Novak Djokovic: I Will Say It Again, Winning The French Open Is My No. 1 Priority This Season
by Tom Gainey | May 24th, 2013, 5:32 pm

Novak Djokovic is making no bones about it, he wants to win the French Open and complete the Grand Slam.

“Well, I’m more motivated to win this trophy than the fact that you just brought,” Djokovic told a journalist today. “I know that if I win this tournament it’s going to be the part of the history, so I would be very honored to be part of that small, small group of players that manage to win all four Grand Slams.

But, you know, there is so much to this tournament. It means a lot. As I was saying before, and I will say it again, you know, it is the No. 1 priority of my season and I will go for it. If I don’t make it this time it’s not the end of the world. I will keep on working hard and trying to make it another year. As I said, I will give my best to go all the way.”

Djokovic also knows that his recent win over Nadal in Monte Carlo could prove the difference should they meet in the semifinals.

“Well, it definitely gave me the confidence boost, you know, before Madrid and Rome and also this tournament,” he said. “Winning against Nadal on clay is not something that happens every day, you know. It’s a big challenge. I managed to play one of the best matches on the clay courts ever in my career, and that’s an important it’s an important fact prior to Roland Garros. That’s it. That’s all I can say.”

The Australian Open champion and current world No. 1 will begin play either Sunday or Monday in the first round against David Goffin.

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18 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I Will Say It Again, Winning The French Open Is My No. 1 Priority This Season

Giles Says:

He said the same thing last year and included the Olympics as well. ????

RZ Says:

Of course it is. And if he doesn’t win this year, it will be his main goal for next year.

I suspect that Djokovic will win the French before he retires.

tennis x hippy chic Says:

RZ completely agree,even if Nole doesnt win it this year i think he will win it at some point.

Brando Says:

Wow Novak, and here I was thinking it’s your no. 100 priority, but no.1?

You gotta to be kidding me right?

LOL, the usual talk.

As expected.

jane Says:

Well done Nole! Of course he wants to complete his set, and of course he will give it his all. Hopefully he is focused from the beginning as he has a couple of tricky opponents early on. Adje! :)

contador Says:

hi jane :) Just did a bracket on that link Kimberly posted.

My third year in a row cheering for Nole…

Ajde Nole!!

Bada Bing Says:

Novak has a shot.

nadalista Says:

Sigh, where have I heard that before? Just do it already!


roy Says:

the win in monte carlo wasn’t overly impressive. nadal was spraying the ball and still almost took it to three. the clay wins over nadal in 2011 were impressive.
but he was giving nadal close clay matches years before that.
it’s always a dogfight.

Michael Says:

All the best to Novak !! I think he is highly motivated and wants to complete the career grand slam. He can do it and he knows it. All that he needs to do is stay patient and surpass the earlier rounds where he is becoming somewhat vulnerable of late. From the Semi point onwards, I think he can play big. He has the confidence to beat anybody, more so Rafa on Clay. That Montecarlo win for me was quite spectacular and amazing achievement. It was one tournament where Rafa was so dominant not being beaten at all and Novak showed that he can do the unthinkable. I wish him all the best. Go for the win, Novak !!

jane Says:

Hi contador, all we can do is cheer and hope, but it is a long shot. Good that Nole has his eye on it and is not ashamed to admit it is his goal when he is asked about it.

Bada Bing, yes he does – a long one, but he has a shot. Odds stacked firmly against him. But I do hope we wins the FO, if not this year then another year. He has proven himself to be one of the best and most consistent clay courters of the last few years. This clay season has been up and down, but overall, from 08-13 Nole has been a strong contender at clay events.

James Says:

They all want it, don’t they? Novak definitely is the 2nd favourite after Rafa Nadal for the FO. Hope to see very good tennis from him and Rafa and Roger and others.

nadalista Says:

RT @scambers73: ” Lot of criticism of Novak Djokovic’s bizarre request, via tournament staff, not to discuss RG draw. He won’t be doing that again in a hurry “

Giles Says:

^^^ Wonder what his problem is.

James Says:

Giles, he is just nervous and wants to focus on one game at a time.

Faleye o kehinde Says:

Only God knows the winner from the beginning.Novak is very despirate but is not consistent of recent, beaten Nadal in Montecarlo is not enough.

Simon Says:

“Novak has a shot.”

Understatement of the year! Novak has a wonderful chance at the French. He is the no.1 player in the world for the better part of 2 years and clay is his 2nd best surface.

Remember, rafa got bounced out by murray/baghdatis in 2010 toronto/cincinnati and then be dodig/fish in 2011. he still made the finals both times at USopen and even won it in 2010. The guy lost to feliciano in 2010 queens club and still won wimbledon.

You better believe it that the top players play for the slams. There is a good reason the slams have 2000 points and the masters only 1000 points, because history values slam winners with more respect than a masters winner.

Djokovic has talked the talk and it is now time for him to walk the talk. To his credit, he did that quite well at Monte Carlo, where he said he was playing the final to win and nearly bageled rafa in the 1st set. That set was as hilarious as the rosol match where rosol was whipping winners left/right and center to beat rafa. There is just a great feeling when you watch attacking tennis trump defensive tennis. (it is true for most sports and games)

Geno Says:

rafa is la máquina, but the joker can do it, has confirmed he can do it. RF is showing his age. Would love to see RF make it again. In for some great tennis.

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