Federer’s Slide Continues As Nadal Rolls On In Madrid; Murray Wins A Third Set Breaker
by Staff | May 9th, 2013, 11:32 pm

Roger Federer’s brief clay season hasn’t gone as hoped. The defending Madrid champion was bounced today from the tournament by 23-year-old Kei Nishikori 6-4, 1-6, 6-2 in the third round.

The 31-year-old Federer was playing in his first clay event of the season and his first tournament in almost two months. And the rust and the age showed. After dropping a brisk second set, Nishikori dominated the final stanza dictating via his deadly backhand which made Federer just look slow.

“He was my idol. Actually, to beat him, that was one of my goals for my tennis career,” said Nishikori. “It happens on clay and it’s amazing. It’s not really my favourite surface.

“I wasn’t really expecting this,” said Nishikori. “6-2 in the third, that’s not easy against him. I played well. I was a little bit tight of course, but he didn’t make many first serves in the third set and I was able to attack his second. I was even more aggressive in the third set. I’m pretty happy the way I played.”

In his last three events, Federer has been a SF (Rotterdam), QF (Indian Wells) and now third round in Madrid. It’s not a good trend.

“I’m going to go back to the practice court, train hard, and make sure I don’t have these kinds of days anymore,” Federer said. “I was lacking control from the baseline, and that pretty much carried through from start to finish. I’m pretty disappointed with my play. I’m not sure how well Kei thought he played. I didn’t think he had to play his very best either, which is even more disappointing.

“At least I’ll come out with some ideas of what I need to work on,” he added. “Clearly the ball flies here and it’s faster, so that makes it sometimes trickier to find your rhythm. We’re so accustomed to always finding that rhythm eventually, so it’s even more disappointing if you never really find it, which was the case today.”

Federer will now head to Rome as he tries to break a title drought that dates back to August of last year at Cincinnati.

“I feel like I want to go to the practice courts this afternoon, but clearly I’m not going to do that,” Roger said. “I’m going to make sure I’m as well prepared as I can be for Rome. I’m excited for that, because clearly I have no choice but to hit the practice courts. And I like to do that, and I’ll do that well and hard.”

Nishikori now get Spanish wildcard Pablo Andujar for a spot in the semifinals. What a great draw for the youngster.

The loss also means Federer will move back to No. 3 in the rankings. That’s because Andy Murray won today. The Scot earned his 11th straight win over Gilles Simon, but it was anything but easy with Murray prevailing 2-6, 6-4, 7-6(6) in a match that finished just after 1am local time.

“I went behind in the second set and changed tactics a little bit,” said Murray who has never been to a clay final. “I just managed to scratch through. Third set, started to play better. Could have made it a little bit easier for myself. I had a lot of chances and just didn’t get them. In the end, managed to come through.”

Next for Murray is a well-rested Tomas Berdych tomorrow night. The Czech, who has split eight meetings with Murray but lost the last two, toughed out Kevin Anderson 7-6, 7-5.

With Federer and Novak Djokovic both out, Rafael Nadal is the lone former champion left in the field. The 2-time Madrid winner rolled through Mikhail Youzhny 6-2, 6-3 to set up a heavyweight Spanish showdown with David Ferrer Friday.

Nadal, who’s 28-2 in his comeback this year, has won his last six matches against Ferrer winning all 13 sets.

“I will try to play a really good match and see,” said Ferrer. “It’s not only about tactics. It’s just that Rafa is a really good player. It’s very difficult to beat him. We’ll see how it goes. I will try to play aggressively. I will try to miss as few balls as possible, and let’s hope that Rafa doesn’t have his day.”

If Nadal loses he’ll also likely let slip any chance of being a top 4 seed at the French Open.

In the last quarterfinal of the day, Stanislas Wawrinka, who ended the run of Baby Fed Grigor Dimitrov, takes on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

In the women’s draw, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are the class of the field and appear to be headed for an inevitable showdown in the final.

MANOLO SANTANA start 10:50 am
[1] S Williams (USA) vs [WC] A Medina Garrigues (ESP) – WTA
K Kanepi (EST) vs [2] M Sharapova (RUS) – WTA
Not Before 3:15 PM
[5] R Nadal (ESP) vs [4] D Ferrer (ESP) – ATP
[WC] P Andujar (ESP) vs [14] K Nishikori (JPN) – ATP
Not Before 8:00 PM
[3] A Murray (GBR) vs [6] T Berdych (CZE) – ATP
[15] S Wawrinka (SUI) vs [7] J Tsonga (FRA) – ATP

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78 Comments for Federer’s Slide Continues As Nadal Rolls On In Madrid; Murray Wins A Third Set Breaker

Michael Says:

It is a tough loss for Roger. But I am happy by the way he took the loss and said that he will straight to practice courts and practice much harder. That shows the resolve, will and dedication of this Champion. However the nagging question is whether this man who has seen the pinnacle of this Sport can conquer age which no human has ever done ? He is nearing 32 and nodoubt his game has suffered immensely both in terms of power, speed as well as consistency. I think Roger must get used to get beaten by all these sundry players like Nishikori now and then. He has to have the insensitivity of Jimmy if he wishes to ride on and achieve more glory. Whether he will have that remains to be seen ???

roy Says:

”He is nearing 32 and nodoubt his game has suffered immensely both in terms of power, speed as well as consistency.”

rubbish. he’s top 4 in an era of nadal,djoker,murray.
if you watch boxing you will see most world champions in their early to mid 30s. a sport demanding speed, strength and reflexes.
players are just better than they were. federer fans need to deal with it.

in 2012, federer had a better service game won percentage (91%) than any top ten player and better than in any other year he’s been on tour besides 2004 when it was only 1% better.

his service game performance last year was better than any year during his ‘golden years’.

this is hardly a pattern of decline.
his service is actually IMPROVING.

in 2012 federer’s return game won percentage was 26%.
this is 2% more than in 2009 [24%] when he finished no.1!
it is only 1% less than 2008 [27%] when he finished no.2 to nadal.

federer’s return percentage is more sporadic over the years, sometimes around 30%, sometimes mid to high 20s. there is no obvious pattern of decline in his returning. he was never the best returner anyway, being outdone by the likes of nadal and davydenko even during his ‘golden years’. federer’s game is more weighted towards the serve.

and as for this match with nishikori, federer didn’t even play poorly.

federer’s winners/errors were around 30/30. this is not match of the century, but it isn’t poor.

nishikori’s winners/errors were 17/30

Sirius Says:

Comparing boxing with tennis?? LOL

stupid comparison just like the poster

skeezer Says:

Tennis = Boxing?


Good knowledge roy…….NOT!

Could write a novella on that pu$$y post but….nah…waste of space.

Feds movement is key, not his service game. When he loses a step, or 2, its lights out for him, despite whatever improvement some say he has made in his serve. And what is the first to go with age? Movement.

He has done his bit on the tennis scene and left his GOAT mark. Let him ride off into the sunset with respect instead of saying he should be doing this or that with the field of players. He has outplayed the field most of his career, and now the rats wait until he is a geezer to pick on him, lol. Hey, we all will get old, nobody is exempt.

Not writing him off, just keeping it real.

madmax Says:

Disappointed with the result, but doesn’t last long any more. Federer fans deal with this more regularly now Roy. We still support him and will continue to do so.

Can only hope that Roger gives us the joy of winning more matches and tournaments in the next 12-24 months. Can’t really expect more than that.

And well done for the gushing praise on his opponent.

It is match practice he really needs and there is a lot of miscalculating on court, with flashes of brilliance – I hope that the clay court practice prior to Rome will help him secure a better run at the FO.

The Swiss, who was returning from a two-month lay-off, was magnanimous in defeat saying: “I’m disappointed with my match. Today Nishikori played better and the best man won.”

Anna Says:

You know what —- I’m so sick and tired of those (can’t wait to see Federer retire people) you all go on about his age, that he’s done and dusted, etc, etc, etc, etc!!!! What about all the other players (perfect example- Tommy Haas) who is (hello??!!) 35??? not to mention others all a lot older than Roger – why the hell don’t you people make a fuss about them????? We all know the answer to that – Moan and gloat – its damm boring!!! get a life all, and give Roger a bloody break!!!

Michael Says:


Roger is still in the top four based on his last year’s performance. If you see his performance this year, it has been rather dismal. He is yet to enter a final and that is damning for a player who has ruled the roost for so long and dominated this sport. As Skeezer rightly pointed out, Roger has lost his reflex and movement and without that he is pretty ordinary. About the adjustments made in his serve, well from what I am witnessing in most of his matches is that his first serve percentage has come down and is not consistent. First serves are the key to win matches and Roger is not able to do that on a consistent basis nowadays as he was doing in his prime firing aces in important moments of the match. The fact is that he is ageing and the decline is natural which we have to accept. You cannot fight against Nature.

Anna Says:

There goes that “age” bit again – its obvious this is a problem with some of you – let’s talk about Tommy Haas ( who was beaten last night by the way ) what is your comment here Michael??? and oh yes – he is 35!!!! are you going to “write” him off now as well????

gannu Says:

Feddy bear is utterly delusional…Dont think he is ever going to win anything meaningful,,,this is coming from a die hard frustrating fan,,,At 32 you are no younger…AGE MATTERS in a demanding sport like Tennis…Secondly what people miss is feddy bear has a large family travelling..Travelling with twin daughters spending time etc all takes a toll..more importantly perspective…Earlier a loss would hurt more…that will kindle the desire or fire within…Would leave you wanting more…What feddy bear really wanted was that last record of sampras and he gave one last effort and got that…

When you lose and you go home…you see ur kids coming and playing with u…u just forget the loss and it just doesnt hurt u…You are satisfied and that’s the first big step towards decline…

I just feel that Fedex should realise this and understand where he is in terms of his life, give one last shot, win a Gslam and RETIRE

nithish Says:

I am just dissapointed with roger’s result this year

Sirius Says:

Aging will be a FACT to you when your fav will start to decline. Now as for Roger, it’s an excuse?? Lol.

Age is not an excuse. Its a fact, it was a fact and will be a fact unless ATP allows players to take performance enhancing steroids

@fed fans

actually tennis greats and experts know that AGE IS A FACTOR. So lets not argue with some dungheads who just SUCK UP to Someone Else’s A$$ and put all their efforts to belittle the ones whom they dislike

rafaeli Says:

Roger won’t retire now because he can’t. He has to keep going to keep his sponsors happy because he has to honour the long term deals he’s signed with them – more fool them.

It’s obvious that he has lost interest and would rather spend more time with his family. If he had a smidgen of interest he wouldn’t take 7 weeks off at a time when he is trailing in the race and not won a single title this season.

Sirius Says:

Ah, a mind reader has emerged! Reading rafa’s mind wasn’t enough, huh?? Now you’re reading roger’s too!

Wog boy Says:

I was thinking, not that I am good at it, but if Nole by the age of 31 has 17 GS titles, all those weeks and years as #1, two kids and still play tennis for fun, I would be as happy as a pig in mud.

Wog boy Says:

I forgot to say, I am not Federer fan and never was, but facts are facts.

Ben Pronin Says:

While Federer has looked rather old in his losses recently, isn’t it possible he’s just slumping? I mean he’s had long slumps before and as he grows older maybe they’ll last even longer, but that doesn’t mean he can’t bounce back. So he lost early in Madrid for the first time, it’s not a big deal. He’s lost early in tons of Masters before and he finally won 3 last year for the first time in a while. What if makes the semis in Rome? That’s a good result. And semis/finals of Roland Garros and maybe even wins Wimbledon. Honestly, going by Madrid and even Indian Wells is a little ridiculous considering this is Federer we’re talking about.

Sirius Says:

Wog boy :)

Ben Pronin Says:

Rafaeli, Federer basically only skipped one tournament that was unusual for him, and that’s Miami. He rarely plays Monte Carlo. This year isn’t about the ranking for him. He’s basically said so himself.

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,

Your pretty damn good when you start thinking mate, and you do it well ;). Clever post.

Daniel Says:


Hass is not expected to win any tourney he enters and also he has at least 2 years without any active play due to several injuries. The milage in tennis counts you know. How many matches has Haas played compared to Federer?
This is the stat you and roy should be comparing. Fed has played 1095 matches inlcuding Madrid, who other active player has more than 1000 matches? none.

So he stands alone as THE senior player on tour not the oldes, one of the and with most match played and success than everybody eles. He is so good that he is still top 3. It all takes a tool on you. Let’s see how the other fellow ative top 4 now will be when the are 31 and 9 months, if they will still be #2.

Saving this comment for next 6-7 years:)

Adam Says:

You know. If Fed is sliding its not got so much to do with age. Its more the accumulation of the pressure to stay at the top.
Looking back its amazing Fed and Nadal have been 1 & 2 for sooo long.
At the pinnacle of the sport you have to constantly improve to be able to fight off the next big thing. All the so called experts are talking about the 30+ brigade taking over. Not true. Federer and Nadal have constantly evolved to be able to beat the next big thing. Nole is just starting to feel that pressure now having been no.1 for 2 years running. His 3 losses this year have been against Del Potro, Hass & Dimitrov. A little strange. He knows how to handle the other big 4 members.
The 30+ who are coming strong – Hass and Ferrer were never quite at the top were they. Hewitt was and hes over 30. But where is he now? Look back at McEnroe – really he was only at the pinnacle for 5 years. 79 to 84 – that’s when he won all 7 of his grand slams. Only a few have lasted longer.
Connors, Lendl – Borg retired at 26

the DA Says:

Is nobody watching this potential upset in Madrid? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nadal play this bad on clay. Credit to Ferrer though. He leads 6-6 6-5.

Nole Rules Says:

Ferrer 3 points away from the win!!

jamie Says:

Sean Randall’s jinx always works.

Hopefully he predicts kneedal to win RG and that will mean Nole will win it.

Nole Rules Says:

Ferrer was 2 points away from the win but Nadal manages to take this to a tiebreak

Wog boy Says:

the DA,

I am watching, Ferrer is going to choke.

Ben Pronin Says:

This is definitely not the worst Nadal has played on clay. But his backhand is off again. And Ferrer is playing hard. But yeah, he’s going to choke. Should’ve had 2 match points.

Adam Says:

Its the accumulation of the constant pressure to be the best that gets all the greats in the end – in ae.ny area of lif

Nole Rules Says:

David Choker Ferrer double faults to give Rafa 3 set points

the DA Says:

Should have known, Daveed brain farts in another TB. He’s probably going to be mentally spent for the third. He had Nadal on the ropes.

Wog boy Says:

Ok, time for bed. We all know what is going to happen in third set. At least, this time Ferrer gave Nadal a run for his money.

Green900 Says:

Would have been amazing if Ferrer could have won. Nadal will now in 3 sets. I’m guessing nadal wins 6-1 third

Rsutherland Says:

A shame actually; one of those ‘intangibles’ the commentators are always talking about…or like many of you say…choking.

I can’t imagine Nadal playing like that and beating Wawrinka. Wawrinka does have a countryman to choke against… if it comes to that.

Even as a Nadal fan I can’t stand watching his matches at times like this.
That is why dead people are my idols (Liszt, Horowitz and Joan Sutherland). Time to practice!

Giles Says:

Vamos King!!! Well done. Bagel as well, wow!!

the DA Says:

Poor Daveed. Fights like a beast, comes within 2 points of winning and ends up with a bagel in the 3rd. Below par performance from Rafa in most of those 2 sets. Maybe it’s just a one-day blip. If I’m a fan, I’m hoping it is.

queen Says:

Happy for Rafa, sad for David. He is such a nice guy.

the DA Says:

On another note, a controversy has arisen from the earlier Williams/Medina Garrigues match. Anabel is caught on camera tampering with the tennis balls to slow them down and reduce Serena’s power:


This is blatant cheating. I guess Serena’s opponents will try anything. hehe

SG1 Says:

Federer’s period of dominance has long since past. His win at Wimbledon last year was an aberration. The stars aligned just right for him there. I’m not saying he can’t win another slam. But, for him to do so, the draw and court conditions have to really work out in his favor. I don’t see how Federer would have handled all the wind at last year’s USO as an example. This is why he has been so good indoors over the years. If there was ever a major played exclusively indoors, he’d be a serioud threat. Since this isn’t happening any time soon, it seems unlikely Fed picks up anymore slams. And he has a family now. Age and distractions kill tennis players…sooner or later.

RZ Says:

Too bad Ferrer couldn’t pull it off. He just can’t get a win against the big 4 (except the occasional defeat of Murray on clay).

Humble Rafa Says:

Time for the Arrogant One to hit the practice courts.

Time for Arrotards to hit rehab centers

Humble Rafa Says:

It is a tough loss for Roger. But I am happy by the way he took the loss and said that he will straight to practice courts and practice much harder. That shows the resolve, will and dedication of this Champion.

His response was quite different from the time he cried and took attention away from the winner.

Ben Pronin Says:

Is that cheating? She wasn’t trying to hide it or anything. The ump and Serena didn’t say anything in the video.

the DA Says:

@ ben – maybe Serena didn’t see her. And maybe the ump didn’t realize what she was doing or didn’t act because there’s no rule. In my mind it’s cheating if you tamper with new balls to slow them down before the server has a chance to use them.

Kimberly Says:

Once I saw Rafa won the tiebreak I was guessing either 6-1 or 6-0 for the final. Like Rome last year.

rafaeli Says:

Jamie says:
” Sean Randall’s jinx always works.

Hopefully he predicts kneedal to win RG and that will mean Nole will win it.”

Jamie, have you got any more bright ideas?

Humble Rafa Says:

How low have I fallen. Spanish midgets are giving me a headache.

queen Says:

Jaime wants somebody else to predict for a change. Interesting. I guess she lost her magic powers. Lol

the DA Says:

After a close first set Berdy takes the lead 7-6. At least it isn’t the slaughter I was expecting.

the DA Says:

And Andy goes out 7-6 6-4. He had so many chances and was up a break in the first set. Berdy too strong tonight. Two positives to take from the match: 1) it wasn’t a blow out, he made Berdy work for it; he’s starting to look more comfortable on the clay. On to Roma to have a cappuccino with his pal Nole.

RZ Says:

I’m sure the AP staff covering the tournament will write that now that Murray is out, Rafa is the favorite for the tournament.

john Says:

^Sure why not, hes the top seed now, makes sense, no?

Wog boy Says:

the DA,

Best place for cappuccino and gluten free pizza, though I prefer Napoli pizza. They can enjoy it around Trevi Fountain and watch nice ladies from Rome … if their girlfriends are not around. They might do some practice too, wouldn’t be bad idea, particulary for Nole, and Roger can join them, he needs a bit of practice too. Three musketeers:)
I love Italy, I love Rome and I love Anita Ekberg enjoying Trevi Fountain -La Dolce Vita, enjoy it, it is black and white but still as good as it gets.

RZ Says:

^John, I was facetiously referring to the AP article that was written about Fed’s loss, saying that it leaves Nadal as the apparent front-runner in Madrid. My point is that Nadal is always the favorite (or arguably co-favorite if Djokovic is in the field) at any clay court event he enters.

Wog boy Says:

^ I am not John, but that is Okay, I know it is not for me:)

RZ Says:

^Wog boy, you beat me by one minute! LOL

jane Says:

Hope Nole and Andy enjoy their Italian coffees in Roma and then hit the courts for some practice. And Fed sounds eager for more clay practice as well! Gearing up I suppose.

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Roy serve and return are not the areas age impacts first. movement, stamina and recovery are the areas that start giving problems in several different ways. to win a grand slam you have to be able to run fast and change direction over possibly a 5 set match and then recover and be able to do it again. if you happen to caught in a really physical match it is hard to come back for the next match at a high level especially if you have a problem area of the body(back, knees, etc). look at the AO this year. Fed played a tough 5 setter against JWT and then came back again against Murray for what turned out to be a super physical match. he was pretty toasted in the 5th set. i guarantee you if he had somehow made it to the finals he would have put in a subpar performance. even Andy at 25 and in great shape suffered from the physicality of his semi in the final after 2 sets he gassed out.

tennisfansince76 Says:

i can’t believe some people dismiss the effect of age so cavalierly. entropy is the one thing that is totally undefeated. Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, murray all will be defeated and bow before it in the end. it was the Buddha who said, “all compounded objects are subject to decay.”

Michael Says:

If it is Ferrer Vs Rafa, the boring cliche repeats itself. Ferrer gaining the upper hand initially and then slowly fizzling out. It has happened time and again and yesterday was no different. I do not think Ferrer will be able to beat Nadal again on any court. He has lost the battle mentally. He just cannot believe he can win against him. On the other end, Nadal is bountifully confident when he faces his counterparts and he well knows that irrespective of the scoreline which might disfavour him, he can win. Nevertheless, Ferrer deserves kudos for giving Rafa a fight.

Michael Says:


Thanks for pointing about Tommy Haas who is running 35 but still competing with the younger lot. I think he is now seeded 13 and what an effort from this man ? My hats off to him !! I do not think anybody suffered like Tommy physically with the kind of injuries he had to face in his career. That he has come back shrugging those disappointments aside speaks of the determination of this wonderful player. The difference between Haas and Roger is that naturally you expect too much from Roger and with skirmishes, we get disappointed, whereas for Haas, we have a more liberal way of looking at things. All said and done, Haas has proven to the Tennis World that he is a Class player.

Michael Says:

Andy always finds it hard against Berdych. He should have thanked the adverse weather at flushing meadows when he managed to beat Berdych. But apart from that, he is always struggling against the pace of Berdych. May be, he should consult Rafa or Novak as to how to tackle Berdy ?

skeezer Says:

@TF76 posts 12:11 & 12:19;

A tennis poster prophet. Well said!



My question to you is why are you even interested in watching a Ferrer/Rafa match? Really? Yawn. Wake me up when Clay season is over.
In reqards to Haas, true, he should get deserved props at his age and recent achievements. However, in relation to Fed, has he played over 1000 tour matches? Just sayin..

Ben & Kimberly

“The Heat is on….” Trivia what is that song? Da Heat up an easy 2-1?
Warriors? Youth is showing. They can blow out and look awesome and then look like they just learned how to play Basketball, ugh. Down 1-2.

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,

Truly an awesome post @ 7:07, can relate.

Birdsh!t may hit the Birdsh!t out of the ball but he doesn’t have the patience to hit the birdsh!t out of the ball for an extended rally. Rafa loves this knd of birdsh!t and if ever the two will twine Rafa will take all the Birdsh!t the Birdsh!t can dish out and make the birdsh!t realize he needs to back off on the birdsh!t and just play tennis. But knowing Birdsh!t he will succumb to the usual birdsh!t and lose in the extended rally, thus losing the match. If only Fed knew how to play the Birdsh!tting one this way. The end.

Rafa fans are wishing for a Birdsh!t matchup romance on court, after all, its Clay, and not Blue. Bring on the water bottles.

Michael Says:


Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper. Somehow I was hoping that it would be Ferrer’s day and he would get the better of Nadal. I had a feeling that the law of averages will take its course as Nature’s destiny and the unbelievable will happen. But it was not to be and Ferrer once again failed in his endeavour to get the better of Nadal. Now the interest is totally lost and I know now that even the law of averages might not work when it is Nadal vs Ferrer or Almagro or even Berdych. These players can never beat him on any court. I think Nadal can win against them playing single handed and without strings in his racket. Such is his domination which is remarkable in a sense. As regards the Clay season, I am still hoping that Novak will come with all guns blazing at Rome as well as Rolland Garros and it will not be easy for Nadal. What I am overtly interested to see is competition where Nadal struggles to win clay court tournaments and Novak might be the answer, but for that he has to reach the semis or finals stage which he is not doing now-a-days and that is a big source of worry.

As regards Roger Vs Haas, well you said it. It is not a worthy comparison. The way Roger dominated the field right throughout his career has few parallels. I do not think you can compare him with Haas who has struggled hard on the circuit right throughout his career.

Michael Says:

I am hoping that Wawrinka reaches the finals than Berdych. He can atleast give some fight to Nadal. If it is Berdych, it is as good as handing over the trophy to Nadal even before the match.

alison Says:

Michael how do you feel when your two favorites dominate everything?do you have a problem then or only when its Rafa?is it more to do with rooting against Rafa to loose,rather than wanting his oponents to win,just wondering?

Nole Rules Says:

@Michael Wawrinka has never won a set against Rafa in the 17 sets that they have played.

Michael Says:


As a keen Tennis enthusiast, the one thing I am bothered is worthy competition irrespective of the players. Whether Roger or Novak dominates is not the issue, the real issue is to make clay court tournaments more interesting, engrossing and nail biting for the spectators. How can you inspire interest in a match for which the result is known before hand ? Ofcourse, I was rooting for Ferrer when he played against Nadal for the simple fact that he has won only one Masters title so far in his career. I want him to win a bit more. For that matter, you need to believe me when I say this and ie. even if it is Roger vs Ferrer or Novak Vs Ferrer, I will be rooting for Ferrer just because you have to side only with under dogs. Rafa has already achieved so much in Clay courts and just because he is losing early in Madrid just doesn’t diminish his stature which is sky high. But for players like Ferrer a win in Madrid makes a huge difference to their morale as well as career. But that was not to be and Rafa came through rather deservingly. He played remarkably well in the fag end of the second set as well as third set. He just gave few chances to Ferrer who couldn’t convert those only to be slayed by Nadal.

Michael Says:

Nole Rules,

I want Wawrinka in place of Berdych for the simple reason that the latter doesn’t know how to play against Rafa. He is already sure of elimination even before the beginning of the match and that is not a nice mentality you should be vested with if you are to play against Nadal.

Wog boy Says:


Glad you liked it, glad you know what I am talking about:)
I loved every minute I spent in Rome. Some people didn’t, but I did.

courbon Says:

@Alison:Welcome back!
Apart your favourite doing really well also Ferguson is leaving so you may start liking Red Devils…

Kimberly Says:

Skeezer and Ben–Heat go up 2-1 and the Bulls whining about the refs.

Warriors will win game 4 maybe? Even the series at 2-2?

Margot Says:

Yes, so true, but Johnny Mac and co still manage to bring gr8 delight in veterans’ matches, so all is not lost.

courbon Says:

Just had a look at the Rome draw.Novak has really tough draw-2nd road probably Klizan, then Wawrinka, then Bedrych and for semi-Nadal…This would be real test for RG.

alison Says:

Michael fair enough.
Courbon lol thanks very much,hes made the final of every tourney since hes been back,and for me as a fan thats fantastic going,granted he lost against Zeballos on his 1st one back,but hes beaten Federer,Ferrer,Delpo,Berdych,Tsonga all top 10 players,and Almagro whos just outside the top 10,and lost in 1 other final to the world no 1 player,so i dont think hes anything more to do prove hes back to his best level,and to think a certain lady poster(mentioning no names) said some months ago that he was in a decline and couldnt cope with the elite anymore.

Bada Bing Says:

Wawrinka won’t have any gas left tomorrow 2-2.

Fedster Says:

Even if he has gallons of gas left it would not matter anyway. He has to beat Rafa on clay.

Margot Says:

@ the DA
Well, guess that other pic “proves” Andy was indeed flying HIS plane.
Is there no end to his talents? No need to answer…;)
made same mistake re above as u did. He has “British” sense of humour. Confusing indeedy. Must’ve been acquired through osmosis…..

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