Federer Romps, Ferrer Outduels Del Potro At ATP Finals; Djokovic Battles Murray Wednesday
by Sean Randall | November 7th, 2012, 12:43 am

In the first mild surprise of the ATP Finals, David Ferrer stayed hot upending Juan Martin Del Potro in their opening round robin match today 6-3, 3-6, 6-4. Both players entered the match in form and on hot streaks. Ferrer just won his first career Masters title in Paris over the weekend, and the Spaniard was the winner of his last 10 matches.

Del Potro had won Vienna and then beat Roger Federer in the Basel final before flaming out early in Paris to prepare for London. So indoors and after a quick turnaround from Paris, I gave the slight edge to Ferrer in this one, but credit to David who kept pressing the big Argentine until he finally broke down in the end.

“It was a really tough match, was very close, we had very good rallies,” said Ferrer who has now won 11 straight matches. “I’m very happy with my game. Maybe this year, I am playing more aggressive with my shots. I am going to the net more to finish the points.”

After slugging his way to the second set, Del Potro was quickly down a break 3-0 in the third. But with almost nothing to lose Del Potro started unloading his groundstrokes and it paid off as he broke Ferrer break. But at 4-4 Ferrer regained control as Del Po backed off the assault, and then broke Del Potro at love to take the match.

“David is playing so well. He won two tournaments in a row and he’s playing with a lot of confidence,” Del Potro said. “David was better in the important moments, like at the end of the match. He broke my serve by playing really well. He never missed a return in the last game. So he took his chances in the match. I think that was the key.”

Earlier, Federer won his 11th straight at the Finals totally destroying Janko Tipsarevic 6-3, 6-1. I thought the match would have been closer but it was a complete rout for the six-time Finals champion.

“I’m happy with my level of play today against Janko, who is obviously a good player,” Fedrer said. “I think it’s nice conditions here. I’ve had a good year. It’s true, I feel like I’m striking the ball well after today. I hope it’s a sign for more to come hopefully.”

Federer has now won 40 career matches at the event, a new record.

Tomorrow, in the first big showdown of the event local favorite Andy Murray locks up with Novak Djokovic in a rematch of their Australian Open and US Open epics. Based on play this fall I give a slight edge to Novak who has won nine of 16 career meetings.

Murray though had won the two straight before Djokovic saved a matchpoint in Shanghai last month. So the match is really a toss up, but I just think Novak is playing a little better right now than Andy.

In the late match Tomas Berdych takes on JW Tsonga with the loser surely out of the competition.

Tennis Channel kicks things off against at 7am.

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74 Comments for Federer Romps, Ferrer Outduels Del Potro At ATP Finals; Djokovic Battles Murray Wednesday

skeezer Says:


No mention of fan fav awards? You do have FANS post on this site, no?

gannu Says:

My mission in life accomplished…nirvana attained!!! have met my GOD said I love you to him on his face and got his autograph!

Anyways feddy bear will see you again on thursday for ur match with ferrer..

gonna see today murray vs djoker…hope its full of fireworks

Kimmi Says:

good for you gannu. hope he goes on to win the title.

grendel Says:

gannu – you always bring a smile to my face. There’s something quite selfless in your enthusiasm! You are going to have a wonderful week and you deserve it.

gannu Says:

Oh Grendel…that was damn sweet of you to give such good wishes…and not that i want to return a compliment…i feel you are one of the most intelligent posters in tennis-x…atleast half the dribel in tennis-x by others is about feddy vs. nadal dragged from nowhere

thanks kimmi for ur good wishes,,,

missing madmax!!! wonder where she is…but i know she will be supporting feddy bear all throughout…

hope murray djoker is just an ultimate thriller and may the best man win!!!

alison Says:

Gannu love your passion and enthusiasm for your idol,and what a lovely photo too,congrats.

gannu Says:

thanks a million alison…

alison Says:

Gannu your very welcome,and may i say what a handsome guy you are,enjoy the rest of the tournament,you lucky little thing you lol.

malher Says:

i,m soooo jealous!!

alison Says:

Malher i think we are all jealous.

Daniel Says:


You were so close, should have enter the court:) Then you would be marked in Fed’s life for good, but miss the rest of the tourney. LOL

dari Says:

WOW, gannu. you are so close and fed right there! that is amazing, am so happy for you!! enjoy the rest of the tournament and right now I hope you are cheering murray!

the DA Says:

Murray has come to play. Breaks straight away and holds. 2-1 Hope this has fewer breaks than Shanghai.

the DA Says:

Andy takes the 1st set 6-4. he is playing some fabulous tennis, nice and aggressive.

racquet Says:

Great set of tennis from Andy. He won 100% of his 1st serve points and 73% of the 2nd serve points. 11 winners to Novak’s 5. Nole not figured out what to do yet.

racquet Says:

Andy’s forehand winner in that last game was ridiculous.

the DA Says:

Ah it was inevitable, Nole breaks.

skeezer Says:

Nole has been known to start slow sometimes. He’s now gettin warmed up

the DA Says:

Sometimes he starts slow but today he was outplayed in the first set. It looks like a slight momentum shift now but nothing is certain with these two.

TJ Says:

just for tennis’ future to be better, djokovic needs to slay the Fanged vampire.

I hope murray has guts enough to stand up for his scottish roots and not get manipulated by this english people who are success-starved! These english people were even desperate to adopt djokovic, no? LOL!

go djoko! a fed and djokovic final will be one for the ages! the 2 greatest hardcourt players on this side of 2000!

Brando Says:

Bad game by andy!

skeezer Says:


I’ve seen Fed bash Nole in the first set more than once and lose……..just sayin

skeezer Says:

One things for sure….Andy’s game is slowly maturing in front of fans eyes. FH, serve…. His game is getting there. 2 steps forward, 1 back.

Brando Says:

For 2 players whose BH are well known as their stronger, for this poster, today both their FH have seemed the more impressive side!

Brando Says:

MP effectively for nole on BP here!

Brando Says:

Did nole just miss a easy return? Strange things do happen then!

Brando Says:


the DA Says:

Andy breaks back!

skeezer Says:

Well Andy earned his way back in. Hard yards.

Colin Says:

TJ, you are pathetic. For about the millionth damn time let’s see if people like you can get this into your skulls – Murray is BRITISH, as are all Scots, English and Welsh. This will be true until such time as the Scots vote to become an independent country, which by all indications is unlikely to happen in 2014, when they are having a referendum to decide.

See, it’s not too hard to grasp, is it?

the DA Says:

Nail-biting finish to the match. Andy had chances and was 2 points away. It could have swung either way Good match.

racquet Says:

Fantastic battle. Always so close. Now if I understand correctly, Nole will be sure of a SF place only if Tsonga beats Berdy tonight.

Brando Says:

Could have gone either way, but thought nole was the more consistent one of the 2 overall- well done to him. Better luck to andy next time- IF he cuts out the drop in his level that happened mid way 2nd set to early set 3, then I reckon he’s more than match for nole in this rivalry!

Margot Says:

Well played Nole and congrats to Wob boy and jane and all other gr8 Nole fans on here.
I thought Nole’s ROS and speed round the court was eye-popping. :)

Margot Says:

Colin@ 12.24
Don’t even bother, just ignore the trolls.

trufan Says:

Tough match for both – Murray and Djoke. This late in the season, its got to affect them physically.

Hope Federer despatches Ferrer with ease, since Ferrer has GOT TO be tired at some point – his matches are long anyway, and this is his third consecutive week of playing – 12th match in about 15 days.

Brando Says:

Nole and andy should both be through from this group. IF I were a betting man, I’d say a fed v andy and nole v ferrer SF looks a good bet atm.

skeezer Says:

Notic how Nole turned it up at 5 all? Turned into turbo mode…

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m so upset I didn’t see it but following the live scores is so hard on my heart. Did Djokovic really go into turbo mode? He had to save 2 break points in the last game. Funny how this match was pretty straight forward as far as regular tennis matches go until the very end where the guys reminded us how they love to swap momentum like they’re playing hot potato.

Margot Says:

^ skeeze, yep, he is b****y astonishing when it matters most.
Brando, Nole yes, but isn’t it all up in the air for Andy?
Am at O2 Friday evening and if it’s Andy v Tsonga and if it’s THE match, don’t think I will survive.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

These guys are the best show in tennis right now.

Brando Says:


Re SF: It’s just me calling things a bit too early i guess. I’m sure Andy will be fine v Jo Tsonga- and hopefully you’ll enjoy a lovely, stress free evening at the O2. :-)

Re Nole: For Me that is the quality i most admire about him in his tennis and is also the fundamental difference between him and andy right now IMO: NOLE DARES TO GO FOR THE WIN!

He takes the INITIATIVE when it matters the most, or when the match is on a knife edge with a ‘I rather go out swing as opposed to waiting for the other guy to make a mistake’ philosophy- which is really GUTSY of him.

For example, i think nole went to the net 25 + occasion’s in the match which just underlines how he dare’s to win against a brilliant base liner like Andy.

He plays with a clarity and lack of hesitation on the big points- which to me Andy sometimes still shows.

I think that is the MAIN difference between these 2 right now.

DESPITE THIS, Andy’s game has improved in great leaps recently, as Skeezer mentioned earlier, the serve and FH right now are a great weapon, and I am confident that in time Andy will also overcome this final frontier of his: to RISK IT when it matters the most!

Brando Says:

‘These guys are the best show in tennis right now.’

AGREE with this viewpoint.

For me, Fedal beats this rivalry in terms of CONTRAST e.g.the difference in tennis, personalities etc.

HOWEVER, Nolandy (as that what we shall call it going forward?) is possibly a more compelling one since their is a LACK OF DIFFERENCE between the 2 and their respective game’s- it’s more of a 50/50 encounter, IMO!

jane Says:

Good points about the rivalries Brando.

Missed the match as could follow only the scores from second set to end. Very very close!!

Now we’re coming into crunch time for the group. Eeeeeek!

rogerafa Says:

Going by how slow the conditions are (very slow court surface and higher bounce), this year’s tournament should be a happy hunting ground for the likes of Novak, Andy and David. David continues his great form and it will be interesting to see at what stage he runs out of gas. Both Novak and Andy look to be in very good form and, based on their performances so far, they appear to be the favorites to meet again in the final. Novak, being the steadier and more consistent of the two, seems set to capture his second YEC. Andy has the game to win here but he will have to be really focused to get the job done.

jane Says:

Margot thanks for well wishes; fingers crossed for Andy and you Friday night.

racquet Says:

Oh Margot, Iucky you. I sort of envy you and don’t at the same time At least I can pace around and swear in the comfort of my home ;) Hope you enjoy it no matter what.

jane Says:

I don’t get all the permutations of this round robin business but if Nole wins against Berdych does it mean he’s in the semis? I hope so!

Sidney Says:

Tennis Vagabond Says:
“These guys are the best show in tennis right now.”


What a match! It did not disappoint. Very evenly-matched Nole and Andy are right now.

skeezer Says:


at 5 all Nole returned well and “pressed” Andy with his groundtrokes. It was the key game IMO. He held his service game to close it out…..

That said, Andy was valiant in the 3rd set no doubt, getting back the break he lost and evened the momentum until 5-5 in the third.

courtside Says:

Turned into turbo mode…
Skeezer, yep. Really want a fed novak final.

don’t think I will survive.
Margot,ffs if you can’t take it, don’t go.

racquet Says:

@ jane

According to the ATP website, Nole qualifies for the SF if he defeats Andy and Tsonga defeats Berdy tonight. Otherwise the permutations change again slightly. I find it all mind-boggling too.


the DA Says:

Yes, in this format in can come down to games won. I remember the farcical situation in 2009 where Andy Delpo and Fed had 2-1 records, and they had to wait on court for 20 minutes while the organisers did the maths.

Giles Says:

The way Tsonga is playing he is not going to beat anybody!

Wog boy Says:


Thanks, haven’t seen it but recorded it.
Reading the posts it sounds like it was another good one performed by Nole and Andy , I told you, next few years belong to them…..and Rafa:)

Brando Says:


A big THANK YOU, for the and Rafa. :-)

Nice to fans of other top players not ruling out my fav completely.

Wog boy Says:

I don’t know how anybody can rule 26 old 11 times GS winner out. I do believe he will be back, not just to make numbers but keep winning big ones,and though it might not be in the interest of Nole and Andy it is in tennis interest. Even the people that don’t like him, not to use the other word, will have to admit it is dull without him, IMHO.

Wog boy Says:


3:25 was for you… And the others;)

Wog boy Says:

I didn’t forget Federer nor I disrespect him, but I think he is not going to play as many tournaments as he use to in order to stay few more years on tour and will wait for his chance to get one or to more big ones, veeery big ones.

madmax Says:

Wog boy, Federer will plan his schedule as well as he always does and continue to win tournaments in the way that he does. With hard work, style and grace.

I respect him for still wanting to play and still having the passion to play and also discussing in interview how much he, along with other players, miss rafa.

To be honest, we all do. He is missed. We wish him well.

Does anyone know the current prognosis?

Brando Says:

@WB: thanks and I know re your 3.26 post:-) Your guy really had me awestruck today- and my family too. Watching the match this afternoon, I told my family about the situation with nole’s father and how is still able to perform despite it, and we were all in agreement that this is one special and mentally tough athlete! He and his fans should be proud of his showing today and the WTF so far- as he’s showing some serious character producing the goods under such circumstances! Well done nole!

grendel Says:

“Does anyone know the current prognosis?” Hi, madmax. Hope you are enjoying things at O2. I heard Nadal is playing at Dubai on Dec.29th – that’s from memory, so don’t quote me!

Wog boy Says:


I really hope that my 3:31pm post didn’t come out as disrespectfull towards Federer because that was not my intetion. I was just sharing the view of some other Fedfans on this blog that he might cut the number of tournaments next year in order to preserve himself for masters and GS ones. After all he will be 32 next year and he is not getting any younger. Mother nature doesn’t make difference between Federer and any other 32 year old person.

alison Says:

Wogboy i have to say the same thing to yourself and your fellow Nole fans Jane,Courbon,Trig,Mat4 etc,somtimes i can be a bit critical about the guy,although what i say is never meant in an offensive way,only in objective way,im sorry if it doesnt always come accross that way though.

Margot Says:

Brando: stress free and Andy match- why that’s an oxymoron….;) However, they seem to be putting Andy’s matches on in the afternoon, so may not even see it.
racquet: going to the semis too, so really, really hoping Andy makes it. However, love tennis so what the heck? If Andy doesn’t make it, I hope to see some gr8 matches.
courtside: um….it’s called self-deprecation.

alison Says:

^Forgot Duro too lol^.

Margot Says:

Lol I am having a comment “moderated.” The post contains the word, think that’s the problem? Lol again!

skeezer Says:


U moderated? U must have talked too much about Andy again, Haha ;)

courtside Says:

courtside: it’s called self-deprecation

Oh, is that what it is? I thought is was just your usual whinging.

Margot Says:

“whingeing” – to complain irritably
“self deprecation”- to express disapproval at oneself.
If my so called “whingeing” upsets u so much, don’t read my posts. They are usually quite short so are easy to avoid. Solution simple and solved.
Lol skeeze, yes, the moderators have clearly had enough of all this incessant Andy talk…..;)

alison Says:

TJ @11.33AM Nov 7th yeah us Brits are so success starved,i take it then that you didnt watch the olympics this year?As i thought we had a pretty fantastic year sports wise,but hell maybe im missing something?Andy Murray,Mo Farrah,Jess Ennis,Bradley Wiggins,Victoria Pendelton,Chris Hoy,Tom Daley,Ben Ainslie,Alistair and Johnny Brownlee,Gemma Gibbons,Samantha Murray,to name but a few,and Chelsea also won the champions league,but like i say maybe im missing something?

grendel Says:

alison – I have struggled to think of Chelsea as English ever since that Russian gangster mafia bastard bought the club out of his illgotten gains….

alison Says:

Grendel yeah lol fair enough,ill give you that one,but the rest are bona fide British champions born and bred,im proud of what our guys and gals have achieved in sport this summer,bloody brilliant lol.

courtside Says:

This forum is difficult to appreciate, a comment was put forward about your very survival, help was offered, and unfortunately inanties followed of no relevence to the inital life or death comment. Surely it would help to show a little maturity. Glad to know you do not consider me a troll as you are not ignoring me.

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