Rafael Nadal: It’s Been A Tough Six Months For Me, But Life Continues [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 26th, 2015, 5:49 pm

Struggling Rafael Nadal opted to cut his post-Wimbledon vacation short by getting some more tennis in. And this week he took a wildcard into Hamburg to play clay during the summer for the first time since 2007.

“My body asked me to be playing and I am here,” Nadal said of his appearance. “And this is a tournament that I have positive memories of.”

With just two titles on the season and a poor Grand Slam run in three events, Nadal finds himself ranked at No. 10 and at 29 doubts mount whether the Spaniard can get back to the top of the game.

“I did the right things to be ready (for Wimbledon),” Nadal said of Wimbledon. “I played bad in that match, I was not competitive to get through, I lost. Just accept all the things that happen in sport.

“The last six months I have been losing a little more than what I have been used to the last 11 years. So I just accept the new situations with the right attitude and keep working to try to be at a good level again. It’s been a tough one, obviously, but life continues.”

Nadal will also be in the doubles draw with 18-year-old Mallorcan Jaume Munar on Monday. Nadal called Munar one of the best juniors of the world and one of the young stars of Spain.

In the singles, Nadal opens against countryman Fernando Verdasco in the first round.

“I feel good. I don’t have any injuries and that is the important thing.”

Earlier in the month, Nadal’s uncle Toni addressed the cries for a coaching change:

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49 Comments for Rafael Nadal: It’s Been A Tough Six Months For Me, But Life Continues [Video]

Gypsy Gal Says:

Very candid interview,not dwelling on whats been and gone,focusing on the future,nice one Rafael….

Okiegal Says:

It’s been tough for his fans too! Here’s hoping he has a great week at Hamburg. If it’s being live streamed, I will be watching!!

jane Says:

hotsauce first round correct? could be a good match.

jane Says:

i wonder what toni means by “we’re not going to play like ferrer or murray”? defensively or what? running a lot?

skeezer Says:

unc Toni needs to rephrase his last paragraph re; responsibilty.

Eric Says:

Jane, I was wondering the same thing. I don’t think of Nadal as much more aggressive than Murray, but maybe in certain respects?

jane Says:

maybe with the forehand eric. rafa’s natural forehand is almost always aggressive. but i suspect toni means running? he probably wants rafa to cut down on wear and tear, which would mean shorter points. perhaps rafa’s game is in transition this year and we’ll see the results next year?

btw, i always find it strange how toni says “we’re not going to play …” using the plural rather than saying “rafa’s not going to play.” it’s a habit he’s long had, but i suppose it could be a language thing.

Skeezer Says:

^he’ll do that by staying closer to the baseline, but he needs to shorten his strokes, quicker footwork, increased anticipation. These are not natural aspects of his game, but I agree he needs to get more aggresive, especially with that monster FH. He can dictate points with that.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

This certainly seems to be what Toni is saying. That Rafa will be more aggressive to overcome his current slump. He tried this with great success in 2010, but for some reason could not maintain this. We’ll see if he can do it now. I like both their comments.

Markus Says:

@skeezer re: “responsibility”. It is a translation so it must be the translator’s fault.

mat4 Says:


In my opinion, his patchy technique doesn’t allow him to play on the baseline. The foundation is bad, and Rafa managed to win because he had others qualities — an exceptional speed, great strength, and focus — not because he had great technique. He developed and become a great champion despite Toni.

To adapt, to make sensible changes, he needs two things: time — two years at least — and a good coach. I don’t believe he has either.

Eric Says:

Actually the translation is a bit bad, e.g. “this losses” instead of “these.” I think also they meant “that we’ll have to adapt” in the final sentence.

Okiegal Says:

What Uncle Tony should have said…”I take all the credit when Rafa wins, he’s totally responsible for his losses”…….. :)

Yolita Says:

I heard Toni Nadal in the past taking credit for Rafa’s victories. His continuous use of the 1st person plural. “We won Wimbledon”. Now he doesn’t want to take responsability for his losses, knowing full well that Rafa will never get another coach.
I like Rafa, but I can’t stand Toni nor PĂ©rez Barbadillo. Ughhh…

Nicole Says:

Definitely some things get lost in translation from both Rafa and Tony. He’s such a grinder. Not sure how much more his body can take but I like his attitude.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 hi,so where does he go from here then?….

Giles Says:

Yolita. I am pretty sure your likes and dislikes extend far and wide, the same for me. I can’t stand joker, I can’t stand Vajda.
Boris is just a slob cum cheerleader. Eeeeeeeek!

SG1 Says:


I seriously doubt that a guy with 14 majors, 5 Wimbledon finals (and twice the champion) has suspect technique. Wimbledon (even today’s grass) will expose someone that is technically deficient.

His game is not as aesthetically pleasing as some others but I don’t think you can confuse this with being weak technically. One of Rafa’s strengths is that he has no obvious weakness. When he’s right, his groundies are massive, his return of serve is excellent, his serve is good (perhaps very good at times), he’s able to run exceedingly well, he’s good at the net and last but certainly not least, he possesses the strongest mind on the tour.

I don’t think he needs a new coach. He needs his knees to have the flexibility they once did. His game has always been built around his mind and his legs. Rafa is not going to “evolve” at this point. He’ll either get healthy or he won’t.

SG1 Says:

For most of the last decade, Rafa has squeezed every ounce of result out what was available for him to achieve. Not many players can truly say that. Perhaps Federer, Sampras and Connors are the only others on that list.

I have a feeling he’s not done yet. He’s an old 29 but the truly elite champions (of which he is one) usually have at least one last hurrah in them.

Daniel Says:

Another point of concern is his serve. It’s been weak lately and the great returners are attacking him. Apart from the Toricki final in Stutgart where he had more than 10 aces in 2 sets his serve is average all season. He needs to address that and than get closer to baseline, he may even miss more but he will have to take more risks on FH and BH cross court. He is not driving it, just putting ball back in play. If he keeps this pattern he will have many more losses as this part of the season is not his forte. If he changes something the results will follow.

Good for him is that altough he played a bunch of matches, more than 40, he didn’t went deep in most tournaments so he is not “mentally” spent and he seems fit with no injuries all seson (compared to last year bad luck), so at least he is going to be able to play all season and qualify for London.

Lazar Says:

All right Rafael. I’m Novak’s fan, but wish you all the best. Comeback soon man, the tour is not the same without you.

Okiegal Says:

ESPN.comtennis is live streaming this tournament. Yippy Skippy, I get to start my morning off watching Rafa! Play fantastic please and bite the Hamburg Trophy!!

Okiegal Says:

Oops….should be ESPN3.comtennis…

Markus Says:

Nadal needs to play against Federer to reset.

Okiegal Says:

Maybe playing against Nando will get him in the reset mode. I sure hope he plays good this week and can win this thing. It would really help the slump he’s been in!

Okiegal Says:


Maybe playing against Nando will get him in the reset mode. I sure hope he plays good this week and can win this thing. It would really help the slump he’s been in! He’s been having some rough times. His photos say it all. Some were saying how tired he looks I think he looks more stressed out than anything.

Okiegal Says:

@Markus…..I think I need to go to bed and get some sleep!! I did this post twice and didn’t realize it…..of all the things I’ve lost in life, I miss my mind the most!! :(

Markus Says:

Nadal has already played against Verdasco and lost. Nando is too inconsistent to enable Nadal to reset. Nadal plays his best against Federer: focused, resilient and relaxed. I think he will rediscover his usual self when he plays against Federer and this may be his much needed match to get reset.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I dread to think what this forum will be like if Nando does beat Rafa again today,its not been a happy place here this year,having said that i rather get the impression this forum would prefer a Rafa fan free zone anyway,Kimberly said on the bracket challenge she cant stand this forum anymore,shame as she was a really great poster,i get that all players have to stomach negativity with the sucess of their favorites,but some comments are getting below the belt again,and the writers seem to be rather selective with their idea of moderation….

Markus Says:

Stand your grand Gypsy Gal. Nadal is not going away in a long time. It must be wishful thinking by the anti-Rafelites.

Markus Says:

GROUND!!! not “grand”

Markus Says:

@Okiegal: I do double postings all the time. Nobody minds (I think).

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thankyou Markus ever the voice of reasoning,i dont care if you do say things twice,your posts are great and worth repeating lol….

Okiegal Says:

Gypsy Gal

I wondered what had happened to Kimberly. I guess I missed her post about being disgruntled with the forum. She was a nice poster who got along with everyone.

Thanks Markus!! My mind gets off track once in awhile……but it happens to all of us on occasion!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie shes visiting my country this year,but she said on the bracket challenge she couldnt bear to post on tennis-x,i rather got the impression she was pig sick of this forum TBH,it does get you that way at times….

Markus Says:

Some posters like to agitate and irritate without regard to how already down the other parties are feeling. I call them blogosphere sociopaths. They abound in social media. They relish and thrive in blogging nasty comments about other people.

Nadal is on court now against Verdasco! Let’s enjoy this one.

Markus Says:

Gypsy Gal, I miss your former moniker. I like the double entendre of the first name. Your new name brings up and image of Cher singing “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”.

Dascochoke Says:

Yep they should make a special thread for Nadal fans. One where you can only talk about how great he is, no?

God forbid someone points out the obvious, that hes losing to everyone and most likely done!

No this is not allowed since it “upsets” some fans and creates a very negative environment – LOL.

Perhaps a tennis fantasy section can be created and moderated by Nadal fans. This way they will only read happy things and not get upset, no?

Before anyone gets to upset. I thought this was an open forum where anyone can speak there mind, no? I hope Nadal wins and spares us the drama… Seriously, his fans will crack open some very angry/emotional worms otherwise!

Giles Says:

Well done Rafa. TWO breadsticks to Nando as well? Great stuff.
Vamos Champ!

Giles Says:

And the trolls in the form of Dasco come out to play! Pfffft!!!

Dascochoke Says:

“Well done Rafa. TWO breadsticks to Nando as well? Great stuff.
Vamos Champ!!!!”

Cheeky Nandos Giles?

Btw I was already out shopping for flowers. This is good to know! Ill put them in water and hopefully they’re still good when he loses next round – LOL!

Jokes aside…
Seriosuly, im happy for the fans. People need to calm down. He will most likely win this Tournament.

Btw Giles, I thought you were the troll, no?

Okiegal Says:

Markus, I love Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by the lovely Cher!! I’ll bet GG likes her too!! Thanks for mentioning that song….some great memories come to mind!

Okiegal Says:

Dascochoke, same old poster, just a new name. Mean spirited writing styles never change…..A perceptive person can see right through that new moniker……

sienna Says:

there is nothing wrong with Nadal technical skills. He has every shot in the book.
maybe bh volley and halfvolley is not so good but he didnot needed that so far.

maybe he has lost a step and some power.
if so what could be the reason?
he has been up and of strength wise earlier in career.
2010 he suddenly found upperbody strength without loss of movement.
2013 ditto and more. All of a sudden Nadal was pumped inflated almost like being on a feeding machine for 2 months.

both times his fysical growth came after a well organised long lay off. Hospital and other under ground dr visits where made.

only 1 thing changed since then. There is a bloodpasport for tennis players.

makes you think!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Markus thanks,but i need to give this one a go for a while,both fit my real life persona,you said some months back that you had a picture in your mind when thinking about me,cant remember exactly what it was,it was on the lines of a woman with 4 kids,a model on cat walk,and thunder thighs lol,well the thunder thighs bit you got right,as Okie once said it would be nice if we had pictures to go with our monikors,we all know what Wogboy and Tennis Vagabond look like,there is actually one of me on the bracket challenge,i wonder if it fits you description?….

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy Gal……I saw Wog’s pic but missed Tennis Vagabond’s, I’m sorry to say!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie if you click on TVs name theres a picture of him as he writes his own tennis blog,he has also written his own book called Flood which is available to download on Kindle if you have a Kindle,his real name is David Sachs,there is a picture and Bio of him on Amazon….

Okiegal Says:

Thanks, Gypsy Gal I will do that! That will be a total of 5 photos I will have seen of TXers…You, Kimberly, Wog, TV and Ben Pronin…..Cool! BTW, where is Ben? He hasn’t posted in awhile……

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