Nick Kyrgios Threatens Not To Finish Match, Says He Didn’t Call Mohamed Lahyani A Dirty Scum! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 30th, 2015, 9:27 am

Only 20, Nick Kyrgios continues to find himself embroiled in controversy. The hot-headed Australian got into it with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani during a comfortable first round win over Diego Schwartzman.

The incident took place in the third set just after Kyrgios lost serve to go down 4-2 following a close call.

Kyrgios threaten to not play anymore unless the head referee was called.

“Sometimes you get lost in the heat of the moment a little bit,” Kyrgios said. “I thought the call was wrong, to be honest. I thought it was a replay.

“I just wanted to get the guy that was in charge of the referees. He was already sitting out there. I’m not too fussed about the call to be honest, but if it was more a crucial time in the match, or deeper in the tournament, that could swing things. Shouldn’t be something that can be taken lightly. You got to make the right call there.”

Kyrgios was also heard saying “dirty scum”, but not to the chair he says.

“I wasn’t referring to the ref at all there. Yeah, I mean, it was towards myself. But, yeah, I mean, obviously I knew you guys were going to ask me about that.”

When pressed why someone one call oneself a scumbag, Krygios curtly responded, “Cause I can.”

Ranked No. 144 a year ago, Kyrgios stunned Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinal. Now he’s No. 29 and says he’s full of confidence after improving his fitness.

“I think physicality is a massive one,” he said of the one year change. “Three or four years ago I couldn’t really move around a tennis court. Massive improvements there.

“I think just confidence definitely, you know, competing with the top guys, winning some of these close matches, I think that’s given me massive confidence. I’ve just improved in a lot of areas in my game.”

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18 Comments for Nick Kyrgios Threatens Not To Finish Match, Says He Didn’t Call Mohamed Lahyani A Dirty Scum! [Video]

Giles Says:

Worst thing that happened to tennis is this ozzzzy scumbag!

jane Says:

gulbis vs rosol on the court – everyone’s favourites! ;-)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Nobody has ever called themselves a dirty scum in a moment of frustration.
Other than that, I’m sure hundreds of players have muttered something under their breath about their officials before.
He does look like a tool arguing with the umpire, especially when he says “I have a right to call out the supervisor whenever I want, its the law of the land” and then comes to find out it isn’t.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Nick may have been right though!

jane Says:

gulbis is getting rosoled ;)

Pat Says:

Call was wrong but he will learn to calm down.

jane Says:

apparently it’s 41 degrees on the court right now. eek.

jane Says:

Bouchard : “I have two tears in my abs. But I wanted to play no matter what”. – hmmm, not a good idea!

django Says:

Two tears from what? Modeling? Sorry, lol. Seriously, she has hit bottom. Why she fired her coach is beyond me.

django Says:

I think Nick meant the supervisor was the “dirty scum” for just sitting there.

WTF Says:

It’s no more believable than a man accused of rape claiming the sex was consensual and the accusation is happening because she’s angry he didn’t give her what she wanted.

chris ford1 Says:

I wouldn’t get into feminist math and campus rape politics, WTF.
Suffice it to say that by the veracity of the word of poor sainted “Jackie” herself, false rape accusations abound.
Could be as high as 50%, especially with feminist doctrine saying any sex while drunk or stoned is rape because a woman is not capable of giving consent in such a condition. Now the nutty lady ideologues are saying there is “microaggression rape”, as in women forced to have sex from insecurity, for wanting to be in a certain social circle, forced by the alpha male because if she refuses he will just date someone else.

Given all that, the likelihood someone was calling himself a “dirty scum” while complaining he was victimized by a ref, should be evaluated on its own prospects of credibility – not measured against odds assigned to rape or micro-rape aggression claims – or the ‘truthiness’ of some drug dealer hauled in swearing he “dint do nuffin”.

elina Says:

The last two posts are pretty horrible examples of sexist hatred towards racism and should not be tolerated.

elina Says:

Women (not racism)

Hippy Chick Says:

Elina yeah i see the moderators have gone on holiday again or much less dont care,so much for the tennis-x new guidelines eh?….

chris ford1 Says:

Elina, don’t go spouting off accusing others you know nothing about of sexism, racism, whatever. If you do, you are guilty of stupidism.

The point is what is going on in any controversy should stand or fall on it’s own merits and not be compared to a wholly different controversy.

donna Says:

We all say things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment!

ron Says:

And people loved McEnroe for much worse……


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