Roger Federer Visits Malawi [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 21st, 2015, 10:19 am

During this break from tennis, Roger Federer made a trip to Africa to help the less fortunate in Malawi.

“I am so excited to be back in Africa. This time travels for my Foundation have led me to the wonderful country of Malawi where we run a major early childhood education program. I’m very impressed to see the results of our efforts first hand. Thanks to our partner Action Aid Malawi who is doing a great job bringing education to younger children,” Federer wrote on Facebook.

As part of his Foundation, Federer launched a children’s program in the community.

Federer returns to tennis in Montreal on August 10th.

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49 Comments for Roger Federer Visits Malawi [Video]

Ronn Says:

For the “Arrogant One”, everything has a price tag. I wonder how much $$$ they had to pay this overrated prik to make the trip?

skeezer Says:

^jealous much?. Do you have a resume of giving back?

Fed continues to be THE model for the game and for the Tennis Community. All whilst having a family as well. Kudos to the GOAT.

RZ Says:

@Ronn – are you being facetious? Not sure if I should laugh with you or point out that Federer raises and fronts most of the money going to the Roger Federer Foundation.

madmax Says:


How anyone could even make a comment like this, is unbelievable.

Look at the status of his charity please. It’s a non-profit making organisation. Are you seriously being idiotic or just jealous of the benefactor who has the time to go and do some good things in this world, and give.

Try it some time Ronn. You might learn something.

Amazing that this is the first time Roger Federer has been to Malawi and for a great cause. Pre-school children, who are stunted during growth, given the opportunity of decent food, caring teachers, millions spent on developing their education.

Well done to Mother Federer. Without her, this would not have been possible.

Okiegal Says:

The only thing Robb said that was fact in his comment was that Roger is arrogant! Everyone is aware of that. The rest is rubbish! Fed does lots of good things with his moolah! He is a great humanitarian!!

Gypsy Gal Says:

He is a great humanitarian no question,and i have alot of time for anyone doing anything for the good of mankind,Skeezer says do you have a resume of giving back?well as a matter of fact many of us do,every year where i work we do whats called the worlds biggest coffee morning for McCmillan cancer,our manager is doing the race for life tomorrow for cancer research,so many of us also give something back to society and the poor or needy,lets remember them too,and not just fawn over what the rich and famous do?….

RZ Says:

Here’s the 2014 annual report from the Roger Federer Foundation, in case anyone is interested. Financials are about halfway through the document.

skeezer Says:

Kudos to you GG!

Okiegal Says:

The church where I attend did a special contribution to send to Haiti when the earthquake took its toll. We support an orphanage there. We also support a mission in the Ukraine. The Christians there wanted Bibles. We took up a special contribution for that also and raised $16,000.00. Don’t know for sure how many Bibles we sent. Do Bibles count in a humanitarian effort??

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thanks Skeezer….

Okie nice one….

Okiegal Says:

Thanx, GiGi!!

madmax Says:


there is a difference between arogant and confident. A fine line. If RF were as arrogant as people make out (including you), do you really think he could care as much as he does. He is in the enviable position of being a millionaire and he gives a lot of his money, along with many other athletes (but not all), away.

Good on Federer for doing what he does. Keep on doing it Fed, and the haters will still hate.

We can all talk about what we do, what we give, unfortunately we are not as well known as TMF, for the global community to care that much, but it’s great that GG and even you Oki, find it in your heart to be a bit nice every now and again.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax its just when it comes to celebs and charities and im not not just talking about Roger here its not something i choose to actually fawn over,i find it all a bit trite to be honest,and just because im jo nobody doesnt make me as a person, and what i do any less worthy,or any of them any better than any of us ordinary folk….

Purcell Says:

Andre Agassi and Roger’s mum were the inspirations behind RF Foundation which was started in 2004. It was an extremely low key organisation until probably three or four years ago when the press started to show interest. It’s one of the world’s best organised and well run charities owing to the integrity and expertise of its female CEO and of course the family and all others involved in the running. Rog fits in visits in between tournaments and the Foundation is now concentrating on Southern African countries. No more from me as I suggest you take up the suggestion of RZ. Also, horror of horrors, I may well be accused of ‘fawning over the rich and famous’.
Oh….’it’s a fact that Roger is arrogant. Everyone is aware of that.’ Ok, let’s turn it round. ‘It’s a fact that Roger is not arrogant. Everyone is aware of that.’ Such a dangerous, ill-used and misunderstood word is’fact.’
‘The UK is famed for its generosity and creativity when raising for charitable causes and I guess there are many other countries (and individuals) with similarly good records. We all do our bit both to support these fun occasions with their serious intentions, and many of us donate to or help out with other organisations, particularly those less well known charities that are often struggling. But thank you very much, we do not need a litany of do-gooding from our resident social consciousness contributors. It’s much more positive to acknowledge that the contributions from all sectors of society, rich or poor, are seen as an effort to make the world, not a better place, but and easier and more bearable place for those living with a myriad of horrible problems and circumstances.

Purcell Says:

Madmax:good post at 2:46. You really summed up what I wanted to say but I got carried away with other thoughts.
I think there might be a tiny sting in the tail in your last few words?!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Nobody was accusing you of fawning over the rich and famous,its just i dont choose to,you shouldnt put words into peoples virtual mouths,Roger has done this its all noteworthy,we all do stuff thats noteworthy,yet we dont all see the need to make such a fuss about it,my comment actually was in answer to Skeezer who said to Ronn do you have a resume of giving back?to which i replied and he said kudos GG,and it all rather snowballed from there,i actually thought this was an open forum,where posters were entitled to an opinion i guess not?….

Purcell Says:

Making a fuss it is not. It’s reporting on how Roger is visiting places where his foundation is working with Action Aid to make lives better for little African kids. Go ahead and criticise Bill Gates, Andre Agassi and all the other philanthropists if it makes you feel better. If they didn’t do it then wouldn’t that be worse? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It is possible to be filthy, stinking rich and have a good heart you know.

Okiegal Says:

Arrogance exudes confidence! I said he was a great humanitarian. Madmax, I don’t hate him. Why should I? He’s never posed many problems for my favorite.

Ouch, Purcell, I felt that little sting! :(
But, I’ll get over it! :)

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal…..Posters like to fuss with us Rafa gals… thinks!! Lol

Okiegal Says:

@Purcell, Okay, I will rephrase my comment. I think he is arrogant and so do a lot of other people…..Will that work for you?? :)

Margot Says:

I believe that, percentage of income wise, the poor give more than the rich.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thanks Margot weve actually had this discussion before,i believe Grendel and Colin were both on the same page too….

I dont hate Roger either,hes an amazing player with a good heart,i just dont make an issue about each and every little thing he does,same with all the players TBH,i dont live my life through them and what they do either,enough said….

Wog Boy Says:


Good point, there is lady in the church I am attending (half a dozen times a year) that is there every sunday and other important days, she is having extremely hard life, she is poor, raising four kids, one severely disabled, all well mannered kids, doing two jobs to make the ends meet and yet never ever heard her complaining nor in the bad mood and every Sunday she drops few dollars on the plate for the church during service time (donations for various causes) and stays to do volunteer work for church (prepare food, clean..). Every time I see her I have nothing but admiration for her, her dollar on the plate is far more respectful than mine or any other churchgoers that I know, I always feel ashamed when I see her.

Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy….Your story is akin to the poor widow woman in the Bible. She gave all the money she had which was two mites. This lady you speak of sounds like a very special person who must be a JOY to know! J esus first
O thers second
Y yourself last!

I appreciate this inspiring story. I’m gonna set my goals higher. After reading this, I feel like a failure. Yeah, thanks for sharing……… :) Made me smile!

Okiegal Says:

@Madmax 2:46

“and even you, Okie, find it in your heart to be nice every now and again”…….What’s up with that comment? I’m nice all the time!! Just because I think Roger is a bit on the arrogant side doesn’t mean I’m not a nice person. I’ve gone to bat for him many times. I will repeat. Roger Federer is a great humanitarian and what Ronn had to say in his comment was rubbish!

@Margot 1:11

I’ve never put it in that perspective, percentage wise……You make a great point. I couldn’t make a difference by doing a humanitarian effort by myself but collectively I can help a little bit. Wealthy people do it alone! Nice to see this happen among our top athletes and other famous people such as actors. On 60 Minutes there was a story about a wealthy man named Rubenstein here in the states who spent 50 million on repairing the Washington monument that was damaged in an earthquake…..I can’t wrap my head around someone having that much money……

Purcell Says:

Okiegal @7:17: at this point, whether it works for me is immaterial.
You fell for Ronn’s post because it enabled you to use ‘fact’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘everyone’ in an ill-judged statement about someone you really know nothing about. You then justified it by saying nice things about Roger. Could not you and GG have just acknowledged that it was an informative post explaining what a tennis player does in his other life.
Why did you dignify Ronn’s post with a response anyway? It certainly was not to stand up for Federer. Further down you say Ronn’s post was rubbish just to defend yourself and then you modify your tone by saying Roger’s only ‘a little bit arrogant.’ Would it be too much to hope that you realised the error of your ways?
You Rafagirls, and yes, it wasn’t long before your favourite popped up………I wish you good luck in setting your goals higher. This comes from within not from having to find inspiration from the poor, the needy or those with religious convictions. These people don’t have a monopoly on compassion you know.
Oh and how come Mr Rubenstein gets off lightly for spending an obscene amount on a damaged monument? Wouldn’t that money have been more usefully spent helping disadvantaged children in Washington or elsewhere? Oh silly me, that’s a job for the arrogant Mr Federer.

Daniel Says:

Same goes for taxes, the poor and middle class pays the most.

If governments all over the globe were able to actually taxed the rich proportionally, without all the money that is laundry there wouldn’t be any hunger on the planet anymore.

They as public persons everything they do, bring awareness and some more people may help just because they see than doing. I rather have the most people seeing people the support and admire doing charity than everything being done hidden. In their case (Federer, Nadal, Djoko and many others) is not about “them” doing the right thing or feeling good about themselves, is about creating awareness globally and bring the most people they can. That’s why I don’t have any issue with celebrities doing charity, even if it is PR charity.

Better try to reach as most people as they can (even if they receive everything back in taxes) than not reaching as many as they could. Maybe somebody that have the mean but ever donate watch this news and feel inspired, that is the main point.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Purcell for what its worth i dont find Roger arrogant,so its not about Rafa girls sticking together,Okie has her opinion about that and i have mine,its not always about fans of the same player sticking together,Okie and i get along,but we have disagreed on some things from time to time,and why drag Nadal into this anyway?when it was about Roger,ive said the same thing about Novak and the whole charity foundation thingy,i would actually same the exact same thing about Nadal if or when a thread comes up on him and foundations,i just dont care to do cartwheels over them doing it,and Grendel,Colin,Margot have in the past agreed with me so im not alone on the subject,i commend them for it dont get me wrong and Rogers an amazing player with a great heart,but i aint going to go on and on about it thats all….

Okiegal Says:

@Purcell, what do you have a burr under your saddle about?

I will agree Mr. Rubenstein could have fed lots of Hungary children….maybe he does, I don’t know…..My point, I’m amazed at his wealth.

You are silly, getting your knickers in a knot over me saying Roger is arrogant. How many times on this forum is that brought up?? I’ll have to admit, saying something negative about Roger gets responses!!

I wasn’t defending myself at all. I don’t know Roger personally….do you? When I say something nice about anyone I mean it. About my goals, I will press on to be the to be a better person. I guess to do that I will take arrogant out of my vocabulary and strive to not be sarcastic.

I thought to respond to comments was what a forum was all about. I won’t respond to the Rafagirl’s comment except to reiterate……folks like to fuss with us… still thinks!! Lol Have a nice day!

Giles Says:

You really are a piece of work Purcell! Here have a lemon 🍋

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal….I’m the guilty one about putting Rafa’s name out there first……calling us Rafagirls! I will move on to a Rafa thread wherein I might be welcome……or maybe not??? :) Have a great evening, Gi Gi!!

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
That’s a lovely story and perfectly illustrates my point.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot yeah my sentiments exactly,nice one Wogboy….

Okie like the GiGi bit lol,anyway its as you say some people will make a federal case about absolutely any little thing,or in this case any little comment,ce la vie….

Purcell Says:

Thanks for the lemon Giles. Perfect for my G&T.
How come you have only appeared at the mention of Rafa and as usual added nothing but a vacuous comment?

Purcell Says:

Okiegal: in that case, why is it so hard to be amazed by Federer’s wealth, how he came by it and what he’s doing with it?
Finally, as it’s actually you who’s underwear is in disarray I would like to calm you by wishing Nadal success in his next tournament, success with his foundations and success in his relationships. Isn’t that how, as tennis fans, our thoughts should be proceeding?

Okiegal Says:

@Purcell….I’m not amazed by Roger’s wealth. I have been watching him play tennis for a long time and watching him win many tournaments. He has mega bucks and I think that it is wonderful that he does all these good things and shares his wealth with others who are less fortunate…..along with Novak, Rafa and Andy and others. You missed the boat interpreting my original post. I did make a negative comment about him being arrogant but the rest of it is how I feel. You seem to think I said the nice things about him to defend myself. At your suggestion I will acknowledge the article. It’s nice to know about the great thing he is doing for the education of these children in Africa. Yes, my panties are in a twist about now because you’ve read something into my conversations with other posters that weren’t meant the way you took it. You can be ticked off about the arrogant remark, I get that, but some of the other stuff you said, I don’t. We have a saying in Oklahoma when you’ve had enough you simply yell “calf rope”! I’m yelling CALF ROPE. Have a good evening and my undies are getting more comfortable now……and how are your tighty whiteys
holding up?? Lol :)

Skeezer Says:

I am amazed by Rogers wealth, which mostly comes from his accomplishments, well earned by the way, and how he has given back. Its not like he didn’t earn what he has.

Mary Says:

Purcell says July 22nd, 2015 at 10:49 am
“Oh and how come Mr Rubenstein gets off lightly for spending an obscene amount on a damaged monument? Wouldn’t that money have been more usefully spent helping disadvantaged children in Washington or elsewhere? Oh silly me, that’s a job for the arrogant Mr Federer.”
Spending money on a damaged monument is an economic stimulus creating more jobs and spending which can have a huge multiplier effect.

skeezer Says:

“Spending money on a damaged monument is an economic stimulus creating more jobs and spending which can have a huge multiplier effect.”
Ok, for sure not staying on point here, but don’t agree on this point at all. Economic stimulus? C’mon.
However, the donation was much appreciated and a honor to the fallen brave that should be preserved for the present and future citizens of the U.S. Thank you Rub!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Why is it so hard to believe that some of us dont actually think that these players are not 100% perfect,that we might not actually think that everything they do is to be made a big thing about,and why is it also that some believe although some might not particullaly care for a rival,that when we say something nice because we mean it,rather than some thinking we have some ulterior motive,maybe its possible the when Okie says she thinks Rogers arrogant she has a point personally i dont think he is but thats JMO,shes perfectly entitled to hers,on the other hand when she says he is a great humanitarian maybe just maybe its possible she or anyone else likes some things about him but not all things about him,just a theory,why make a case about everything??????????

Okiegal Says:

Thanks Gypsy Gal…

That is exactly how I feel! I have explained my feelings. I’ll stand by everything I’ve said. Roger is an amazing tennis player and his wealth has been attained because of his profession. But I can’t say he wouldn’t have been a rich man doing something else. I’m glad he chose tennis because I’ve had the pleasure of watching some incredible matches between him and other tennis greats…..And OMG he’s still playing. How fortunate is that for all of his fans!

When people form an opinion about certain things, you can’t change it. I know who I am as a person and I’ll leave it that. In the meantime I’ll strive to be more like Margot, everyone likes her… included!

Have a great day, GiGi!! (Thanx for the vote of confidence, appreciate it!)

Jock-KatH Says:

I won’t get too deeply into Roger himself as much has already been said – but rather comment on non-profit making organisations (and especially when they have a Swiss base).

In Scotland “charitable purposes” organisations are monitored by OSCR – and up to 2010-12 were more strictly monitored than similar organisations elsewhere, + tax relief in Switzerland is much more benign to the funder(s) than it is UK-wide….Spain also (to some extent)as has been indicated by Rafa.

I’ve been employed by both Scottish, English and South African non-profit Organisations – most try to head the “charity” with a Patron when possible – but generally the Patron is a non-contributing celebrity whose name gives status rather than financial contributions (the Patron of one “my” charities was the Princess Royal).

Roger charitable work in Africa (his mother originally hailed from South Africa)developed at a time when he was well-known, was/is a resident of Switzerland and had the ability to “put his money where his mouth is” if/when required. His visit to Malawi would have been welcomed – no doubt – but any cost he incurred personally he can reclaim. Despite being the Founder/Patron.

How do I know? Because the Malawi “project” is identical to hundreds carried out by UK Volunteers in the GB charities with which I was involved.

Re. other comments above – The majority of donations received by UK charities come from ordinary folk….other available sources: hard won Lottery grants and Trusts – if you can match their criteria – + events.

Okiegal Says:

@Jock……Thank you for the informative post @ 9:40. You have personal knowledge to comment on this subject! Don’t be shocked if there is someone on the forum who knows more……Lol. Thanks for sharing! I’m always interested in knowing what’s up with these charity functions. I’m glad that they see the need to step up and do what they can to help. I remember The Hit for Haiti fundraiser. A great effort which the fans got to enjoy too.

Jock-KatH Says:

Okiegal – there is a very big American non-profit organisation which does similar work in international development using skilled Volunteers – the Peace Corps.

Purcell Says:

Kat-H: what’s your take on the rather unorthodox methods used by some big charities to extract your money from your pocket? We’ve had experience of contributing to charities, apart from those for whom we make regular donations, only to be then ‘pestered’ by others, some of which we have no particularly affinity with. We prefer to support smaller charities especially those with which we’ve had personal reason to be involved with.
What’s the difference between a charity and a foundation? Charity shops predominate in some of our towns. They are another way of raising money but there are some doubts as to how effective they are in ‘getting the goods to the people.’

Jock-KatH Says:

Yes, Purcell – just saw your note.
There are all sorts of forms of “charities” – it depends on how they are set up i.e. Constitution and Memorandum and Articles. They all have to be registered with the national body in which ever country they are going to operate (that doesn’t mean they can’t operate in other countries – these are usually the Foundations – but they are specifically set up for that purpose similar to RF’s).
Local charity shops – they should display how they have used their funds – this can be something as simple as a quarterly notice in the window or if they are part of a large group e.g. Oxfam through their Annual Accounts. Annual Accounts are available from the Charity Commission for a fee.
Big charities extracting money – unfortunately a lot of them “farm-out” part of their fund-raising and that is why you end up being approached on behalf of a number of charities simply because you’ve been captured by one and you get added to the address lists. NOT NICE – Nor are the constant phone calls that come one’s way. PS: This process is currently under investigation as so many people have complained – but it will always be with us in some form.

There are non-profit organisations that are not strictly charities; there are social enterprises whose work is also to benefit others – some have charity status some don’t.

Hey Purcell – this is a huge subject – and I’m hardly started – don’t know if I’ve even helped at all – but any group who has charity status can be found through its national Charity Commission on the web.

OK – apologies if I’ve been warbling on – it is all so huge and outfits that you wouldn’t think are registered charities actually are e.g. groups that build social housing, supplying white goods – the mind boggles.

Gypsy Gal Says:

It was on the news some months back,some old lady had helped with the poppy appeal,also giving a few pounds here and there to various other charities,she recieved a stack of letters as thick as an encyclopedia asking her to donate money,where do you actually draw the line,it can end up been harasment after a while?,surely you should only give what you want when you want,and not be bullied into it?….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mary@July 22nd 10.59am,I know it was a few days ago now,but a great post,charities come in all forms,its not always about the disadvantaged children in poor countries,poverty comes in all walks of life,OK granted probably not on that scale,but there are also many people here in GB that cant find a job,struggling from hand to mouth to pay bills,homeless people begging on the streets,or people that rely on food banks etc,i do wish people wouldnt be so selective all the time,what Rogers doing is fantastic,but so is what Rubenstein is doing too….

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