Did Fabio Fognini Try To Fight A Chair Umpire Today? [Video]
by Staff | May 6th, 2014, 3:36 pm

Fabio Fognini’s rise up the rankings has come with more exposure for the fashionable Italian star. And with that exposure the tennis world gets a better look at what Fognini really is or at times can be: a stark raving lunatic.

Today in a 3-set loss to Alexandr Dolgopolov, the 26-year-old Fognini went nutty again by taking exception to a line call mark made by chair umpire, Mohamed Lahyani, down 1-2, 30-30 in the final set. Fabio didn’t win the point (a forehand passing winner he felt) and eventually lost the game to go down a break.

According to Sky Sports, Fognini threatened Lahyani saying, “If I lose this match, you’re in big trouble.” He did go on to lose and then after the match he told Lahyani to “come down, I want to see you now. Don’t be scared.”

Did he want to fight or did he just want to talk?

Lahyani concluded there was space between the line and mark. And we’ve concluded there’s even more space in Fabio’s head.

In the video, Sky Sports commentator Barry Cowan called for Fognini to be suspended from playing in his home event in Rome next week. Regardless, a fine from the ATP is surely coming.

Here’s the video:

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8 Comments for Did Fabio Fognini Try To Fight A Chair Umpire Today? [Video]

Giles Says:

The man has become very unruly. Should be punished.

RZ Says:

“Lahyani concluded there was space between the line and mark. And we’ve concluded there’s even more space in Fabio’s head.” Hilarious and well written!

ATP should seriously fine Fognini for that behavior – even if he didn’t fight.

Hippy Chic Says:

Seriously I do like Fabio and showing a bit of passion and personality rather than always been so PC is quite refreshing,but this behaviour was bang right out of order,he lost it big time threatening an umpire like that,he should recieve a hefty fine,and also recieve a ban for a while from this particular tourney,makes some of the things J.Mac used to do quite mild by comparison….

Margot Says:

I don’t agree with warnings for ball and racquet abuse, the only person who looks idiotic is the player and it IS a way of venting frustration.
But if you abuse/threaten the ref, which foggy did, now that’s really out of order and should be dealt with severely.
In Rugby you could be sent off.

stompie Says:

Indeed give Fognini a Two month punishment by not competing in eg Roland Garris… This behavior should not be actief accepted

contador Says:

Have to agree that the Fabulous was out of order. Was watching that match yesterday – Fognini was embarrassing to me, a fan of his. Even the Italian commentators were disappointed. The main offensive thing, before threatening Layhani, was Fogna’s rudeness at the start of the match aimed towards Dolgo. My impression about him was that Fogna did not want to play Dolgo. Mr. Fognini was so late, even coming out to begin the match, that I felt like he needed a penalty right then – Very disappointing.

skeezer Says:

in other sports you touch a referee you are instantly disqualified. there should be a rule on the tour that you can never touch a Umpire!
I have watched this Umpire many times at big matches and he does a fine fair job. Nothing personal against Fab here, but Fab was out of order and should be fined for this. Sorry but there should be a stand on this from the ATP.

Giles Says:

There is absolutely no punishment for Fabio, it has been revealed.

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