Novak Djokovic: Grigor Dimitrov Is Undefeated On Grass, So He’s The Player To Beat!
by Tom Gainey | July 2nd, 2014, 8:13 pm

Novak Djokovic advanced to his fifth straight Wimbledon semifinal after a tough 5-set win over the inspired Marin Cilic.

After his 10th straight victor over the 6-foot-6 Croat, Djokovic talked about the speed of the courts and the fact that there has been a high number of tiebreakers at the event this year.

“Grass is still the fastest surface we have in sport,” Djokvoic reminded. “If you are going to have tiebreak records anywhere, you’re going to have it here. Especially with guys like Isner or López or Raonic, Kyrgios, these big servers, big guys, Cilic. It’s not easy to break them. They put a lot of pressure on your service games, as well. Your best chance is getting to a tiebreak.

“Again, I would agree with the fact that we have more baseline rallies than we had maybe 20, 30 years ago looking at the grass at those times. But I think it’s not a matter of grass. I think it’s a matter of tennis balls. I think they’re a bit slower, which suits the baseline players more I guess nowadays.”

And Djokovic added the court speed doesn’t matter if your are of certain height. “If you’re 6’10″. It doesn’t matter. If you serve with a tomato, you’re going to ace it.”

Djokovic now faces the young 23-year-old Grigor Dimitrov who beat the Serb in Madrid last year.

“It’s a big win for Grigor,” said Djokovic. “He has been on fire the past six months. He has won a couple of titles, including on grass at Queen’s. He is unbeaten on grass this year, so he is the player to beat.”

Earlier, Dimitrov said he wasn’t scared of Novak. The kid is beaming with confidence.

“Fear is out of the picture,” said Dimitrov. “I’m of course not expecting an easy match. But I’m out there to go through a match, to win it. I think we are both going to really want that match. Of course, he has the experience behind him. But at the same time, I’ve been playing great tennis. I believe in my skills at the moment.”

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19 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Grigor Dimitrov Is Undefeated On Grass, So He’s The Player To Beat!

HD Says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Roger also undefeated on grass this year? Says:

“Fear is out of the picture” Dmitrov said.

In other words, he’s scared.

Novak gonna weather the storm for a set or two then roll him.

Fed is gonna have to fight tooth and nail for five sets, but in the end we’ll be back to a classic Fed Novak final– first time at Wimby!

Pete H Says:

I think Dimitrov has the power to get to Djokovic the same way Roddick used to get to Djokovic. It’s a matter of personality – Dimitrov / Roddick have personalities that can make the Joker uneasy out there.

Goatexpert Says:

Fed-Dimitrov would be a beautiful match to watch – perhaps the most beautiful match ever in history.

SG1 Says:

I think the most beautiful match has already been played…Sampras-Federer 2001.

Eric Says:

Sampras’ game was effective, not beautiful.

Jo Says:

I just wonder why no news here the depending champion lost or who did Dimitrov beaten. Is Murray a nobody?

Jo Says:

And all the events was distracted by fans reaction on what was hapenning in the center court, that even Novak said to the umpire “Lets just stop and watch them”. The Murray-Dimitrov. And nowhere to find here.

Michael Says:

I am very happy to see Novak in the semis. But what is worrying me is the fact that he was not sharp against Cilic and his footwork on the court was awful. He just couldn’t maintain balance on the court and just fell whenever he chased balls. Cilic played one of his best matches and gave Novak all the problems to solve. With so many break points going begging, Novak looked quite frustrated out there. He has his hands full against an resurgent Dmitrov and unless he fires all cylinders, it would be quite a tough contest for him. I hope Novak discusses with his team and solves this problem of his wayward footwork in the next match.

madmax Says:

The Semi Finals are certainly heating up to be a cracker for the last 4 out there. Wondering what the odds are right now?

SG1 Says:

Eric Says:
Sampras’ game was effective, not beautiful.


Wilander, Rafa…perhaps even Lendl could be considered “effective”. Sampras’ game absolutely belongs in “beautiful” category. His serve was a thing of beauty. He had smooth, long and languid strokes and he moved around the court in a decpetively fast and smooth manner. Federer doesn’t get the monopoly on playing beautifully.

Tennislover Says:

Have to agree with Eric here albeit partially. If Sampras’s game is “beautiful”, Raf’s is too although one can argue Raf’s is less “beautiful”. Raf’s monster off fh is as deadly or “beautiful” as Sampras’ incredibly brilliant serve. I recall many people praising Sampras’ tennis for its efficiency, effectiveness and sometimes, even for ruthlessness. He was praised, and justifiably so, for many other qualities just like Raf is hailed today. However, I can’t recall people calling his game beautiful in the strictly aesthetic sense. Beauty obviously lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Hippy Chic Says:

Tennislover great post,beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed,i absolutely love to watch Rafas feet dancing from side to side on clay,people will laugh and think im in the minority when i say that,but clearly im not but then again who cares?

SG1 Says:

Sorry folks. Give a someone a one handed backhand and this almost without exception, it makes their game much easier on the eyes. Rafa is better than Pete was. Even as a fan of Sampras, I can see it clearly. But, it’s a hard case to make that Rafa and Sampras have equal (or near equal games) aesthetically. To me at least, it’s not even close. There isn’t one shot that Rafa hits that looks better than Sampras’. There’s no doubt Rafa’s return and backhand are much more effective than Pete’s. But…easier to look at…not seeing it.

Ben Pronin Says:

Sampras had a weird looking forehand, though.

skeezer Says:

^but he had one of the best flat out running FH’s ever.

Okiegal Says:

Oh, but how I marvel at Rafa’s IOFH……Love it! The one that was shown on you tube last week was out of this world……it was smack down as far in the corner as it could get…….awesome!!

Dan Martin Says:

Grigor & Federer are undefeated on grass in 2014, but so too is Nole as he did not play a tune-up. I doubt Raonic is currently losing much sleep over his loss at Halle.

Okiegal Says:

How about the Gulbis forehand?

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