Roger Federer Got Really Wet During His South American Tennis Tour, And More! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | December 17th, 2012, 11:35 am

Calling it “one of the best days” of his life, Roger Federer made a trek to the famous Iguazú Falls last week during his tour of South America. From the video, it’s clear Federer seemed have a great time on his first trip to the continent as a pro player.

On Saturday Federer finished the tour beating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-6, 2-6, 6-3 in Bogota. He ended the circuit with a 4-2 record in six matches.

Roger is now back home in Switzerland for an award show tonight where he was announced as the Swiss athlete of the year. “There is nothing more wonderful than receiving standing ovations in Switzerland. I do hope I can continue to spark emotions,” Roger said to a thrilled audience.

Federer returns to tennis next month at the Australian Open on January 14.

If you missed them, here are some more videos from the tour (remember that South American fans had never seen Federer in up close and in person!).

Here’s video of Federer meeting Brazilian football great Pele:

Roger plays football in Sao Paulo:

Federer gets dressed up to meet the president of Argentina:

Highlights from Saturday’s win over Tsonga:

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87 Comments for Roger Federer Got Really Wet During His South American Tennis Tour, And More! [Video]

alison Says:

Great videos love the beautiful scenery in the 1st one.

Dave Says:

Federer wins Switzerland Sportsman of the Year 2012: Federer won 44% of votes, beating cross-country skier Dario Cologna (20%) and equestrian Steve Guerdat (15%) by a wide margin. As a Swiss newspaper said: “Honored for the last time in 2007, Roger Federer regains its rightful place in the Swiss sport. The best tennis player of all time was named Sportsman of the Year 2012.” Federer’s total of five awards ties him with record holder Vreni Schneider (Switzerland’s most successful alpine ski racer, who reigned between 1986 to 1995).

Swiss-born Roberto Di Matteo (manager of Chelsea football club that won the UEFA Champions League title, former Italian footballer) won for coach of the year.

Below are partial results of the phone voting for the 2012 BBC Sports Personality of the Year main award (considered Britain’s Sportsman of the Year):
Total votes: 1,626,718
1. Bradley Wiggins 492,064 (30.25%)
2. Jessica Ennis 372,765 (22.92%)
3. Andy Murray 230,444 (14.17%)
4. Mo Farah 131,327 (8.07%)
5. David Weir 114,633 (7.05%)
6. Ellie Simmonds 102,894 (6.33%)
7. Sir Chris Hoy 42,961 (2.64%)
8. Nicola Adams 35,560 (2.19%)
9. Ben Ainslie 35,373 (2.17%)
10. Rory McIlroy 29,729 (1.83%)
11. Katherine Grainger 28,626 (1.76%)
12. Sarah Storey 10,342 (0.64%)

Dave Says:

More pictures the and Roger’s post-award interview with the news media in link below.

According to Swiss newspaper Blick: The good news that Roger Federer appeared as a surprise guest at the Sports Awards spread among the invited guests like wildfire, the excitement was huge. King Roger just flew in specially for the awards from Colombia, landed in Zurich yesterday shortly after 6 PM… With his confident and sympathetic appearance Federer stole the show. Immediately after the show Federer flew against 11 PM in a private jet to Dubai to join his wife Mirka and the twins. This caused quite a stir and disappointed faces among Swiss sports stars still at the awards. “I looked for Roger after the show, because I really wanted for my husband Reto take a joint picture of us. Sorry, but Federer was already gone, ” told Triathlon Olympic champion Nicola Spirig, herself just newly-crowned Sportswoman of the Year. Roger is also immensely popular among the athletes, all want to be photographed with him. Even Ice Princess Sarah Meier came out as a big fan of Roger: “I wanted to get an autograph for my sister really, unfortunately, Roger was already on the way to the airport. What a pity. Snowboard Olympic champion Tanja Frieden: “With Federer we are all groupies. I have a joint picture with him at the Olympics.” The trophy was home safely stored on the laptop. Even the second-placed Dario Cologna remained without a souvenir: “But honestly, I regret it now that I did not take ​​a photo with him.” U23 mountainbike world champion Jolanda Neff took the same issue in his own hands: with the help of awards presenter Steffi Buchli, the 19-year-old got Roger’s autograph during the live broadcast; Neff replied in euphoria: “What a lovely evening. Roger is my hero.”

Esrelle Says:

What a marvellous ambassador for the sport! Now take some time for family and rest Roger and come back refreshed and eager to take on 2013.

skeezer Says:

GOAT ambassador for Tennis! Who else in this era has done so much for the game?

Dave Says:

Video clip: Swiss Athlete of the Year 2012 awards show

– Scroll to 0:31:20 to see enterprising U23 cross-country mountainbike world champion Jolanda Neff use the awards presenter to get Roger’s autograph during the live broadcast. Federer was sitting with the other Swiss Athlete nominees and at the end chatted with the bald-headed alpine skier Didier Cuche. Several of the older athletes later rued missing their chance to get Fed’s autograph when he had to leave and catch his flight to Dubai after the show ended — ‘you snooze, you loose’.

– Scroll to 2:14:00 onwards for the final segment on selection of the Swiss Athlete of the Year featuring Federer getting the award and Federer’s acceptance speech in Swiss German – the audience gave him a standing ovation throughout his speech and that’s why he was so grateful for their gesture… (it’s immediately after the Queen musical “We Will Rock You” featuring the timeless Swiss song “another one bites the dust”).

Esrelle Says:

That video with the president of Argentina is priceless.

The woman is smitten!!!

Dave Says:

Video: Federer-Delpo in Argentina exhibition: go to 1:21:50 for the point where Fed hits his tweener — twice — in one point!

Meanwhile David Nalbandian’s home in Cordoba, Argentina was broken into last week by a gang of burglars who took cash, computers, watches and other valuables. Fortunately the Nalbandians were not at home (his wife Victoria is four months pregnant). Nalbandian has been out of action since August with a rib injury (he’s not playing the next month’s Australian Open either).

Word of advice: never leave your valuables in your main bedrooms because that’s where thieves first look for valuables. And reinforce your front door from kick downs because it’s often the primary way that burglars break into a house. A few years ago a gang of six thieves tried (unsuccessfully) to break into my house, but were soon caught.

skeezer Says:

^Sweet! Thanks for that link Dave. a double tweener! MAGNIFICO!

El Flaco Says:

Federer is very skinny except for his big calf muscles.

dari Says:

El Flaco- And relatively broad shoulders

Dave Says:

Video Clip: Roger Federer – Best Points of 2012 season [HD]

Dave Says:

New York Times: “There were a lot of No. 1’s in tennis who were playing in Argentina: John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg, all these guys, but I’ve never seen something like this,” said José Luis Clerc, the former Argentine star who helped persuade Federer to make the South American journey. “The reaction of the people, everybody was crazy.”

…Federer and Del Potro eventually made it on court to play in front of the biggest tennis crowd in Argentina’s history, with Del Potro winning in three sets on Dec. 12 and with Federer winning in two a night later. Exhibition or not, the tone was more intense than light-hearted…

“It was a great night but a little strange for Juan Martín,” Del Potro’s coach, Franco Davín, said Thursday. “He’s at home in Argentina, and they cheer more for Federer.”

So it goes at this stage as Federer rides the wave of his own making and then rides off into the night with his public in pursuit, not sure if it will get another close-up look.

“It is totally an out of body experience, almost disbelief that it’s really happening,” he said, looking out the window at the crowds. “I feel very fortunate and I guess that’s also one of the reasons I would like to play for more years because these things are not going to come back around when you retire.”

courbon Says:

@Dave:Well, I can not belive that you thought I was serious about Borg and drinks, sexs…?You are so clever but you do not know what cinical is?And , before you start about spelling-I write this post between my suppers,playing withkids, composing, sex, and all other things that people do in their private life.Which you obviously do not have-how can you?To write all this post you can not have a time for that…And yes , you are patronising ( I do know about Roswell incidenent buy the way-but you know much more I guess? …Jack of all trades, master of nothing )and arogant in your last post towards me.But who cares?Don ‘t bother to writte another “War asnd Peace” (yes, and I read it!!You are not only educated person in the world …) post towards me.Life is to short…

Humble Rafa Says:

As you admire the GOAT, spare a thought for the GOAT Owner. I will be out in full force next year.

Lou_tennisfan Says:

How many of us live our lives in such a way that if given an option, we will not want to change it?

Have you ever wondered why players like Roger Federer continue to dominate in the era of youngsters when they were completely written off by the so called experts quoting their age as the biggest barrier? This is what Federer said once:

”My passion for competition and my love for tennis has a lot to do with the longevity of my game.” – Roger Federer
If you will love what you do, than nothing can stop anyone from becoming immortal in their field.

Greatness and Passion – A complimentary package ?

Wog boy Says:

“Roger Federer continue to dominate” … in what sense? Yes, he still plays at top level beating top gays sometimes, but does not dominate. If we look in past three years it was Rafa 2010, Nole 2011/12 that dominated . In that period Rafa won 5GS, Nole 4GS, Roger 2GS, Andy 1GS, it is similar with masters. Good on Federer, he proved he can match young guns at 31 but not dominate. I am not trying to be picky but dominate doesn’t fit description of Federer in last three years.
Somebody else earned that title, two of them actually.

Alok Says:

“Yes, he still plays at top level beating top *gays*

Is this true? LOL

DelPo won a slam in 2009.

Wog boy Says:

“top guys” … It was honest mistake, typos :(

Wog boy Says:


Didn’t you say English is not your first language? Don’t you make mistakes and how often peoplefrom english speaking backround are making mistakes on this forum?
I will repeat what I said before:

“Lapsus linguae, lapsus calami” … I am pretty sure you can work out what it means.

“DelPo won a slam in 2009.” You stated the obvious. Next time try to read my post please. I was refering to last THREE years. 2009 is last FOUR years … or you are saying it is not?

Alok Says:

@Wog Boy, I know what you meant, I was just having some fun with you. sorry. I won’t do it again.

2009 is still 3 years, until we hit 2013 in September then it will be 4 years. IMO, 2012 and 3 months is closer to 2013 September which is close to 10 months away

Alok Says:

“ Next time try to read my post please. I was refering to last THREE years. 2009 is last FOUR years … or you are saying it is not?”

I’m guilty of not reading every line in posts, as I just glance through and if something catches my eye I read a little more. I know it’s not an excuse, but just a very bad habit, because I don’t have much time. I shouldn’t even be blogging but sometimes I need a light topic to give my brain a rest. Maybe you’ll understand how things are with me on the limit of time.

Wog boy Says:

” … it was Rafa 2010, Nole 2011/12 that dominated.”

Pretty clear to me, three (tennis) years are finished month or so ago, final ranking is done after YEC in London and starts from january , correct me if I am wrong? GS cycle starts with AO and finishes with USO, correct me if I am wrong? Calendar year is finishing in 11 days time, which ever way you look it is january to december, unless you want to start new calendar …

Wog boy Says:


No probs, we all do it sometimes.

Brazil Federer Fan Says:

Federer is still the top dog, in terms of who the fans and sponsors want more.

Good luck to other 3 trying to win over people. You can win matches, but try winning over people.

Please dont start with the Serbian discrimination card people! Accept the truth that there is a good chance that Roger and his game are in a league above the other 3. His domination off the court is as much a fact as other people dominating on court.

In the end, Federer has the best of both worlds. He is the leader all time in slams, weeks at no.1 and tennis’ biggest star since Borg.

Wog boy Says:

Where did you come from? Did you just wake up after three years long sleep?

Nobody is talking about discrimination card, you are the one talking as far as I can see. We are talking about results on tennis courts in the last three years, that is sll, no big deal, but don’t worry about that … you will not get it any way … go back to sleep.

BTW, Justin Bieber had47 million followers on FB few months ago, does that make hom dominant in music world?

noogie Says:

But Wogster you just referred to your gay (guy) as a gay. Disc….rimi..nation .. So Nadal is gay after all..and Murr(g)ay and Novak Gay-o-vic. LOL

Wog boy Says:

You forgot the last (or first) of the top 4……Ro(gay)er ! Didn’t you notice the way he hit his FH … and BH … on the second thought and coming to the net, too, he … Ro(gay)er the GOAT:)

You have to be ready to give and take in this kind of conversations, don’t you? I don’t mind, do you?

alison Says:

Wogboy one typing error and you end up opening a whole can of worms,still LMAO at your typing error at 8.17pm 19th December,unintentionally hilarious,thankyou reading that post has just made my day.

Wog boy Says:


My pleasure, anytime:)

alison Says:

Wogboy thanks still LMAO,im not laughing at the players themselves,so i hope that other posters dont think that,just your play on words is what i found so funny.

john Says:

Yes but Rogay doesn’t have the same ring as Djok-a gay, or mugayy for murray or Nadal’s.. nahhGAaaYY(imagine a rooster). :)

Just some light fun..

Brando Says:

@Wog Boy:

LMFAO, you seriously made me laugh with that typo error.

Roger Federer: the GOAT of beating ‘top gays’!

LOL, no wonder he has such vocal support around here!

Keep speaking the truth WB!:-)

Wog boy Says:


Depend who are you going for, I am pretty sure if you are Nole, Rafa or Andy fan Ro-gay rings OK it is same the other way around.

We need more fun and lough in our lives, to many bad thing and news around the world, as soon as we open the newspaper in the morning there is bad news after bad news. I am happy if I can contribute towards more fun and lough in any possible way, even if it is at my own expence, the result of knowing that someone is loughing instead of craying is reward to me. Ask my kids, I make them lough every day, even today when they are not kids any more, though for me they will always be just that, kids. It must be fun having somebody with funny accent as a father and husband, who doesn’t behave conventionally. My wife keeps telling me to grow up and I refuse, and I am better of than she is.

Life is too short, we are only guests on this planet, aren’t we?

I wander how many spelling and other mistakes I made now, there is nobody around to check my post, have fun it is Xmass time … and I have to do shopping, I hate shopping:(

Brando Says:

@Wog Boy:

‘Life is too short, we are only guests on this planet, aren’t we?’

Best thing said by anyone here for a while now!

NO ONE is laughing at you WB for that obvious, honest error by you.

We are laughing with you: your right, a giggle now and then- no matter how silly- is good to have as usually we are all to pent up and serious about things most of the time!

mat4 Says:

Just passing by. Hope you are all well, preparing for Christmas and the NYE.

Read Tignor’s take on the Nole-Rafa final at the AO, then watched the clip.

It was really a great match.

Read parts of this thread, too. Unfortunately.

Anyway, I leave you to watch some tennis, most probably the top gays…

Wog boy Says:

OK, next please.

mat4, I knew you wouldn’t miss this one and you’d have a go at me ;)
“Et tu, Brute”

mat4 Says:

Sorry, Wog. Just couldn’t resist.

Wog boy Says:

I noticed that, mat4.

skeezer Says:

Hi mat4, happy holidays ;)

Brazil Federer Fan Says:

Wog Boy :

You are the one who must be sleeping. You can see djokovic fans all over claiming he is not popular because he is serbian. [sorry wont stoop to your level to make fun of homosexual people. how old are you? either you are senile or juvenile. the joke about “gays” is way old]

Shame on other people who preach moral righteousness to support such a immature creature!

Tennis-x brace yourself for some nice lawsuits from homosexuals – calling them gays and using that to make fun!

I am going to report this thread on GLBT forums and they will take it from there!

Too bad djokovic fans will pull out the ethnical card when their boy is involved but they are ready to make fun of other people and their life choices.

Brazil Federer Fan Says:

Regarding Bieber, If Bieber also produces the most number of chart-toppers, yes he is the GOAT of music.

I like it how you conveniently chose 3 years and not last 10 years.

That is the fact : RF is the most successful champ in tennis. and als its most popular star!

Wog boy Says:

Brazilian Federer Fan,

At first I wanted to reply but I realise that what you posted has nothing to do with what I posted. So why bother?

Somehow your writting looks familiar to me, are you sure that you were not somebody else in your previous life on TX, and somebody else before…. and before….?

TX, please delete all my posts if there is any feelings and understanding that they were gay jokes. I will ban myself from posting on TX anymore if that is how my posts were understood.

john Says:

“Tennis-x brace yourself for some nice lawsuits from homosexuals ”

this had me cracking..

Wog boy..

Thx for your post. Life is indeed to short. No harm in some jokes!

Have a nice Holiday :)

alison Says:

Brazilian Federer Fan i dont think any offence was intended by Wogboys posts,it was merely a typing era that became a play on words,the Serbian Novak race thing is a completely different issue no need to go down that road,no harm or foul was meant im sure,for what its worth im a female,who has no time for any posts racist,homophobic,otherwise.

Wog boy Says:


Pleasure, happy holidays to you too :)


Happy holidays and hopefully Liverpool can thurn the page in the New Year, doesn’t look good so far.

alison Says:

Thankyou Wogboy i hope you and your family have a lovely christmas and new year,whatever you are doing,as for Liverpool FC your right the word GARBAGE springs to mind Aston Villa the other night no bloody comment,hopefully things will turn around in the new year fingers crossed.

Alok Says:

Brazil Federer Fan Says:
Regarding Bieber, If Bieber also produces the most number of chart-toppers, yes he is the GOAT of music.

I think he’s got a way to go to beat MJ. Last night I watched a movie on the Jackson family, and it’s plain to see why he would maybe remain the best of all. His foot-work and pelvic gyrations cannot be matched, he was a natural. Unfortunately, I only saw him for a few years prior to his unfortunate passing and am upset I din’t get to see him in a live concert. The guy’s simply the very best of the best, IMO.

Alok Says:

Somehow your writting looks familiar to me, are you sure that you were not somebody else in your previous life on TX, and somebody else before…. and before….?”
December 21st, 2012 at 3:13 am

Anonymity, a privilege of using the internet, and no harm done if someone uses 1,000 different monikers.

Wog boy Says:


Did I say he is not allowed to use another moniker?

No, I didn’t ! I said I recognised his handwriting, didn’t I?

Why pretend you are somebody else when you are not, can you do that in real life? What is the benefit of doing so? I am open for suggestions even at this age, I can change if that is going to benefit my heart and soul. Are you chinging ypur moniker often? I’m not, but then again I am not internet man so I don’t know all the tricks :)

BTW, I don’t listen to Justin Bieber, even my daughter doesn’t and she is musician. Her choice of music is Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, AC/DC etc. And I myself listen to Deep Purple, Santana, Dire Straits, Whitesnake, Jose Feliciano and Simon and Garfunkel… I am a little bit older.

alison Says:

Wogboy agree with your daughter about Justin Bierber only ever saw him sing once,and i couldnt understand what all the fuss was about,as he sounded totally tuneless IMO,and i couldnt name any one of his songs,both you and your daughter have great taste in music,yours is pretty much like my husbands,with Hendrix thrown in there,mines more along the lines of the Brit pop bands Oasis,Blur,Coldplay etc,but i like Madonna,Kylie,Robbie,and Michael Jackson was phenomenal,but you cant beat the classic singers or bands like Elvis or The Beatles.

Wog boy Says:


Hendrix, Janis Joplin … They are legends !
In those days we were tuning our radios in Radio Luxembourg, if were lucky enough to have aerial strong enough, so we can listen real rock, and if you had that gramophone that can hold 10 LP records, cheap red wine, and that was enough for party, good one:).

alison Says:

Wogboy yeah indeed,i very much doubt that any of us will remember Justin Bieber in 5 years time never mind 10 or 20 years,the way people talk about Janis Joplin,Hendrix or The Beatles now,instantly forgetable throw away teeny bop trash,but each to their own i suppose.

Alok Says:

@WogBoy, I didn’t accuse you of saying or doing anything. I only said that it’s the internet and people change their names a lot because it’s an anonymous thing.

“Why pretend you are somebody else when you are not, can you do that in real life? What is the benefit of doing so?”

Only last week, I thought that one of the posters who was involved in that discussion between you, Dave and some others was another poster who writes so very similar to that poster, but that’s his business, not mine, so I didn’t say anything.

It’s not a matter of pretending I guess, it’s how people think and feel. I’ve been using the same screen name since I began posting here and use the same name on another site, but that’s just me. Some people like variety and nothing’s wrong with that at all, so they change but I doubt that they are pretending.

BTW, you know a lot more on the internet stuff than you think, because a while back you said your posts were put in moderation and you needed to sign on another way to get your comments posted. Is that so, Yes? No?

Wog boy Says:


Answer is YES, but that has nothing to do with internet knowledge, it is a matter of whether you use your PC or mobile phone and mobile phone provider. It does cost more though because they are two separate bills. It is same thing if you use somebody elses Wi-Fi. If you remember that, then you probably remember that I always posted under my moniker:) and I always do, regardless of almost not using my PC, since I am out and about most of the time. I either use my mobile provider or I hook for somebody’s Wi-Fi like Maccas (McDonald’s). That is about it and my internet knowledge. Mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone …

Happy holidays:)

John Says:

Bieber Lmao…the goat of music…never!

I don’t care how many teen girls like him, neither do I care for all the advertisment campaigns ect, which help make him so famous.

To be brutally honest, if I were to engage in conversation with somone and they told me Bieber was one of the best, I would literally walk away.

What happened to society?

A world where talent means nothing!

And any person with a mic and auto tune and the right audio engineers can make money. Its a damn shame…a damn shame.Thats what you get with technology..

Gone are the days where talent made music.

If you want some real search roger hodgson… :). Every time I hear Biebers name I cringe..cringe grrr :).

Wog boy Says:


Thanks for youtube advice, I went overthere and he is good, he is bloody good, Fools Overture Live blew me away.
You were not wrong, he is complete package.

One more thing, when I was talking with my youngest last night about this, and she is not even twenty, she said exactly the same thing as you:
” In those days you had to have talent to make it,” that confirmes what you said.


If you are around, I am watching Liverpool FC, so far 3:0 against Fulham, maybe they heard us;)

skeezer Says:

Hendrix = GOAT Rock Guitarist ( Rolling Stone Magazine )

Michael Jackoson = GOAT Entertainer ( Berry Gordy, Mr Motown )

Michael Jordon = GOAT Basketball player (peers)

Jerry Rice = GOAT Football player (peers)

Federer = GOAT Tennis player (peers)

Nice company.

Giles Says:

Seems like somebody on this forum will be eating Goat leg for Christmas dinner!! #TryNotToChoke

alison Says:

Wogboy Liverpool FC won 4 0 in the end,your rightmaybe they heard us,)

alison Says:

Have to say although i agree with your GOAT list,i have to disagree and say as much as i love the late MJs music,i would put Elvis Presley as the GOAT of entertainment,surely no other musician beats the King for entertainment?

alison Says:

^Sorry post to Skeezer^.

courbon Says:

@Brazilian Federer Fan:Are you for real?

courbon Says:

@Wog Boy:You listen to Radio Luxemburg?Whhoou, you are really old!………Shit!Are you gonna do the lawsuit against me for the ageism?Please don’t-I just moved to France and everything is so expensive here, that I’m broke anyway….(@Matt4-You are French-how do you cope man?)

Ben Pronin Says:

Interesting, candidates for the GOAT in football are not quarterbacks? Very interesting.

skeezer Says:


skeezer Says:


Well sure no disrespect to Elvis. Same with the Beatles. All debatable ;)For me l just think MJ had the whole package…dance, sing, songwriting, persona, worldwide appeal, as well as the best selling album of all time, etc. Just my imo.;)

Btw, you’ll notice I addressed you with a capial “A” not a little one. You deserve a capital “A” cause you are othis board. Merry Christmas.

Skeezer Says:

^ meant that by way of compliment, your an A in my book ;)

alison Says:

Skeezer ah thankyou you are a gentleman,)and i agree that MJ was a one of an absolute phenomenan,and much more current and more my taste than The King,but like you say each to their own,my husband has that album of MJs on vinyl,maybe it will be worth something one day who knows?

alison Says:

BTW Skeezer a capital A and a merry christmas to you from me too,).

John Says:

Wog boy..

Happy you liked it…it is beautiful..;)

hope your having a nice holiday!

Glad to know that even some youngsters agree…

Just goes to show…even the new generation can still have taste! :)

All the best.



By the way…
Im sure you would like fleetwood mac..

Probably you know it already though :).

One of my favorite songs is sara,from fleetwood mac..Romantic good for the lady too!

IMO the ultimate romance song :)

Here is a link incase you dont know it..

alison Says:

John i love Fleetwood Mac a song called Dreams is my favorite of theirs.

alison Says:

But thats also a beautiful song.

Wog boy Says:


Very old? No way.

I was very young then and nicely matured now;)

I will think about suing you for defamation, is that how they call it?


I do like Fleetwood Mac, thanks anyway:)

courbon Says:

@Wog Boy:Very good answer.
Well, if we are talking about music then lets mention couple of names from those decades-
Led Zeppelin, James Brown (from 60-80’s),Sly and Family Stone (my personal favorites…),The Who,Velvet Underground and lets not forget, the grandest of all-Mr.David Bowie…

P.s.@Wog Boy-Samo zajebavam-nisam ni ja u “Kolibrima” vise….

jane Says:

I love Bowie!! Courbon I’ve seen him live thrice, and he rocked every single time. There are a million newer bands: punk, grunge, indie, that you haven’t mentioned. But music: it moves us. I love it!

Wog boy Says:


OK, I am not going to sue you, make sure you don’t do that again :)

P.S. Nema problema brate;)

john Says:

Hey Alison,

Sorry Im replying so late..

I actually replied earlier but I was messaging through my new galaxy note 2 :) and it seems I didnt spell my user name correctly..

That is def a a great song and one of my fav too!

I should of mentioned it…

Since you brought it up ive llistened to it atkeast 4 times! merry Christmas.

I wish you all the best!

john Says:

Unfortunately I have to go to the army soon.

Since I am Swiss…amd In the Air force, I am required to serve every time we have the WEF(world economic forum) over here.

And before anyone asks, no I dont fly fighter jets.

Im an abc specialist Atomic and biological…blah blah..:) atomic bomb. I basically serve like secrete service… Air and ground opperations…mostly keeping an eye on suspicious activity….But its so damn cold..and we literally have 10 hour shifts..hahah. Im already having nightmares..:).. Not looking forward to that..but I only go on the 7 of jan.

Maybe I will post now and then..

john Says:

But for now, Its fun, drink and good food. I wish all a good christmas.

Wog boy Says:


At least you are going to have white Xmas not like me, 40 degrees one:)

Since everybody said one song, I will choose “Here I go again” White Snake, enjoy it with schnapps, cheers:)

I guess we all find something in the song that has to do with us, that has a bit of our life in it. I was lucky enough that I saw them last july in BG Arena live while I was on holiday, they were as good as ever, and guess what, a week later Santana was in Belgrade too, so it was double treat … saw him too:)

Kimberly Says:

I think raw talent Lebron is better than Jordan

john Says:

Wog boy,


its warm here… no snow!

Were gonna set a record for the warmest christmas in Switzerland since 1932…hahaha.

Very nice choice of song.

Me and my beautiful lady are dancing to it, with some champagne! Thank you!

alison Says:

Thanks John and all the best to you too.

alison Says:

Would like to wish all my fellow tennis x posters even the ones i dont get along with,a merry christmas and a happy new year,and heres looking forward to another cracking year of tennis whoever your favorite is,and who knows maybe someone new will make a major breakthrough.

courbon Says:

@Jane-I’v seen hime live also, but three times?I envy you…Offcourse, there is newr bands and if you start me with the music, I can go all night long (I’v played music from early age, had first hip-hop band in Balkans in 87′-like a Beatie Boys ,played in 90’s-rave thing, and I started recently again to compose kind of funk-beat thing…and I listen lots of Punk-Dead Kennedys, The Clash,Exploited…,80’s-The Cure,U2,Pixies,90’s-mostly off my face in the clubs so I don’t remember the music much…)-you see what I mean?I can go on and on and on and on….But Bowie is quite unique.

madmax Says:

All of these videos are just great to watch. Love it where Fed laughs in that boyish way, just makes me smile and feel happy.

The falls look spectacular – oh to have the freedom to travel the way he does. It’s on my “to do” list.

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