certainly panicked Federer into some poor serving. Knowing that Murray was likely to kill his 2nd serve, there was considerable pressure on him getting the 1st serve in; and on that day, Federer did not react to the pressure well. Also, of course, fear as to what his opponent would do to his 2nd toyed with his mind again – hence the unusual spate of doubles.

Well, by the 2nd set, Ferrer was starting to read the Janowicz serve – and his returning was awesome. Similar situation to the Murray/Fed match. So I would be inclined to give 75% of the credit to Ferrer and 25% of the explanation to the Pole running out of gas.

Even so, it was, in the circumatances, a very respectable performance by Jerzy. In the long run, failure to grab the title may work out well for Jerzy. I always recall Virginia Wade questioning whether Becker winning Wimbledon at 17, stunning though it was, would be good for him in the long run. It turned out that her caution was justified, I think. Janowicz will now be left feeling just a touch unsated. And Ferrer taught him a little bit of a lesson which I am sure he’ll take to heart. He looks to me like a lad prepared – and able – to learn the hard lessons. He has, imo, more native talent than the other giants, and I immensely look forward to seeing how his career blossoms.

As for Ferrer, what a great player he is. He’s now won 7 tourneys this year, more than anybody else as of now. Strange that someone so good will never win a grand slam. He just lacks that one big weapon.

the DA Says:

@ grendel –

Good post, excellent observations. However, I fear the middle of your post may re-open a can of worms (though I agree with it wholeheartedly).

alison Says:

Thanks Grendel yeah it will be interesting to see how JJs career unfolds,time will tell,Ferrers coming to the end of his career at the age of 30,but he has much to be proud of,shame about that lack of a big weapon,otherwise he may have been a major winner otherwise,shame really such a nice guy,i think i would have cried my eyes out seeing him win a major,loved your post BTW perfect analysis.

trufan Says:

I am happy for Daveed. He fully deserves this win.

If he can win a few matches at the YEC, Nadal’s No. 4 ranking is in trouble at the AUS open!! How times change. From No. 1 in 2011, to now having to fight to stay No. 4 at the end of 2012 – its been a tough road for Nadal.

trufan Says:

Ferrer is about 700 points behind Nadal, taking out their YEC points. Whatever he makes at the YEC reduces this gap.

THen Ferrer is defeding 840 points LESS than Nadal at the AUS open.

If Ferrer makes the final of the YEC, Nadal is No. 5.

Even if Ferrer wins just a single match at the YEC, and reaches the QF again at the AUS open, Nadal has to again reach the final at the AUS open to remain No. 4.

Nadal pretty much has to win the AUS open to remain No. 4, unless Ferrer tanks both the YEC and the AUS open.

tough ask, coming off a six month layoff, and not on clay…..

Brando Says:

It’s ferrer’s moment and some still find time to post about rafa- go to love those fans of his fans

TJ Says:

Is this correct? ferrer has wins against all other top 4, but federer has whupped him 12-0 or something? LOL!

It definitely must be such a strong era, these 3!

TJ Says:

Hey trufan, the princess has spoken! you should not talk about rafa! now see the cunning one and her coterie come in strong support of this stupid creature!

madmax Says:

Congratulations to Ferrer, long overdue and I hope no asterisk by his name for winning this masters, with no Fed, no Murray, No Novak, no Rafa. The guy deserves this win, he is well liked by everyone, I think.

And to read some wonderful stuff too, from grendel. Well done grendel! Where have you been?

And to those of you who think that Federer doesn’t acknowledge the talents of Novak. He does and knows that he is the true number one! So no argument there then’!

‘Although Federer recently reclaimed the No. 1 ranking — and broke Pete Sampras’ record for most weeks as the world’s top player — Djokovic has enough points to guarantee himself the top spot once the season comes to an end.

“The real No. 1, we know who that is,” Federer said, referring to Djokovic. “I don’t think there should be any debate around that. The rankings is something that shows you how you’ve played over a 365-day period. OK, it might all change again in two months at the Australian Open.”

Federer also spoke about doping tests, saying he has been tested less frequently in recent years.

He said he would welcome more.

“I don’t like it when I’m only getting tested, whatever number it is, which I don’t think is enough, sufficient during the year. So I think we should up it a little bit,” Federer said. “I think it’s key and vital the sport stays clean. It’s got to.”

alison Says:

Brando i agree Daveed has had a fantastic day,why are people not busy congratulating him,instead they have to turn the thread into a slanging match about draws,Rafas done plenty to be proud of,but this is Daveeds day,let him and his fans enjoy the moment for goodness sake.

Dave Says:

Congratulations to David Ferrer, one of my favorite players. He is just 765 points behind Nadal in the year-to-date rankings. David could overtake Rafa for the No. 4 ranking if he does well at the WTF and Davis Cup finals (at Davis Cup finals, David gets 75 points for each singles win plus possible team bonus points and performance bonus points).

I thought Nadal’s No. 3 ranking would be protected for the Australian Open, but apparently it cannot be protected for seeding purposes.

alison Says:

Dave if David were to claim the no1 ranking,it will make the AO quite interesting.

Dave Says:

Hi alison: I guess you meant No. 4 ranking. Yes it would mean Rafa would end up in one of the four quarters. But I wouldn’t worry too much about Nadal: I’m guessing he would come back with a slightly revamped game as well as equipment that might surprise the top four players for a few months. In any case, his ranking is irrelevant once he starts playing on clay in February.

alison Says:

Dave hi yeah hopefully,and now hes going to build his season around the clay anyway,the scales will tip one way or the other time will tell,im excited and nervous at the same time,a mixture of both emotions,and duh yeah sorry no4 not no1 lol.

d Says:

It could not have happened to two nicer guys. No prima donnas= Just solid players. I really hope Jerzy can continue .

bstevens Says:

Congrats to Ferrer on his first Masters title. The guy is playing the tennis of his life at age 30. Has he won 7 titles this year? I think he has won on all 3 surfaces (clay, grass, hard and also went far in all the slams this year. Well done.

Wog boy Says:

I remember once before TX was unified when non Top4 playet won masters, Ljubici at IW, not as much as today but everybody said “good on ya Ljubicic”.
So God on Ya Daveed, good job. I might be minority but I am not convinced JJ can do it again, I might be wrong too, it wouldn’t be first time.

RZ Says:

Well done Ferrer! I just hope he has enough energy going into the WTF next week.

grendel Says:

Wogboy – I am sure you are right to be cautious. For sure, JJ is not going to be waltzing into finals, one after the other. What those of us who wish him well hope is that he makes steady progress. So there will be some ups – and quite a few downs. But all the time, he will be learning, absorbing – he has that ability, and ability combined with desire can be a potent force. Even in a single match, you sense him attempting to adapt to adverse circumstances, and this is a hopeful sign.

But his ranking has catapulted into the – twenties it is,I believe,and this has got to be a somewhat brittle advance. It will not be surprising to see him slip back into the 30s or 40s for a while. And then to consolidate, recoup, and proceed steadily forwards, sky’s the limit.

That’s our plan, anyway, and Jerzy has given the thumbs up….

Alok Says:

@WogBoy, blog sites are supposed to be non-unified. If everyone agrees then there will be no reason for subesquent comments after any poster’s comments. And, all say ‘aye’.

Remember, conflicting opinions give rise to more thoughts being thrown out. We all learn from each other, but won’t do so, if we’re all in agreement.

alison Says:

Alok/Wogboy thats why its called a dysfunctional tennis blog,and although there wouldnt be much point been here if we were unable to accept constructive critisism and agreed on everything,it is refreshing to have some harmony for the time being rather than turning each thread into a slanging match.

alison Says:

Grendel great post the guy is only just blossoming,who knows about the future?

Alok Says:

@alison, I’m yet to find a blogsite, even those that are run on behalf of specific players, where there is harmony. Some of the most violent arguments can be found on some players blogsites, where one fan seems to think they have more entitlement to the player than others, and feel more pain. It’s very funny. This site is very mild in comparion.

I don’t understand ‘slanging’ match. Is that a Brit description?

andrea Says:

great match from both. in past years ferrer seemed to always run into nadal who had his number – especially on clay – so what a year for him. hard to believe he has never won a masters 1000.

and kudos to jerry…nice to see and hear the real awe and emotion of an up and comer breaking through.

alison Says:

Alok yeah its a Brit discription means arguing and name calling,your right you cant win sometimes,i get attacked on this forum by some of my fellow Rafa fans,who seem to think i should be completely biased about the guy,even though all im trying to do is give a fair point of view.

Wog boy Says:


I didn’t say it is suppose to be unified, just mentioned two times when it was unified, see the difference.

I am not blog person nor I like computers and all those social networks (I don’t have FB or anything like that), people don’t talk to each other or socialize any more, they do that via computers. When I see my kids spending all day on FB and chating with their friends I ask them “Cann’t you invite them at our place for drink and talk” they are telling me that I am outdated and nobody do that anymore. I might be outdated but I wouldn’t change mine childhood for theirs. When I go to bank to do my banking they tell me ” you can do that on internet” and I tell them “I know that but I am old fashioned person and like to talk to humans not computers.” They don’t like but tough luck.
There is one more thing that I don’t like with computers, any coward can hide and keep spewing poison on other people because he/she doesn’t have guts to talk face to face, but on the other hand it can be prescribed therapy:)


Good to see you back, you are right, we will see. One thing for sure, JJ will have enough money to throw big birthday party next week, knowing Polish people it will be big one:)

skeezer Says:

Wog boy re; 4:51 post……..;)

Congrats Daveeeed!

For the little guys who have to work twice as hard, shammooon!

Alok Says:

@wog Boy, I see the difference, but don’t hold your breath it’s not something that happens on most blog sites.

FYI, I’m like you. I don’t use the computer for socializing. I use it for work, and it’s more than enough, too much IMO. I feel like I’m tied to the darn thing. I wouldn’t use it for banking either. I usually walk around with some small checks to deposit for months because I don’t trust the automatic tellers, after one of them lost my deposit. One of my room-mates love to google and blog for hours, even though he should be sleeping. I get him to check up on stuff for me.

I think FB is one of the easiest means for people to collect info on another. When I was growing up my mom insisted we sit in front of the TV together, and computer emailikng and chatting was forbidden.

Yes, a lot of what people say on blogs they won’t say to another’s face, but it’s why they do it, don’t you think? Imagine lookig into another’s eyes and calling them names. You’d probably get a fist in your mouth, yes?

Is that true, Polish people like to have big parties? If so, then JJ deserves to celebrate his current success.

grendel Says:

Wogboy – I shared a flat with a Polish chap when I lived in Sydney. He was a bricklayer, although a “cultured” one, if you know what I mean. He always gave the impression that the trade was really beneath him, and he was simply plying it until such time as his fortunes turned and he could do something more befitting a man of his style and intellect.

He was, unfortunately, much given to drinking. So was I, but I was an amateur compared to him. He would down 6 pints at lunchtime, and then return to the building site. All too often, he would drop his trowel in the cavity between walls, and of course be unable to retrieve it. His relations with foremen on the sites were not good. He disappeared one day, and I never did find out where he had got to, although there was some woman he was somewhat dubiously pursuing. Once, in a drinking spree in Kings Cross with some pals, I caught sight of him gazing wistfully at us from underneath the lights of some bar. I always connected him in my mind with the drunken and charming ne’er-do-well Terry Lennox in Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye. I sort of miss him. After all these years.

Leon Says:

Grendel, I have very dual impressions after this final.

Of course, I am (and who isn’t?) very glad to see Ferrer awarded with a Masters title. The guy has such a great resume and so stainless reputation throughout the career that it remains rather to regret that this is his only big win (so far).

On the other hand…tenniswise…well, what was shown by Janowicz before the final looked so unexpectedly beautiful, just giving rise to a gasp, so long-waited for those wishing to see a really new big talent after several eventually not so successful attempts – that I found myself more and more clearly wishing him to complete the fairy tale (and, after all, had David lost, it would take nothing from my respect and admiration of him). Seeing JJ today shanking forhands, backhands and dropshots left and right (while just yesterday he had every shot at will) was painful to watch. I mean, when I see Federer doing the same stuff, I remain relatively calm, as he has already “nothing to prove” (and, therefore, me too, to myself, that is, he he). To be disappointed with a new hope is completely another matter.
You are of course right in your balanced approach to Janowicz’s future. Consolidate… recoup…proceed steadily forwards…Hope so. But…well, he is not 18 or so. In a week he will be 22, with a long history of futures and challengers – just like e.g. Dolgopolov when he became known to masses (Sasha is a fascinating player – when on song, but hardly a serious contender, he plays for fun. Sure, that’s wonderful, for him and for us, but alas, sport requires big wins). From this viewpoint, I am afraid, it’s more probable that this final will remain rather a flash than a breakthrough, and we will have one more version of Isner, Anderson or Raonic – at best. Don’t get me wrong, I respect them all, but…it would be a pity (as even being “far from his best”, he nevertheless had a couple of key moments against “always-in-form” David but did not use them).
Will be glad to turn out to be wrong.

Wog boy Says:


You just about described every Eastern/Northern European who ended up in Australia after WW2 uprooted from their lands not by their willing. Their eyes would tell you thousand stories.
I don’t want to add anything, you said it all with your Polish friend. But if you instead of your Polish friend put Serbian, Ukrainian, Russian, German or Baltic states man, the story wouldn’t change a bit.
Most of those people settled in Cabramatta area, they built their clubs overthere, Austria-German, Serbian and Polish club were next to each other. I use to go for a dinner in Austrian club (goulash soup & smoked pork knuckles & baked sauerkraut) then to Serbian club for music and folkdances and finish in Polish club until we can stand or at least crawl, it was quite a few times that I don’t remember how I got back home. To finish, I know exactly what are you talking about, and those people still around are the same now as they were when you were here, just to old to drink ….as much.

ahmadbs Says:

Who says that our world is not fair. Such an industrious, determined and non-nonsensed warrior in the form of Ferrer being finally rewarded and such a soon to be sublime,natural entertainer of sports being placed above the rest of the other contestants due to inexperience and not surprisingly slackening of inner/self control at the critical moment of truth. But, wait for JJ reperform his improved package at RG and Wimbledon afterwith an objective comments could properly be written.

jane Says:

Wog boy, you have such a great way of expressing yourself. :) I can envision the walk-crawl home…

Margot Says:

@ Wog boy and grendel
I know of a Pole who was stopped by the police while driving. When they opened the car door he was SO drunk he fell out of the car onto the ground.
No surprises where he ended up.
@grendel and Leon
really enjoyed both your analyses of JJ. Am sure we’ll all be watching his progress with keen interest. Wears his heart on his sleeve, who could not be touched.

grendel Says:

Wog boy

Talking of Germans, I went to a German club in Sydney with a German friend, and whilst I was settling in, he went to the bar and came back with a lager and what looked suspiciously like a strawberry jam sandwich. This was a new combination to me but, not wishing to appear impolite, I gingerly took a bite of the sandwich, and practically spat it out, so surprised was I. I am sure you will guess – it was raw minced meat, a delicacy apparently. But as you once said on this site,de gustibus non est…..

This German chap (only a little older than me) was conducting an affair with an older woman. We were then living in a sort of hostel largely for young Poms (in Strathfield or Streathfield, near Burwood) presided over by a wonderful, tiny old Polish woman with a permanant bun, a thick accent, a kind heart and a surprising ability to overlook all the dubious happenings going on under her roof. We all called her Ma. The young Englishmen despised Hans’ choice of woman, but he always carried it off as if he were a cut above them all, and whilst they were all groaning about wanting to get laid, he undoubtedly was but at the same time he gave the impression that his relationship was a cut above the merely physical – but that of course it took a superior person (such as him, for instance) to appreciate something like this. All this was dimly understood and resented.

When drunk, Hans would sometimes be given to talking about the war, which then meant WW2. If only we hadn’t invaded Russia, he would drunkenly babble, we might have won. He would gaze at me earnestly;we took on America, England, Japan – and Russia. Too much even for us. I was kind of fascinated, since I had been accustomed to thinking of the war as a simple battle of good (us) and evil (Nazis). Hans wasn’t a Nazi, he was just a German.

Talking of drunken episodes, many’s the time when, just like you, I hadn’t the slightest idea what had happened on the previous night, including the mysterious business of getting home. On one occasion – actually in England – I had been to a West Indian club, and when I staggered out at about 3 in the morning, I somehow found myself in a phone box. I rang home, and asked:”Where am I?”

grendel Says:

Leon – “Seeing JJ today shanking forhands, backhands and dropshots left and right (while just yesterday he had every shot at will) was painful to watch.” Yes, you take the words out of my mouth. Of course, you have to give credit to Ferrer, but I think to a degree JJ had run out of gas. And even so, he put up some spirited resistance.

It is true he is nearly 22, but these days, that’s not so old. Tenniswise, players do seem to be maturing later, and JJ now has a wealth of experience in terms of learning his trade. And he is ready now to put his hard won lessons to the test. Not doing badly so far, eh?

Still, could it be a flash in the pan, “one more version of Isner, Anderson or Raonic”?

Yes, of course, that is the danger. But I don’t know, there is a quality about this young man – which has struck you for one so forcibly – that gives me hope. One thing about JJ which is moving to me is that such a big man can be such a fast mover. We tend to think of the big players as great, relentless tank like creatures, powering their way through adversity. JJ is not like that, is he? He has power – and delicacy, and a spontaneous propensity for the startlingly innovative, too. On one occasion, he executed a kind of forehand slice shot, which landed just out. Petchey commented that whilst it was inventive, it was perhaps not the most practical shot when you are down on your serve.

I agree with you absolutely about Dolgolopov, but JJ seems to me to have the fires burning in his soul. It is that as much as his game which leads me to suspect that we really do have a rising star in our midst.

Wog boy Says:


Good thing with your posts is that you can see the things you are talking about, not just read.
Since you lived in Strathfield I guess you went to Concordia German club in Stanmore opposite exclusive private boys school “Newington College”, that was upmarket place compare with mine one, that is why you ended up with that posh sandwich:) It has been sold since, prime real estate, and moved to new premises in Tempe, not so posh.
Only raw food that I like to eat is sushi with lot of wasabi and soy sauce. Everything else has to be cooked, I don’t like steak that jumps in my plate, I prefer it to be dead, very dead.
Do you want me to tell how much is the house now in Strathfield/Burwood area……. better not;)…… you can google it yourself.
When we are talking about those nights when we cannot remeber everything, funy enough as much as I don’t remember things between whenever was my last drink and home, somehow I remember the moments when I was about to enter the home, I wonder whether that was fear from my wife ;)

grendel Says:

Wog boy, you know it was so long ago I really can’t remember where the club was – it was down town somewhere, I think.

Talking of entering the home after a night on the booze, have you ever seen Dave Allen’s sketch? Allen was a glorious Irish comedian, now dead of one thing and another. Yes, in the sketch, he was having a rapt little dialogue with his key. He would attempt to insert the key into the keyhole, the tip of the key finding every point on the brass plate bar the actual hole, and then he would withdraw the key with a look of chagrin, bring it up to his face, and earnestly remonstrate with it. And then he would go through all the various stages of inebriation, from joy to weeping, in his conversation with the key. In the end, you see him in a huddled heap on the doorstep, clutching his key…

Wog boy Says:


That is the one, downtown one.

No I haven’t seen that sketch, but I can imagine it the way you explained it.

I was lucky enough that somebody always opened the door for me, I wouldn’t be able to find the key nevertheless to put it in the hole. If that was my better half to open the door she would look at me cross herself, shake the head and go back to bed,she became even more religious since we are together,keeps crossing herself far to often.

moam Says:

David Ferrer’s first Masters 1000 win is well deserved. Ferrer is a master of playing high percentage tennis. He consistently competes against the best players on the planet with guts, dignity and tremendous effort.
Congrats David. You earned it.

alison Says:

Moam thats a lovely link about a lovely man,he might not be Federer,Nadal or Djokovic,but hes Daveed Ferrer,and a very special player in his own right,i love this guy,congrats again Daveed.

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