Serena Dominates While Bouchard Bombs At French Open; Sharapova Wednesday
by Staff | May 26th, 2015, 4:11 pm

World No. 1 Serena Williams improved to 26-1 in 2015 after breezing to a 6-3, 6-2 win over Czech qualifier Andrea Hlavachova Tuesday at the French Open. Serena’s now won her last 15 Grand Slam matches and she’s trying to take home her 20th career Slam title, but hinted her elbow which forced her out of Rome is still not healthy.

“I was really happy to get through that and see how my elbow was going to do,” the 33-year-old Serena said. “Not 100%, but I was able to serve okay, I didn’t serve as many aces as I normally do. The good thing is it gets better every day. Another day off tomorrow and hopefully if I can win another round it would be better.”

Last year Serena lost in the second round to Garbine Muguruza, so she joked that she’s defended her points!

Someone who won’t be defending her points is Genie Bouchard. The brash and blonde Canadian made the semifinals a year ago, but this she crashed out today to Kristina Mladenovic 6-4, 6-4. Bouchard has just one win in her last nine matches.

“Honestly I don’t know what to say,” Bouchard said. ‘It’s been kind of the same as how I have been feeling recently on the court. Just not like myself.

“I feel like I have been trying to work on what’s been going wrong, and I feel like I have been making progress. So to still have matches like this is actually disappointing. But, I mean, at the same time it’s just a tennis match and, you know, I need to not worry too much. Life is still good. Everyone has highs and lows in their career. This is a little bit of a low point for me.”

After her first opening round Grand Slam exit, the sixth-ranked Bouchard will drop in the rankings down to 9 with the prospect of defending her Wimbledon finalist points.

Mladenovic had just reached the finals in Strasbourg, and nearly choked a 5-0 second set lead.

“I’m very satisfied,” the 22-year-old Frenchwoman said. “In my head, first, to be able to finish the match, you know, 5-4, and I served well. Otherwise, you know, 5-5 could have been much more complicated.”

Former No. 1 and 25th seed Jelena Jankovic also was ousted, she fell to Sesil Karatancheva.

Other winners were 2-time Wimbledon Petra Kvitova, Caroline Wozniacki and Madison Keys.

On Wednesday, Maria Sharapova resumes her title defense. Former finalists Sam Stosur and Simona Halep are also on court plus another champion, Ana Ivanovic.

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22 Comments for Serena Dominates While Bouchard Bombs At French Open; Sharapova Wednesday

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Even a Genie can’t escape Karma. If you act like a you know what, karma will be one too.

I’m a Canadian, and most Canadians love supporting our sports stars. Canada has been hugely excited for Milos, and Eugenie was getting major support too. Not hurt by her beauty of course. But I think many Canadians are feeling disappointed with her attitude. She certainly doesn’t embody the Canadian stereotypical persona!

Markus Says:

The good news is she (Bouchard) does not have to shake anybody’s hands in the next two weeks.

django Says:

The next kournikova?

jane Says:

i am not sure what’s up with her. i mean she won wimbledon as a junior, and she’s reached the finals on the pro tour. she’s been deep at other slams too. but since then – this season especially – she’s just free-falling!

and yeah, her attitude has to change.

Rich Says:


I wish I could say I believe Raonic represents Canadian attitude, which is among my favorite on the planet (except for what I hear about William Shatner), but I cannot.

I hope you did not see Raonic touch the net at the 2013 Rogers Cup, of all places, and then refuse to admit that he did.

Under customary tennis etiquette, a player should call her/himself on such a violation, similar to a professional golfer who grounds her/his club in the sand or touches a ball before hitting it.

Nonetheless, I’ll take Raonic over Bouchard and her on-screen attitude. I’d even take french fries with vinegar over Bouchard. Regarding your “Not hurt….” comment, I’d take Camila Giorgi over Bouchard. Or Flavia Pennetta.

But gimme Canada over my USA any day of the week.

elina Says:

She looks like she’s lost weight and not in a healthy way.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Rich, thank you, first of all. I saw Raonic against DelPo. What he did was bush league. But people make a mistake. He apologized later. Not that I give him a pass on poor sportsmanship, but I don’t believe it’s been a pattern for him. Of course, DelPotro is treated like a saint himself, so I think a lot of the outrage has been over who the victim was.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Markus, line of the day!

django Says:

Lol TV
There are two saints in tennis. JMDP and Clijsters.

Dan Says:

This is definitely the time that people are going to pile onto Bouchard. After all, when someone rises that high that fast, some people want to see them come down. Bouchard is not a bad person, but because she’s so pretty and has had too much media attention (which she has), they want to see her fail. The handshake was a naive 21 year old who just thinks she shouldn’t pretend to wish her opponent good luck, it wasn’t as mean spirited as some are making it. Serena has done WAYYYY worse so many times in her career. Bouchard will learn the hard way with the media as so many young players will. She is the 2nd youngest player in the top 20 and the media has been all over her, it was bound to turn against her. She’ll be back winning matches again soon enough, but she’s learning some good lessons at the moment.

goodguy73 Says:

Why would anyone in France boo Maria? She is America’s favourite tennis player.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Naive? In no way is the word naive a descriptor. You can say she was young and stupid, but how does naiveté make someone rude and unsportsmanlike? I’ve never heard someone say, “Oh, she’s not nice, but it’s not her fault– she’s just so innocent and trusting you see!”
I disagree that anyone wanted to ‘tear her down’. In fact, Bouchard’s countrymen VERY MUCH wanted to keep boosting her up, and many will still. Don’t blame other people for someone’s mistakes, or try to vaguely deflect it (“Serena has done wayyyy worse many time”).

The people on Tennis-X follow tennis. We have watched her. Seen her interviews, seen her attitude. This (exceedingly mild) backlash here is not all about one incident. I hope she does learn, and I hope she does grow. I will bet you, Dan, that if she adopts a friendlier public face, she will have all her fans back and more. People want her as a star. Right now, she needs to earn that back on two fronts.

Django – very true!

Markus Says:

I liked Bouchard when she first came on to the scene. Not only was she good on the eyes, she also could play well. However, my admiration continued to dwindle each time I listened to her talk. She lacked charm and wit and she didn’t sound friendly at all. She seemed dismissive of other people, which to me is one of the worst character traits.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Ditto Markus. The only time she is friendly is in the Pinty’s commercials! The only time I’ve seen her genuinely having fun was when she hit that shot from the ground on clay and won the point.

jane Says:

Wow, Halep is out? Surprising!

jalep Says:

hi jane.

I manange a caseload of clients, you might recall. Sometime weeks all I can do is manage to keep my head above water and not drown! Other weeks more down time. this is one of the drowning work weeks…

Missed the matches the past few days and not much time to follow flashscore, even. But home with day off and just woke up. Missed Halep and Bouchard matches but hopefully got them on record, plus Nole’s match.

Also catching up with Giro d’ Italia ;) Lovely race it is. Magnificent race leader :D

Flipping channels between watching Fognini v Paire match and Gulbis v Mahut, lol…both Fabio and Ernests appear destined to lose their matches. Paire is really a better player than his ranking. He had knee surgery last year and just getting his game back.

jane Says:

i wonder to where you’d disappeared jalep. nice to see you back. it turns out kei eliminated bellucci in straights. perhaps the latter was tired from his tournament win at the weekend. although kei was always probably going to win that.

jane Says:


jalep Says:

No. Not a given at all, jane. Thought Bellucci had the fire power to overwhelm Kei. Kei put a lot of energy into beating Bellucci in straights. Scoreline doesn’t tell the story very well.

But Kei has Benjamin Becker next, who I see played a 5 setter today to get past Verdasco. So maybe Kei can have an easier match Friday.

Watching Muguruza v Giorgi. Looks like it will be another loss for Camila, unless a miracle happens.

SG1 Says:

Tennis Vagabond,

Wondering if Pinty’s is regretting the money they’re paying Genie for all those annoying commericials?

SG1 Says:

Genie has really lost her way since her loss in the Wimby final last year. Wins have been few and far between.

I haven’t seen her play much due to the time delay but I hear she made a lot if unforced errors and was serving poorly. On the surface, these seem like fixable issues. With this in mind, I think that problems are likely more mental than physical at this point. Sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and play. I think her entourage may be the problem.

Jack Lewis Says:

When discussing women’s tennis, I think we should focus more on attitude…

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