Poll: Do You Like Roger Federer’s New Haircut?
by Tom Gainey | May 14th, 2013, 5:59 pm

Rome is a city of internation fashion and today tennis’s No. 1 fashionista took the court with a new do. Roger Federer opened his Rome event sporting a brand new haircut. The long locks that have been part of Federer’s look for over a decade have been replaced by a much shorter style.

“It’s been six hours since my haircut so I’ll tell you in a week,” Federer joked today. “It was more a matter of losing weight quickly so I decided to cut my hair and so I am quicker on the court.”

Here’s video of Roger in the new haircut:

So do you approve or not?

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25 Comments for Poll: Do You Like Roger Federer’s New Haircut?


Its like Australian open 2009, and I like it ,

The Great Davy Says:

Looking little more like me each day :)

Joseph Says:

Looks great. Crewcut next time?

contador Says:

Nope. I like it longer!

Michael Says:

Roger has a very charming personality. Anything he does to his looks only makes him better. He has a charismatic attraction.

alison Says:

Looks great i have always prefered men with shorter hair anyway,with Andre getting rid of all that hair was the best thing he did,Andy. M looks much better with his hair shorter,likewise Rafa,Novaks always had a great head of hair.

rafaeli Says:

Andre getting rid of all that hair???????????? Lol

Andre taking his wig off is more to the point.

rafaeli Says:

Andre getting rid of all that hair???????????? Lol

Andre taking his wig off is more to the point.

My email address got compromised with a typo in my previous post. Sorry!

Giles Says:

Makes his nose look bigger! Lol

rafaeli Says:

^^^What possessed to cut his hair off? It’s the one good thing he’s got in the looks department.

Orkneyfudge Says:

^^Sorry, but imo his hair is not the “one good thing he’s got in the looks department”. I take it you’ve never actually met the man in person! Up close, he is gorgeous looking and charismatic – amazing skin and hair, beautiful eyes and smile, and a very nice body! I prefer his hair a little longer with a bit of curl at the back, but as a change, this is OK. It’ll soon grown back anyway – there’s usually two weeks between a bad and a good haircut.

alison Says:

He doesnt have the type of looks in a man that make me swoon ala Rafa,Safin or Fognini,that said hes handsome enough,nice polite,and always well turned out,looks are a matter of preferance anyway whats good looking to one person,is not necassarily to another.

Orkneyfudge Says:

alison: I agree that the definition of good looks is subjective. However, some people are much better looking “in the flesh”, so to speak ;), rather than on camera. I share your taste regarding Safin and Fognini (sort of!), but I’m afraid Rafa is definitely not my cup of tea! :)

alison Says:

Orkneyfudge yeah fair enough,i have heard many women say that they have seen Rafa play live,and photos dont do him justice as to how good looking he is in person,TBH theres many good looking male tennis players,but again its a matter of preferance.

alison Says:

Orkneyfudge interesting name for a moniker BTW LOL.

Humble Rafa Says:

He looks like my grandfather..balding and all.

John Says:

^You’re just jealous cause you’re stuck with a fat ass and a computer for company.


RZ Says:

HR, receding perhaps, but not balding. (Not yet, anyway)

skeezer Says:

@John, LMAO re: 3:38

Giles Says:

^^^ I am curious to know what you and @John are stuck with, bald heads and no company? #SoundsAboutRight

jane Says:

Off topic, but contador, just saw this video of the Trocki and Gulbis drama, ;)


M Says:

“Rafa play live,and photos dont do him justice as to how good looking he is in person”

Have seen him at Madison Square Garden and the US Open. As the man himself would say, “This is the true.”

Of course, have also seen Roger both places, and the camera doesn’t do him justice either.

Interestingly, Sasha Dolgopolov is another one like that. Some men are just more … alive, I guess … in three dimensions.

madmax Says:

Nope. Don’t like Roger’s new haircut. Much prefer it longer, curlier and in fact, would love him to grow his pony tail back, like that’s gonna happen!

SG1 Says:

Jimmy Connors wouldn’t approve of Roger changing his ‘do.

Siva Prasanna Says:

Whether he sports a long hair or not, he was, is, will be the God of Tennis. #FedEx

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