Miami Men’s Draw: Djokovic, Federer Could Meet In SFs; Nadal Heavily Favored In Top Half
by Sean Randall | March 17th, 2014, 2:32 pm

The Miami Masters draw just came out. After last week’s unbalanced draw, this one is maybe a little more balanced. Not by much, if at all, as a look over it again.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are again the Top 2 seeds. But in Rafa’s top half by my faulty eye I no former champions whereas on the bottom there’s Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and even Nikolay Davydenko.

The men’s 4th RDs by seeding look like this:
Nadal v Fognini
Raonic v Del Potro
Wawrinka v Haas
Isner v Berdych

Federer v Gasquet
Dimitrov v Ferrer
Murray v Tsonga
Djokovic v Robredo

I won’t make a finals pick here but Rafa’s draw looks decent though Lleyton Hewitt and even Dmitry Tursunov could trouble him. Juan Martin Del Potro I don’t think is 100% and Raonic/Berdych/Isner/Wawrinka is meh.

In the bottom, i’m discounting defending champion Murray who just isn’t playing well enough to win and also Ferrer who’s coming back from a leg injury.

Roger could start with Ivo Karlovic, then the improving Fernando Verdasco before Gasquet and then Ferrer.

Novak opens against either Monaco or Chardy, then Mayer then the potentially Gulbis. He should be a lock for the semis.

Men’s and women’s main draw matches begin on Wednesday.

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55 Comments for Miami Men’s Draw: Djokovic, Federer Could Meet In SFs; Nadal Heavily Favored In Top Half

van orten Says:

very nice draw !!! excited for miami

Rafa better than Roger Says:

I wonder why there is no prediction???

Got stung too many times?

Probably, looking at winnability parameters objectively is better than biased idol worship. Because in the long run, it generates credibility for the benefit of All fans.

van orten Says:

I see nole rafa and chumm jetzt easily reaching the semis of the next 7 tourneys they enter. clearly the players to beat at the moment

but upsets or tight matches with ups and dows await in every round

top 3 it is practically and murray will be there at wimby but beatable too

they all are

fedalovic the ultimate player

kjb Says:

Murray definetely got a raw deal. He’s gotta starting playing better and with 1000 points on the line he potentially could lose a bunch.
Nadal/Hewitt 2nd round match would be awesome.
Still think Fed should skip Miami. He will probably play Dimitrov in the quarters which could be a fun one.
I say Nole is the favorite. I think his win vs. Fed is going to snap him back on track.

Go Fed! Says:

I think Nole is favorite too.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

The reason why Roger looked very happy losing in IW could be that he knew he can get better and he did not play his best tennis. Still he was close enough to beat Novak. I believe Roger would be looking at his next training block to tune his few deficiencies, specifically the endurance part.

Looked like his body gave up a little in the 3rd set end, which caused few unforced errors. I hope he skips Miami and takes some rest and focus on training.

Michael Says:

Still not sure if the top players will participate in Miami. But Novak has the chance of making the double yet again in his career and that is a mouth watering prospect. So, in my opinion, he would definitely participate and may be Rafa too who has never won here. He might sense that this is his chance. But I am not sure about Roger, Andy or even Del Potro whose career has become a huge question mark with his series of wrist injuries.

harry Says:

@HippyChic: Thanks for the message on the other thread! On the WTA side I would have liked an Aggie win better… When she plays well, it’s just “art tennis”! But Pennetta certainly deserved the win.

On to Miami. Some quick thoughts… Rafa seems to have the easiest draw here (of the big 4); Muzza, Nole, and Fed apparently have tougher draws.
Surprised to see JMDP in the Miami draw (wonder what he is doing at Miami with the injury).
Keen to see the newer faces shake things up a bit… Hope to see two great weeks of tennis!

metan Says:

Thanks Sean you did not pick up the winner. I was preparing myself to travel and to sail over seven seas to find an antidote if you pick RAFA. πŸ˜œπŸ˜„.
Good luck champion and vamos RAFA!!

harry Says:

A pretty reasonable retrospective on IW by Tignor (

harry Says:

For Fed/Ferrer fans:
Ferru is defending finals here @Miami (600 pts). Without Miami Fed is ahead of Ferrer by 495 points. If things go according to seeding, they will meet for a QF match (before that David is slated to meet Seppi, Dimi/Nishi). So in all likelihood Fed becomes #4 after Miami. But stranger things have happened…

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!
Stay healthy Champ!
Good luck!

Purcell Says:

……….’explosive bottom half.’ Therefore I recommend they take care with their eating habits.

metan Says:

Thanks @Harry for the link..
RAFA score is C. 😭😭😭

Translated Age Says:

Why would anyone suspect Nole not to be in Miami. He’s played the IW/Miami tournaments eight years straight including both years that he won Indian Wells so he is definitely not in question.

Nor is Nadal with plenty of time to rest and Uncle Toni said to have already made the trip to Miami.

Similarly, as defending champion and in desperate need of match play, Muzza is guaranteed to be there.

No, the only question marks in Miami are Fed (as he said he’d wait and see, esp. with DC the week after Miami) and Del Potro (wrist).

Gordon Says:

When you look at the fact that of the eight quarter finalists at Indian Wells, the numbers 2 and 7 were the only single digit seeds to reach that plateau, I think it’s wise that we are backing off from the predictions so early.

A lot of concern about Fed and how he should maybe pull out. I don’t see that happening; not with his draw. Although I just wrote that we are wise to not make predictions, I really like his chances to make the semis.

Hippy Chic Says:

I would love a final between Andy and Rafa,even though the tennis gods dont seem to want me to get my wish,still if they are on opposite sides of the draw at least then its a possibity.

pigoonse Says:

On the other hand, Purcell, it would be interesting to watch some blow-outs in bottom half.

Hippy Chic Says:

Pigoonse and Purcell lol at your posts.

Purcell Says:

Ok pigoonse, blindfold and earplugs at the ready.

Rudicott Says:

Dont believe Nadal will win

skeezer Says:

I believe he will win. When his draw is cupcake, he most likely wins. Put the bet on Nadull.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I believe Nadal has a good chance to reach the finals. In IW it was his first HC tournament, which is always difficult to comeback and play from a clay tennis. We could see his obvious difficulty in adjusting.

But Miami should be a different story. Irrespective of the draw, Nadal has a very good change. Not sure who would be the other finalist. Except Novak, rest of the field should be beatable for Nadal in the finals. Hope he takes his first Miami title and gets momentum into the clay season.

Okiegal Says:

My guy, NA-DOLL, has got to play better than he did in the desert……things were off kilter for him…we will see…….Hope he snaps back into his good tennis form, like we know he is capable of. Those 8 double faults are still weighing heavy on my mind………..

nadalista Says:

RT @ESPNTennis: “After two years, two Major titles and a gold medal, Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl are ending their coaching relationship #ESPNTennis”

Giles Says:

Wow that’s a shocker! Thought that partnership was forever so to speak. Who’s next for Andy?

the DA Says:

I can’t quite believe it. It seems Lendl wanted to focus on all the new ventures that have sprung up from….well…coaching Andy. The timing couldn’t be worse. This will be a very testing time ahead.

Giles Says:

Am guessing @Margot will be extremely upset at this news.

Margot Says:

Am so upset and diseartened.
What an effing 6 months Andy has had and it’s not getting better any time soon :(

the DA Says:

@Margot – I hear you. It’s rotten timing. Couldn’t Lendl have waited just a teensy bit longer? I’m not going to disparage the man though. He helped to achieve three of the most memorable dates in my tennis following life.

As someone tweeted just now “thank god Boris is off the market as a coach”. hehe

skeezer Says:

Chin up.

Perfect fan Says:

ANDY-LENDL breakup!!….is it friggin true?????

What triggered this shocker of a decision….first of all, I want to know….who pulled the trigger – ANDY or LENDL??

There is no denying that Lendl did brought out the much needed confidence and the mental toughness in andy’s game….no doubt abt that, it was for everybody to see. Now, if Lendl made the move, its quite understandable….may be he has other priorities. But if andy took this step….its really shocking. He has to understand, its not easy to come back to that top level so soon after surgery….I’m afraid so, if thats why the decision :(

Brando Says:

Came here to post this news as I just saw it and already folks are on to it. This is a colossal shocker! Never saw this one coming at all since I am sure Lendl did say once he’ll be there as long as Andy wants him. Really feel sorry Andy here as the timing could not be more terrible for him. Thanks for everything Ivan- you were great. Wish you could have stayed on for a lot longer though.:-(

Margot Says:

@ the DA
A wry, very, smile for the Boris joke, but feel close to tears. Absolutely ridiculous, I know.
Note to self: Get a LIFE!
Thanks, but chin planted somewhere near the ground at the mo.

Okiegal Says:


Sorry, I know you’re crushed……if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! They were such an awesome team. Sounds like it was something Ivan needed to do, but one will probably ever really know for sure. He was good for Andy and he got some great titles under Ivan’ s tutelage. Good luck on his back issues. Constant match play will tell the tale. Oh, the woes of the sport we love!

Margot Says:

Thanx OKiegal. You’re a sweetheart.

Okiegal Says:


U R welcome, I think you are a real nice gal, and Andy is my 2nd fav. I cheer hard for him when he isn’t playing you know who! Lol I was so happy when he won Wimby, wow, the British news media are brutal!! Best of luck to him with many healthy wishes! Hang in there girl!

Okiegal Says:


Tennis driving me crazy! Lol

nadalista Says:

Seriously losing patience with Delpo now. Why doesn’t he withdraw BEFORE draws are made?

RT: @MiamiTennisNews: #SonyOpenTennis @delpotrojuan has pulled out of #Miami with a left wrist injury. Here is his statement #tennis”

I mean, dude…..go get that wrist sorted…..

Giles Says:

@nadalista. I totally agree. In the meantime he is messing up the draws.
Get a grip Delpo. Don’t enter tourneys when you know you can’t perform.

Margot Says:

@ the DA
Obviously this has been on the cards for at least a couple of months and may explain why Andy has seemed a bit unfocused during recent matches?
OMG THAT and his back! Am surprised he’s even on a tennis court!

Salleh Ahmed Says:

now with delpo out of miami, nadal has a free ticket to the final

James Says:

Delpo was never going to be a threat to Nadal in Miami. He wouldn’t have made it to Rafa even if he played the tournament.

I like the guy, but of late he’s starting to get on my nerves. Why the hell does he choose to participate in a tournament only to withdraw before a ball is hit? He did the same thing at IW too.

He’s not fit, he needs to rest that injured wrist of his. A month or two I don’t know, he shouldn’t be playing tournaments until he’s fit again.

Hippy Chic Says:

Salleh Ahmed thats exactly what people were saying about IW,but he lost to Dolgo,but then again who knew?as you still have to go on court and play the matches,dont you eh?

Sean Randall Says:

Unfortunate for Del Potro. He should take a month or two off and comeback for the French.

Humble Rafa Says:

I love the Miami clay court championships. Look forward to it every year.

Purcell Says:

So no more Grumble Rafa then?

Patson Says:

Delpo is the guy who sends his resume to 20 different places ……. and then declines the interview offers when they give him a slot.

I feel sorry for the guy though. I wish him speedy recovery.

Perfect fan Says:

Seems like an interesting draw at Miami this time….though the bottom half is indeed loaded.

I think the balance will be restored this time with at least rafa, nole and roger reaching the semis.

My 4th sf pick is raonic in the top half. And, I think rafa takes the winner spot whoever comes from the other side. I feel, he will be motivated enuff to win miami….knowing this is missing from his resume.

Mr. Larvey Says:

Tomic just took beating from Nieminen 6-0, 6-1 in less than 29 minutes. That has to be some kind of record. Even if I’m a big fan of Jarkko, it’s probably safe to say that Tomic has not yet recovered from his surgery. Jarkko vs. Dolgo should be fun to watch on next round.

Mr. Larvey Says:

Yes, Jarkko’s match against Tomic actually was the fastest full match ever palyed on ATP tour. Not bad from a 32-year old.

James Says:

28 minutes, 20 seconds. Tomic came to collect his 1st round check. Mission accomplished.

skeezer Says:

So classic, lol ;)

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