Roger Federer: Losing To Tommy Robredo At The US Open Was “Complete Horror” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 24th, 2013, 11:29 am

In an extended sitdown interview with Steffi Buchli on SRF 2’s “SportLounge” earlier this week, Roger Federer expanded on his season and the state of his game.

Federer discusses the amicable end of his relationship with coach Paul Annacone. Now 32, Roger sounds content just going forward with Swiss Davis Cup coach Severin Luthi.

Federer also spoke candidly about his shock loss to Tommy Robredo at the US Open. Federer admitted that at match point he was relived it was over. But the real “horror” of the loss came with the handshake, packing his bags then the shower.

Roger says his bad year is to blame on inconsistent play, poor scheduling (he admits he shouldn’t have played Hamburg or Gstaad) and some injury issues that have hindered his ability to practice.

But, he says, he’s an optimist and he’s played good in some moments which is positive.

He went on to say that slower courts are not an issue for his game nor does his family commitments take away from his play.

Speaking of his family, Federer admits that his twin 4-year-old girls aren’t into tennis. He says they prefer swimming and he’ll of course support them in whatever sport they choose.

On the topic Davis Cup, Federer says he just cannot make it his top priority right now. Because if he does it would take away from his ranking goal of being No. 1.

On the court this week, Federer is bidding to reach London. He’s in 7th place at the moment and on Friday in quarterfinals Basel he’ll play the Grigor Dimitrov-Alexandr Dolgoplov winner.

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41 Comments for Roger Federer: Losing To Tommy Robredo At The US Open Was “Complete Horror” [Video]

Sirius Says:

Wow! He still has some thoughts about the #1 spot!

Let’s see what happens in 2014

Perfect fan Says:

Great interview….good to hear that fed is setting goals ahead.

BTW, Roger looking cooooool in dat red jacket ;)

SG1 Says:

Roger is in denial if he believes that family life doesn’t affect tennis life.

I’m surprised to hear him say his goal is to be No.1 again. Why bother stating something like that? Why not just say that that he’s looking forward to a much better year in 2014? Saying you’re going to better or that your goal is to be number 1 has to be based on something believable for the statement to even be credible. Federer wasn’t a major factor at any of the majors or Masters 1000 events.

He’s gonna’ take a few weeks off and come back ready to challenge for No.1 again? I’m not saying he definitively can’t, but come on guy. Don’t say it, just do it (like your sponsor says).

Jack Lewis Says:

“Why bother stating something like that? ”
Because Roger thinks differently than you do, weird huh?

“Roger is in denial if he believes that family life doesn’t affect tennis life.”

He would have to be some sort of jerk to blame his bad year and fading form as he ages on his family. Anyway it’s not like he got to number one while having a family… right?

Brando Says:

I know I’m going to get heckled for thinking as such but I have to say……. I think Fed’s being deluded. The guy is shifting the blame, cause of bad results to anything other than the absolute cause of it: his declining game. The guy needs to recognize how ageing is affecting his game, and adapt appropriately to it in order to make the most of his time left on tour rather than blaming schedules etc for his issues. Him mentioning the #1 ranking does not suggest someone with real ambition but rather a 32 year old player who’s trying to hold on to thought of being a major force on tour when really he’s a fast fading player who needs to get a grip on his game to stop the rot he’s in. Fed: Forget the number 1 ranking, sharpen your game and target a slam. Your 32, you barely won a 250 title this year, can no longer be considered a cert to win against most top 20 players and sounding crazy talking like it’s still 2007 and good times are around the corner!

Giles Says:

He just will not face reality and keeps living in the past. He can’t accept that he is way past his prime. Come on fed carry on playing but please don’t be delusional about your chances of being #1 ever again!

lupo Says:

Has this video been taken off line? I’m getting a “This video is private” message.

Okiegal Says:

Maybe he’s thinking…….if Rafa can do it, why can’t I??? I think he should have taken a few months off and get his back in better shape. I believe it’s more back than age. Having said that, I do realize that our bodies are affected by age……but he isn’t that old.

Vamos, Rafa and good luck to both of you guys. Love to watch you and Rog play the game. By the way…MAJOR RAFA FAN here who respects Roger very much.

Patson Says:

There is nothing wrong in stating that. Afterall, he got that #1 spot a year ago. Sure he might need some things to go in his favor for that to happen. I for one don’t see anything wrong in stating a goal such as getting back to the number 1 spot. Besides, he’s making sure people keep watching his matches. I actually think it’s a smart move. It’s not totally impossible either. A lot depends on how he fares in Wimbledon next year. Assuming Djokovic, Rafa, Murray and DelPo share the glory next year, he might be able to get enough points by frequent semi-final appearances in the pre-Wimbledon season and a couple of title wins in the post-Wimbledon season.

He’d probably have to win Wimbledon, WTF and Cincinnati and frequent semi-final appearances like in 2012. Tough, pretty tough, but not impossible.

misty Says:

Conners, Agassi and Sampras played well into their thirties and had some surprising results so why not Roger? Maybe no. one a bit far fetched but who knows.

Giles Says:

He is being contradictory here. Didn’t he say in one of his recent interviews that he didn’t care about his ranking?

James Says:

Well, if Fed can have a good 2014, and Nadal and Djokovic a not so great one, it’s possible for Roger to regain the #1 ranking. He won’t be defending a lot of points next year. Having said that, I doubt he will get the top spot again.

2014 will be another Nadal-Djokovic war for surpremacy with Murray trying to make a statement of his own. Then, I think we will soon see the rise of another player, not a member of the current big four. Not Delpo, sorry. Someone new.

hawkeye Says:

You know what? The one thing I know about tennis is that you can’t predict the next year based on the past year.

Sirius Says:

@Giles, he said that he doesn’t care about his ranking if he is not the no. 1.
He has been saying it since losing the top spot for the first time in 2008.

serve-voly Says:

He must win Basel or I will lose faith in his comeback. This Basel should be easy for him because he has good game against delpo.

Klaas Says:

Well, now we can make a good guess for 1 important reaon for the split between Federer and Annacone: they almost certainly disagreed on which goals to set for the coming years.

Saba Sheikh Says:

Ranking goal of no. 1?? I thought he was done thinking about it. He has said repeatedly this year that rankings don’t matter to him anymore.

pogi Says:

will you leave the man alone…

everybody has his own goals… and also, is it impossible for him to go back to #1? no… he already did that last year…

so all you naysayers… shut up!!!

skeezer Says:

Whats wrong with wanting #1 back as a goal? A lofty one for sure, but what do we all expect the GOAT to say if he wants to compete, “my goal is to be #100?” If thats what motivates him to continue to compete(#1) at a high level, so be it. Every top player has there own belief and confidence system in there mind. Its obvious fed has to first believe he can still do great things. Go for it Fed and best of luck!

Perfect fan Says:

@ skeezer: “bingo”….fantastic post :)

Perfect fan Says:

Well, before 2012….when fed said he wants to be no. 1 and possibly better Sampras record, people were rolling with laughter….said fed is hallucinating, is unrealistic, impractical and so on….all those pretty vanished post mid 2012.

I m not trying to justify here that fed will repeat that in ’14 also…..rather I myself will be amazed if he does that. But all I m saying is its not that difficult either….given the minimal points to defend next year. It all boils down to his health per se. If he stays fresh, schedule well….i think he’s got a shot to it but yeah….may not hold on to it for long.

But all said, i’ll be more than happy if he jus try for it, doesn’t matter he get it or not….but wins a couple masters, possibly a slam….but most importantly, keep playing healthy :)

Kimberly Says:

If Rafa had said last January it was his goal to be number one I would have thought him delusional. So u never know what can happen.

Sirius Says:

Fed should play all the masters next year. He lost the opportunity to compete for 3000 points in miami, mc and canada. Had he played them, i think he’d have qualified a lot earlier for the WTF.

Btw, anyone know when his 2014 season schedule comes out?

Steve 27 Says:

Father time spares no one

Giles Says:

Isn’t it funny how the fed fans have in the past praised fed for his immaculate scheduling. And now people like @Sirius are suggesting that fed should play ALL the Masters as if they know what is best for fed. Fed took a lot of time off between tourneys this year, I guess to rest his ailing back. What makes you think it will be any different next year??

Steve 27 Says:


Giles Says:

@Steve 27. What’s SNL?

Giles Says:

Steve 27. Hahaha too funny! Thanks for that.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Pretty candid interview from Roger,he has nothing left to prove as a tennis player anymore,he still enjoys the game as much as ever,its fantastic that although hes had a dreadfull year he still remains positive,best of luck for 2014 Roger,hopefully he,ll win Basel and also qualify for the WTFs.

hawkeye Says:

TMF already said he shouldn’t have played IW (just before Miami) and the post Wimby clay tournaments so I don’t think that Miami and Canada were a good option for TMF to go deep.

Sirius Says:


when did u see me posting about rogers SMART scheduling?? I never claimed they were smart nor said the opposite. And i also did not claim that i KNOW whats best for him. I just posted here what I THINK he should do. And as far as i know people can share their opinions here, whether they are right or wrong

hawkeye Says:

Not always.

Sirius Says:

^then you better keep it in ur mind

hawkeye Says:

^badge of honour

SG1 Says:

Of course Fed can say whatever he wants. He’s a free man with an awful lot of power. Self-confidence is great too. But, he hasn’t delivered this year. Does he need to say “I want to compete for No.1 next year” thing to convince us or himself? When you have a really challenging goal, isn’t better to achieve the goal than talk about it? His words and actions don’t equate right now. If he wants to convince people (and even himself), he’ll need to let his racket do the talking. And what if he has another disastrous year (by his standards anyway)? He just looks like another out of touch athlete who’s in denial regarding his age. What does he get of saying his goal is to be No.1 again? I don’t get it.

SG1 Says:

In the polarized world of professional sport, if you fail to reach a goal you’ve set for yourself and others know about it, it results in ridicule.

As for Fed and his family, I had never indicated Federer blames his family for losing more matches. Federer and Mirka chose to have a family. My point is that good families have parents that are engaged with their kids. How can Federer be a great parent without at least to some degree, losing a bit on the tennis court? It’s all normal. He’s grown man with responsibilities more important than tennis. And his tennis contemporaries (Murray, Novak, Rafa) are incredibly talented. Any little loss of focus and you’re losing to guys you used to beat.

hawkeye Says:

Tough draw for TMF in Bercy.

Plays winner of Youzhny/Anderson in first match. In Delpo’s quarter and Nole’s half!

Cupcake draw for Rafa.

hawkeye Says:

Wow. Roddick on the senior tour with Sampras, Mac and Courier?

Should be a minimum age of 35 (if not 40).

courbon Says:

@ Hawkeye:I just seen Novak draw and his chances are not great.he’s got all the guys that he has problem with.Potential is going to be with Isner, then wawrinka and then Delpotro just to get to final….Tough.
Nadal should go easy to final.
Federer? Very slim chance to get to final-to pas hass, Delpo and Novak?I just don’t see it.And yes, to beat Nadal in the final also….

hawkeye Says:

Yep. Tough draw for Nole too.

Not really any cupcake draw for Rafa on a fast indoor court (JJ, Gulbis, Tsonga, Raonic could trip him up) but couldn’t have asked for much more. That said, Nadal will have to work to make the final on any indoor court at this level.

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