Andy Murray: I’d Like To Have A New Coach By The French Open, But I Don’t Want To Rush It
by Tom Gainey | April 10th, 2014, 10:43 am

Speaking to the BBC earlier this week, Andy Murray outlined his plan to replace former coach Ivan Lendl.

“The plan is to think exactly what I need over the next week, two weeks,” Murray told BBC Sport.

“There’s a lot of factors you need to look at and I would hope I would have someone in place by the French Open, but I don’t want to rush it.

“I don’t want to get someone just because they’ve won a lot of tournaments or were great players.”

In a surprise announcement last month, Murray and Lendl split after a very good two plus years.

“Since I’ve finished with Ivan, I’ve played a tournament in Miami and then went pretty much straight to Davis Cup, and I haven’t really sat down and thought about what I think my future holds,” Murray added.

“So that’s what I need to do over the next couple of weeks and then hopefully find the right person.”

Among the names British media are reporting as possible hires include Bob Brett, Paul Annacone, Darren Cahill, Mats Wilander and Brad Gilbert.

Murray, who missed the last two months of 2013 due to back surgery, hasn’t won a title since Wimbledon. He’s ranked at No. 8 this week.

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32 Comments for Andy Murray: I’d Like To Have A New Coach By The French Open, But I Don’t Want To Rush It

SG1 Says:

Bob Brett? Interesting.

Hippy Chic Says:

Im not bothered who it is as long as it kick starts Andys year??

Translated Age Says:

I think Annacone would be the best among the more realistic possibilities. Cahill otherwise but he’s not actively looking to coach ATM.

lylenubbins Says:


Wheels Says:

Good luck Andy. It will be interesting to see who will step into Ivan Lendl’s shoes. This will be interesting.

Margot Says:

What a gorgeous pic of Andy and Ross, wub.
Bit of a deadline if it’s RG, unless he’s got some “feelers” out. And what could a coach do in that short time anyway?

Hippy Chic Says:

Margot i was thinking the same,he has a lovely smile and should do it more often,and Ross is so good looking,and im so glad that hes recovering well from his ilness….

RZ Says:

@Translated Age: Annacone would be a good choice. It’ll be interesting to see if he sticks with Sloane Stephens or if they part ways. She has a lot of potential but her recent attitude or lack of motivation may suggest the pairing isn’t working.

What about Larry Stefanki? Don’t know who he’s working with these days.

Translated Age Says:

Not sure Stefanki’s resume is strong enough either in terms of who he’s coached or what his players have achieved with him as coach so I doubt it. Also not sure about his personality fit.

Guys like Rasheed, Annacone and Cahill would seem to be an ideal fit if willing.

Or even Magnus Norman would be good if he could steal him away from Stantistic.

Translated Age Says:

And while we’re dreaming, Agassi of course.

Translated Age Says:

What about Jim Courier?

Slice Tennis Says:

What about our Skeezer.
He seems to know everything under the sun and even above the sun.

Translated Age Says:

ST, I was going to suggest him but he is too busy with Tennis-X and fantasy tennis challenges ATM.

RZ Says:

I don’t see Agassi doing it; he’s too invested in his foundation and charter schools (plus his wife and kids) to taking on a full-time coaching gig. As for Jim Courier, he’s got so many current jobs as Davis Cup captain, TV commentator, legends tour (or whatever) director, etc.

Stefanki did a pretty good job with Rios, Kafelnikov, and Roddick.

I think Cahill would be good and he’s already under Adidas contract, so there wouldn’t be a conflict there.

skeezer Says:

ST, Fleischer, Whomever,
You have a question about the Sun?

Translated Age Says:

Cahill apparently doesn’t want the travel. At least that’s been his stance in the past.

skeezer Says:

Too bad Lendl went. imho he really helped Andy with stroke production. He turned that lady FH into a reliable weapon and a solid part of his game. Who now? Have no idea. BG is a possible. He brought some credence back into Agassi’s game. BG is a good strategist, but not so good on stroke production/mechanics. Agassi had all those parts before BG came on board.
All the other guys mentioned here are worthy too ( although agree with RZ about Agassi, ).

Colin Says:

Since it’s done and dusted, there isn’t much point in discussing the Murray/Lendl split further, but I do still feel there was a great irony about it.

When they got together, lots of articles were written explaining why the partnership wouldn’t work, and one of the main points raised was the fact that Ivan had had no contact with tennis since retiring from the tour, and seemed to have lost all interest in the sport.

Now they’ve gone their separate ways because Lendl can’t commit to as much time as Andy wants – and why? Because he’s involved in tennis!

Translated Age Says:

BG? Muzza’s been there done that.


Translated Age Says:


Josh Says:

It’s a pretty competitive market – lots of capable guys to choose from. Let’s see what Andy does.

Okiegal Says:

I’m choosing Killer Cahill for Andy’s next coach. I like Coach Cahill and I think he would do a good job for him.

Steve27 Says:

Gil Reyes

Michael Says:

Andy is a dud on Clay. His game just doesn’t suit the surface and it is a surprise really considering that Andy’s sort of game suits clay courts more than other courts. However, for Andy there is nothing to lose since he had an awful clay court season last year and this year he can only better that performance.

Hippy Chic Says:

Im a great believer in never has doesnt necassarily follow that never will?surely thats why they turn up and play the game otherwise why even bother?seems most are so quick to automatically give everything on clay to Rafa,or in the event of him losing Novak,ATM im just hoping Andy can get a good run together,Stan too,otherwise we might as well pencil in Rafa and Novak for every title till the end of the year….

Margot Says:

Andy’s patella abnormality doesn’t really help his movement on clay.
Also, dunno if you picked up Colin’s post about Andy producing his shots from his core, so having to rotate his body, whereas Rafa, Foggy etc produce shots from shoulders/wrists giving them far more flexibility.

Colin Says:


Why do I waste my time typing anything on this goddam board?

Go to YouTube and look at that video I described, where an injured Andy was bossing Rafa in MC, and then explain how Murray is “a dud on clay”.


the DA Says:

^ Not only did Andy give Rafa something to think about in that MC
match, he pushed Djokovic to the edge in the Rome SF and served for the match. Also, when he and Rafa met in the RG SFs Andy did not suffer a drubbing and a scoreline like the 6-1 6-3 6-0 in the 2008 final. He made Rafa work much harder to win in straights ;P

Hippy Chic Says:

Yeah Novak can thank Andy for choking that day,Andy really had no buisness losing that match,the irony is hes under much less pressure when it comes to the CC season so he can swing away freely,i hope he can go back to playing that same way again although his back problems are making it difficult,as usual Murray gets very little credit on this forum when it comes to his achievements….

A Tango Lad Says:

I must agree with Michael. Results are results and Andy just doesn’t have it on the dirt I’m afraid.

RZ Says:

@Steve27, Gil Reyes is a fitness trainer, not a coach. Andy is already one of the fittest guys out there so I don’t think he needs Gil’s services. Gil could certainly help some other pros, though.

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