Kevin Anderson Wants To Be A Top 5 Player
by Tom Gainey | September 8th, 2015, 12:37 pm

Following his biggest career win, beating former champion Andy Murray in four sets to reach his first career Grand Slam quarterfinal, Kevin Anderson wants more. A lot more.

“Top 10 has been a lifelong dream for me,” the 29-year-old Anderson said. “I feel like I’m getting closer. Even top 5, I think that’s ultimately where I want to be.

“So we try structure and think that way. Obviously it’s a lot of tennis and a lot of wins to get there. But I feel like over the last while I’ve definitely been on a good part and am giving myself the best opportunity to get there.

“Just watching Roger playing at 33 or 34, just moving incredible. Obviously he’s one of the best athletes of all times. Maybe tough to compare myself to him. A lot of guys, Ivo Karlovic is over 35. I definitely feel my trajectory is still going up. I’m still improving. My desire is still there. Right now I don’t think age is something to worry about.”

Anderson led eventual champion Novak Djokovic by two sets at Wimbledon before crumbling. Last night, it was nervy but he finished the job in four sets to register his first career Top 10 win in a Slam.

“Once I was up two sets to love, I think it was important not to think about it,” Anderson said about the Wimbledon loss. “I was just really happy with the way I stuck the course, especially in the fourth set. I think he was really finding his way back in the match. He was getting the crowd going. I just really stuck to my guns and I think I played a great fourth set.”

Anderson will now face 2-time Slam winner Stan Wawrinka, and he’s beaten the Swiss four straight times.

“It’s going to be just a tough matchup in my next round,” Anderson said. “It’s definitely not going to be any easier than it was today. I think Stan is a terrific player. Especially at majors he’s really stepped it up, I think one of the people you really have to watch out for. I’m just so pleased to get through the quarters for the first time here. Got tomorrow to prepare. Right now it’s nice to think about from today’s match. It really meant a lot to me. There’s a lot of good feelings here.”

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10 Comments for Kevin Anderson Wants To Be A Top 5 Player

Brando Says:

That first serve crosscourt FH winner in the tie break alone made him a worthy winner. Brilliant shot with so much clearance of the net.

It baffles me when big guys like Anderson with his serve, reach do not just swing hard and aggressive on opponents serve, especially when they have a very good follow up shot in their forehand.

He’d win more matches by being an aggressive returner.

Serena Williams is the best returner for me I have to say in that regard: she just looks butcher the opponents serve each and every time.

Obviously tougher to do in mens, but if a player has the reach Anderson does along with such an insurance in his serve:

Just awing hard on returns.

sienna Says:

just seen on eurosport…..

Deliciano on the loft… it was hilarious.
He was asked to do mathematic question. 11 * 8 + 37 = ?

He got the answer in the end….

check it out last time you can because he is at the end of the roadtrip.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I want a pony.

I’m waiting for the headline that reads, “Second Tier Tennis Player Has No Interest In Moving Up in Rankings”

Michael Says:

He has a very lethal serve with piercing ground strokes and it is hard to believe that this is his first grand slam quarter outing. With his gruesome Power, kept Andy on the edge teetering to the brink. But sometimes, the same poor becomes a major adversary for him when he is not able to time the balls well !!

RZ Says:

Just got back from camping to see that Andy lost. What????? I kept up my part of the deal and I am assuming that Markus did too. So Margot, no more ignoring Andy’s matches for me. That hasn’t been working so I might as well watch my guy in action.

RZ Says:

Darn it Markus!!!! Just saw on the other thread that you are entirely responsible for Andy’s loss. Now I have to go back to not watching Andy play. Boo!

funches Says:

Wait, I think Anderson was misunderstood.

He wasn’t saying he wanted to be a top-five player. He was saying he wanted to win five points in a set against a top-five player.

Markus Says:

That Margot girl ratted me out. My wife made me do it. I will carry the scarlet letter “T” until Andy wins a major.

RZ Says:

@Markus – you should always listen to your wife, except when she tells you to watch Andy Murray play tennis.

Margot Says:

Honestly RZ that Markus let you down, me down, Andy down, Kim down, Rusty and Maggie down, Judy down, Jamie, Willie, Amelie, Jonas, Matt Little, Fred Perry, the the LTA, the ATP, the British Empire,the hopes and aspirations of future generations, small cuddly kittens but most of all himself. Words quite fail me……..;)

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