Fight Club! Andy Roddick Admits He And Novak Djokovic Nearly Traded Fists At The US Open [Video]
by Staff | October 3rd, 2013, 1:51 pm

In a video uncovered by, Andy Roddick admits that he and Novak Djokovic nearly got into a fight following their match at the 2008 US Open. Roddick revealed the incident during a segment on his nationally televised “Fox Sports 1 Live” show earlier this week.

Roddick begins talking about a confrontation with a player at the US Open that rhymes with “Schmovak Schmokavic” at the 1:45 mark.

Roddick lost to Djokovic at the US Open quarterfinals in 2008. Afterward the Serb made some choice remarks about Andy on court to the crowd.

“I’m really happy playing against Roddick on his court and his crowd and in his favorite city, is a huge effort,” Djokovic said told the crowd that night. “Andy was saying I had 16 injuries in the last match, and obviously I don’t. That is not nice to say I have 16 injuries and I am faking it.”

Djokovic’s words were in response to Roddick’s wisecrack comments he made earlier in the tournament about Novak being overly injury prone. “You know, he’s either quick to call a trainer or he’s the most courageous guy of all time. I think it’s up for you guys to decide,” Roddick said.

In the FS1 video, Roddick, known for being a hothead during his playing days, says he got “into it” with Novak after Djokovic “beat the pants” out of him. Before things could really escalate, Roddick then said Novak’s trainer was bigger than his so to avoid getting “railroaded from the side” he ultimately backed off.

In a tweet this afternoon, Roddick said things are good between he and Novak.

Djokovic, who is playing in Beijing this week, commented on the incident during the US Open last year. “We had that situation,” Djokovic said. “I think it was in 2008, US Open. We might have been through some misunderstandings and arguments. It was very emotional I think for both of us, playing against each other quarterfinals, and it’s a very important tournament.

“We have been in a very good relationship ever since. And even before that. It’s just that period, you know, that situation. It happens. You know, he was actually one of the few top players that was very nice to me when I started playing professionally. He has all my respect.”

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31 Comments for Fight Club! Andy Roddick Admits He And Novak Djokovic Nearly Traded Fists At The US Open [Video]

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Andy has said that there is no problem between him and Nole,and Nole has said pretty much the same,these things are said in the heat of the moment sometimes,doesnt necassarily follow that they are all of a sudden the best of friends either,but they are both professional enough not to let the have their pound of flesh to feast upon.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Let the media,meant to say^.

Brando Says:

Aw man: we missed out on a good old fashion punch up! :-(

Can you imagine:

A Rod v Schmovak ‘The Djoker’ Schmokavic on PPV.

LOL: I’d pay for watching that!

Steve 27 Says:

This is one of the most entertaining interview of all time. Classic Roddick!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Brando id pay good money to watch them mud wrestling,but for different reasons.

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: Naughty, naughty…

@ Brando: You came to this tread to escape GOAT debate? Fair enough.
Rodick vc Novak.Probably 50-50.
Rafa would beat both of them.But the Delpo could beat Rafa…one punch from Delpo and that’s TKO!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Courbon and both wearing the Rafa type Armani briefs.

courbon Says:

I don’t have a clue what are Rafas type Armani briefs but I’ll go to shop tomorrow!!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Your wife will love you for it ;))..

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Courbon uh oh things are about to get ugly again on tennisx! I think you are way off in your estimates of how atp fix crossover would go. Roddick has a Nebraska cornfed physique. Against either Djokovic or Nadal it would be straight ground and pound. Roddick would dominate against either. Djokovic vs Nadal I make at 60 40. Djokovic has more reach

Brando Says:


Putting on my Don King wig on and giving my predictions:

– A Rod v The Djoker: 55 – 45: A Rod seems to have more power about him, aggressiveness but Novak is a flexible, agile and likely the one with quicker reflexes of the 2.

This is a fight with no TKO’s but a judge decision say’s yours truly.

– Rafa v A Rod: Rafa win. By TKO in round 4.

– Rafa v The Djoker: Rafa win. TKO in a early round.

– Rafa v Delpo: Wow. Tough one. This reminds me of Haye v Valuev: Delpo will be the main man in the early rounds. IF the big man lands a good one then for Rafa it’s lights out. However- just like their tennis matches funnily enough- if Rafa can wear him down, then expect a late round win for the bull.

But i’d favor the big man: one punch from him and it would all be over.

Brando’s pick for the toughest guy on the circuit:


6’3 and all muscle. Plus a massive boxing fan with some anger issues. Do not want to try him in a fight at all.

I’ll settle for Oliver Rochus………..p

Perfect fan Says:

Wow! I m simply loving this conversation thats built up right here…..

Being a fed fan, I can bet on anything that he’s gonna p!ss on his pants during a fist fight with anybody on tour…. :(

….and i’ll bet my money on Tsonga….tsonga’s(aka muhammad ali) my man for the heavy weight title ;)

courbon Says:

@ tenisfansince 76: You really think Novak would get Rafa? I see Nadal as a wild hog-you can not stop him…interesting.
You maybe right about Roddick.

@ Brando: I guess the best fight would be Andy vs Delpo.Delpo wins!

@ Perfect fight; Tsonga only looks like Muhammad-he is mummys boys.Not aggressive enough.

Jerzy could be new upcoming fighter.BIg, strong, co0nfident and want to prove himself.

courbon Says:

@ Perfect fan: I think Fed would be a decent lightweight categorie.But you are right-too nice for boxing.Maybe fencing or similar sport…

Perfect fan Says:

hey courbon….u disappointed me in saying Tsonga is not up to the challenge :(

Ok then, my nex pick is
“S-E-R-E-N-A”…..yeaaaaahhh!! I could sense, a lotta guys already p!ssin’ their pants

C’mmon…..!! ;))

Michael Says:

I think Roddick is exaggerating the whole thing. I can never believe that Novak will fist fight against another player on court. He gives answers to his opponents only by the range of shots from his Tennis racquet. Or may be that Roddick is kidding and speaking in a jovelier mood.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Michael i dont think there is much love lost between the two men TBH,but as you say i think A.Rod was probably just kidding here,and both say they are on ok terms now.

metan Says:

I think Roddick just said that for boosting his show. I don’t believe either. Next time is gonna be Rafa.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Metan i think relations at times,have been frosty between Nole and A.Rod,but relations between Roger and A.Rod,and Rafa and A.Rod have always been pretty good,he speaks highly of Rafa,and he and Roger and pretty good friends.

Steve 27 Says:

Lendl Mc Enroe, best “boxarly ever”

metan Says:

I hope that things he said against Nole now. It will never happen to Rafa in future.
I just really weird for me that these famous tennis player Roger Rafa Nole and Andy like to pick a fight.

Peter Says:

Watch the interview, Novak didn’t initiate any sort of physical confrontation, Roddick backed him up against a locker. Roddick has a gift for sarcasm, but he is, and always was, an asshole.

tenis Says:

I thank God everyday that Roddick is retired from tennis. He never represented U.S. tennis in a positive way. Always bad mouthing other players when he should have been looking at himself in the mirror. His on court attitude and lack of sportsmanship was deplorable. Ryan Harrison is carrying on the tradition of bad mouthing for Roddick. I look forward to Harrison’s retirement as well. How did Roddick get his own show on TV? The show is on the FOX network. That says a lot without saying anything at all.

Humble Rafa Says:

When I am under the heat, I start winning. Not punching opponents.

Also, Uncle Toni is very strong. Just s you know.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

I think hes joking in the 1st video,granted not one of the smartest things Roddick has ever said,the 2nd video is a dig at Noles many retirements from the past,especially the time he did it when losing by two sets and a break in the USO one year,i like Nole although im not a fan,same with Roddick when he was playing,so no emotional bias from myself about either one player,as i believe niether are perfect,and both have done some unsportsman like things at times,but both seem to have put this all behind them.

john hillman Says:

I would back Thomas Muster to take them all out – strength,aggression and indomitable will.The ‘Monster’ in his prime would no doubt have enjoyed it too!

ID Fan Says:

My pick would be Tsonga/Roddick – body + quickness to go with it.

Rafa has body but he is afraid of even Uncle Toni. I don’t think he is fighting material.

Guess who is? Safin, that’s who! He would make a great boxer!

SG1 Says:

I think Hewitt would make a good scrapper. This guy has two toes fused together so he can continue playing tennis.

SG1 Says:

Muster was one tough looking ombre.

The Great Davy Says:

In fight I make no contact. Simply bend head into sunlight.
Burn them like ants.

Michael Says:


I agree !! It is just a boost to his show. If only what he said was true, Novak would not be playing today for he would be debarred from Tennis.

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