Djokovic Denies Federer; Nadal Gains Revenge On Ferrer At ATP Finals, Can Clinch No. 1 Wednesday
by Staff | November 5th, 2013, 6:55 pm

In the rematch from the Paris semifinals, one results was the same, the other wasn’t. World No. 1 Rafael Nadal exacted swift and decisive revenge on David Ferrer pounding his countryman 6-3, 6-2 in just 74 minutes.

“He arrived a little bit more tired after playing the final there,” Nadal said. “Not a lot of time to adapt. Court is a little bit slower. I played with a little bit more calm than other day. And, in my opinion, he didn’t had the chance to hit the winner as easy as he did three days ago.”

Ferrer admitted to being a little tired after beat Tomas Berdych and Nadal before losing to Djokovic in the Paris final on Sunday.

“I think was not a good day,” Ferrer said. “Rafael play good. He start very solid. And me, well, in all the match I didn’t had a good feeling, no? I was a little bit tired. I think it’s like this.”

The already-tiring Ferrer will now have to return tomorrow to play Berdych.

In the late Group B match, Novak Djokovic took care of Roger Federer 6-4, 6-7, 6-2 in a sloppy rematch of their 2012 ATP World Tour Finals. After a high level of play in the first set, the match quickly disintegrated ending with seven breaks of serve – four in the second set – and seven combined doubles faults as both players miss-fired on several occasions.

“Of course, Roger was fighting throughout,” said Djokovic. “The second set was very close. I was not satisfied with my serve. I basically played with no serve. No first serves the whole second set. But when I needed to in the third, I served well. I’m just happy that I overcome this challenge.

“It was intense. It was emotional, up and down. But I lost my calmness. I have to say, in the middle of the second set. At 2-2, I had 40 love. I lost that game for no reason. He started playing better. He started making less mistakes.”

Djokovic also extends his win streak to 18 since losing to Rafael Nadal in the US Open final.

“I think Novak also struggled for a long period of time tonight,” said Federer. “So did I. I’m not even sure if we played our best in the third [set]. It’s just one of those matches you try to take advantage when the other guy’s not 100 per cent.

“I thought I had a chance today. So that’s the part where I’m unhappy. I wasn’t able to take advantage of it. Because I was actually feeling much better than I was in Paris overall, physically.

“I think at this point it’s very mental, just making sure I don’t get too negative on myself because of the loss today. I mean, it was against Novak after all. It’s not against some journeyman.”

Tomorrow Group A has the court to themselves as Nadal faces Stanislas Wawrinka and then it’s Tomas Berdych against David Ferrer. If Rafa wins he’ll secure the year-end No. 1 ranking.

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55 Comments for Djokovic Denies Federer; Nadal Gains Revenge On Ferrer At ATP Finals, Can Clinch No. 1 Wednesday

Patson Says:

Good match. Glad that Nole won. Things are looking good for my man. These are good times.

skeezer Says:

Nole played with confidence in the important times during the match. Kudos to him. This is what Fed is lacking nowadays. When he gets it back, confidence that is, he very well may have another run to a Slam in him. Must keep that back healthy of course…

Thomas Says:

Federer should beat gasquet. So I believe Federer vs Del Potro will determine who qualifies for the semifinals. Novak will probably win all the matches in the group and win the tournament.

Okiegal Says:

Fed’s serve is letting him down. The old Fed would have served up some aces at important times during the match…….it has to be the back that is causing this hiccup in his game. He made some fantastic shots today, however. Better luck next time.

Vamos Rafa……beat Stan!!

skeezer Says:

^”The old Fed would have served up some aces at important times during the match……”
Agreed. But imo it just shows a lack of his confidence level.
His technique is not lacking, but his lack of confidence in his game is evident.

Michael Says:

Roger’ game is on and off. He literally lacks confidence and that is hurting him deeply. I am not sure if he can win against the top players from hereon. It is going to be extremely difficult.

sheila Says:

i hoping federer can win gasquet and if he wins, i hope its in 2 sets. as a fan of feds it is so hard watching him lose. his confidence level must be in the crapper because everytime he gets to a third set he loses. hoping 2014 is a better season for him and he gets some of that magic back. in the meantime i hope he gets the win over gasquet.

Steve 27 Says:

over gasquet?. Monsieur Gasquet does not belong to this era. He would feel more comfortable playing Cochet, Lacoste, Borotra and Brugnon. Mais c’est la vie!

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!

Milos Says:

No article on this:

Djokovic on Victor Troicki case

Giles Says:

Joker coming on a bit strong there

hawkeye Says:

Players need to take responsibility of understanding basic rules. This was not some minor technicality.

Nole and Troicki should understand this.

Thomas Says:

He does have a point though especially with regards to the Cilic case. That was simply an absolute disaster.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Not sure what Stan should do to break Rafa’s defense. Unbelievable defense from Rafa in the tie break. Probably this would have broken Stan’s will also.

metan Says:

Such a relief , he closed the first set. Wawa backhand is lethal. Play safe Rafa for the second set.

Rumble Says:

When did a 32 year old guy beat a 6-slam champion at his prime at 6 years younger? Never.

Its as simple as that. Fed just can’t hang in there after 60-90 minutes of play at top level. Can’t blame him – he’s old. Against lesser player he could, perhaps, swing it (even that’s questionable now). But against the top players – not going to happen.

As for Nadal, the courts are slower than in Paris, so he has some hope of getting the job done.

Perfect fan Says:

Congrats rafa & to all his fans for finally sealing the YEN1. :))


allez roger :)

metan Says:

Perfect Fan. Thank you!!!!

metan Says:


Giles Says:

V A M O S. R A F A A A A!

Giles Says:

Take that @Bumble!
Take that @Pronin!

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Perfect Fsn thankyou im delighted,and the way Rafa celebrated after the match showed how much it means to him,i didnt think this was going to be possible at the begining of the year,if you had told me he would,ve had a year like hes had i would,ve had to look down to see which leg was been pulled,UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE,yay VAMOS RAFA,sorry Courbon had to say it just this once.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Sorry Perfect Fan not Fsn,damn the typos.

Giles Says:
Was that really necessary Stan?
ATP should really start imposing harsh fines for racquet abuse! Oh, and for breaking benches!!

James Says:

Rumble, I was rooting for Fed against Djokovic (sorry courbon Fed’s my 2nd fav player despite some of his fans). I’m fraid your guy is about to have a negative H2H vs every other member of the big Four, Nadal, Murray and soon Djokovic.

James Says:

Thank you @Perfect Fan!
I hope your guy Fed wins his next matches.

Rsutherland Says:

The VanBeneezerMax’s (with the accent on ‘eez’ syllable) of Tennis-x jumped on Uncle Toni’s remarks about Nadal’s ability to win while playing poorly. Can someone explain how this match against Wawrinka is not another example of such an instance?

Giles Says:
Vamos Champ!
You did it!!!

courbon Says:

I already congratulated to all Nadal fans in September, after USO, for finishing year at Number 1 ( so obvious after such a great comeback ) but in the case somebody missed , here is once more: CONGATULATIONS!
You man really deserved and he probably will take tournament trophy also. So, enjoy it, while you can, because Novak is coming back! (he, he, he…)

Steve 27 Says:

Rafa will surpass Borg in number weeks as number 1, he is the fourth with 27 years old finishing been the best of the season. Nastase in 1973, Lendl in 1987 and Sampras in 1998 did. Rafa equalize Becker with 121 victories against top 10. Next is Sampras with 124.

Giles Says:

@ courbon. Oh I’m sure your guy is already counting the days when he will snatch it back! Exciting times ahead! But for now, I’m sure all Rafans all over the world will be celebrating this tremendous feat. 222 days out of the tour with injury and to come back the way he has done makes me extremely proud to be a Rafan.
Vamos Rafa!

nits Says:

which is better

Rafa 2013 season


novak 2011 season

courbon Says:

@ Giles: And you should be proud.Even for me, it was a pleasure watching Rafa this year.What a heck, here is one for you: vamos!

courbon Says:

@ Hippy Chic: It’s OK-even I said it in post above!

Slice Tennis Says:

Rumble Says:
When did a 32 year old guy beat a 6-slam champion at his prime at 6 years younger? Never.

For federazzi types, its all about what Federer does…and no one else exists in the world.
Did you forget Haas-Nole-Miami ?
Come out of your hole and see the world.

skeezer Says:

“For federazzi types, its all about what Federer does”
For rafafanatic types, it’s all about what rafa does.

kettle meet black.

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
Take that @Bumble!
Take that @Pronin!

November 6th, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Giles, what are you trying to say? That people who support others are not allowed to have an opinion? How utterly childish are you. Or are you introducing two new members of Take that?

At least Ben can write, errrr, properly.

Rsutherland Says:
The VanBeneezerMax’s (with the accent on ‘eez’ syllable) of Tennis-x jumped on Uncle Toni’s remarks about Nadal’s ability to win while playing poorly. Can someone explain how this match against Wawrinka is not another example of such an instance?

November 6th, 2013 at 1:06 pm

You will need to clarify your statement here. I actually don’t understand your point?

Slice Tennis Says:
Rumble Says:
When did a 32 year old guy beat a 6-slam champion at his prime at 6 years younger? Never.

For federazzi types, its all about what Federer does…and no one else exists in the world.
Did you forget Haas-Nole-Miami ?
Come out of your hole and see the world.

November 6th, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Federer has given and still continues to give this federer fan, very much joy in watching him play. Not the same, but nevertheless, when he plays those magical shots – well, nothing like them on earth. Not anything that Rafa or anyone else does can beat Roger’s beautiful shot making. Nothing.

Roger has the heart and soul to continue to play becuase he shows us the joy that he feels when he plays. So now, he loses more frequently. If he can cope with that, then quite honestly, so can I.

Dread the day he plays no more.

He put the fight up against Novak. Took a tight set from him and whenever I see those two pitched against each other, it is always tight and I truly believe that it could go either way, but Novak has that edge now, possibly through youth, I dont know, although I think it is more to do with confidence.

That is one thing that Roger has lost. The confidence in those high pressure moments. He doesn’t believe so much that he can win, or rather he doubts himself more.

Novak doesn’t. He just comes back fighting when his back is against the wall. You have to admire Novak’s strength of character.

hawkeye Says:

^^^ Yawn. Fell asleep at nadmax Says:


Shank-you, shank-you very much.

Okiegal Says:

Skeez: The pot calling the kettle black is a favourite saying in our family. I used the term in front of my son one day and he says what’s that supposed to mean. He is now older and finally got it. Was wondering where you are from…..if Europe I will suppose a popular saying there as well!! It is used often in Oklahoma!

Okiegal Says:

Forgot to talk about tennis in that last post. Please don’t get upset with me……powers that be!

hawkeye Says:

It’s from under a rock. Ditto regarding powers that be.

Giles Says:

The windbag strikes again!

Okiegal Says:

Thanks, Perfect Fan for the CONGRATS regarding
Rafa’ s win today sealing the year end #1 ranking. Stan put up a good fight. Straight set tie breaks…..well it doesn’t get much better than that!!

I want to thank Courbon also. I try to be a fair poster and appreciate others who do the same…..just sayin’………

Vamos Rafa…..lookin forward to Aussie Open!!!!

Okiegal Says:

@Tennis Chic……….Don’t know about you, but I’m doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!

Rsutherland Says:

Madmax –
1) Uncle Toni stated a while back that Rafa is one of the best at winning when he plays poorly.
2) Many of the anti-Rafa-ites on here jumped on those comments.
3) Rafa looked pretty bad (surely by Toni and company’s team’s estimation…non-agressive, missing easy shots, short balls, pedestrian serving) against Wawrinka and somewhat against Ferrer.
4) Yet on his worst surface, Nadal won straight sets against 2 top 10 players
5) Oh sure; the ‘Rafa’s whipping boys’ comments abound. But that does not negate what Uncle Toni claimed…much to the hue and cry from all who look for any reason to jump.
So did Uncle Toni make a valid not-deserving-of scorn- point or what?

skeezer Says:

“Rafa is one of the best at winning when he….

He has Unc Toni coaching on court,,, y’all know,,,that illegal thing. Apparently Team Nadal needs to do that to win.


I actually have relatives in the mid west so I am familiar with it. I love the Southern”isms” from there. Like “She was so buck-toothed she could eat corn through a picket fence.”

Rsutherland Says:

Deflecting rather than refuting my point with a different point (valid or not) is what politicians do.
I have no problem agreeing with the truth (not that Nadal ‘needs’ coaching but that UT wrongly gives it) even if stated by a snarky little aphid.
However, the original point still stands.

hawkeye Says:

Settle down, skeezer, settle down.

21-10. That’s a lot of vamoosing from Toni, no?

Toni must have texted in his coaching from Spain when Rafa brushed aside Fedfan in IW and Cincy this year on hard courts. If only fed fan was at his best, if only.

Maybe fedfan can keep it together for a full match vs Reeeshard, yet another obsolete weak era player with a pretty SHBH.

It’s KILLING me!!!!!

shank-you, shank-you very much

metan Says:

Toni Nadal never thought it was a couching . In his dictionary it was giving motivation and lifting his nephew spirit. Same exactly with some posters here do to their idols. All is about love, pure love.

skeezer Says:


Just so we’re clear. I have nothing but admiration for Rafa’s skills, especialy his monster FH, and unreal tactics for a limited game.
Unc Toni? Sure, there is no problem of cheering your player on. Vamos! And the like, all good.
However, when the coach yells “hit to the BH, or gives signals as such, that is illegal(as an example). This is what the players on tour complain about. Rafa should be playing the. Game on court by himself, with no tactical help from his box.

Hawkeye Says:

Hit to the backhand? Against Stan?

Sounds more like something Magnus Norman would want Rafa to do not Toni. What crap advice is that.

Unless you’re referring to when Rafa plays Fedfan. Not really rocket science there. I think Rafa can do that on his own blindfolded. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Shank- you very much.

metan Says:

I knew it skeezer, but Tony Nadal couldn’t resist for doing that so Tony who has got the warning and fine not Rafa. Ask him not to be in the box. Teach him a lesson.
Imo, Rafa is capable to bring his own game without his uncle there. Not all the matches his playing his uncle was there for example in Montreal and Cincinnati.

skeezer Says:

I agree with you there(rafa being capable on his own)

Okiegal Says:

Metan, I totally agree. I have wondered what advice UT could give Rafa that Rafa couldn’t give himself. If he doesn’t know tactics at this stage of his career, then he would be pretty stupid….and we all know that is not the case. I think Tony gets really buzzed up and excited and he can’t keep quiet…..but he needs to. It puts Rafa in a bad light and he doesn’t need that!


I have heard the bucked tooth one also……but it was a punkin instead of corn! LOL

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