Poll: Will Roger Federer Win Another Grand Slam?
by Sean Randall | September 3rd, 2013, 11:20 am

It’s just not getting any easier for Roger Federer. The 17-time Slam winner capped a summer filled with awfulness losing last night to Tommy Robredo in straight sets. Fed has never lost to Tommy in 10 previous meetings, but was unable to handle what the Spaniard offered, which amounted to not much.

Robredo played well, kept the ball in play and waited for the 32-year-old Federer to implode. And Roger did just that, again.

Federer ends his 2013 Grand Slam season without a final and really without much in the way of positivity. He did beat JW Tsonga in Australia before losing in the semifinals to Andy Murray, but since then it’s been one disappointment after another. Tsonga avenged that loss in the quarters at the French, then the shock loss to Sergiy Stakhovsky in the Wimbledon second round followed by last night’s error-strewn performance.

I thought Roger would lose to a Spaniard this week, I just didn’t think it would be Robredo.

So where does Roger go from here?

Well, he still has the Final 8 in London if he needs the motivation. And he’ll do better indoors, I would thing. Otherwise it’s a long four months until Australia where he’ll be likely fighting to stay in the Top 10. And based on what I’ve seen this summer – big racquet or small – I can’t see how he can win there or at any other Major.

Pete Sampras pulled one out of the hat at the US Open 11 years ago, much in part to scheduling, a great draw and that ever-present weapon in that dominant serve. At that time Pete really had just one rival, a rival who he could beat in Andre Agassi. For Federer, he doesn’t have one rival but almost a half dozen with Nadal, Murray, Djokovic, Del Potro and even Berdych and Tsonga who all would now be favored over the Swiss the next time they meet, especially in a best-of-5 situation.

That’s the harsh reality.

A half step slower, a failing back and now failing game. It’s already getting tough to watch. Seventeen is going to hold.

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187 Comments for Poll: Will Roger Federer Win Another Grand Slam?

Slice Tennis Says:

The question should be “Will Roger Federer Win Another ATP 250”

Brando Says:

Right now ONLY Fed and Sienna actually think 20 slams is on.

I’ll leave it at that.

The rest of us though:

Just do not see him winning one at all!

History lesson:

– Fact 1: Roger Federer is 32 years old.

– Fact 2: In the last 40 years, from January 1973 ONLY ONCE, I repeat: just ONCE have we seen a grand slam winner age 32 plus.

That’s it.

And look how it was an incident that happened:

– A Andre Agassi aged 32 year’s 8 months.

– It was the AO: his best slam.

– It was a rather unstable period in tennis post Sampras, pre Federer dominance. A vacuum at the top if you will accept such a notion.

– It was ARGUABLY the biggest cakewalk draw to winning a slam:

– Final: Schuttler- unseeded

– SF: Ferreira- unseeded

– QF: Grosjean- seed no. 12

– 4th: COria – unseeded, RETIRED HURT

– 3rd: Escude – Unseeded

– 2nd: Lee – unseeded

– 1st: Vahaly – unsseded

LMFAO: just ONE seeded player he met all event and that too was the world no. 12 at the time!

ROFL: that is as clear a one off as it ever gets!

So: barring this FLUKE, one off incident it’s clear that:

age 32 plus in men singles from 1973 = no more slam wins!

Can you HONESTLY see Fed having a GS slam where:

– He does not play one of Nadal, Djokovic or Murray?

– That he also does not play one of Berdych, Tsonga or Del Potro?

I for one do not at all!

The top 3 are immensely consistent: and they are NOT the only one’s to trouble Fed right now!


His best and ONLY plausible chance is Wimbledon or US Open. That’s it.

IF he does not win either next year then that’s it for him IMO.

He won’t win going age 34 in 2015.

AO and FO are far too slow, favor the grinders too much and will exhaust Fed by the time he gets to the final: IF such a miracle were to occur.

To put it simply:

I have a great respect for him as a player, but in response to question of whether he wins a slam ever again my answer is a clear, honest and unequivocal:


Wimby 2012 was his Sampras US Open moment. He just did not realize it at the time!

Polo Says:

To Slice Tennis: Ouch!

I agree, the circumstance around Sampras was more favorable compared with Federer’s because of the other players mentioned by Sean who are standing in his way for another major win. Very bleak outlook, indeed. Federer should really reassess if he does not even make it to the year-end championship this year. I would like to see him leave on a warm note. It still feels warm right now. But a few more losses like last night’s can turn it into a sour goodbye.

Brando Says:

‘ But a few more losses like last night’s can turn it into a sour goodbye.’:


I’m not a fan of the guy, but I recognize his genius, what he has given to the sport and I want him to go out on a high note.

He needs to realistically define what that is for him.


I think he should plan one last assault on Wimbledon, see if he can win it one more time and then call it quits.

Now if he cannot get a slam win- I personally do not see it happening for him- then I guess WTF is the next best thing.

This year- realistically is his last shot at that since in the 2014 WTF:

– he’ll be age 33.

– and will he even qualify by then?

So for me I guess this year’s WTF and next year’s Wimby are his best shot at one last hurrah.

IF neither happens for him then I hate to say it but: it’s more than likely going to be a sour, he stayed on for too long, Ali style goodbye! :-(

skeezer Says:

^agree Polo.

I think Fed could maybe kinda hopeful get another Slam, but that would be it. 20 Slams? No way Jose.

And for sure don’t want to see him lose matches like that anymore. And one more thing, lose the custom Fed designed Fed shoes, Fed jackets, Fed sweaters. Go back to wearing basic Nike stuff. Go back to the Challenger circuit and re learn what it is like to grind, gut, and get through the hard yards. If you can’t play like a King you aren’t one anymore, go back to the bottom, maybe then your’ll get back to the top.

Polo Says:

skeezer, funny thing but when my wife saw him walk into the court, she said, “He’s going to lose with those weird pink sneakers that don’t match his shirt and pants.” When he lost the second set, I kept screaming at him on the TV, “Change those darned shoes!”

Slice Tennis Says:

I am not really finding any sense in declaring Federer as deluded and demanding his retirement.

C’mon why should he retire ??
His income THIS YEAR IS year more than that of Rafa, Nole and Murray COMBINED.

Federer is by no means deluded. He is intelligent enough to understand that he is slumping. But with some positive pep talks he is able to keep his fans and sponsors in a deluded state and make loads of money.

Federer is doing great with what he wants to do.

He played great tennis in his prime, set a lot of unbelievable records and became the GOAT.

He is now just using that to milk some more money and also enjoy the adulation around the world by continuing to play the game he loves the most.

What next for him after this devastating loss ?

1. Take some time off to enjoy with his family and friends.
2. Have some gentle practice sessions before the next tournament.
3. Make some statements like “I feel physically and mentally great”, “I am back to my best and I am here to win” before the start of the tournament.
4. Gather the attention of his fans and get them excited for the sake of his sponsors.
5. Play some attractive tennis against rank outsiders and get his fans even more excited with some more pep talks.
6. Get thumped by someone who plays decent tennis.
7. Give an excuse and/or play down the loss.
8. Repeat points 1 to 7.


Slice Tennis Says:

What next for his fans after this loss ?

1. Totally dejected, completely down and lose interest in tennis and life.
2. Accuse Federer that he is deluded and not as good as he thinks. Advice him what to do next.
3. Go back to Rafa bashing and supporting Nole for the rest of the torunament.
4. Continue Rafa bashing irrespective of whoever wins the tournament.
5. Follow the statements of Federer.
6. Get interested in Federer and tennis just in time for the next tournament.
7. Fall for the pep talks of Federer and the hyped up articles paid by his sponsors.
8. Get the GOAT discussions up and running in those internet forums.
9. Genuinely think that Federer has overcome the bad form and start following him with maximum interest.
10. Get even more excited when he steam rolls the early round opponents.
11. Genuinely believe that Federer is going to beat the likes of Rafa, Nole, etc.
12. When he gets outclassed by decent opponents go back to step 1.

Life goes on……..

TGIT Says:

1. Fed must play a full schedule. He allowed himself into being fooled by a lighter schedule by the rules of the ATP for “older” players. I think that is a nice way for “older” players to retire. If he wants to win than stay with your competition. There is nothing better than match play and a full schedule. He is not grinder and his game must be tuned to be “on.”
2. He played with no coach now he has three. (you know who I mean) Get rid of Annacone. Fed is stumbling in his brain not his body. You could almost feel him thinking do I come up or stay back? Again, more match play lets this be natural not forced. How many love 40 breaks did he give away. Attacking tennis is over. All the competition needs is a big racket and great strings and they will get the ball back. Defense is the offense. Which brings me to…
3. End the year and test a new racket. You need to catch up to the norm. You were hitting balls 6 feet out with your racket. Worse than Gaastad.

For all you Fed haters remember last year he won 9 tournaments, Wimbledon and got back to #1. The game did not leave him behind he let the game get away from him with a light schedule and major $$ income from his Brazil tour. He cashed in this year and it showed. The rest of the tour is too good to think you can jump back in with the kind of game Fed uses.

Perfect fan Says:

Well! It is really painful to say the least that fed is losing matches like the one last night…..what a terrible terrible play! I am sure most fed fans would have disturbing moments for quite some time after witnessing that match……. :(

It was really a heart wrenching sight for all fed fans….
– his ‘bread-n-butter’ forehand has deserted him big time….
– his backhand is definitely a liability for him now and the free pass for the top players to get through him….
– his serve (his saviour for years during tough moments) has gone down drastically
– his second serve (at one time the best ever) is a dolly for players now
– his return game has become a joke
– his movement seems like that of a injured guy (definitely gone down 1 or 2 notches)
– Most importantly, he doesn’t seem hungry for titles (no matter what he says in pressers)

But all said, whether or not to keep playing is solely his decision to make..it is his right and we should respect that. Nobody could think better for his future than he himself.

So lets enjoy so long he graces the courts..coz one thing is for sure…..

“Once he goes thru those exit doors waving his hand to the fans for that last time,
tennis won’t be the same ever.”

Peter Says:

Lots of negativity here.

He knew Wimbleton 2012 might have been his last slam win. He said as much during the post-match interviews, if you were paying attention. Federer is often stubborn short-term but clear-eyed and rational long-term.

Agassi won a slam at 32 a few short years ago, and that’s the age Roger is now. Let’s not forget he was beaten by a 31 year old (Robredo), Hewitt is his age and making a deep run, and Haas, several years old, also made a deep run.

What you guys keep on forgetting to mention is Federer is not Haas, Hewitt, or Agassi. He’s better.

Why do you not take this into account?

He gave the best hard-court player in the world right now (Nadal) a run for his money a few short weeks ago.

I’d say he needs to recharge, do something drastic in his training regimen (more for a mental shift than anything – go gluten-free, train in a different way, whatever, almost doesn’t matter), and go from there.

He might not win another slam, but I don’t think it’s an impossibility. Only those who do not achieve think in those terms.

andrea Says:

haven’t watched the matched, but don’t know if i want to after reading all the comments. and to hear roger say he ‘self destructed’ is pretty candid from a guy who would never have admitted anything of this sort a couple of years ago.

he still has chances at best of 3 events if he has a decent draw and no health issues, but as a long time fan, i don’t believe he’ll win another GS. the top guys can grind out long brutal matches. fed doesn’t have the side to side movement anymore to sustain that kind of play in back to back matches. he wants to get points over quickly so he presses and starts to miss. add to that mental frailty and it’s not a good situation.

andrea Says:

oops ‘match’

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Roger can absolutely get another slam. He can’t beat Nadal for sure. But I would give him chance against any other player.

there were many stages post 2008 where Roger played similar tennis to what he is doing now I remember some losses in 2008 and in 2010 which were pretty bad for his standards. But he was able to come back strong after them. I believe he would do the same again. I’m sure he still has two good seasons left before he calls it quits.

TGIT Says:


Remeber when he smashed his racket against Djoko in Miami? The smashed heard round the world. He has got the game but he needs to commit. He should stop being the president of tennis and get busy with new ideas.

Ben Pronin Says:

Brando, what is the deal with putting a space after every sentence?





Brando Says:

ok Ben: i gotcha!

Ben Pronin Says:

Anyone watching Hewitt-Youzhny? They’re putting on quite a show. US Open feed keeps cutting out but from what I’ve caught it’s some pretty good stuff. It’s crazy how Youzhny keeps making this random runs at the US Open.

josh Says:

I really can’t believe people think Roger can win another slam. The top guys are too good, Roger can no longer keep up with them. He doesn’t have that one aspect of his game that can give him an edge on those guys, like Sampras and his serve.

Sorry for all the Roger fans, but it’s over.

courbon Says:

Youzny-Hewit is great match.If Youzny goes through, it will be first serious test for Novak.It could be even tonight tested?

courbon Says:











Its your trademark (with the Caps Locks on)!!!

James Says:

Will Federer win one more slam? It will depend on his fitness (he needs to be fitter) and consistency. But more than anything else it will depend on how well the Nadals, Djokovics, Murrays play. If the top 3 keep performing well consistently, it’s curtains on Fed’s chance to add another slam. For Fed to win another slam, he needs Nadal, Djokovic and Murray to be in poor form. Not impossible but highly unlikely.

sienna Says:

Only roger knows what happened this year.

Semi against delpo was the last time i truly saw the TMF and what a match it was.

Now he needs to rest and get fit. Try to get as fit as last year and assert himself for the garros wimbly next year…..

Easy going and donot get unbalanced by doubts or other mischieves.

Please, please, please play rotterdam again!!!!!

courbon Says:

Novak backhand is just terrible…What happened to best backhand in tennis?

courbon Says:

…but Novak net game is fantastic!

Pitchaboy Says:

He will drop below top ten and will run into Nadal in third round. Done winning anything important.

courbon Says:

and Novak serves bagel…

the DA Says:

Very interesting article about Nole’s hiring of Fibak. It states that the aim was to act as a counterbalance to Lendl on Andy’s team. I guess his old coach would know his methods/thinking best. Intriguing strategy by Nole.


(It’s translated from the original in L’équipe)

courbon Says:

@ DA: Thanx-Its very interesting article and confirms what I’v been saying for some time now-Novak has too many distractions in his life.
His destruction of Grannoles gives me bit of confidence-two bagel, not bad day at office…

SG1 Says:

No, he won’t.

mat4 Says:

@the DA:

Thanks for this interesting article.

Nina Says:

Nole is BACK.

James Says:

^^ easy, was Granollers who I think of more as a doubles specialist. Next match will tell where Nole really is. Youzhny seems to be playing well and is 3-5 against Novak.
Then there’s Murray who straight setted Djokovic in Wimbledon final.
Keep posting though, nice to ‘see’ more Nola fans posting.

James Says:

*Nole fans

Brando Says:

‘Nole is BACK.’: LMFAO and then ROFL: is he now? Because he beat Granollers? LOL: sure. I guess the dressing room is REALLY trembling with fear because he beat…… Granollers. Nina: over reacting much? Or just being a extreme fangirl?

James Says:

Nole won 13 straight games! That’s very impressive regardless of who his opponent was.

But of course this doesn’t mean he’ll easily beat the top players. I’m not sure Youzhny fears Djokovic much. He’s gonna come hard at him. Then there’s Murray who I think is gonna remind us why he’s the defending champ.

Brando Says:


He beat Goffin at 6 2 60.

Next match he lost to Isner at Cincy.

Morale of the story: him spanking the minnows has close to zero correlation to the big boys!

In fact:

IMHO it is stupid and naive to over react to his beating Granollers.

Him finding his mojo supposedely against Granollers is like: WTF?

Is THAT the measuring yard stick of his game?

Whether or not he could beat cup cake opponents?

LMFAO: get real!

It’s bit like Rafa on clay or Muzza on grass: just because they spank joe nobody doesn’t mean the big boys trembling in their boots!

Let’s just get real and keep it like it is: He whupped a player he was expected to do so. So he beat him 6 3 6 0 60.

Well guess what? He always spanks the minnows on outdoor HC.

Look at him this year:

– IW: He beat Querrey 7 6 6 0, Tsonga 6 3 6 1: then what happened?

– Miami: He beat Rosol 6 1 6 0: the what happened?

– Montreal: He beat Mayer 6 2 6 1, then Gasquet 6 1 6 2: then what happened?

– Cincy: Pre QF his last 3 sets were- 6 2 6 0 6 0: then what happened?

So excuse me for not over reacting or thinking much at all of a elite HC player beating weak minnows i this fashion.

Maybe I don’t get the game but for some reason: i highly doubt even Nole thinks he is BACK because of such a result.

LMFAO: it’s laughable that people suggestively have the bar so low for him!


mat4 Says:

Djokovic played the last two matches very well, despite the feeble performance of his opponents, especially Granollers, who played without legs after three five setters (I think that Sousa played much better than the result make it think).

His forehand is especially working well. It is much better than it was in Indian Wells, e.g., but IW is slower. The BH is not as good as it was two years ago, but it can change.

The serve, despite the excellent result today, lacks the usual precision, although Novak mixes his spots very well.

He has improved his transition game a lot.

I don’t think he will have problems against Youzhny.

But it is obvious that the losses in RG the last two years, especially this year, have destroyed a part of his confidence, which is the key element for winning a slam.

I just hope he will continue to play well, and if somebody plays better, so be it.

queen Says:

That’s how u grow false confidence by beating a bunch of nobodies. Down deep Djok knows that he has not accomplished anything yet except a few training sessions. Get him Andy. Make him cry. Lol

Steve 27 Says:

No, he won already his last gs in Wimbledon 2012. He is done and thats it.

mat4 Says:


Could you be a little bit too nervous about the prospect of Novak regaining his top level?

I don’t think he is there yet, but he seems to be on the right way, and in the post match interview, he said himself that he played an excellent match. Vajda also thinks that Novak hasn’t play that well in the last 1 and a half year. I believe that they both overreact, but, who knows, they perhaps know something more than I do.

As a Novak fan, I was satisfied the way he played his last two matches, the way his FH worked, by his consistency and aggressiveness.

sheila Says:

I like what chris Everett, jim courier & Darren cahill said. they all feel Federer needs to switch to a bigger racquet head which provides the power rather than him using the small head which he has to get all the power going. he needs to get more muscle up top, according to chris Everett & she also feels that Federer now needs to play more like a grinder. he loses his patience, goes for big shots at wrong time & these grinders get the shots back. courier also said that it is not panic time for Federer yet. he feels people are over analyzing this & that he will come back, but he also feels that Federer needs to change to a bigger racquet head. he doesn’t take advantage of the technology w/bigger racquet head & strings. he’s old school & he needs to stop being so obstinate. i’m hoping he makes a better run in 2014. Darren cahill also said Federer does not have a goal like he did in 2012 which was breaking sampras’ #1 run. Federer’s goal, imho, should be to make sure that nadal doesn’t exceed his 17 slam record, which looks very likely at this point. that alone should give him incentive. 2014 will definitely show all of us if Federer still has something to prove. i for one, hope he bounces back, better than ever

mat4 Says:

… I was happy the way the played…

Steve 27 Says:

Granollers is not a spanish player, he is catalan. He has no heart, he has no spirit, he has a poor mentality. He is simply an average tenis player.

Brando Says:

‘I just hope he will continue to play well, and if somebody plays better, so be it.’:

A level headed opinion from a level headed fan.

This is my non fan take on Novak Djokovic:

Yes: his losses at RG and Wimby must have hurt him. But guess what? Which top player worthy of a big reputation is not stinged by a GS loss?

They all are!

It’s no big deal at all: especially to whom he lost.

I am a fan of both but if you ask the tennis community- experts or former players:

– Is Nadal better than Djokovic on clay? I think they might say yes. Maybe even Novak will.


– Is Murray better than Djokovic on grass? Again for some reason I think they might say yes. And again: even Novak might do the same.

So the idea that he is beating himself up over losing to such players is just plain silly to me.

NEWSFLASH: He is over those losses just as the winners are over their winning those events. People move on. Period.

So he lost at Cincy? Big wow: when did he ever win there.

He lost to Rafa at Montreal: yet it was a close match. One that could either way. It happens.

IMHO the real reason why he’s not doing well is:

1. Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are both better players than they were in 2011.

2. Novak Djokovic MAY have not progressed and developed his game as much as the others have.

Maybe his game is somewhat stagnating a bit. 2011 was great but it’s 2013 now: life moves on and so must he. His opponent’s have moved on and improved their game: has he?

I’m not too sure- I don’t watch his matches closely so I cannot say so.

2011 right now seems a curse to him since that really is the ONLY year were he truly was ahead of the others Last year post USO he only had: AO, Miami and Montreal to claim as titles. Pretty much the same as this year.

So the ONLY time he was clearly the best in his career was a year that he himself has labelled: a fluke.

It’s tough for him to be expected to find that 2011 form since 2011 by the time he reached USO he has ONLY ONE loss in a completed match!

That’s just ridiculous.


He’s burdened by his fans, the media and probably himself in trying to recreate 2011 form when that inherently is a very, very silly demand of him.

But it’s understandable as to why folks do that: since that was the ONLY year he was truly king of the fold.

Hence my theory of him being burdened with this unrealistic expectation.

How many Roger Federer fans are expecting 2006 form? Or Rafael Nadal fans expecting 2010 form? This that’s what his fans are demanding: a peak year repeat which is just quite bizarre!

mat4 Says:

@Steve 27:

That’s what I feel a bit too. Catalonia should have been a part of France. We could find some use for this poor, average little football club from Barcelona.


Brando Says:


– ‘Could you be a little bit too nervous about the prospect of Novak regaining his top level?’:

No more or less as a Andy Murray or a Roger Federer. Or for a Novak fan to be worried of a Nadal or Murray or Federer.

It’s just …. normal as it always has been: don’t care about his form and IF he plays my fav then I wish for his worst! :-)

LOL: the usual fan take!

– ‘Vajda also thinks that Novak hasn’t play that well in the last 1 and a half year. ‘:

Vajda is talking BS!

A year and half ago he was losing to Tipsy at WTF getting booted in RR stage! So immediately that’s just a stupid notion.

Secondly: he’s played a opponent outside the top 100, top 50 and top 40: what kind of a challenge is that?

He was ALWAYS going to kick their butts: good, bad or ugly form! It’s nothing more than a glorified hitting session for him: and his court time reflects that.

1Hr 30 mins: and he’s off! LOL!

Steve 27 Says:

mat4 so you compare a Granollers with Barcelona. Is priceless!. an individual sport with sports teams?
Come on, mat, you can do better than this.
It’s not detract from the performance of the Serbian, but you have to admit, it has not even played a top 40 so far. I do not think you feel safe by this “huge demonstration” against someone who has no weapons at all to hurt. It’s like comparing Serena against Suarez Navarro and djoker against Granollers.
Just two sidereal distances.

mat4 Says:


You are misquoting a bit my words. I didn’t mention Wimbledon, only RG, a goal he didn’t achieve.

I disagree with most of your points.

At that level, with such complete players, the improvements are tiny: a bit on the BH with Rafa, a bit on the FH with Murray. A bit on the transition game for Novak.

I see a lot of wishes to bury Novak, the way Rafa was almost buried two years ago, or the way Fed is regularly sent in retirement since 2010. But he is only 26. He still is the most consistent, injury free player among the top ten.

He has qualified for his 18th QF in a row, and will probably play his 14th semi in a row. And he still hasn’t lost to Murray or Nadal in this tournament. Let’s wait and see. Perhaps he can surprise us all.

mat4 Says:

@Steve 27:

I made a bit of fun of your incorrect and abusive post. Next time I shall report it for moderation, since it seems you don’t fully understand what you wrote.


You are indeed the king of misquotations and misrepresentation on this blog.

mat4 Says:

About 2011:

When you have so many so good players at the very top, it is clear that Novak’s results, that year, were not only the result of his game, but of other elements too: a bit of luck in the draw, good match-up against a specific top player, bad form of his opponents in certain matches, pure luck (in the semi of the USO), etc.

James Says:

@Brando, stop being such a fun spoiler! Novak is dismantling his opponents. And this is good for TX as it’s bringing in more Nole fans. Good news!

Nole said in his post match interview that he played some of his best tennis at Arthur Ashe in the match against Granollers. The guy is happy and confident. Watch out rivals!

The last time Nole said something similar was in Montreal when he played “close to perfection” to beat Gasquet easily in 2 sets. Then his match with Nadal….

Steve 27 Says:

matt4, whaT is wrong with you?
you can not accept an opinion and you get defensive and start to qualify someone. poor man, I notice that you have pain in the veins.
Adieu, poor soul.

James Says:

Oh @Steve, you didn’t get that joke from @Mat4. Harmless joke, mate. Take it easy, bru :)

And Granollers is Spanish and so are Nadal, Ferrer, Robredo and even those playing challengers tournies.

Steve 27 Says:

James, Marcel Granollers, is not a typical spanish tennis player, He is serve and volley, he has not has defensive qualities he does not possess or have much patience. But unlike Rafa, Ferrru and Tommy, he has no “balls”

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Steve 27 Says:
Granollers is not a spanish player, he is catalan. He has no heart, he has no spirit, he has a poor mentality. He is simply an average tenis player.

September 3rd, 2013 at 7:25 pm


You are either stupid or racist, more likely both !!

Wait a minute, haven’t you posted racist jokes before?

mat4 Says:

@Steve 27:

Marcel Granollers was ranked 19 in the world. He is an excellent player: to be 19th in the world is, in any field, a great success. He made the fourth round of the USO with a lot of heart and grit.

Today, he was very tired after three five setters, and didn’t play nowhere near his best. Nor he, nor the region of Spain where he is from didn’t deserve the words you wrote.

Steve 27 Says:

Double bagel from Serena against another spanish tennis player.

Steve 27 Says:

Bad Knee Rules, idiot, first your name is sarcastic and provocattive, then, who are you to insult someone
online, you didnt deserve any attention from my side, Calm down, and then, you can write a coherent sentence, By, asshole.

Steve 27 Says:

mat 4, you seem a very sensible man, I can not agree with you but I understand your position. period

Brando Says:



Novak is never one to shy away from making grand statement’s is he?

Brando Says:


Rather be a king of something than talk a load of nothing which is what ………:-)

Let’s agree to disagree:

though I pretty much agree completely with your 2011 break down.

Novak’s the king of HC so of course he’s can easily win this thing.

I for one do not believe in favorite’s: it’s a close to meaningless tag.

For me he has as much chance as Rafa or Muzza to win here.

The fact that:

1. He has dropped 0 sets.

2. Has a limousine ride to Super Saturday.

Make me think he’s the best bet right now.

Just my opinion.

Ben Pronin Says:

“‘Vajda also thinks that Novak hasn’t play that well in the last 1 and a half year. ‘:

Vajda is talking BS!”

Kinda how Toni is talking bs when he says Nadal has the most match wins while playing bad. Actually, no, that’s pure bs. Vajda is actually spot on.

Steve 27 Says:

Tio Tony knows more than Vajda. When his pupil can win 12 slams and counting, we talk…

The Great Davy Says:

I thought Djokovic could not eat granola…

Steve 27 Says:

Is Berdych a threat for the title or is simply an illusion again?

Steve 27 Says:

Hahha, good one Great Davy.

mat4 Says:

To make things clear: Novak was very lucky with his draw until now. Sousa played two fivesetters and eliminated two fine players before the third round; Granollers played three five setters in a row before this last match. Almost all the seeded players lost early: Fognini, Dimitrov, Del Potro, Haas… the same with some previously well ranked players: Dolgopolov, Melzer, etc. Finally, his opponent in the quarter, played two long, difficult matches in a row, so, yes, it is an excellent draw now.

But, nonetheless, I am very happy the way he played, especially against Sousa. He was very focused, returned well, his FH — a shot that he often has difficulties with — works well. Without it, he would have no chance to win this tournament. Now, I can hope, although it will be a very difficult task.

Brando Says:


You are laughably, predictably ridiculous.

ANYTIME anyone mentions a opinion regarding a matter of another player and within seconds you are here to chime in with some nonsense regarding Rafa.

What a child you are!

I won’t even bother with the Rafa reference, but i’ll stick to my Vajda take: he’s talking BS. Period.

And it’s a matter of fact:

– A year and half= 18 months. From this tourny that makes it….. around March 2012 time.

– Means a period where Novak played: Dubai, IW, MI, MC, MD, Rome, FO, Wimby, Olympics and won….. ONLY Miami!

Sure Vajda… a real peak period for Novak.

And all because he has beat a few journymen in the opening few rounds… sure Vajda.

I think he’s talking BS but if you feel different then I guess go ahead and lap it up!

Steve 27 Says:

Brando, Djokovic only plays great in Austrlia. Lol

mat4 Says:


I think that Rafa is the favourite, especially if he plays first on Saturday. Although Ferrer beat him here in 2007, and played quite well against Tipsarevic, I don’t see how he could lose their match, if it happens. Rafa plays well, although he made some unusual mistakes against Kohlschreiber.

When is the finale scheduled?

Steve 27 Says:

Ironic that doesnt matter how much the USTA tries to force a Roger vs Rafa matchup, it is not going to happen. They just hate it that they are the only GS where these two havent met.

It was no surprise for me that these two had to meet in the QF of Cincci… I bet TV sponsors were pushing it a lot so tv ratings will be great because by how roger is playing nowadays the best way to ensure a match between Roger and Rafa is in a QF.

Now when the draws were released i was not surprised once again to see Roger and Rafa in the same bracket to meet in theory in the QF. Another forced effort of media and the USTA…. they just cant stand it, no Roger vs Rafa ever in the US OPEN… no matter how hard they try to force it, it is not happening… lets see next year if another COINCIDENCE like this year happens again.

mat4 Says:


Please read the interview with Fibak. the DA gave the link above. You continue to misquote. That’s not what Vajda said.

Brando Says:


‘Vajda told me Novak hasn’t played at this level in 1½ years’:

From the above mentioned article.

You were saying about misquoting but I think you have fail to recognize the quote in reference yourself.

I am referring to Novak’s level 18 months ago.

I have clearly also mentioned that time period and stated my view’s on it.

End of chapter as far as I am concerned!

Ben Pronin Says:

Brando, you cannot be serious…

Brando Says:


With you I can never be serious ….p

James Says:

Brando Says:


Novak is never one to shy away from making grand statement’s is he?

September 3rd, 2013 at 8:23 pm

What do you mean, Brando? Like saying “I know the game plan” to beat Rafa at RG? Or saying he was playing better than in 2011 before being taken to 5 sets by Delpo, and then losing the final in straight sets to Muzza?

When Novak makes such bold statements, my take on it is that he’s trying to convince himself and the world that he’s at his absolute best or playing better than others. The guy may not really be feeling as confident as he says he is. When you’re really feeling confident and playing great, you may not feel the need to make such statements verbally. JMO.

Steve 27 Says:

Wow!. First set for Istomin

metan Says:

Istomin is cool, but Andy will grind him for next round for sure.

andrea Says:

istomin does hit hard enough or deep enough. if andy doesn’t pull this out in 4 i’d be surprised.

serena – the human steamroller.

andrea Says:

oops ‘doesn’t’.

Skeezer Says:

I also would appreciate you not using spaces of useless nothingless that take up wasted space in between every sentence.
It takes longer to scroll down

mat4 Says:

Meanwhile, Wawrinka won the third set against Berdych. I watched the TB, and it seems that they are both in fine form. Wawrinka especially played well the last few points.

mat4 Says:

I just found that great quote on tennis dot com:

“IBM Stat of the Match: Djokovic was nearly flawless on his first serve, winning 32 of 28 points.”

Skeezer Says:

A great great match so far. Wawrinka is showing Fed how to fight and play Birdsh!t …lol ;)

Skeezer Says:

And why do you have to use a male name…….dear? Just curious…

mat4 Says:


Wawa serves well and he is very aggressive. But I feel he’s going to blow that match somehow.

It is interesting that he plays his FH cross court very often.

Steve 27 Says:

What is wrong with Andy?
Playiong like that he will not get far

Skeezer Says:

“Kinda how Toni is talking bs when he says Nadal has the most match wins while playing bad”

So funny…and so true.

Thomas Says:

Berdyc/Wawrinka match is intense. The 2 men are hitting the cover off the ball.

James Says:

Looks like it’s gonna be Stan in 4, Andy in 4.

Steve 27 Says:

There is a Swiss and is Stan “The Man”

mat4 Says:

Wawrinka won. He dismantled Berdych’s FH, and didn’t give him any pace on the BH in this fourth set. I am very impressed by his game.

Skeezer Says:

Another Swiss takes out Birdsh!t, Love it.

go Wawa, show Fed how its done!

Kimberly Says:

Wow started to wrote and lost my post was saying if Stan is able to maintain this level Murray will have his hands full like djoker did in Australia. Stan looked fantastic. Istomin has a big game but Murray missing some chances but winning with his usual solid baseline game and great foot speed

metan Says:

Wawa is trough, waiting for Andy.

Brando Says:

Big win for Wawa.

IF (he should but not counting my eggs yet) Andy get’s through then Wawa will be a tough one.


Andy would rather play Wawrinka than a inform Berdych. Tomas was playing great pre the match.

Outside clay Andy is 8-2 v Wawrinka: so he’s a very tough match for Andy, a step up in competition but also most importantly: a good match up that is a winnable one for him.

Until then:

Let’s get set no. 4 Muzza!

the DA Says:

The way Andy is playing tonight Wawa will beat him thoroughly. He needs to get out on the practice court and work hard.

PlatoSpeaks Says:

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. Or in Roger’s case, 2 hours and 44 minutes of play.

The conversation has been mostly the same over this past year. The results have too.

A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers. Roger, take a page out of Rafa’s book.adjust your schedule, retool, refresh. Attention to health is life’s greatest hindrance.

The greatest wealth is to live with little. Resist the temptations of your sponsors, confidants, a call to arms from your opponents. Opinion is the medium between ignorance and knowledge (just read some of the posts about you).

Philosophy is the highest music my maestro. Yours, Plato

Brando Says:

That mishit and then the net reaction between Andy and Denis was just awesome! :-)

Skeezer Says:

Brando Dear,

And those CAPS?Like, Nobody is hearing you with your space taking posts?
Andy breaks, takes control.


the DA Says:

hehe mishit of the year gets Andy the break.

PlatoSpeaks Says:

Death is not the worst that can happen to a man. Nadal winning more than 16 grand slams is.

Yours, Plato

skeezer Says:

About Wawa; you cannot say this guy doesn’t hit balls to the walls tennis. He always hits out, win or lose.
I would take the time to watch him and Daveed play a match when both players are on form. Would be a fun match to watch ;)

PlatoSpeaks Says:

Roger, nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.
Except when Nadal is healthy and in great appetite.

Yours, Plato

the DA Says:

Okay, Andy said in his on-court interview that it was the breezy conditions that threw off his timing. hmm Not buying that. Last year he played really well in much breezier conditions. Everything was off: his return, his serve, his movement. Worrisome. Now to bed.

Brando Says:

And he’s through in 4: go Muzza!

The DA is right: Andy need’s to pull up his socks, work his behind off and improve his play as this won’t cut it against Wawarinka let alone other possible opponent’s.

The good news for Andy is that is an old story and he usually does improve. Hoping for more of the same- especially his on court demeanour: he seems more tense than before.

Steve 27 Says:

Andy vs Stan would be a good match, the best of the qf

skeezer Says:

“Only a concerned fellow asking….”

Really? You’re a fella? A fellow?

skeezer Says:

Appreciate your latest posts, without spaces and caps, a quite enjoyable read. Thank you.

andrea Says:

yeah for stan! if only to take out berdych…but really, he’s been in fed’s shadow for so long and he’s a good player. be nice for him to take a run at a major title.

i figured andy would take it in four.

Steve 27 Says:

My prediction: The top 4 in sf again.

Michael Says:

Well the odds are pretty heavily stacked against Roger winning another major in his career. I do not think he has the confidence from hereon to move to the top level from where he dominated the circuit. His game has become pretty much inconsistent, error ridden and sometimes he plays more like a player of the Challenger circuit shanking even easy shots. Moreover, his nemesis Rafa and rivals Novak and Andy are pretty much consistent performers in majors and that would make Roger’s task even more difficult. Roger has lost that invincible aura surrounding him when he met his opponents who were pretty much consigned to defeat whenever they faced him. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry fancy their chances against Roger when they go out on court. Is it Father time catching up ? Well, his compatriots like Hewitt, Haas, Youzhny, Ferrer etc. are relatively doing well considering their age whereas Roger is struggling. That demystifies me to no extent as to why Roger has become an exception when the veterans are dominating the circuit supposedly in a strong era. Against Robredo for instance, Roger was just going through the motions. It so appeared that he came there on Court destined to lose. I never seen such a dejected, forlorn Roger who was reconciled to the loss. What I was disappointed is not the loss, but the manner in which he lost.

Michael Says:

Now that Berdych is eliminated, Andy will fancy his chances of reaching the semi finals. I do not think he will lose against Wawrinka although nothing can be said for certain. So far, Novak had a very easy path and I am sure he will be quite fresh in the Semis taking on Andy. This time I hope Novak extracts that much needed revenge.

Margot Says:

@ the DA
And…glad I missed that one too….Andy sounded exhausted in the post match interview. But, whatever, here he is in the quarters.
Ages ago grendel observed that the margins between Andy playing like a genius and playing like a duffer, are very, very small, and we can still all see how he still beats himself up when he’s not timing the ball quite right.
However, unlike in the past, the ship tends to right itself these days.
Am marginally, but being an Andy fan ONLY marginally, happier that Wawa awaits, not Berd….

Margot Says:

Excellent write up…if anyone’s interested…;)
Talks about how Andy defeats his opponents:

nadalista Says:

@Steve 27, 8:52 pm

Nice article, thank you.

nadalista Says:

Thanks @Margot, nice article.

Vamos Muzza!

nadalista Says:

Classy tennis fans……..not.

RT @AmyFetherolf: “Terrible. RT @carole_bouchard: People chanting “we want Federer” on Armstrong after Wawrinka’s win. Seriously ?!”

Steve 27 Says:

Is funny all the explanations the authors try to justify why the decay of a massive player who just knows the truth of being an ordinary human being. Not surprisingly, before long, analysts everywhere to find a method to try to revive a myth. After all, people seem to live longing for a past that will never return. “Saudade” Brazilians call it.

Giles Says:

Just cannot understand this insane obsession of the fed fans and others expecting him to win another slam. The man has 17. To expect 18 is just sheer pipe dreaming! Give it up already!

metan Says:

@ Giles 4.51am. LOL!
last year before you posting here, one of Roger Fans name Sienna said that Roger will have 20GS, after he won wimbyhe 2012…..SMH.

Purcell Says:

I didn’t stay up for the match last night so I was surprised and thrilled when I learned of Stan’s victory. I’ve been hoping for him to have success at a higher level for some time and I’m looking forward to his match with Andy. Stan’s backhand and his increasing all round skill make each of his matches an exciting prospect.
Nadalista: would it be possible for you and your fellow TennisTalk refugees to discuss the actual tennis? For example….er….inside out forehand, smash, breakpoint conversion, the excitement of a drive volley………I’m sure that if you actually play tennis, your knowledge goes further than ‘Vamos Rafa’.
Oh and while we’re at it, the Roger article doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know and re tweet; whatever the crowd were chanting is not Fed’s fault.
You are as obsessed with Fed as you are with Nadal and neither is in a positive way.

Patricia Moore Says:

Roger will win another grand slam, he must forget this year as 13 is an unlucky number for him, 2014 is what he must concentrate on. But first he must talk to his wife and ask her to give him time off to concentrate on his tennis which he loves almost as much as his family. To have your children and wife with you 24/7 is not good, he is still a young man and needs his space. His mind is in turmoil as he is torn between loyalty to his wife and family and his profession. Time to let go Mirka – Roger needs freedom – let him fly!!. Good luck good man, you will do it. Love Patsy xx

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!!

Ben Pronin Says:

It’s not an insane obsession, it’s a hope that our favorite player can continue to entertain us with great wins.

skeezer Says:

@giles. LMAO.
You actually validated Purcells complaint with your post. Nice -job ;)
Thanks for validating what this site has become. You nailed it buddy. That is exactly what this site has become, and frankly it sucks.

Polo Says:

There are still plenty of posts worth reading and entertaining, just don’t take anything too seriously.

hawkeye Says:

skeezer the proverbial pot, meets the kettle.


the DA Says:

@ margot – “Am marginally, but being an Andy fan ONLY marginally, happier that Wawa awaits”

And to paraphrase Grendel in that match the margins between us rejoicing or feeling downcast, will be very, very small. ;)

Giles Says:

@skeezer the geezer. That was deliberate in case you hadn’t noticed!!

skeezer Says:

^oh….I noticed!

nadalista Says:

@Purcell, first show me your tennis-x credentials so I can satisfy myself that you have the authority to tell me what I can and cannot write about on this site.

Figured as much, you have none. You are just another frustrated nobody looking for someone to pick on.

Suggest you read the posting guidelines before you vent whatever frustrations you are bottling up. Next time you direct nonsense at me I will report you for stalking.

Have a nice day!

ps: I have no interest in having a conversation with you, so scram, am sure there are people of your class out there you can talk to……..

Giles Says:

Hahaha @nadalista. You tell ’em!!

nadalista Says:

As evidenced by the lashing out at Rafans, I can see Fedfans are now at the Anger stage of the grieving process. They are clearly over the denial and isolation stage, they are back from self-imposed exile, no?.

It’s okay, we understand……………

Next, bargaining……………

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Well, his compatriots like Hewitt, Haas, Youzhny, Ferrer etc. are relatively doing well considering their age whereas Roger is struggling.

I see this comment posted in many places comparing Roger with his similar age players. But can’t understand one thing. None of these guys have won a GS this year or last year, none of them have made to the finals of any GS event this year. So how are they playing better than Roger at their age?

nadalista Says:

@Giles, thank goodness we have something to smile about: Rafa’s winning!

Vamos Rafa!

hawkeye Says:

NK, most tennis theories posted are based on short-term observations (such as Rafa will never be the same blah-blah wishful thinking). Therefore this is no different with all of the above (other than Haas) reaching later rounds at the USO than Fed.

Also, they are referring to individual success relatively speaking. All of the above are playing as good as or better than they have over the last five years whereas Fed seems to be in decline.

skeezer Says:


I can see why you don’t post here anymore also. Quality is gone. Constant cheerleading shouts and useless re tweets are in. Oh wait….here comes another Rafanatic yelp at “supposed” Fed lovers………gotta go!


nadalista Says:

Sigh, another “good-bye”…….soon to be hello.

Reminds me of a certain chap who liked to keep score who liked telegraphing his comings and goings.


Brando Says:

3/8 Spaniards in a HC GS QF is impressive for them for sure!

skeezer Says:


I do come and go. I don’t “hang” around here like a Rafa love doll and just post. Like others, I have a life beyond Rafa and a obsession of looking online all the time about Rafa. NOw, I really gotta go…later….and I will say. “I’ll be back”. Better?

nadalista Says:

A bientot @skeezer, ta ta!

Happy posting at the Harvard Law Review!!

Rick Says:

NO WAY! Fed probably gets a heart attack, when people mention the name of Rafa to him again! :-P

madmax Says:

I think its a real shame sean that you should be so dismissive and so damning of federer after all he has brought to the game. Have you ever seen a player like him ? No. Enjoy his genius momentarily, and remember that true fans don’t desert their player when they are facing confidence issues. All players have them.

Problem is, we have been so used to Roger’s excellence for so long, that we have become spoilt.

He will retire when he is good and ready, and if that is tomorrow, then I will thank him for all the great times he has given me as a fan.

I will continue to support him during the rest of his tennis career, because for me, hard though it is to see him lose, the fact that he still wants to work hard at his game, enjoys playing tennis, and still comes up with those magical shots, well, I can handle the losses.

I would like to see the other players at age 32 achieve and behave the way that Federer does.

Oh, I forgot, he is the only tennis player that gets older. There will be no one like Federer again in the tennis world. And for all the sarcasm from the rival fans here, just makes me realise how sarcastic and empty their comments on. To jump on someone so readily and then for that to give them such joy, well, shame on them really.

It’s great that players like Novak and Andy are professional enough to comment in a more objective way.

World No 1 Novak Djokovic and defending US Open champion Andy Murray warned those dismissing Roger Federer’s hopes of a return to the top of the men’s game that it is too soon to dismiss the 17-time grand slam champion as a spent force.

“Roger did not play close to his maximum level so it’s always a question of why is he not playing well,” Djokovic said. “People need to give him a break a little bit, because I think it’s normal to expect that he’s not moving as well as he did when he was No. 1 and he was so dominant.”

“For me, he’s still playing really well and definitely deserves to be one of the top five players in the world, no question about it.”

Djokovic said it was not for him to advise Federer on what his future plans should be amid speculation over when the 32-year-old might retire.

“How long he’s going to play? That’s a question for him. But he’s what, 31, 32 years old? Tommy Haas is 35 and close to the top 10.

“So I think people are seeing Roger always being a top-three, top-two guy and competing for grand slam titles. That’s not happening, and all of a sudden it’s a huge surprise.”

World No 3 Andy Murray admitted it was a surprise to see Robredo beat Federer, his first victory against the Swiss in 11 meetings, but believes a series of wins could restore Federer’s confidence and status among the game’s elite.

“I think a lot of players go through periods where they’re not playing their best tennis, and that has obviously been the case with Roger since around probably Wimbledon time,” said Murray.

“He had a few issues with his back this year as well. He’s still hitting the ball well. He still has the same strokes. It’s just when you lose a few matches you are supposed to win, then you lose a little bit of confidence. That’s huge in this game.”


Purcell Says:

Nadalista: I politely suggested rather than told you about the possibilities of writing something related to the actual game of tennis but your response was disappointing……well actually rather rude.
You must have a terrific ego if you assume anyone would want to stalk you.
My credentials: I posted on this site well before you arrived but I don’t choose to spend my days making my keyboard steam and my fingers sore.
Report me : go ahead but bear in mind that your response doesn’t show you in the best light as a Rafa fan. Frustrated nobody…..scram….lashing out…….your class………
Enjoy the match.

nadalista Says:

@Purcell, I do not need polite suggestions from you. No need to tell me your tennis-x posting bio, you are not my type, now scram……

Hit the scroll down button when you see my posts…

Good bye..

nadalista Says:

Next: Depression

Purcell Says:

Nadalista: you asked about my credentials so I told you.
Please stop telling me to scram.
Please stop telling me I’m not your type. Of course I’m not.
I won’t scroll down when you and your brigade post. And I’m perfectly entitled to respond too.
Just relax and watch two Spaniards bash the hell out of each other…..from the base line of course.

nadalista Says:

@Purcell, okay, I get it: you are a fan of mine. Enjoy my posts.

And boy, you do write a lot of tennis-related issues, you know, er….inside out forehand, smash, breakpoint conversion, the excitement of a drive volley………


skeezer Says:


Don’t pay attention to her empty threats, you won’t get booted by the low class unknowledgable types. She is not abiding by the guidelines herself. I am just bummed they don’t give her a “maximum'” daily post limit ;). I run out of time trying to scroll through the Vamos crap to post anything.

nadalista Says:

“I won’t scroll down when you and your brigade post.”

Your brigade? Very polite…..


nadalista Says:

Why hello @skeezer, back so soon? Yes, @Purcell needs your help in swatting down this pesky Rafan…….

nadalista Says:

….forgot to add:


Purcell Says:

Skeezer: full of admiration for you and Madmax. It does require patience, fortitude and good manners to stand up to the refugees.

nadalista Says:

.inside out forehand, smash, breakpoint conversion, the excitement of a drive volley……


Purcell Says:

Oh dear Nadalista…….I’m a stalker AND a fan now.
Go and watch the tennis for heaven’s sake.

nadalista Says:

@Purcell, so much tennis you are covering in your posts, please continue…..

.inside out forehand, smash, breakpoint conversion, the excitement of a drive volley……

nadalista Says:

…….unlike me, of course!


Michael Says:

“I see this comment posted in many places comparing Roger with his similar age players. But can’t understand one thing. None of these guys have won a GS this year or last year, none of them have made to the finals of any GS event this year. So how are they playing better than Roger at their age?”

It is relative. It is unfair to compare Hewitt and Haas with Roger or even other players because they are physically challenged and had to undergo surgery. Yet, the honourable way they have come back gives an insight about their will, determination and perseverance. By the way, Ferrer reached the finals of French Open this year.

madmax Says:


Keep posting. You always were class, but disappeared for a while? I guess because certain types were too waring for the brain. Unfortunately, there seems to be a deluge of comments once TT closed down. They have nowhere else to go.

I think with the comparisons for Federer, it is important to look at what he has achieved as against players of his age (and I hate talking numbers), but I dont think Fed can be compared to the Hewitts, the Haas’ the Robredos’, the Ferrers’, no matter how great these players are for playing at their age, they show grit and determination. But Federer has his own unique style that we will not see again.

I hope that Novak’s and Murray’s comments come true soon. I will still be around to support Fed. It is the very least he deserves. He cannot always keep winning, but it is a shame that when he loses the disrespect comes out.

mat4 Says:


jane used to write, on this site, that “fandome is a strange land”. There always was arguing, quarrels, but there was a lot of decent posters, and there was also a lot of very knowledgeable posters.

I own a lot to squeezer, TFsince76, TL, grendel, harry, and a lot of others, even Dave, who perhaps had a bad plume, but at least used arguments.

There was also poetry here, from time to time, with some posters writing inspiring and keen, clear-sighted posts. I enjoyed _just reading some threads_.

I just hope that the few old posters won’t leave. If you want to do so, I propose that we all leave for THE CHANGEOVER. I will post there to start.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Michael, Question is not about how they comeback from injury. But how well they are playing compared to Roger. I understand Ferrer is playing pretty decent, but what is his success against Top 3. Just look at the volumes of matches Roger has played compare to these guys. No one seems to care about the mileage Roger’s body has taken.

Just give him a break. He has done enough. Let him enjoy tennis.

hawkeye Says:

Rafa’s game looking sharp but will not be truly tested until the final assuming he gets past Reeshard.

The SHBH, while a thing of beauty to watch, is now about as obsolete as the wooden racquet against the top 3.

JMac argued last night that Rafa has become the best volleyer in the game.


hawkeye Says:

Agree with Nirmal. Fed should continue to play as long as he enjoys the game. He also has twice the mileage on the tires than the other 30+ players he’s being compared to.

If the stars align, as they did for Sampras, he can definitely add to his major titles. Beyond the top three, the field has suddenly become very inconsistent.

I still marvel at his ability to hug the baseline and hit returns milliseconds after they come off the court.


Polo Says:

Federer can play as long as he wants. Unfortunately, it has been getting increasingly painful to watch him play and lose to people I am not accustomed to seeing him lose to in the past (which is everybody not named Nadal).

hawkeye Says:

Polo, don’t forget Murray and Nole for which Fed is a combined 25-24 h2h.

A loss against either of them should never have come as a surprise over the last five years or so.

Skeezer Says:


jamie Says:

Federer will have to wait until the second half of 2014 and ESPECIALLY in 2015 and that’s when he will resurge. That’s if he doesn’t retire before 2015….

mat4 Says:


I do think that it is the best tennis blog around. All the three authors are excellent, especially JJ who is, IMHO, among the best there are.

skeezer Says:

tx i’ll take a look

Thomas Says:

Jamie, so are you saying Federer could possibly win another slam in the second half of 2014?

hawkeye Says:

I’ve been posting on changeovertennis for quite a while now. Needs more posters so look forward to seeing you both!

The writers are very good.


Kimberly Says:

I just posted but they said my comment was awaiting moderation!

mat4 Says:


It is always like this the first time. Don’t worry.

Polo Says:

hawkeye, yes you have a point there. But with Djokovic and Murray, I have reasonable hope that Federer can still beat them. I can’t say the same with Nadal, that’s too high a mountain to climb for Federer.

hawkeye Says:

Polo, he was VERY close at Cincy.

Polo Says:

When Federer was one Wimbledon away from tying Sampras’ total and one or two weeks away from setting the record for most weeks at number one, I kept hoping for Federer to achieve those then I would not ask for more. Then he got those. Then I got greedy and want more. Now I feel frustrated that he cannot give me more. It is hard to be greedy.

jamie Says:

If he doesn’t retire, Federer will have chances of winning another slam in the second half of 2014 and particularly in 2015.

jamie Says:

I don’t think Federer will win 20 slams but 18 slams is possible.

Martin Sieckmann Says:

The old G.O.A.T. still has one more in him. Heck, he doesn’t even have any gray hair yet.

WTF Says:

His decline over the years was small and gradual until this year, where it seemed quite sharp compared to last year when he still managed to reach #1 and hold it for some weeks.

He’s languishing at #7 now and has not made a GS final in a calendar year for the first time since 2002.

You can’t deny it now. It’s only going to get harder and harder. At 32 he isn’t what he used to be, and next year he’ll be 33.

I say no he won’t win another. But with 17 I think he’s safe from any challengers for the foreseeable future.

Michael Says:


Do you mean to say that Roger should skip the rest of this year and come back fresh the next year ?

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