Maria Sharapova Pens Letter To Fans – This Time She Opened Her Emails!
by Tom Gainey | March 10th, 2016, 9:10 am

Maria Sharapova posted a letter of thanks to her on her website yesterday. The former No. 1 continues to show contrition after announcing Monday that she failed a drug test at the Australian Open. Will this letter do any good? At least in this case she opened the email!

I woke up yesterday morning with an inbox, in full capacity of love and compassion.
The first email I immediately opened was from my best friend, you know, the type of person who can make you smile and cry with only one word and who I spent the evening on the phone with, checking up on me, how was I doing?

On average, I love the mornings. New day, new start. It is fair to say that this day was not average. Nothing came to mind at 6am except that I am determined to play tennis again and I hope I will have the chance to do so. I wish I didn’t have to go through this, but I do – and I will.

I needed to sweat, to push through and grind as I have done most of my life, so I made my way to the gym. That’s when I realized a bunch of tinted windowed cars were following me. The good old paparazzi, back on the trail.

I have not been online much except the odd search for a new antique coffee table (random, I know), but my friends made a collage for me with all your beautiful messages and hashtags that you created (#IStandWithMaria and #LetMariaPlay). I spent the afternoon reading them next to my dog, who couldn’t quite understand why this was more important than the walk he was expecting to take.

In this moment, I am so proud to call you my fans. Within hours of my announcement, you showed me support and loyalty, which I could only expect to hear when someone would be at the top of their profession.

I wanted to let you know that your wonderful words put a smile on my face. I’d like to play again and hope to have the chance to do so. Your messages give me great encouragement. This message isn’t anything else but to say thank you. Thank you very much.

-Maria Sharapova

Sharapova is presently awaiting a hearing with an anti-doping tribunal where she will argue her case.

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12 Comments for Maria Sharapova Pens Letter To Fans – This Time She Opened Her Emails!

AndyMira Says:

I wish you can get through the biggest test of your life and come back the end of the day we’re only human,make mistakes all the time whether smart mistake or stupid mistake,doesn’t matter..everybody deserve a second chance..

Van Persie Says:

I never liked Maria…and I do not understand, why I have so much empathy for here these days, but I really hope she will be fine.

Guess a song from Tracy Chapman would suit her these days..

leo Says:

Tom Gainey – doesn’t mean she has opened every email sent to her…

MARY Healey Says:

It’s a corrupt attempt for the “tennis drug-experts” to publish an article that insures that Tennis is a clean sport. Can anyone believe that a drug Maria has been on (legally) was not known by these detectives. Is it not odd that they tested her the minute it became(illegal). Can you imagine tem doing the same thing to Federer, Nadal, Williams (these players more than likely would be notified many times of the change in status of the drug from legal-to illegal. It’s really below the belt to pin this type of sad politics on Sharapova. She has epitomized integrity in all her years of playing. What a rotten shame.

Green Lady Says:

Van Persie love Tracey Chapman,no fancy big stage productions,no autotuning, or fancy costumes,its about one thing,and one thing only an astounding voice and a guitar,music stripped bare,such a refreshing change these days,many thanks for the link ;))….

Van Persie Says:

GL, thank you. I am glad that you liked it. I prefer her music these days (in this chaos) and wanted to share it with TX posters ;)

Green Lady Says:

I just think its refreshing to here artists actually singing with guitars these days,no fancy stuff blah!gets so annoying,love to here the likes of Ed Sheeran,James Bay,George Ezra,its all about the voice….

Van Persie Says:

Hi GL, thanks for the advise. I will search for Ed Sheeran,James Bay,George Ezra later. Did not hear about them yet, but I will make myself smart on that ;)

skeezer Says:

Tori Kelly

nits Says:

@ MARY Healy Sharapova is also a big crowd puller. So it is not like that she is a victim of politics. One more chemical added to banned list so it will automatically get tested for everyone’s sample. Only sharapova knows wether it’s a stupid or smart mistake. I am more inclined towards smart as she was taking it for years.

nits Says:

@ MARY Healey sorry i misspelled your name in the earlier post..

Green Lady Says:

Skeezer i must admit ive never heard of Tori Kelly!….

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