Sergiy Stakhovsky: I Can Tell My Grandkids, I Kicked The Butt Of Roger Federer
by Tom Gainey | June 26th, 2013, 6:37 pm

Journeyman Sergiy Stakhosky made a name for himself on a wild Wednesday at Wimbledon. Playing on Centre Court for the very first time in his career, the 116th-ranked Stakhovsky scored the biggest upset of the season beating 7-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer 67(5), 76(5), 75, 76(5).

“You’re playing the guy and then you’re playing his legend, which is following him because he won it seven times,” the 27-year-old Stakhosky said after the 3-hour match. “He’s holding all possible career records here, I think, winning matches and everything. You’re playing two of them.

“When you’re beating one, you still have the other one who is pressing you. You’re saying, ‘Am I about to beat him? Is it possible?'”

It was possible and the win was his first ever against a Top 20 players in 21 tries.

“It was magic. I couldn’t play any better today. I played everything I needed and wanted to do. I volleyed incredibly well today. It was a fantastic day for me.”

Cheered on by his wife Anfisa Bulgakova from the stands, Stakhovsky nearly let it go after losing a break lead in the fourth set. But composed himself just enough to pull off the upset in the breaker and end Federer’s 36 Grand Slam quarterfinal streak.

“Right now I can definitely tell my grandkids, ‘I kicked the butt of Roger Federer’,” he said.

Stakhovsky now moves on to play Jurgen Melzer on Friday in his first Wimbledon third round.

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37 Comments for Sergiy Stakhovsky: I Can Tell My Grandkids, I Kicked The Butt Of Roger Federer

Steve 27 Says:

“Right now I can definitely tell my grandkids, ‘I kicked the butt of Roger Federer’,” he said


Micky Says:

Wimbledon is getting boring and more boring by the day….

Infact, its the most boring grandslam of the year, come to think of it….

Can they make it any intresting???

Yeah! Strip Off the Stupid All White! Dressing!! Code!!!

Now there banning Federer from wearing and Orange Sole Shoe too?! MADNESS!!

I tell you, more and more tennis players will boycott the tournament next year onwards( some already have) and wimbledon will lose more television viewers the way things are going….

Steve 27 Says:

WTF ?????

Does anyone understand what this guy said?
It’s boring now that your idol’s out of the fight
Yeah, right!

stiv Says:

actually,i agree with micky. aside from what he said, remember some time ago when there was no roof, and schedule was packed? 1st sunday was a good day weather-wise, but they refused to have a match that day because of the stupid tradition.

didi Says:

Lets see if he wins next…. doubt it… all these punks come out and play lights out but they can never go past the big win. Jerk comments

didi Says:

Also 4 sets with 3 tiebreakers is not kicking butt jerk…

metan Says:

This is the low press interview I ever watch. An undefeated player said that he kicked the opponent’s butt after winning the match. I am not Roger fan but Roger deserves nice words I mean proper words. Stay still in your rank better don’t move up.

Brando Says:

Yep, should have worded his elation better for sure. Somewhat disrespectful.

Pitchaboy Says:

Abject lack of class. He needs to go see how Federer spoke after taking out the then king of grass, Sampras. And, very likely, this clown may not win another thing this year.

Legend Says:

Commiserations to all the nice fed fans in here (could not think of anyone other than grendel).

To all the other reatarded ones like skeezer, contador, etc….LOL….I have reserved my longest finger for you !!!

Legend Says:

Sergiy Stakhovsky is officially now the third most hated guy by fed’s gangsters.

skeezer Says:

^Stak played well, no hating here, unlike posters like;

L-E-G-E-N- D.

Dude, I am here, where were you when Rafa couldn’t get past the first Round, you want to compare? At least Fed played past the first Round, and took it to 4. Your guy? Out in 3 and a hurry to go back fishing in Mallorca. Feds opponent played well, and is still in the tourney. Rafa’s? The guy beat him with a injured shoulder. WTF? ROFL. Who’s the retard?
Go back to roasting marsh-mellows with Giles an contemplate the future of Rafa who @ 27, who is suppose to be in his prime, can’t muster ONE win on Grass.

And if you want to duel with past comments posted, bring it. You’ve posted of few “funny” ones yourself, and I posted that earlier in retribution for all to see. Being weenie – less for you has its issues, no?


To all the Rafans( not rafafanatics ), appreciate the respect for Fed here very much. Thank you. It had to end sometime and thanks for still respecting that. You know who you are.

Fed? Well we can all say this or that but the reality is the only thing he has done this year is win a 250 warm up Tourney. I am sure pathetic by his standards, and many others. I was encouraged by the commentators after saying Fed’s love for the game is still hot, and he wants to keep playing for years ahead. As a fan for me thats great, but to see the GOAT continue and then getting beatdowns for the next few years is something I don’t want to see. Others have shared the same. Hopefully he knows when to pull the ripcord and get out of town to not tarnish his legacy. Stak played well, but I have seen this guy play multiple times, he has NO backhand. The match was hard to watch as Fed had no urgency from the get go, and seem to lack in tactics. Yes Stak’s BH held up well this match, but you have to know your opponent, and imho Fed just assumed he could beat him without thinking it through until it was to late. Service game was lacking big time. just my imo.


To us degenerate Fedal fans:

Now that Fedal is gone(hopefully not), we cannot banter amongst us! WTF? UGH!

Time for Nolandy. But the way this tourney is going WHO KNOWS?

I’m still excited to see what happens. a tourney for sure that will be remembered.
Like Fed said, time to respect the players that are left in the draw, its not always about Fedal! Hope tennis fans get that! Respect.


Bummed that Fed lost( but not nearly as bummed if he lost this early @27 ), but know it was coming sooner rather than later, he still holds all time records, so its all good. I don’t know who saw his interview, but BG commented that Fed feeds off this stuff. Can he turn this into fire? Hope so, but he has to move waayyyy better. Just google a match of his in 2004-07 and compare his movement and serve to now. Just sayin….

Happy to see S&V making a bit of a comeback on Grass. Not sure that will continue but hope so…..

Nadalista Says:

Hey @skeezer, finished dancing on Rafa’s grave? My, that was quick. Just a few corrections old chap and I will leave you alone:

1. Stakho does not have a forehand either, that much was clear from yesterday.
2. It’s only the Fed half of Fedal that’s gone, the ‘al half will be back, gimpey knees and all, first stop Vina del Mar! Stop projecting your lack of faith in you man onto others. Rafa will be back. However if it numbs your pain, you can go ahead and delude yourself into thinking he is gone.


Michael Says:

Good post Skeezer !!!

Michael Says:

All credit to Sergiy for his great victory. But he should be careful in his word usage.

jane Says:

Is “Vina del Mar” a tournament Rafa is playing in?

jane Says:

^ this comment – “the ‘al half will be back, gimpey knees and all, first stop Vina del Mar! ” – made me think you mean since this last Wimbledon upset, but I guess you meant since his last 7 month injury layoff.

skeezer Says:


Wow. You really want to go “there”?

“Hey @skeezer, finished dancing on Rafa’s grave?”

WTF?, the predictable response from you. Still burned scorned and bitter over your mans first round loss? Good thing your not married to the guy, no? Sure sounds like it…hehe.

And No, I never intended to do that sh!t on Rafa. He is an all time great. But you types? All time garbage.

Read on…
Wayyyyyy different story and u know it. You types are the GOAT of “classless” tennis fans. Rafa is perfect tics and all, whilst everyone else is enemy #1. Thats not a tennis fan, thats a cult. Own up to it Dear. You’ve already admitted drinking Rafa Kool Aid.

And vina del mar? You mean ANOTHER Clay court tourney? When? what? Wtf?

I recommend you post on Rafa’ s Facebook about the many Clay court tourneys in July coming up(forget HC), all 250, where he can be at home with the knees and rejoice in trying to beat 200+ ranked players, just like challengers. Hopefully he will win for your sake and you all can cheer “weeeee my Rafa”. Maybe he must be searching all over the globe to just play those “special surfaces” no? I heard there is one at the North Pole during Christmas Holidays. Maybe Ferrer and Almagro will play to make it a bunny affair for Rafa. Woohoo. Enjoy.

madmax Says:

Right now I can definitely tell my grandkids, ‘I kicked the butt of Roger Federer’,” he said.

Well, I think this is a little arrogant. I don’t think 3 tie breakers and a 7:5 is a beatdown – does anyone?

Nadalista, seriously please. Your comments. Boring and predictable. Yes, I can scroll down, I know, I know, but really I do believe you quite like Federer and Skeezer, because that is all you talk about and not in the best of tastes, so I guess may be you need to rest a while? Might do you some good.

Expectations are still there for Federer, but like skeezer, to see him get beaten by players who didn’t used to cause him a problem, could be difficult to watch.

It’s Roger’s choice though and as fans, we need to respect that.

Alex Says:

This is why its a good idea to disappear for a while. Avoid these kinds of Rafafanatics.


Life’s to short, hahah. They are not worth it. The fact that they are what they are and write what they write, should be satisfaction enough, no matter who loses. We all know the types we should feel sorry for…..Not Roger that’s for sure.

Paradox Says:

Skeezer the boozer, and other abnormal federer fans are still enjoying Nadal’s loss and dancing with joy .They are so deluded that they are still dancing even when their favourite Fed lost.What a heck of fans!.

Micky Says:


Those orange sole shoe that Fed wore was professionally and specifically designed by the swiss nike company so as to have more grip on grass surfaces. The orange colour gives its maximum enhancing effect, then compared to any other colour….

richard Says:

“kicking the butt of roger federer ” is sergey’s response to roger’s not apologizing after almost hitting him to the face! roger deserves that remarks. hitting your opponent with the ball is a statement. kicking your butt is also a statement. roger, your end is near if you forgot humility!

I Love Tennis Says:

And the Rafanatics are still very much bitter with Nadal’s lost …

metan Says:

I think someone injured. Halep?? She continues.

Go li na. Back hand. Awesome

metan Says:

Llodra is out. Seppi goes to next round.

Come in Li Na . Fight back!!

Brando Says:

@Skeezer: great post. I’m with you: I have ZERO desire to see Fed play on and get beat by guys who he would whip in less than an hour at his peak. Said it yesterday: hate it when real legends lose due to father time. I hope Fed plays hard until the end of year and then takes a good stock of where he stands. He won’t damage his legacy at all by playing on, but it’ll be tough viewing at times similar to this. Good luck Fed!

Ben Pronin Says:

What’s the big deal if Stakhovsky said he kicked Federer’s butt? I don’t think he’s trying to say he wiped the floor with him, but he beat him. Gave him a good butt kicking.

Victor Says:

To all haters: you never heard the full interviews and Stakhovsky’s comments: he was respectful to Federer and that was merely a joke.

nadalista Says:

@Giles 1:36pm, loved it! Even @PseudoFed isn’t this funny……thanks.

Okiegal Says:

First and foremost I am a Rafa fan, but I agree with Madmax on this one……3 tiebreaks is not a butt kicking. The guy could have chosen his words a little more carefully. The butt kicking statement was really stupid.

I have posted on another thread, sorry Fed fans, guess we can cry in our beer together!!

Good luck in the future for 2 amazing athletes!! Love to watch those 2 play against each other.

Vamos, Rafa

Michael Says:

Well, I just managed to watch the recording of this match and I regret giving it a miss although Roger lost. It was a gutsy performance by Stakhovsky. What impressed me about him was the way he proved that the old school of serve and volley Tennis could win you matches even today against the best. I was surprised during the match to watch Roger remaining clueless as to how to tackle this game changer strategy of Stakhovksy. Roger was a great serve and volleyer during his young days and I can recount that defeat of Sampras in the 2001 Wimbledon. But, he was very hesitant to approach the net and was content playing from the back of the court which made the task of Stakhovksy much easier. Most importantly Stakhovksy served brilliantly which complemented his intrusion to the net often. I would like Stakhovksy to take advantage of this momentum and go far into the tournament. May be right into the second week. In his whole career, he has not made it past the second round of a slam and that tells you something about his consistency levels.

The way he executed

metan Says:


Tounge has no bone!! Do you know what’s that mean???

madmax Says:

(Federer won 161 points to Stakhovsky’s 162. Yeah, a real beat down!

Danny Morris Says:

Well played Stakhovsky. It is always great to see people like Rosol, Stakhovsky, Darcis make use of the big moment and put the hammer down.

I watched this match on center court and the match was a treat. This is not the best Federer has ever played by any means, but he still had moments of pure genius and to quote myself, his game is touched by the GODS, themselves. Obviously, the satan called Time is also watching Federer keenly and today the Gods lost the battle to Satan Time and stakhovsky played a wonderful game.

I hope people like janowicz look at that and work on their serve and volley game. With a huge serve and decently fast/slick surface, it still can pose problems – even in this slow conditions era.

As for Fed, I will quote Simon Barnes to show how much the world adores his Genius.

“He remains perhaps the greatest master of his sport any of us has seen, bestriding tennis as Don Bradman once bestrode cricket.”

Amen to that. Those who do not know Bradman and that weird british game called cricket, google it. He is an absolute colossus in the game, just like Federer is in our game.[Yes the british suck at it too! they recently choked a final of a tournament they have never won]

I also got to see Gulbis-Tsonga and Mr. Novak under the roof. It was my 1st time under the roof and I am glad British are finally waking up to the wonders of technology and not wallowing in their stone-age “principles/ethics”. Nole is looking good for a title run here and it is going to take some real special performance to prevent him from winning this title for a 2nd time.

In other news, there is a rumour that Nikola pilic said Rafa’s injuries are “suspicious”. anyone got the details? I found a link that leads to men’s tennis forums, but I dont have an account there.

Anyone got anything on that? The injuries sound very convenient and only happen when he is playing outside clay. Nadal’s last 16 tournaments – 5 outside clay. 1 tournament win, 1 retirement 2 losses to 100+ ranked guys and another loss to Kohlschreibber, the guy who apparently tanks matches.

Micky Says:

Stakovsky got his butt wooped in the 3rd round,,,,

So much for all his hype….

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