Is Roger Federer’s Wife, Mirka, To Blame For The Rift With Stan Wawrinka?
by Tom Gainey | November 17th, 2014, 10:25 am

According to London’s Telegraph, Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka are at odds because of Roger’s wife. The story is that Mirka was heckling Wawrinka late his Saturday semifinal match with his husband.

Some of the points the article makes:

well-placed sources attested that the two men found themselves “thrashing out their differences” in the O2 Arena’s gym after Saturday’s semi-final.

The Telegraph understands that Mirka’s intense and even provocative support for her husband – which peaked just before Wawrinka served for the match at 5-4 in the third set – caused Wawrinka to complain about her behaviour during the match.
In those late stages, Mirka is understood to have directly challenged Wawrinka, accusing him of whingeing.

when Federer and Wawrinka were encouraged by senior tennis figures to put the issue to bed at once. The two men conducted a heated 10-minute debate in the O2 Arena’s gym, in which Federer was understood to be the more assertive party.

The article also asked if the argument delayed any needed treatment on Federer’s ailing back.

Then there is also the issue of Severin Luthi who as the Davis Cup coach has to be impartial when the two are playing each other, yet there he was in the Federer box for the match.

ESPN’s John McEnroe first shed light on this, and now it appears there’s some real truth behind it.

With no actual matches or other imminent tennis news until Davis Cup begins Friday, this will be likely stay as big story of the week.

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86 Comments for Is Roger Federer’s Wife, Mirka, To Blame For The Rift With Stan Wawrinka?

Ben Pronin Says:

Oh the drama! After a lackluster final event this is the only way for the season to end with something interesting going on!

I’m going to predict that Federer’s back issue clears up, and Wawrinka and Federer win their first Davis Cup title together.

Giles Says:

Yep, and then there will be speculation on whether or not fed did in fact have a back problem in the first place.

skeezer Says:

Uh….Happy Holidays?

RZ Says:

How does Mirka have time to heckle anybody? She spends her time at Fed’s matches looking at her phone.

Humble Rafa Says:

Mirka is often described as the power behind the throne, yet she has never previously become involved in the on-court narrative in this way.

Power behind the throne? wow.

Giles Says:

Well, fed has arrived in Lille.

Ash Says:

Mirka is like Yoko Ono of the Swiss DC-Team. Oh lord.Just disappear cow,you ruining everything

andrea Says:

tough to say, but during that match the cameras panned to Mirka an awful lot and she was much more vocal and animated during this match than any other as of late. stan’s wife seemed the more poised of the two.

Hippy Chick Says:

And now we are dragging players wifes in,for them to get insulted by posters too like the one above,is nothing sacred,as Skeezer said happy holidays?that will be the day….

jane Says:

usually she’s chewing gum!

Okiegal Says:

I thought Stan got a divorce. Is this a new wife or the old one??

Frankie Says:

I know the whole tournament was a bore fest and you are looking to keep tennis in the forefront of the sporting world but You Mr Gainey should be ashamed to even write such an article with just hearsay accusations from unreliable sources. Especially if those sources are the Mac brothers. Shame!

the_mind_reels Says:

@Okiegal: Wawrinka re-united with his wife after walking out on his family a few years ago, so, yea, same one.

SG1 Says:

This the kind of thing that can unravel the Davis Cup unity they will need. Distraction (…just like this) just before big events isn’t good.

If Mirka was yapping, then Federer needs to address it immediately. Both with Stan and his wife. I’ve never thought of Stan as the consummate sportsman but I understand his point if Mirka was behaving badly. She’s not 100 rows up and out of earshot. Stand by your man…fine. And it is after a fact just a game. But, some better judgment is definitely in order from the Federer team.

SG1 Says:

Sad that this damages the legacy of what was a great match.

rogerafa Says:

Tennis-x should not go the tabloid way. Speculative articles about personal equations without anything from the horses’ mouth should be avoided as far as possible. Obviously, the usual suspects among the posters would love to stir the pot but the site’s official blog entries should resist this temptation.

brando GOAT poster Says:

So John McEnroe seemingly was speaking the truth…..pleased he was. As for this: obviously dismal news and hardly conductive. 2 sides: can understand wawrinka being pissed off by this, especially twice as he said referring to her. He did the same Sith uncle Toni and rafa said immediately post match wawa apologised and thrashed the differences out with him and uncle toni, everything being cool as always between them. So I’d wawa speaks out: he does to others, directly and is big enough to deal with correctly post match. Fed: worst scenario for a man to face: an argument with a close friend regarding his wife, with the missus probably peeved at wawa even though she may be in the wrong. He probably defended her- you have to really- but being a diplomatic individual he probably can understand the issue for wawa: recall feds shut up call to Djokovic’s parent. Best thing would be: Fed tells wawa to watch the language with the missus, let’s him know he understands and will deal with it. Tell the missus to pipe down during a match since it can annoy players. Wawa should also then apologise to mirka for giving her lip whilst making clear that it sets off for reason x,y,z. But we all know when things get heated: sense goes out of the window!

DC Says:

John McEnroe has stooped down to levels unknown before. He should join a gossip tabloid. Rather than giving us insights into what part of Feds game could have caused the back problem, he is indulging in third grade gossiping.

Okiegal Says:

@the mind reels….Thanks for the reply, I did not know that…..Good news, I’m always for the family unit, most important thing when children are involved! I’m happy for them and hope they are too!

Ash Says:

McEnroe is loving this as he wants to paint Roger is the bad person. This man is sick and disgusting. I can’t stand McEnroe. I bet the stadium was half empty when Roger left after his speech.

Dan Martin Says:

McEnroe said they had a discussion that went deep into the night and delayed treatment. The Telegraph said they had a heated 10 minute discussion that ended in a resolution to pursue a common goal. 10 minutes of delaying treatment would mean a lot less than a conversation that went deep into the night. Oh well, like I said France and Switzerland are both good enough to win this tie so it should be a good one. This just adds a layer of something.

rogerafa Says:

Stan lost a match he was in a great position to win. This must have been a heart-breaker and terribly disappointing. Roger fought as if his life depended on it and that is rarely seen from him. I was shocked by the motivation levels of both players just a few days before the DC final. Roger probably thought he had a great shot at winning the WTF while Stan probably wanted to prove a point. In the process, both ended up damaging each other and jeopardizing their DC prospects. Roger could not even contest the WTF final and Stan ended up with a quad issue.

Stan was probably also a bit peeved that his friend and teammate was not ready to give him even a millimeter and fighting so hard despite having won the wtf so many times. This desperation to win was apparent on both sides. I think the tight nature of the contest probably flared up the tempers more than it normally would if the speculative reports are indeed true. Overreactions are common in the heat of the moment and in the immediate wake of huge disappointments. The French must be grinning right now with the Swiss team apparently in tatters both physically and emotionally.

boojay Says:

Really hoping Roger skips Davis Cup. The WTF is such a prestigious event and if he’s truly injured, there’s no reason to risk playing in a tournament as minor as DC. Not many around the world care for it out than those in Switzerland, probably.

It does sound like Stan was being a bit whiny though, so I would take Mirka’s side over his in this instance.

Dan Martin Says:

One other thing, Stan is not afraid to speak his mind. He complained about Rafa’s pace of play at the WTF 2013, he complained about the medical mystery tour at the Australian Open 2014, he and Feliciano Lopez had an argument at the end of their 2014 Wimbledon match, and he had words with Tommy Robredo at the 2014 US Open. Stan speaks his mind. I like that, but I am not shocked by it either even if it came versus Fed.

Hippy Chick Says:

Dan exactly,they might be friends as alot of these players are,but on court they are rivals that want to win more importantly,they say and do things in the heat of the moment,so im sure it will all be forgotten in a day or two?….

Giles Says:

As I said Wawa’s has become extremely vocal since he teamed up with Magnus Norman. His way is not going to be the winning way whether on court or off court. He has become a very unlike ableable character, to me at least. I think “whiner” is the term to be applied to him.

Giles Says:

BTW I have seen on court coaching from Magnus Norman on several occasions. That’s ok then?

Giles Says:


Dc Says:

Wawa got a few free points due to bad umpiring.( in the tie breaker as well as in the first game of the third set in which he broke federer)
I don’t see him complain about that. How about being a good sportsman and saying that he was lucky to even get the MPs.
Fed was peeved off at the umpire in the third set.

Managing your emotions and anger during a game is part of the game and players need to know how to deal with it.

He could have asked Mirka to shut up just like fed had asked Noles parents.

senorita Says:

DC Says:
“John McEnroe has stooped down to levels unknown before. He should join a gossip tabloid. Rather than giving us insights into what part of Feds game could have caused the back problem, he is indulging in third grade gossiping.”
Come on! You want to know what happened, don’t you? Had this been Nadal vs Anyone, you would have praised McEnroe for bringing it out into the open.

kriket Says:

I don’t see the reason why Federer would give the victory away to Stan? After all they both play to win and there’s a substantial money prize for the winner. So if a player got out to play it’s only natural he wants to win and take the prize as well.
What would be the point of playing only to give the victory to the opponent on a silver platter, whoever it is?

Ben Pronin Says:

“He could have asked Mirka to shut up just like fed had asked Noles parents.”

Lmao, too funny.

madmax Says:

A sorry state of affairs to even comment on trash tabloid trollop. Johnny Mac should keep his mouth shut. Save it for Hello Magazine and the gutter press. I had hoped for a more gentlemanly end to a fantastic match.

Then I read this, from none other than…yep. You got it:-

Giles Says:
Yep, and then there will be speculation on whether or not fed did in fact have a back problem in the first place.

November 17th, 2014 at 10:45 am

Giles, I was hoping against hope (why do I bother) that you might just have changed your skin – YOU of all people could even dare to suggest – beggars belief – no better than Johnny Mac. You two should write a trashy tabloid together.

Whatever goes on in the personal lives of players should stay that way.

I really hope that all of this IS rumour. I have always, always read about the incredible relationship of these two guys. Also know that in the heat of the moment, anything can happen. We are all human after all.

Giles, surely you believe that Rafa IS really injured and it’s not speculation that he is having time out because of other reasons? I mean, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt, no?

brando GOAT poster Says:

Wawa is a class act. When he won his first ever Australian open rather than going crazy about it he did a muted celebration, hugged Rafael at the net conmiserating and even before the ceremony went over to make sure Rafael is okay speaking to him for a extended time. So wawa not being a class act is a BS slur. He’s a ace guy: I liked how he railed against uncle Toni and then straight after the match squashed any issue with Toni and rafa there and then with rafa praising him for it. He’s a proper fella: speaks his mind, dishes out to big names not minnows, but walks the walk when he feels he’s wronged and is a excellent winner also. Many players have praised him and he seems very likable. He seems like a guy who’ll say what he thinks and that’s a great trait. Getting rarer in this world with each and every day. Personally: I see little difference between this and the uncle Toni thing. Both were mouthing off and wawa let them know enough. Only issue here is with mirka being Fed’s woman it gets trickier to deal with for most men. Had it been say a brother, uncle it what have been done, dusted and over with out any drama I bet.

Polo Says:

What does it matter what a spectator does during a match? As long as he/she behaves while a point is being played, it should not be a cause for complaint by any player. If he/she heckles abusively during breaks, then ask the umpire to do something; have that spectator admonished or taken out of the stadium. Do it during the match and not complain later when the match is over. When a match is over, it’s over and leave behind all ttranspired during the match. I view complaints after a match as a poor excuse for losing.

Giles Says:

maaaaadmax. When you give Rafa the benefit of the doubt I will reciprocate!! Ok??

jane Says:

i agree polo. i think the umpires need to do their jobs!

having said that, it might’ve been difficult in this case because – if all of this is true – mirka is fed’s wife and maybe stan was reluctant to say something, so he gestured to the umpire to step in?

i suspect (though can’t know of course) that if an anonymous crowd member were heckling stan, he’d simply give him or her a piece of his mind. but roger is his friend and mirka is roger’s wife, so it becomes more complicated. Says:

This is kinda fun. I’m a big Fed fan, but who doesn’t enjoy a player dust-up? The only problem is, we don’t know if its real.

Did any of the observant TXers actually see anything like a confrontation between Mirka and Stan?

Honestly, in all the years watching, Mirka has seemed almost sedated in the stands, so its hard to believe, but it was a pretty intense match. I can see someone losing their reserve- even Edberg. But not Lendl.

It would be amazing if something bubbles up during doubles. Like the Agassi/ Rafa/ Fed/ Sampras exho a few years ago.

Sadly, the two guys seem to both be respected and liked by their peers, so they’ve probably already sorted anything (or nothing) out by now. Says:

Remember when JMDP told Andy to shut his mother up? That was funny.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

@TV: LMFAO I do remember that one! Andy even went at the umpire for warning him to calm saying “what do you mean calm down he’s telling my mum to shut up!”, Delpo just say cool, eat a banana and thumped some vicious forehands lol!6 I agree: I am surpised by mirka. Doesn’t she usually just text away during matches chewing gum?

Ben Pronin Says:

Wawrinka is not a class act. Just because he didn’t go nuts after romping through Nadal in Australia doesn’t give him a free pass for all the other shitty things he does.

Giles Says:

Agree totally. Wawa is a sh!tty act especially after he teamed up with Norman. Sorry to repeat myself.

brando GOAT poster Says:

@Giles: thanks excellent footage. Could not make out what was said but the person who wawa spoke (seemed nearby, very much courtside) definitely have a 2 word response which set him off even more. The response being heard does indicate very much it was courtside. IF true then I feel sorry for Fed: his close friend being bothered like that by missus is tricky one to do deal with. Personally: based on all the not quite certain information/ footage I think mirka was in the wrong. Regardless of who you are you shouldn’t bother players on court, and definitely not give a silly response such as the alleged comment. Imagine if it was novaks parentt responding cry baby to Fed when pulled them over for. Similar deal. But because its Mrs Federer maybe some as knocking wawa for it when they shouldn’t.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Yeah it was a cry baby comment seeing the footage elsewhere. Basically: wawrinka stops as Fed is about to serve, walks to the line and says ‘do not disturb when I am facing serve’. A female voice can be heard saying ‘cry baby’ in response which has wawa saying ‘what did you say’ followed by a ‘what am I to say’ post umpires interjection.

Margot Says:

Oh here we go….the joys of internet hyperbole….
JMDP did not tell Andy to shut his mother up. He said something like, “You and your mother are the same.” Andy responded angrily and the ump told him to “calm down.” Whereupon Andy said,”Why should I calm down, what the hell is he doing bringing my mother into this?”
BTW they have long since settled that particular spat very amicably. They were both young and hot headed at the time, which JMDP has acknowledged.

Emily Says:

I agree with brando completely about people going after Stan. I think the tension was so high that hearing Mirka got to Stan. Instead of yelling at her straight away, he walked away and told her not to say anything when he’s about to receive serve. If she retaliated, which it sounds like, Stan looked to the umpire, asking what he should do. I don’t know what you do when someone that he must know, the wife of someone he’s known for years like Federer, goes after you. He knows he can’t tell Mirka to shut up with Roger there and the match on the line. Her response was completely unnecessary.

Stan has had his moments, but he is a passionate player and that’s part of why he is so great to watch. I was cheering when he told those drunks at the US Open to be quiet. Someone mentioned an issue with Robredo, but I was there and they spoke to each other for about 10 seconds across the net and nothing happened. Yes, we want everyone to play nice, but these are human beings under so much pressure. There isn’t one player who hasn’t boiled over at some point (just search youtube, they’re all on video).

I’ve seen the Andy and JMDP fight and the striking part is that the commentators want them to get into a fistfight, comparing it to hockey players beating each other up. It’s obvious that they are just being young and impulsive, as they’ve never had an incident since.

The point being that there seems to have been something happening between Stan and Mirka during the match, and Fed felt he had to at least address it. I think Stan probably was still reeling from losing, and it does look like he had been crying before his press conference from Saturday night, which he said he did after his loss to Nole in the AO. My heart goes out to him and not Mirka, I’m afraid. Both Stan and Fed have to know that they just need to move on and not let the media bait them into saying anything. If they can do that, they have a great chance to win the Davis Cup.

jane Says:

what makes it even weirder, if mirka said that (cry baby or whatever), is that it’s not like the umpire could or would have her removed, eek!

anyhow, i saw a picture of stan and fed and they have their arms around each other, so it looks like all is resolved for davis cup and i am sure fed will play.

Dan Martin Says:

The whole thing is odd. If Mirka called him a crybaby, that was uncalled for and needed to be addressed. My guess is Stan and Roger have talked things out. 24-48 hours can make a huge difference than a heated moment in a deciding set.

NK Says:

Much ado about nothing. Funny thing about this is that the non-fans (of Federer) are eager to believe the worst of Mirka, and Federer fans are wishing this would just go away. From Stan’s tweet and pic, looks like he and Federer are smiling, so all’s well. Can we stop this gossip nonsense and focus on the real stuff, which is the DC coming up?

brando GOAT poster Says:

Yeah its definitely over. Fed and Stan are genuine friends: in life those quickly get over a storm in a teacup. Fed- unlucky to be caught in this scenario that’s awkward for any man. Wawrinka: sure he let it get to him but I think it’s completely wrong how he’s getting vilified for this. Something bothered him, he spoke his mind,he got a slur thrown his way and to be honest considering he was clearly agitated he did really, really well not to follow up the cry baby comment with something more volatile than asking the umpire what can I do here. For me:: he did well in this. Mirka? Clearly better of texting away, chewing gum in a match than bothering the players. Episode over and they’ll be fine for Davis cup.

Okiegal Says:

I wonder if Fed racked Mirka’s cheese when they got back to the hotel? I know one thing that came out of this little incident…’s obvious Fed and Stan aren’t as close as they’re made out to be. I can’t believe she would speak out loud during a grueling match and call Stan a cry baby. That speaks volumes to me….I don’t think she is all that fond of him… just don’t act like that when it comes to friends…..sorry!!

Polo Says:

All of these could have been averted had the umpire been doing his job well. He has to oversee the whole match and that includes both the players and the spectators. He is in charge and if anything bad happens, the blame should be on him. Unfortunately, tennis umpires and referees are largely inefficient, inconsistent, feckless, clueless, and spineless.

Humble Rafa Says:

Xisca is beautiful and very nice to my opponents. Proud to have her in my corner.

NK Says:

Agree with Okeigal, the real culprits are the WTF and DC organizers and their absolutely stupid scheduling. At WTF, the players get a day of rest between after every match at the RR stage but not between SF and the finals, go figure! And as I stated earlier the second SF started five years after the first SF ended. What were they thinking?

As for the DC, why schedule it to start literally four days after the YEC? Couldn’t they have scheduled it for next week?

NK Says:

Oops, I meant five hours, not years-:)

NK Says:

I meant agree with Polo. Sorry about the typos.

Wog Boy Says:

I wonder if this scheduling was the same always in London, if it was, how come just now certain fans are not happy with it. If anyone was and is privileged in scheduling at every tournament he played that was/is Roger, always prime slot as the biggest drow card in tennis etc. this year at USO, #1 player in the world played four of his five matches daytime, including SF on stinking hot day, #3 played four of his five matches night time, was that fair? If I remember well, Rafa and Nole played four hours match in Madrid and I didn’t here Rafa fans complaining when he lost next day.

Okiegal Says:

@NK….I knew that had to be a MAJOR typo…..nobody agrees with Okiegal hardly ever……. I knew there was something rotten in Denmark!! Tee hee….I am sad you didn’t agree with my post @6:50 coz I think I’m right!! Don’t you want to agree with someone who is right?? Lol

Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy 8:46…….Agree, there is lots of unnecessary whining going on, to be quite frank!!

Flyer Says:

It is crazy how this gossip has morphed into fact.

There is no established fact about what Stan was irritated about nor to WHOM it was directed nor what he and Roger discussed if indeed they really did have a discussion after the match. It is ALL based on innuendo, conjecture and imagination as to what took place – yet journalists, papers, and people here and elsewhere are pontificating about it as if they have first hand knowledge.

It is ridiculous to take Roger or Stan’s behavior to task – and it is especially onerous for people to denigrate Mirka as NO one knows for a fact that she was involved in any way with what set Stan off MOMENTARILY towards the end of the match.

It shameful that journalists so often now report gossip as if it is fact – and it is sad how easily the viewing/reading public lap it up without question.

mat4 Says:



Daniel Says:

Did Fed break (tied) the record for most WTF finals at 9?! I read somewhere tht the record was 9. Even tough he didn’t play😜

Okiegal Says:

@NK…..I’m not a Roger fan but that certainly doesn’t give me any reason to think the worst of Mirka……if she called Stan a cry baby within in ear shot of him, well, she was out of line…..btw I would call out any wife or girlfriend of any player.

Daniel Says:

Wog boy

Regarding that Madrid semi, sorry but you were not in ths site than, because it was said numerous time. Actually even the Hamburgo final where Fed won some rafa fams said it was due to exhaustion. It is always an excuse. So tis assessment is not fair. They complain a lot and is one of thos * wins.

Wog Boy Says:

Daniel, thanks for info.
About your other question, if they don’t count WO as a win in H2H (and they should) they shouldn’t count the other one too, Roger playing (beeing) in the final;)

Humble Rafa Says:

At least, she didn’t slap the Best Backhand in Switzerland. He’s got to be grateful for that.

Dc Says:

Humble Rafa Says:
At least, she didn’t slap the Best Backhand in Switzerland. He’s got to be grateful for that.

November 17th, 2014 at 10:07 pm

She hasn’t slapped anyone..neither the best moonballer, nor the best backhand in Switzerland or anyone else for that matter.

skeezer Says:

If Stan would have hit some first serves in, this whole drama thing would have been moot.

Okiegal Says:

When the cameras zoom in on Mirka during Feds matches, you can tell she gets all tensed up. She stands by her man and supports him to the fullest. You can tell she is about ready to explode when Roger is behind…..I’m shocked she said anything coz I thought she was classier than that. It will all blow over in time and things will be peachy.

Has Roger pulled out of Davis Cup yet? I think he will…..but we will see!

roy Says:

mirka is just a typical female. she thinks she’s powerful and impressive because she’s hooked up with a high status male.
she’d never say that to stan’s face without the social dynamic in place here, and without being safe inside the box.
the truth is that federer could have done much, much, much better, in every department. for a man with that much money and status to end up with a dumpy, obnoxious sow is quite shocking.

Eric Says:

mat4, I was going to post this too:

They definitely look like there’s been a major, lasting falling out. Chaos and drama will tear the team apart.

Dc Says:

Mirka did not call Stan a cry baby . she was cheering fed and urging him to try harder by saying .. ‘Try baby’ .
No one just calls anyone cry baby for no reason at all.

amadeus Says:

drama, drama, drama…. zzzzzzz

Giles Says:

Lol. “Try baby”. Nice try!

Tmd Says:

Humble Rafa
Xisca is hardly at the tennis, she never is at the Aussie Open. Not there enough to stuff up. Anyways, I am sure Stan and Rog will make up.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Re Andy Murray: brilliant article, completely agree and especially on wilander being the new coach as I have long been saying:–insists-barry-cowan

Emily Says:

@Dc, I relistened to the louder audio from the tennis channel telecast. She definitely said cry baby and Stan wouldn’t have reacted or asked the ref what to do if her comment wasn’t directed at him. Anyway, I hope this whole discussion becomes moot by Friday, though I’m sure the commentators will all have their own opinions.

Rita Says:

@Wog Boy
That is the most illogical thing I have read. If a match is not played then of course it shouldn’t be counted in the H2H. Roger’s record for 9 finals however, was set exactly when he won the semi. It doesn’t matter for that record whether he played the final or not; only that he made it all the way there.

brando GOAT poster Says:

@Rita: completely agree. You cannot claim you beat a player when you never played them lol. Can you claim you reached a final? Well when you win the semi final then of course you can.

Michael Says:

What to believe and not ? There are ample speculations floating around and unless the parties concerned themselves clarify on camera, there cannot be better clarity. Even if the parties themselves clarify, they must be speaking the truth for us to ascertain the going on. Whatever it is, this issue has added some spice to an otherwise lacklustre WTF event and has become sensational. I am not sure in what way Wawarinka was bullied on by Mirka’s constant heckling. As it is, Mirka as a former Tennis player herself is more involved when Roger plays on the court and she does get emotionally charged rooting for her husband. I would say that is quite normal and understandable. Sometimes there is a possibility of that hollering being overdone which might have upset Wawarinka. It is good to note that Roger and Wawarinka have spoken to each other after the match and let out their respective feelings to clarify issues. Let us leave it at that.

Okiegal Says:

Behind every good man there is a big mouth woman….just ask Okieguy!! LOL

Wog Boy Says:

Next time when you read my post check whether is fullstop, exclamation mark or smiley face at the end of the post. To save you reading it again, it was smiley face, one like this;) and again ;)

Hippy Chick Says:

Roy@1.15am November 18th,you are such a sexist it at times,a real MCP….

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