Players React On Social Media To Maria Sharapova’s Drug Admission
by Tom Gainey | March 8th, 2016, 9:04 am

While it’s a sensitive topic right now, several players both past and present took to twitter to voice their disappointment over Maria Sharapova’s bombshell announcement yesterday that she failed a drug test at the Australian Open.

In addition to Jennifer Capriati’s rant, here are others:

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17 Comments for Players React On Social Media To Maria Sharapova’s Drug Admission

Fair Says:

The question is, if a lower ranked player had come out to make a statement like Maria did , will their career be considered. Favouritism should not be applied. the sport is struggling as it is below the ranks. The rich get away with murder. if it was Serena or Venus who came out with such a ridiculous excuse l didn’t check the list they would be crucified. Only last week there were articles going on about how smart a business woman she is with all her business etc.
and make such a career breaking error like that. Her fans don’t want to see her go and the corporations she is making money for don’t either so they say she’s done well to fess up. WRONG is WRONG.I love Roger Federer to bits, Nadal the same but if either of them came out like she did l would be devastated but they need the face the consequences. Children look up to them. I teach my children to be honest and not only that sometimes a silly mistake or a joke could turn the course of your life. if someone murders another for not being careful it’s not an accident. Attention to detail is one of the top priorities employees demand if I was to apply for a job on her team that would be one of the most crucial things they would want from me or anyone else to get the job done and facilitate her succees. “I did not check the list “is inexcusable. I do not condone drugs at all l am very health conscious and what goes into my body is of high importance to me. If I had a team of experts like hers right now l guess my diet and eating habits would change instantly even though l pride myself with what am doing now. The health issues she mentions to not equate to the medication she has been taking for 10 years, and even if they did. I DID NOT CHECK THE LIST just doesn’t cut it. I’m in agreement with Jennifer I Capriati. I am not her most trusted fan but l wouldn’t want anyone to loose their job or livelihood but wrong is WRONG. Ignorance is not bliss. She needs to face the consequences. The only difference between her and Lance Armstrong is that he didn’t fess up. but they both knew what they were doing. she and her team must have known that the drug was under investigation for a whole year prior to her getting tested. She is taking all the responsibility because she can afford to and her team can’t. She will go on and do well in life but her coaches, Doctors etc. could be the end for them. even if she never works again she is set for life. that is the deal they made probably in 2006. When the money maker takes the fall he or she saved grace that is the body behind the money maker. yes it’s a loss but not a great loss to tennis world. what about the up and coming? Angelique Kerber, Sabine Lisiki, Heather Watson the lot. Well that is why the word generation exist. The quicker she’s out of the way the peaceful and more stable tennis will try to become. When the likes of Andy Murray and Federer are campaigning hard for a drug free environment and at a point where top 10 players are under scrutiny She pulls this one and hopes to get away with it. WRONG is WRONG.

madmax Says:

Kind of feel it is an honest mistake. ]

She has few friends on the WTA. Madison ] rooting for her, Capriati not.

Tennisfan Says:

Actually I think a bigger player like Maria has more to lose with a failed drug test. I don’t think the WTA are giving her special treatment either, especially based on their pres-release yesterday.

Margot Says:

Chrissie not so forgiving, however.
And, as an afterthought, if she’s worried about developing diabetes what on earth is she doing promoting “Sugarpova” or whatever it’s called? Perhaps her team kept the fact that too much sugar is very, very bad for you for all sorts of medical reasons, from her.
Jeez, could you make it up?

Dennis Simsek Says:

Honestly, let’s all give her a slap on the wrist, and move on with it. We need Maris Sharapova on the women’s tour and i’m sure she’s learned her lesson.

Tennis For Life!

Darryl Thompson Says:

The timing of her usage seems to coincide with the beginning of the decade-long “beatdown” a certain player began to put on her. As the drug company stated: “Usage is 4 – 6 weeks NOT 10 YEARS!??” Who’s her Doctor? How did he get the drug into the US (where its ILLEGAL)? Will he keep his license?
Will Sharapova get as SOFT a repremand as her TRADITIONALLY-SOFT slam draws? These are the questions Americans want answered.

Pauly Says:

Maria didn’t do anything wrong but if anyone is too blame for not making her aware that the medication she was taking was suddenly illegal … It’s her support staff who are to blame

danica Says:

Darryl Thompson,
The REST OF THE WORLD wants to know what the FDA has to do with the medicine that is legal in Maria’s home country, Russia??
Besides, that thing was legal until January 1st, 2016 in the States as well.

Usage may be 4-6 weeks at a time. But if you have a chronic condition, you don’t cure it ever and you are bound to be on protocols and treatments until the rest of your life.

From those twits above, no one seems particularly disappointed. Most of them are forgiving and see this as an open mistake.

danica Says:

Capriati is the last one to judge. Never got off her drugs, imprisoned for battery, had to do community service and anger management classes, a known shoplifter. Her life story is sad and pitiful. That twitter rant was utterly disturbing.

Pauly Says:


You have nice name
Same as my mum

Plus I agree with your post
Good logic
Capriati is the last person who should judge

AndyMira Says:

@Pauly..i bet your mum is as nice as Danica right?

Wog Boy Says:


I guess you know what “Danica” means in slavic languages?

Ahfi Says:

Just kind of surprised as to what people would do to themselves. Why would anyone put this type of career into doubt?

What I am not getting, though, is what is really the honest mistake? That she did not click on the link? Why would any athlete not click on the link of that type of information? Shouldn’t her team be handling this for her?

Feel bad but hey, who am I?

Dale Shannon Says:

Maria will be punished enough by losing her sponsors and having the validity of her wins questioned. She only has a couple of years left to play and the game needs her. I hope she is shown mercy.

madmax Says:

When I see how many emails I get at work, like 70 or more a day – trust me – I don’t automatically click on the link – management or no management!

We can all judge, but ulimately WADA will as will the ITF. I just hope they tighten up with the rules. It seems ridiculous to me – legal then the flip of a coin and a day later, illegal.

Pauly Says:


Morning star in Slavic

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