Here’s Video From Roger Federer’s Trip To South Africa
by Tom Gainey | February 19th, 2013, 11:43 pm

Roger Federer is in his native country of South Africa this work doing work for his foundation. Accompanied by his mom, Lynette, the 31-year-old made appearances at several pre-schools in the Limpopo Province.

“It’s very important to me to have the opportunity to do a trip like this,” Federer said. “I’m very excited to see the help that [the Roger Federer Foundation] has provided over the years… Now that I am here I can see it for myself, which is very exciting.”

The Roger Federer Foundation has partnered the locally organized READ Educational Trust since 2010. The aim of the Trust is to promote good quality education in 40 crèches for children between 4-6 years old situated in rural and remote areas in Northern Limpopo. During his visit Roger learned all about the current curriculum and saw for himself the children’s daily activities.

Federer will return home to Dubai to prepare for the upcoming Duty Free Championships which begin on Monday.

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30 Comments for Here’s Video From Roger Federer’s Trip To South Africa

ty Says:

it’s a start.

Humble Rafa Says:

Since when did visiting your mother’s home country become news.

I was in Mallorca for 7 months. It is my mother’s hometown. No one came to cover the exciting news.

skeezer Says:

What a fresh relief from others who try to steal the limelight who insist on publizing there latest progess of recovery and complaints about the tour. To see and hear THE role model of the sport doing good for children is a welcome and encouraging sight.

No complaining or whining here about courts, time warnings, injury reasons, etc. here. A welcome relief from others who want to make statements “about me” and “my health and well being” instead of promoting the game.

Thank God for caring, contributing, and bringing to light those of need.

Thanks Fed for taking the fruits of your labor in Tennis and giving back so freely in honour of the game.

Way to go Rog!

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. Drool, drool, drool and drool some more! Tell me, does fed slip you a backhander for all your efforts? #JustAsking. Lol

Orkneyfudge Says:

Very nice film. It’s great to see a little bit of what Roger does with his Foundation. He is also so good with kids! :)

Not wishing to be pedantic here, but Roger’s native country is actually Switzerland – SA is where his mother was born! ;)

Orkneyfudge Says:

^^ To add, maybe you mean “native country” because of his dual Swiss/South African nationality (even though he wasn’t born there)? Sorry!

Chichiback Says:

It is very nice to see this news. Thanks x tennis.

Michael Says:

Roger is a true Ambassador of Tennis. He is not only King on the Court, but outside too. His philanthrophical activities are always a subject of delight to his devout fans. He is a perfect role model to emulate for any aspirational player who has plans to make it big in the game. Allez Roger. We are proud of you. Carry on both on and off the court.

Max Says:

@ Giles – you should be awarded for not being bored with Rafa complaining.
I like Rafa but … enough, please !!!

Giles Says:

Max. Actually I am bored with all the posters complaining about Rafa complaining!!

nadalista Says:

It’s a Fed thread but @skeezer can’t help channeling his Rafa thoughts. Obsession, much?

El Flaco Says:

Roddick just moved up in the rankings.

juljo724 Says:

It is nice to see ANY celebrity/athlete do something for others. Pay it forward as they say.

Too bad some still have to ruin a thread with all their “whining” about players they don’t like.

Number99 Says:

Giles. I can only to tell you that complaining is not good for Rafa overall. For his image, for his sponsors and for his fans.

juljo724 Says:

Rafa hasn’t been complaining nonstop as some on here would have you believe. It’s the posters on here that do all the nonstop Rafa does an interview, and of course it is reposted zillions of times and retranslated, and some are dumb enough to think they are all new interviews.

Humble Rafa Says:

Pay it forward as they say.

I pay it forward, and they say I am exploiting. The Arrogant One pays it forward, he is a gentleman.

Biased people everywhere.

Anna Says:

Humble Rafa – why are u such a miserable old sod!!?? Why shouldn’t this make news???? If it had been Nadal/Novak/Murray – would it then it been different????? Roger is doing something good besides tennis, he is being a role model for helping the under-privilaged, and we’re proud of him. So get a life my friend, and give credit where credit is due!! p.s. thanks X Tennis for this article – it’s appreciated.

mat4 Says:


HR is joking.

William Lau Says:

I am sure the children who benefit and had benefitted from your generous contributions towards their basic pre-school education needs will greatly appreciate your magnanimity when they grow up when they become leaders of the society or the community. Your gesture will have a deep and profound impression on their consciousness in particular and their lives in general. I hope that they will emulate your good work one day to serve the children in need.

Alok Says:

Good for Fed to help underprivileged chidren.

Agassi, I think, has given the most to the underprivileged. He’s built the most schools, etc., and it’s always nice to see other players following his example.

Not accusing anyone in particular, but a lot of people’s true feelings deep down are expressed as if they are joking. It’s very difficult to post comments, due to having to navigate through so many land mines.

mat4 Says:

Not accusing anyone in particular, but nobody deserves to be verbally attacked and insulted just because he happen to disagree, or because he made a joke one doesn’t like.

Gian Carlo (Swiss) Says:

Himble Rafa I,m sorry that you have only a small brain
Michael I full agree with you.
Roger is great

Giles Says:

Roger may be great but his fans …….???

john Says:

We are just mad about him LOL
Roger is a perfect role model for any one.
He is a great son ,husband ,father plus a great humanitarian.We rarely see such sportsman these days

I loved the way he said to the kids “i just play little bit of tennis ” while teaching them .

skeezer Says:

“He is a great son ,husband ,father plus a great humanitarian.We rarely see such sportsman these days.”

Agreed. Is there anyone else in todays game that comes close? Amazing!

Rogerisclass Says:

We will see that more often in years to come, Roger will gradually switch from court to work in his foundation. He is ageing gracefully, what a man, what a great human being, what a legend.

Ruth Ellen Dyer

So typical of the greatest tennis player in the world. What a gentleman and what a star. I wish there were more people in the world like him!

we love you, Roger.

Rogerisclass Says:

that’s great, like anything else Roger done, is doing and will do, on every field….an absolutely “great man”

A champion on and off the court.

That Roger. I love him so much.

Anna Says:

Mat4. you’ve got it all wrong – nobody was being insulting and quite frankly if Rafa was joking???? – it certainly didn’t come over that way, and I don’t think it was appreciated overall. Why can’t people just be good to one another and be happy for what they do in their lives?????? As for “disagreeing” – disagreeing for what?? Because you – Rafa4 didn’t get the same treatment? are you comparing yourself to Roger Federer? come on – grow up- and be happy for other people’s success!

Rogerisclass Says:

But, I am worried. Roger went also to Ethiopia before.

Roger is the illness of a lung after it…

take care, Roger :)

madmax Says:

A great video Tom! Thanks.

I, too, was worried about him taken time to visit South Africa, due to his previous lung infection, but this location isn’t the same; I remember last time, it was way out in the bush, and there was a contamination with the water – remember the ‘new water pipe?’ I don’t know. Presumably, he will have taken all precautions necessary.

Anyway, great job Roger, and mother. So nice that she is fully operational with the foundation; you can hear her joy of being there when she speaks.

Good luck to the foundation.

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