Roger Federer Admits He’s “Rattled At Times” By His Inconsistent Level Of Play
by Tom Gainey | November 6th, 2013, 11:34 am

After losing yesterday to Novak Djokovic in three sets for the second time in less than a week, Roger Federer admitted that he’s “rattled” by his inconsistent level of play this season.

“I was actually feeling much better than I was in Paris overall physically,” Federer said of his health Tuesday at the ATP World Tour Finals. “I was struggling much more over there after playing, what is it, nine matches in 12 days or something. Again, I was able to recover from all those matches and actually felt physically somewhat fine.

“But obviously it’s been a tough season overall. So I guess I’m just rattled at times, you know, with my level of play consistently.”

Federer will play Richard Gasquet tomorrow afternoon in his second Group B round robin match. A loss to the Frenchman would likely spell the end of his event.

“All four of us have played three sets, so we’re getting used to the conditions quickly, instead of just racing through a 6‑2, 6‑2 match, which maybe you get less information,” Federer said of his group. “Look, it’s a tougher loss. Then again, still a lot to play for for me. Now I hope I can take it to Del Potro and Gasquet.”

Federer also confirmed his wish that the event remain indoors and on hardcourts, a stance opposite to Rafael Nadal’s.

“I can understand where he’s coming from, you know,” Federer said. “Keep it exciting, different, whatever you want to call it.

“I must also make the point we have lost another Masters 1000 on indoors. Used to be in Stuttgart, used to be in Madrid indoors. Now we’re playing Shanghai outdoors,” he added. “But I truly believe the World Tour Finals should stay indoors, and I think indoors deserves a great event.

“But then again, who knows what the changes are going to be in the future. I kind of secretly hope maybe it could stay here at the O2, but that’s for somebody else to decide.”

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20 Comments for Roger Federer Admits He’s “Rattled At Times” By His Inconsistent Level Of Play

skeezer Says:

““But obviously it’s been a tough season overall. So I guess I’m just rattled at times, you know, with my level of play consistently.”

Well as a Fed fan it is good to see Fed own up to his play nowadays instead of “in denial”. Now maybe he can start the rebuilding process in his mind, if he desires to try to give 2014 a run to the top.
Confidence is a fickle thing. When you have it you almost feel invincible, but when you don’t have it you can feel lost and totally insecure.

Allez Fed!

Indoors will always have its season, no worries. Variety is one of Tennis’s most exciting differences than other sports. What was the basis for Rafa’s opinion on the matter anyway? Pffft.

Rumble Says:

What “information” is he looking for – he keeps on saying, recently, that his matches are giving him “information”. Come on, after playing over 1100 matches, he doesn’t need more information. The only information he needs to really recognize is “32” – his AGE.

Delusion. Can get to the best of us.

He will probably reach the semi, since he SHOULD beat Gasquet, and a tired Delpo. After that, being second in the group, he would likely face Nadal, which he might just win, and then lose the final again to Djokovic.

This is the most optimistic scenario for Fed.

The pessimistic scenario is 0-3 in the RR stage. It could happen!

andrea Says:

it is nice to finally hear some honest assessment from federer. i was wondering how long he could keep going on without addressing the elephants in the room – his confidence and his age.

surprising that he still seems to think he can pull out all these wins, against guys years younger and in their prime. i mean, he’s giving them some grief and he can still play, but just not as efficient and lethal.

looks like nadal will wrap things up against stan. that will be a good win for rafa. be nice to see him finally get to the last stages of the tournament.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

andrea, I believe last year be defeated Novak convincingly in the Cincinatti finals. He was probably a FH away from wrapping up the 1st set. He lacks stamina in longer matches, may be more to the less stress he might have had to put on his training programs because of back issue.

A fully fit Roger should not have a problem in 3-setters, Yeah, 5-setters are a different story.

Jack Lewis Says:

People actually think that what federer says in conferences are a reflection of what he really thinks deep down? Really??? I’ve got some used cars to sell.

serve-voly Says:

Fed, I belive that you are playing better. Play more and you will be more consistent. Work on half-voly :)

serve-voly Says:

^^Just work on voly.

Slice Tennis Says:

Hahaha, I got all my predictions right.

I am the GOAT of predictions !!!

madmax Says:

Okay Roger. Good job. Just beat your next two opponents and see where your tennis is from then on.

courbon Says:

@ Slice Tennis:

We going to have another GOAT debate! Brando and James predict very well and not to mention mighty Jamie.Do you want to call yourself GOAT? Are you sure you want to start another ‘GOAT’ debate?(-:

hawkeye Says:

Doubt Fedfan will get a chance to check Tennis-X today madmax. Maybe you can text him.

Hope this helps!!!

courbon Says:

@ skeezer: Agree with you.He is talking honest now and that’s cool.My opnion is he should play if he still enjoy’s it.He will stop when he is getting rattled all the time and enjoyment is gone. Slice Tennis is right about money also playing a part in his decision to continue playing.Thats OK also, why not…

Slice Tennis Says:

Yes I am the GOAT as long as there is no Bull around here. Else I may end up crying infront of everyone then. God its killing me !!!

Okiegal Says:

Give the guy a break… many times did you see the old Fed dump first serves into the net, not be able to pull out an ace when needed…’s his back……He has lost confidence. He can still play some good tennis but what was reliable in his game before he can’t depend on now. I think he needs to take 3 or 4 months off and get well. He is just not playing like I know he can…..because of his back. I am a Rafa fan but wish people would not be so hard on Roger. I sometimes wonder if the players read what is said about them on all of these forums…..if so….what they read could definitely play on their minds. Yeah, let’s don’t kick the dog when he is already down….just saying. BTW I don’t think age is the problem.

Michael Says:

If there was a day, Roger could get the better of Novak. This was it. Novak was playing well below par and was making a lot of errors on both the flanks, but unfortunately Roger could’nt take full advantage of it as his wavering consistency let him down in important moments of the match and he fluttered. In the first set at 4 all, with Novak serving when he made those two double faults and Roger had that break point, he just had a simple shot to put it across to get the break, but he misfired and that was it. He lost the first and scraped through in the second, but the stamina factor let him down in the third. The silver lining here is that Roger still can qualify for the Semi finals if he can win his remaining matches and I hope he does. It has been a disastrous year for him probably the worst in his glorious career which should be marked in red. If Roger has to win, it has to be in straight sets.

I Love Tennis Says:

Okiegal, thank you for your nice post, indeed people are so hard on Roger. At age 32 he’s still a top 6 player. 2013 is the worst year for him, but come 2014 who knows what will happen, he can have a comeback of his own, wish he could win one more slam, but if not just winning some tournaments will be great.

metan Says:

Michael, agree with you. If Roger wants to win it has to be in straight sets. Good luck for him versus Richard today! I hope he could pull it.

Okiegal Says:


You are so welcome….appreciate you responding. These great tennis players give us so much enjoyment…..I can’t stand it when people say negative things about any of them. Poor Andy Murray had to deal with the British newspapers crucifying him…..I think it is sad…..just saying….rants over.

Vamos Rafa, wishes for a great 2014 and stay healthy!!!

hawkeye Says:

Top 7. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

madmax Says:

hawkeye, when you were 32 (do you remember the day?), now that you are a pipe smoking, rocking chair slippered old Elmer Fudd, did you ever run around a tennis court as nimble and nifty as the mighty fed?

When you put your teeth back in at night, can you remember how you used to smile at the ‘good old days’,or used to smile even?

When you check on the way you comb your hair, (that was before you became bald), do you remember what colour your hair was?

Do you remember anything positive in your life?

Federer may not be the player he was, but the flashes of his brilliance still spell bind his fans the world over.

There are a few things he has to do to tighten his game, and I believe he will.

Expert “If Federer can be a bit more disciplined mentally and cut out the unforced errors, he can cause trouble for anyone. When you reflect on his past decades, he has made the sport look ridiculously easy.

“When it is not going so right for him, he needs to go back to basics. He has the best forehand in the game and needs to use it and when he does that in training it will come in his game and make life difficult for his opponent.”

Top story: Muguruza Outlasts Sabalenka In Doha; Azarenka v Svitolina Thurs.