Djokovic, Defending Champ Federer Lead All-Star Shanghai Masters Field
by Staff | October 10th, 2015, 9:50 pm

Shanghai, China; Surface: hard

Seeds: Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Tomas Berdych, Kei Nishikori, David Ferrer, Rafael Nadal, Milos Raonic, Gilles Simon, Richard Gasquet, Kevin Anderson, John Isner, Marin Cilic, Feliciano Lopez, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Floaters: Gilles Muller, Jack Sock, Ivo Karlovic, Nick Kyrgios, Tommy Haas, Tommy Robredo

Notes: The Top 16 on the ATP Rankings make up the Top 16 seeds…The Top 8 seeds receive opening-round byes…

Early challenges include (11) Gasquet vs. Muller, (5) Berdych vs. Sock, (8) Nadal vs. Karlovic, (6) Nishikori vs. Kyrgios, (12) Anderson vs. Haas, and (16) Tsonga vs. Robredo…

Wildcards went to Haas and China’s Bai Yan, Wu Di and Zhang Ze…

Pulling from the event were Grigor Dimitrov, Philipp Kohlschreiber, Florian Mayer, Juan Monaco, and Gael Monfils…

The Bryan brothers are the top seeds in doubles…

Last year Federer beat Djokovic in the semis and Simon in the final…

Former champs in the field are Federer (2014), Djokovic (2013-12), and Murray (2011-10).

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65 Comments for Djokovic, Defending Champ Federer Lead All-Star Shanghai Masters Field

FedExpress Says:

sorry state of women tennis where the serve which was supposed to be an advantage in the game is the weakness of the women

muguruza, buy a serve. apart from SW nobody posseses a real threathning serve.

FedExpress Says:

muguruza all of a sudden remembered how to tennis

FedExpress Says:

mugu wins her biggest titles so far.

Giles Says:

Well done Garbine! πŸ˜ƒ

Truthsquad Says:

The “big 4” has now become “the big 1”!

In 2015, Djokovic has dominated the ATP field the same way Serena did the WTA.

Michael Says:

I cannot think beyond Novak hereto unless Roger or Andy surprises me ?

I feel it will be Novak all the way to win this one and make a clean sweep of the Asian swing !!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael unfortunatly i think you could be right,tennis is becoming a bit of a one man show at the moment,i will also put Wawarinka in their too,i will be taking a break after today as i need to get back to my course work,as im studying for a Diploma level 3 in Health and Social care….

J-Kath Says:

See U later Gypsy-gater (a puir wee joke) – get that head down and come back soon……

Gypsy Gal Says:

J-Kath thanks,like the Gypsy Gator bit lol,anyway i get that Novaks the man of the moment,but seriously its becoming like Novak-X rather than tennis-x now,people seem to forget that there was actually another final going on,can we not actually discuss that or some other players,it was the exact same two years ago when Rafa was winning everything,so im not been selective here,its like overkill sometimes,way too much focus on one particular player….

Okiegal Says:

The big four has become the big “1”….boredom will soon be rearing it’s ugly head. Someone has got to come forward and be a challenge to Novak……this is getting ugly….Nothing against Novak personally, he’s tearing it up, but will get uninteresting if someone doesn’t knock him off his pedestal once in a great while……14….here I come….then 17??? C
Can he do this?? W/o any competition, by jove, I think he might. And if he does, that will be OK to!

elina Says:

It won’t be the first time it’s happened so why not?

elina Says:

Shanghai is one of the fastest hard courts on tour.

That’s why Roger is my pick to defend his title there next week.

chris ford1 Says:

Gypsygal – Two years ago, Rafa wasn’t winning everything. 2013 ended with Rafa at 13K points and change and Nole 12.5K and change.
It all hinged on a net touch at their RG semi, it turned out. On who ended #1. Remember that, in the 5th set?
(Nole had his chances after that best match of the year classic, bur Rafa put it away on his amazing form on the N American tour and proved he was the best that year. Even though Djokovoc went crazy good and won everything else after the USO.)

Point being 2013 was at least a contest on who was the best. While 2015 isn’t close. It’s No1e, all the way.
And the way he comes out of the last 3 events of the year, for him? Right now, he is chasing Open Era records. Odds are still against Djokovic winning all three – but if you were a bettor, you have gotten soaked all year playing the line against No1e.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Chris Ford1 hmmm err you rather missed my point,but then again so whats new?the point i was making dear Sir if you do indeed choose to read between the lines was,that not all of us wish to fawn all over these players because they are having an amazing year,and ooh whats that i hear YET AGAIN?THE 2013 overated FO SEMI match,and that NET TOUCH,OMG its been all of two days since you last mentioned it,you really need to let that one go….

Gypsy Gal Says:


elina Says:

Hadn’t realized that net touch was match point.

Shhhh….. revisionism at work.

I guess cf1 figures Nadal should have won the Australian Open final in 2012.

Sorry, tennis doesn’t quite work that way.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Elina well exactly,damn shame in this world that you only get credit for wins,rather than ifs,buts,wouldves,couldves,shouldves,which is all science fiction….

chris ford1 Says:

Actually, Gypsy – rather than tell me I haven’r read your posts right, it may behoove you to read your own words someone responds to. Before going off doing lectures.

Lets review your words (on talking about a particular player too much) “it was the exact same two years ago when Rafa was winning everything.”

No, lady, it WASN’T the exact same thing. Besides a razor close contest between the 2, the 2013 conversations were
(1) Is Fed finished? Perhaps more discussion on Fed than on Rafa or Nole.
(2) The rise of Stan to something far more than ‘the other Swiss guy’.
(3) Andy breaking the Wimbledon drought and talk all the rest of the year about Andy being solid in the Big 4 and how he would fare at each event now that he had proved he was no 1 Slam wonder.
(4) Juan Martin del Potro being back and being a force.

2013 was back and forth discussions – the ebb and flow of Nole and Rafa’s battle for top spot, No1e losing #1 to Rafa. Rafa’s totally unexpected sweep of the 2nd N American Tour. No2e’s incredible undefeated run after Rafa took the USO. How Nole’s poor play at net at Roland Garros shifted the momentum to Rafa the rest of the season until after the USO. How No2e needed “a Lendl” and a big thing he had to work on – demonstrated vividly with THE NET TOUCH – was his deficiency at net and on smashes compared to the others in the Big 4.

Nadal got his fair due, but there was a lot of other stuff in 2013 that was on the table. Notably Federer’s change in fortunes.

Unlike 2013, 2015 was no contest from the start on who ruled the season. Like in 2011, the big conversation was how far Djokovic could go.

See Gypsy, if you are thin skinned, best way to avoid being angered, taking offense, and being needlessly snotty is to carefully read before responding and putting your foot in your mouth..
Then others will have no reason to correct you.

Tom Says:

Gypsy obviously finds nothing funny about people joking at Rafa’s apparent decline. The net touch is folklore in Rafa circles Chris. When No1e hits 14 GS titles they will be saying Rafa should be at 15 because of the 2012 AO. As I’ve found out over the years, there’s little room to debate most Rafa fans. He looks finished yet they are convinced he’s coming back in 2016. When he loses to No1e again (in straight sets) at the FO they will say wait until 17. They look like the last ones to realize that he’s done. That Senior Circuit sure looks good right about now.

jalep Says:

Actually. CF1. The rise of Stan didn’t really hit home to the tennis community until after 2014 AO. And that’s just the least of your problems in your post. But far be it from me to question you — I will be called ‘revisionist’ ..oh no.

Heed your own rules, man.

chris ford1 Says:

Elina – the talk of turning point matches or a major point played that was critical in the outcome of the match is not engaging in wishful thinking or revisionism. It is how they affect careers.
The razor close 2007 Wimbledon gave Rafa confidence he could take Fed there, which he did in 2008 and ended the time of Feds dominance. The war Nole and Rafa fought in the 2009 semi in Madrid left Djokovic out of sorts for a year and a half. Left an injured and exhausted Rafa into losing one of two times he ever lost to Fed on clay. Then impacted Roland Garros and forced Rafa to miss Wimbledon.
2012 Australia gave Nole confirmation he had met, matched, and squeaked past the guy who defined heart, stamina, athleticism and mental toughness. But gave Nadal confidence that he could win other contests against Nole after losing 7 straight. And Nadal turned the rivalry back into a toss up.

Important close matches that hinged on a point or two and had career consequences. Many of those matches also true classics.
That will be always discussed because they were so significant in careers. And just so good to watch. Despite some fans hating the discussion as something that should not be engaged in because it is somehow “revisionism” on what is done and should be done without being revisited. Even in close big rivalries that have gone on many years.

Gypsy Gal Says:

No not at all if Novak gets to 15,16,17 power to him hes an amazing player that deserves it,and the AO Novak shouldve won the match in the 4th set,he was the better player through out the match,so no argument from me there either,as for him coming back in 2016 ive not read such things from his fans,and certainly not on this forum anyway,its been none fans that have said that,like Courbon,Wogboy,Jalep etc,you shouldnt put words into peoples mouths….

jalep Says:


I’m no Rafa fanatic but there’s a great possibility Rafa is not finished after one lousy year (lousy, by his standards).

Did you watch the Beijing final or any of Rafa’s matches in Beijing?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Err you responded to me,so i responded back Chris Ford1,your just not getting it but hell whatever….

jalep Says:

Cool story CF1 @ 2:31 pm. The tennis world according to you is gospel. No doubt from your pulpit you have a large congregation of beliebers backed by dignitaries from all over the interwebs.

However, sometimes repeating your opinions over and over is still not enough to sway another opinion. Certainly you won’t win any votes by insulting people and being redundant.

Came to this thread to post about Shanghai draw and matches. Can we get back to that?

elina Says:

Nailed it Jalep.


Gypsy Gal Says:

Ive been here a few years now,and ive always done my best and think ive always tried to be fair,i dont trash any of the top players or their achievements,but i shouldnt have to apologize for having a difference of opinion either….

Tom Says:

Yes I did Jalep. He played no one until No1e. He looks like he has for a while. Leaving a lot of shots short. Usually a sign of decline…

Gypsy Gal Says:

There is some interesting matches in prospect in the first round of Shanghai,and really looking forward to having all the top players back together again,seems like such a long time ago now since we last saw Federer and Andy playing,although i wont be blogging during Shanghai but studying again grr….

jane Says:

here’s some bejing highlights, nice quality

it’s interesting how some of the spin novak puts on the ball seems to produce shanks from rafa, or is that a timing issue?

chris ford1 Says:

Expect Fed, who won Shanghai last year and beat Nole in the semis has a shot to do it again.

Besides the ATP events, inc Basel lest it somehow be forgotten – you have Davis Cup.

I am really stoked for Team Murray and maybe Ward. Andy can get the Trifecta of UK tennis achievement. Statues of him built, etc.

Gold medal at the London Olympics. Winning Wimbledon after so long the UK has done without. And perhaps leading the UK to Davis Cup title. Again, after a very long drought. The side drama of how Davis Cup will impact Andy’s play at the ATP Final – which he has earned a right to be at and fight for his 1st championship there.

An awful lot of exciting tennis left in the next month and a half. Lot of stories on top of Nole’s monster year and the records he may have when it ends. 3 big events left for Djokovic. But Fed has a decent shot at beating him at each. And the rest of the field collectively has a good shot at blocking Djokovic from all 3 titles if Fed doesn’t.
(You know it is in the back of Fed’s mind that if he or someone else stops Djoker, Fed’s record adjusted points from 2006 will remain the most ever.)

But BTW, congrats ahead of time to No1e for moving past McEnroe in a little while, to become 5th in most weeks at #1. Another Djokovic feat, and another story coming on the #1. I know, I know. All Nole, all the time now in media, But important.

jane Says:

excuse me for putting those highlights on the wrong thread. oops. should leave this discussion to shanghai.

agree with gypsy – it’ll be good to see a deep field there, with stan, andy, fed and novak and rafa all in the mix, not to mention other young and old guns!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jane thats OK,Novak deserves his success im not saying otherwise,Rafa didnt play bad he was just outplayed simple as really,but yeah time for Shanghai,and time for yours truely to chill out i think,done enough ranting today lol….

Gypsy Gal Says:

And Kimberlys here which is nice,hope she sticks around….

And also i cant say it enough,but MY BEST WISHES TO JANIS AKA OKIEGAL if shes reading,thinking of you all the time my dear XX….

J-Kath Says:

Hey guys – too much testerone going on here – thick-skinned, thin-skinned, male vs. female views let’s respect both……..

Gypsy Gal Says:

J-Kath well said,its unusual for me to lose my cool,at least it is like that….

jalep Says:

Waiting, on the edge of my seat, for you to become a Muller or similar underdog fan, CF1. WTA fan…??

jane, nice highlights. thanks.

Don’t know about spin and the mistakes.

What I see is Rafa playing very well – Nole playing better and more confident, although Rafa’s face appears free of angst – he may actually be enjoying tennis while losing. Have my doubts Federer can beat Rafa in a Shanghai Fedal. But it’s hard for me to see Federer beating Rafa…I know, it’s hc, supposedly fast hc. At the outset, looks like a Rafole final. Wawrinka or Federer? Federer is looking quite hot in street clothes in Shanghai from what I’ve seen. That’s all I can tell.

Interested to see how Murray is playing. IMO, biased as it is, it’s more interesting to have Andy in Federer’s half – Rafa in Nole’s.

The floaters, are they pretenders or contenders? Anyone have a shot? Simon in the final last year – anyone pick that?

Tom, okay that’s fair. Just checking and only my opinion again, but still can’t dismiss Rafa yet – thinking I see improvement.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep if Rafa gets to face Fed it means hes getting that level back i would think,and that as a fan would be another step in the right direction….

Gypsy Gal Says:

What about Murray Jalep,how do you rate his chances?or do you think his mind is more likely to be on winning the DC??….

jalep Says:

lol, yes. A Fedal is what the doctor ordered, GG.

Yes again, about Murray’s mind and energy on DC. Would guess these tournaments are all warm-ups and testing ground to get fired up. In the process, maybe he’ll produce a high level and win big – could happen. He’s going to win DC for GBR, that’s my most dominant feeling about Murray since Wimbledon. He had a great clay season, then sort of reserved his best for his country. Along the way, look at him in Canada – not a small title.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep been a Brit i would love us to win the DC,it would make up for our lack lustre showing in the Rugby,and also our never ending dissapointments in Football….

jalep Says:

Well, I’m guilty. Missing the gene that should make me nationalistic — though something like it comes along once in awhile, GG. Mostly happens during World Cup ski season. But even then I cheer for Anna Fenniger over Lindsey Vonn. It’s just not a strong propensity to cheer athletes from my country. When it happens, it’s not about the country, it’s about the team or an athlete.

Donald Young has started to make me laugh…might be an early sign. Cheered for him to win recently.

jalep Says:

Oops, I’m under moderation.

jalep Says:

It was a comment to you, Gypsy.

Curious which word triggered moderation in the post.

jalep Says:

It was a 5:25 pm post.

Anyway, GG. Best wishes for studying in the coming weeks.

chris ford1 Says:

jalep – in 2007-08 I picked 3 up n’comers as my favorites and stuck with them. 2007 – Djokovic. 2008 – Juan Martin and Marin Cilic. Cilic impressed me against Djokovic at the USO – a very good mover with a powerful serve.

A couple years ago I added Milos Raonic for winning at least one Slam by 2016. So the moose better get busy!
Don’t hate the others though.

WTA – Anyone who is nice looking and not a shrieker. Shallow criteria, but it is what it is.

J-Kath Says:

Shanghai and the winner is???

(1)Nole is hot – but maybe after so many highs there will be one let-down ???

(2)Roger determined – this is his tournament – he can handle 3 sets versus Nole (he thinks)- he’s not afraid of Andy, Stan or Rafa — at the

(3)Stan – Capable of course – but he’s just won and may not fire himself up so soon…????

(4)Rafa – Goes deep – but unlikely yet to blast his way thru to a win???

(5) Kei – Will need his complete magic potion to win.

(6) Andy – Some predictions are that Andy will be too focused on DC – Yes, but surely he will want to maintain a No. 2 ranking with Australia GS in mind (if he can)- and will need a good result at Shanghai.???

SO, my predictions are: Heart says Andy; Head says Roger.

J-Kath Says:

Gypsy Gal

You can be an honorary Scot for the duration of the Rugby and/or Welsh ……

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ or she can be an Aussie, it is safer bet:)

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
Aussies looking very good, in defence and attack.
ABs look strong too and should never be discounted.
And coming up on the outside -Argentina.Love the way they’re playing. Les Bleus were les craps. Am so glad SA is off after this. He’s turned a team of fire and flair into damp squibs.
RWC has been terrific so far and teams like Japan and Georgia, a surprise and a delight.
Has completely eclipsed the tennis for me, but as Andy has been absent, who cares about tennis….;)
Congrats to Nole BTW did tear myself away from Rugby for a nanosecond and watched the final. He didn’t break sweat, did he?

J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy – You are a card! – sure offer Gypsy honorary Australian citizenship – but only if you can guarantee they’ll do better than her closer-to-home nations – at least with Scotland or Wales she can still feel patriotic….smile, smile….

Margo – Andy’s recent big mouth words are: he’s going to practice on clay before WTF and if his back doesn’t start “acting up” – he’ll play WTF!!!!
Made it clear what his priority is – as if everybody doesn’t already know.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Margot,
It was shear gutsy defense that save them against Wales, I am not rugby union man, I am rugby league man, but I am following this world cup (when I don’t watch tennis) and that group was group of death. They had three top 5 nations in the same group thanks to draw that was done three years ago when Wales dropped accidentally to #9, if I am not wrong?

Wog Boy Says:

Israel Folau was rugby league great, I love his game.

Wog Boy Says:

Check this very short videos while Folau played rugby league, he is freakish player, one of the kind:

jalep Says:


Not saying he’s TOO focused on DC to win Shanghai or Paris (don’t know what tournaments he’ll play)

Andy won in Montreal on his way to making sure GBR got to the DC final. I don’t count Andy out at all.

Meanwhile Wu (wouldn’t guess anyone knows him, I sure didn’t) had a match-point vs Cilic. Would have been a huge — was cheering for Wu.
But Marin saved it and took the 3rd set heart-breaker.

2 or 3 Chinese players are interesting. Wu quite fun to watch, but a bit short — about the same weight as Goffin. Ze Zhang is tall and so is Yan Bai – Roger/Rafa size. All are in their mid-twenties. Of course WTA Chinese are ahead of ATP players — Li Na has been great for tennis.

J-Kath Says:

Jalep – From memory, I think he’s also going to Paris –

realise nobody said outright he was too focused on DC – he is really, though, except it won’t stop him practicing/playing to be match-fit for DC and in the process hopefully gain some points in the process – especially as the baby is due after Aus. which is likely to diminish his usual scheduling.

Coincidentally, I think his draw at Shanghai includes a potential match with wee David Goffin.

jalep Says:

Wawrinka had a good draw in Tokyo: Stepanek, Ito, Krajicek, Muller (Muller did the heavy lifting in the top half of the draw). He had a little trouble with Ito is all.

Wawrinka might be fired up for Shanghai. The Tokyo final was a bit like an exho. Hard to tell what he’ll do really.

Agree with what Wog Boy said on another thread about how Rafa played: Rafa would have won Beijing with anyone but Nole on the other side of the net. Rafa’s moving up in the race to London. He wants to qualify.

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
Thanks for that.Oh he’s absolutely terrific. Very fast, very strong and good in the air too.
Yes, you are correct about Wales being 9 when the draw was made, but I feel you play the hand your dealt and England should blame poor player selection rather than winge about “the group of death.” Other teams have had their fair share of bad luck. The Welsh team is now looking like Saturday night in A and E!

jalep Says:

Oh yes, Kath — I forget Andy and Kim are having a baby! That’s exciting and perhaps motivating too.

Goffin versus Murray – preview DC Cup final :D

Like watching Goffin’s tennis. But doubt Andy will lose that match in Shanghai, if it happens.

Coric beat Dolgopolov. Coric still the best of the 18 – 19 age group.

Margot Says:

Fed out.

Giles Says:

Karma for the fed fans especially Skeezer and Daniel. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Daniel Says:

Don’t get why the “Karma” Giles?!?!

As far as I am concerned I am with peace with Fed. Everything else is Bonus and #2 playing the way he is of latelly on his age is another benchmark for others. My favorites are winning the big titles, so I am a very happy tennis fan now, contrary to some😜

elina Says:

There may be more Karlo I mean Karma tomorrow.

jane Says:

surprised to read fed’s out. i thought tsonga could be a threat, but didn’t see this coming.

so once again, no fedal. it’s just not going to happen this year i guess?

opening for stan or rafa on that side then. and andy’s #2 must be secured? not sure about year end, but it certainly gives him a strong boost right?

Daniel Says:

Jane, I think Fedal will happen, in London.

Can bet they will be in the same round robin group. And depending on their rabkings (if Fed is 3), they can play first macth of their group.

Top story: Tsitsipas, Rublev To Meet In Monte Carlo For First Masters Title