French Open Men’s Seedings: Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray The Top 2; Rafael Nadal No. 5
by Tom Gainey | May 16th, 2016, 9:59 am

For the fifth time in the last six years, Novak Djokovic will be top seed at the French Open. However, the Serb, who has never won the French, could face rival Rafael Nadal as early as the quarterfinals after the Spaniard failed to secure a Top 4 ranking.

All Top 32 players are expected to play in Paris. And thanks to his surprise semifinal run in Rome, France’s Lucas Pouille has jumped into the seedings to No. 31.

Fabio Fognini, Grigor Dimitrov, Alexander Zverev, Nicolas Almagro and Fernando Verdasco are among the unseeded players right now.

French Open seedings are based on this week’s ATP Rankings.

2016 French Open Men’s Seedings
1  Novak Djokovic
2  Andy Murray
3  Roger Federer
4  Stan Wawrinka
5  Rafael Nadal
6  Kei Nishikori
7  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
8  Tomas Berdych
9  Milos Raonic
10  Richard Gasquet
11  Marin Cilic
12  David Ferrer
13  David Goffin
14  Gael Monfils
15  Dominic Thiem
16  Roberto Bautista Agut
17  John Isner
18  Gilles Simon
19  Nick Kyrgios
20  Kevin Anderson
21  Benoit Paire
22  Bernard Tomic
23  Feliciano Lopez
24  Viktor Troicki
25  Jack Sock
26  Philipp Kohlschreiber
27  Pablo Cuevas
28  Joao Sousa
29  Ivo Karlovic
30  Alexandr Dolgopolov
31  Lucas Pouille
32  Jeremy Chardy

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95 Comments for French Open Men’s Seedings: Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray The Top 2; Rafael Nadal No. 5

SG1 Says:

Don’t see why Nadal’s not No.3 (…4 at worst). Given Roger’s recent knee and back issues, it doesn’t seem the least bit plausible that he could beat Rafa on clay. And Rafa’s form is certainly better than Stan’s.

Who says the FTF corruption scandal is under control? Certainly not I. This is the 9 time champion and he’s had a good clay court season. The French Tennis Federation just hates this guy. It’s really pathetic.

SG1 Says:

Maybe next year, at Madrid or Barcelona, the Spanish Tennis Federation will force Monfils, Tsonga, Simon and Gasquet to go through qualifying. Now that would be a crack up.

skeezer Says:

Totally agree SG1 about Rafa. #5 seeding at the FO? Really? Pfffft!
Thank goodness its a 128 draw…he should get through the early rounds fine…

skeezer Says:

Do you think Simon or Gasquet will draw Rafa early? My guess is no.

Margot Says:

We have this conversation every year. I know it seems crackers to have Rafa seeded 5 but it’s done totally on top 10 rankings.
Only Wimbledon jiggles results a bit.
I don’t see how they can do anything else. If RG started tampering, wow imagine the argy-bargying that would result.

chrisford1 Says:

I’m Andy or Novak – I really don’t want to meet Rafa in the QF. Rafa is nearly back to his 2013 level, early 2014 level of play.

A Rafa – Novak Final would be even higher stakes than their 2 other finals or the 2013 classic semi. Rafa’s win in 2013 was the hingepoint of that whole season – and how he took #1 away from Djokovic for 39 weeks. But a final this time would have Nadal going for 10 FO wins, 15 Slams. Novak starts the FO with 200 weeks at #1, 99 straight weeks. He would be going for the Djoker Grand Slam, more tennis experts and ex-players saying he belongs in the GOAT conversation, Career Grand Slam, only player besides Rafa playing now with titles at the 4 big clay events. He would lock in his spot for the London Championships, etc, etc.

chrisford1 Says:

Margots right. It would open up all sorts of pernicious mischief Slam organizers could do. Juggle draws to give their Beloved Roger a cakewalk path, the nationalism at play..
It’s just that most people want Rafa and Nole there at the end in what would be the highest stakes tennis match in the last decade or more.

J-Kath Says:

Well, the draw can easily be sorted. Roger needs to withdraw then Rafa gets his own quarter. Sorted.

Green Lady Says:

I hope Novak and Rafa are on the same side of the draw ….

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Some potential new-blood quarterfinalists in order of likelihood:

Kei Nishikori
Dominic Thiem
N Kyrgios

Daniel Says:

I know #1 and #2 usually gets qualifiers first round but the other top 10 can get Fognini, Verdasco, Dinmitrov or Zverev ealry on. Nome of them would want that.

Remember Nadal drawing Verdasco first round AO. That could happen again, or Fognini which would be even worst.

Can’t wait fir Friday draw to come out. this year is flying fast, RG is one week away.

Agree with CF1, as much as I wouldn’t wnat them to face in finals, prefer Djoko tomfave Nadal quarters or semis, that potential match could set the tone for GOAT debae as well.

Nadal getting La Decima and #15 eraes last 2 yeas and will again be a “comeback” for him.

Djoko 4 in a row, career Slam and #12 placing him few Slams from being Unsisputed #2, with a real shot at being the undisputed GOAT ina few years. That match has the most at stake.

But a Murray x Djoko specially if Murray wins qould be epic too. Mureay denting Djoko career Slam and 4 in a row and risijg as Djoko’s maij rival for this next phase of big 4.

gee Says:

Murray’s genuinely a pal to Nole but his draw was so soft like
The Houston championships.
Andy should’ve beaten fed or Nadal at the French open but he didn’t.
Nole did the dirty work when fed had easy draws up to the finals in 2004-2009.
fedal resented that Nole was the GOAT.

Nole with no intent to injure himself, decided to stop running In Rome.
He paid the price for hitting his ankle, slowing down & not pressuring his opponents.
The ump had to tell him that the racket string broke.
Nole was in daydream land.
He definitely didn’t care too much after beating Nadal.

jane Says:

“I’m Andy or Novak – I really don’t want to meet Rafa in the QF”

Esp since Novak already faced Rafa last year In the QFs at the Fo.
And already faced him early in Rome this year, too…

Each time having to go thru rafa, then someone like andy or kei (Fo last yr/ rome this yr) makes the final one step too many, seemingly,

At rome, novak had the #4, 3, and then 2 in the live rankings back-to-back-to-back. And contrary to what people insinuate, he does get tired like anyone. It is a tall order, that kind of draw.

Too bad rafa wasnt ranked higher – as is approrpriate for his form on clay, which is still top 2 or 3 imo.

Dave Says:

The one thing that might help if Nole does end up with a really hard draw is that 2 of the QF matches are on Tuesday. The Semi-finals are on Friday. I’m really hoping that Nole’s QF match is on Tuesday. It would be nice to get 3 days rest before needing to play very difficult matches back to back, if he even gets out of his QF that is.

Dave Says:

For Wog Boy or any other Nole supporter out there.

Many people are saying this will be Nole’s last chance to win the French Open or the best chance for him to win it is this year. I have to disagree with that. Nole’s main challengers on clay are ALL older than him. Nadal will be 31 during the 2017 French Open. Wawrinka will be 32 and Murray is a week older. The new Challengers haven’t been coming along very well yet. Thiem got brushed aside very convincingly by Nishikori. That kind of gave me an idea where the closest threat of the young ones is on clay. Kyrgios will need to work on his endurance over 5 sets still. Clay won’t be his best surface ever. It doesn’t suit his game as much. I also think if playing Madrid and Rome back to back messed Nole up this year, he won’t be playing both in the years to come. He will always choose Monte Carlo and Rome over Madrid. Rome is like a second home to Monte-Carlo. Nole will have a very good opportunity to win the French in 2017 and 2018 as well. I don’t think the young guns will be ready within a year to take the French Open. 2 years maybe 1 or 2 might show that they can beat the big boys. But back to back Murray, Nadal or Djokovic? That would be very difficult. I still think Nadal has a few good years left in him. I was proved wrong by Nadal this year. Murray is definitely looking better than ever as well. These 3 will be battling over the French Open in 2017 and 2018. Stan, if he gets it together might be in the conversation as well. I’m not getting my hopes up like other years for Nole to finally win the French Open this year. If it happens, it happens. If he does somehow do it, he won’t make it look easy. It will be a Nole rollercoaster express, as usual. Of course I want him to win, but for some reason my gut is telling me Nadal is going to pull it off this year. I hope that’s not the case. But Nadal would have also gained a lot of confidence from the Rome match. He will be feeling the nerves less than Djokovic , should the 2 meet each other. Nole needs to show me that he is relaxing and actually enjoying himself during this tournament and chilling out a bit. Maybe he will settle right in once he is in it and go off. Maybe it’s the build up that has been killing him over the past 5 or 6 weeks. Anyways, those are my thoughts on needing to win it this year, vs having other big opportunities to do so.

RZ Says:

RE: seedings by surface, keep in mind that Wimbledon switched to a formula a few years ago, so it’s still an objective measure of seeding. They can’t place whomever they want at whatever seed they want but have to stick to the formula. They could do something similar with the French Open. However, there are a lot more clay court tournaments that make their way into the overall rankings whereas grass only is 3 or so tournaments (maybe 4 now with the extra week).

RZ Says:

@Dave – I agree. I don’t see why Nole wouldn’t have a shot at winning the French next year.

jane Says:

I agree, too, Dave. It’s not “now or never”

Margot Says:

Yes, I’d give Andy and Nole 2/3 more years anyway. After that, not so sure. Wear and tear etc I’m talking slam winning here, because obviously players are playing tournaments way beyond 32 these days.

gee Says:

His last priority was French open so it’s only logical that he wins it last.
It’s not like he got a free ride with no great players in his draws.
Fred required easy draws when he was 25-27 and he was at his peak.
The old age excuse for fedal is a loser’s way to degrade Novak.
He did his work mentally & paid the price many times with
physical confrontation from weak era Roddick & hateful behavior directed toward him by fed.
Now he can work on his physical game.

J-Kath Says:

I think Nole, Rafa and Andy won’t want to hang on in quite the same way Roger appears to want to.

The only problem is I have yet to identify true successors to them. The 4-S’s (Serbian, Spain, Switz.,Scot)train at a high level, while the would-be up-and-coming younger group seem to believe that simply by being younger the same levels will be achieved and surpassed.

There is some good serious talent out there….but, but..even Kei, already 26 (who really belongs in the older category) while skilled is physically inconsistent. Younger Thiem, who like many others, wears himself out with too many matches, falls apart as well.

Ah well enuf. What we have at the top is so far much better than what we are waiting for.

BBB Says:

I don’t think this is Novak’s last shot either. We may also find that because of his commitment to yoga etc that he has greater staying power than previous players.

Dave Says:

It doesn’t sound like Murray, Rafa and Nole want to stop anytime soon. I would be surprised if they retired in the next few years. Maybe Rafa has a slight chance of retiring if he truly does start to physically fall apart for good. I think Murray and Djokovic are safe for 2017-2019 unless they get crazy injuries.

Wog Boy Says:


Thanks for your input, I agree, but I am not the one who worries to much of whether Nole will win FO. I think that people who dislikes Nole are more worried about that since it is their theory that if he doesn’t win it it will put dent on his legacy, which is BS, I don’t see Borg or Lendl legacy dented for that matter. Those are the people obsessed with records and stats…and genuinely dislikes Nole or see him as a threat to the legacy of their man. Their latest theory for the being great player is that you have to play until 35 (at least) to prove that you are great;) ..Stepanek and Dr Ivo are amongst greatest player ever..
For 2015 USO was the most important tournament for Nole, once he won that one I relaxed, I wanted him to finish his career with double digit slams against his name, he achieved even more, so this fan is at peace regardless of FO results.

mat4 Says:

It’s always the story of the glass half full or the glass half empty. For me, as a Novak fan, I would be happy if he continued to play as long as he enjoys it, whatever the results. He has achieved a lot so far, and more is a bonus.

When I think that a player like Murray, who is 99,9% as good as Novak has won only two slams, I think we should be happy with his results.

Or compare him to Fed, who is at the same level +- 1% at different times, and who was taught to play a one-handed backhand, something that didn’t allow him to adapt fully to the changing conditions in tennis.

But IF Novak could manage to win THIS FO, the glass will be overfilled. He could retire right away, certain that his name will remain in the Pantheon of tennis forever.

jalep Says:

Thiem: only 22, just. He trains like he’s demon possessed. Not sure he’s learned to know when ease up on his schedule. It was non-stop for him from AO onward –> won Buenos Aires, Rio SF, and won Acapulco, –> won Davis Cup singles matches, IW R16, Miami R16, then he should have skipped MC, or skipped a US HC, because his level dropped off (at the wrong time) for spring Euro clay –> mediocre result in MC, then lost a heart-breaker Final to Kohls in Munich. He lost 1st round in Madrid and kinda meh in Rome (got a win over Federer, tho). He’s #1 seed this week in Nice. It’s a bit much for him to reasonably be in the best shape for FO, imo.

Kei isn’t looking too bad at all for how deep he’s gone, since winning Memphis, also played DC, IW QF, Miami F, Barcelona F, Madrid SF, and Rome SF. 29-9 this season. In 2014 with a schedule like that he was injured by FO. I want to think this is the most physically durable he’s been in his career – but we’ll see next week.

Stan is an unknown quantity. He’s on the Tuesday Geneva schedule. Stan v Ramos. I don’t know about Stan. Donna Vekic is playing in Strasbourg, France. How far is that from Geneva?

Fognini lost his first match in Nice – lost to Donald Young! He was off with an abdominal injury and has been terrible.

A.Zverev won his first round match in Nice – Kyle Edmund retired the match.

Nole, Andy, Rafa – they’ll be ready. Federer…yeah, I don’t know about him being fit or not.

My vote is cast for Novak to win FO. It’s a hopeful vote.

mat4 Says:


Yes, Thiem schedule is over the top. He has already lost a few first rounds because of bad scheduling.

BBB Says:

Doesn’t Stan consider Geneva his home tournament? I could be mistaken but I think he plays it every year. (I used to go there a lot for work and would see the posters with his name on it.)

mat4 Says:

I also believe that Roger won’t play the FO.

mat4 Says:

Stan is scheduled to play Geneva. He’s from Lausanne, if I remember well.

Wog Boy Says:

Stan is goner, his energy has been spent outside courts and tennis matches, that was his choice..

jalep Says:

Had to look up Thiem because he’s a good prospect for FO in the future. Thiem has time on his side – many seasons left to get it right.

Stan doesn’t have that luxury. Apparently he has other priorities. God bless him, as they say. It’s approx. a 2 hr flight from Geneva to Strasbourg. I’m living the love affair vicariously 😜 beautiful scenery.

Agree that on average, 2-3 good years for Rafa, Andy and Nole. Maybe more for Nole and Andy than Rafa, of course. But it’s all speculation.

Dave Says:

I do think Federer is still going to play at the French Open this year. It would make things easier on Nole if he didn’t play. Nole never seems to get these kinds of breaks. If Federer withdraws, Nadal is number 4 and can’t play Nole until a minimum of Semi-final. I’m not saying Federer would play just for the sake of not making it easier on Nole. I’m saying that Nole never seems to get the breaks at the French Open. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on Federer withdrawing this year.

Wog Boy Says:

There is no way Roger is missing FO, he’ll play it even if he has to be wheeled out.

Dave Says:

Exactly Wog Boy. And I feel the exact same way. Federer is so predictable to me. I don’t see it any other way.

mat4 Says:


I’d prefer to go by car from Lausanne. It’s 3, 3h30 hours.

jalep Says:

Was thinking it must be a beautiful drive, mat4. But Stan would want to get there fast or get her a ticket if she loses to Sloane Stephens tomorrow.

Anyway, would love to travel there.

James Says:

Its stupid to not adjust the seeding to performance on that surface. What wimbledon does makes sense. No way is Nadal the No. 5 contendor – I would say he is No. 3 this time. He should be the third seed.

It would be ironic if Murray wins the French this year, and Nole never does. I can’t recall the last time someone won the French past age 30 – which is what Nole will be next year. This may be HIS best and last chance too.

Age never spares anyone. Look at Nadal now versus 3 years ago. Just a half a step slower, so much effect on results.

BBB Says:

Geneva to Strasbourg, or vice versa: The train would be lovely as well….

Daniel Says:

Who was the oldest player to play a French Open final in Open Era?

I know Fed played his last final in 2011 when he was 29 and 10 months.

Djoko and Murray will have other shots, Fed was able to play Slam finals in Wimby at 32, 33 and USO at 34, his best Slams, so can Novak, considering now that he is a clay power.

The only problem is clay is more taxing on the body than other Slams.

SnotNosedKid Says:

Andres Gomez won the French in 1990, at the age of 30.

Andres Gimeno won the French in 1972 when he was 34 years, 10 months and 1 day.

James Says:

1972 was a different game – wooden rackets and all. Hardly as physical as now.

This most probably is Nadal’s reasonable shot to get one more. He has shown the last couple of years that he is beatable on clay, and many of his wins are also not that easy any more. Pretty normal as a player declines.

Murray looks suprisingly good. Somehow I get the feeling that too many matches is catching up to Djokovic. He was sluggish in Rome. While there is a week off, he has had quite a lot of tennis this year already. 7 best of 5 matches on clay are tough.

Stan isn’t going to get on fire, unlikely.

Nishikori could make a play – if he can get over his mental hump.

Fed? Not a chance.

I would say Murray looks good. I can’t see anyone else (other than Murray, Djokovic, Nadal, in that order) winning the French this year.

Wimbledon will be Fed’s ABSOLUTE last chance at a slam – if he is fit enough, which is now doubtful.

jane Says:

Thiem’s schedule is madness!

J-Kath Says:

Jane @ 4.40am
Exactly. He’s No. 6 in the Singles Race (1720 pts.) and has played 12 matches (into his 13th)….the highest no. of tournaments in the top eight…getting close to twice as many as either AM or ND.

Crazy…is on the fast road to “burn-out”.

nits Says:

Nadal is No. 5 seed he will have a difficult opponent in quarterfinal for sure then in semifinal then in Final. So to play three high intensity match together & win all of them is very difficult. Same thing happened to Djokovic in Rome. He was not left with much. SO Chances of Nadal winning is lessbecause of his seeding. But he will give a fight with all his might so whosoever falls in his quarter is going too have a grueling quarterfinal so the guy might win from him but then again playing three 5 setters will be difficult to him . So whosoever is in nadal’s quarter is less likely to win so as Nadal.

lakie Says:

Andy is in my opinion co-favorite with Djokovic.
Nadal has become a little slower than during his peak so despite his good form, I am not sure about his chances. The first few rounds will tell us. Fed is unlikely to go past the Quarters even if he plays. Don’t know which Stan will show up. Thiem is playing too much.
Who will win RG? The favorites or a dark horse?

montecarlo Says:

Ideal scenario:

First Round

Novak Djokovic vs Fognini

Second Round

Novak Djokovic vs Fognini

Third Round

Novak Djokovic vs Isner

Pre quarter Final

Novak Djokovic vs Thiem

Quarter Final

Novak Djokovic vs Nishikori

Semi Final

Novak Djokovic vs Wawrinka


Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal

montecarlo Says:

Oops.. meant second round vs Zverev

Daniel Says:

Thanks SNK,

So no one have won RG with 31+ since last 25 years. Food for thought…

Basically this year and next, when Nadal will turn 31 during RG, are his virtual last chances. Of course, he as clay phenomenon could be out of the curve.

But so is for Djoko and Murray, this year and next year, and with luck, 2018 when they will be turning 31 during May.

Giles Says:

False alarm on the above link

Colin Says:

When you consider that Nole’s game is built on precision and agility. isn’t it extraordinary that he of all people should whack his own ankle with the racquet?

I think he lost heart somewhat in the second set, because if he’d believed he could still win, wouldn’t he have taken one of his famous medical timeouts?

SG1 Says:


My guess is that you’re right. Though a French player winning RG is like almost like a unicorn. Often heard of, rarely seen.

It’s the role of whoever decides the seeding to try and get the final between the two best players. How does seeding Rafa 5th achieve this?

It’s easy to hide behind the “the player is ranked 5th, so he’s seeded 5th” crap. Rafa is not 5th in the world on clay. He’s easily top 3. By the end of RG, he may in fact be considered the best on the surface. But, creating a potential scenario where he has to beat 3 very good clay courters in a row just to get to the final reeks of the kind of bias you’d see from the IOC and FIFA.

Form and success on the surface have to be considered if you’re going to decided who gets seeded where. I want Rafa to get his 10th major at RG. This being said, I don’t have any issues with Novak and Murray being seeded ahead of him. They’ve been playing great clay court tennis and are in form. But why is Rafa behind Roger? I mean, what’s that all about. Who are we kidding here?

SG1 Says:

If montecarlo is right, that is one tough draw for Novak!

Baa Says:

Thiem is getting experienced.
He kicked ‘heavy injury’ suffering Fed to the curb on clay.
He knows what he’s doing.
It’s not like he’s a fluke from 2003-2006 era.

Didn’t Fed tell Nole to quit after 2009 Australian open due to cowardice? Oops. Weak era GOAT whined about mononucleosis but had no problem
with playing 8 more years.
He cried like a baby and embarrassed Rafa in the 2009 AO final.

Daniel Says:

If you remove the tag “clay” out of it and just see RG as another Grand Slam, than Fed’s rank and last Grand Slams resulta shows that he is above Rafa. He had made 3 Slam finals since Nadal last Made his and Fed’s last 4 Slam results ate Semis, Final, Final and Quarters while Nadal is 1st, 3rd, 2nd and Quarters. Also Fed’s 52week rank is better than Nadal.

You have argument both against and pro both.

But as clay is more “unique” as grass I also think RG should do a special seeding as Wimbledon. Clay results in this year and last year matter.

Not even Wawa should be ahead of Nadal, he only is due to being defensong champion.

As it is, is fair to ranking of last 52 weeks, as it is with all Slams bar Wimby.

But considering recent form and surgave results is different thing.

J-Kath Says:

SG1: Rafa v Roger: Let’s hope it levels itself out. Unless Roger pulls out in advance of the draw…Rafa could be dropped anywhere. He still could make it of course…

Dave Says:


It’s Nadals fault. If he didn’t get beaten in the first round of Australia, He would be in the top 4 right now. He would have beaten 5 foot 9 and one handed back hand Dudi Sela in the second right and had a much deeper run. That would have changed his points a lot and given him more confidence in future tournaments. That loss really set the tone for why he is in the predicament he is in. And Nadal himself would agree with this ranking and not try and be in a place he shouldn’t be in.

J-Kath Says:


I also saw an article re. Roger withdrawing. But then another one saying what he would be wearing. The first one really whacked into him being very poorly. I’ll kill him if he withdraws 5 minutes after the draw.

Dave Says:

I read the same article. Federer himself didn’t confirm it. So nothing is happening yet until he confirms it himself.

Giles Says:

Dave. No use crying over spilt milk is there. Rafa is #5 and he just has to make the best of the situation.
Vamos Champ!

J-Kath Says:

Latest I’ve seen: Federer is arriving in Paris today to test how well he is. What a prima donna, apologies to his fans.

Okiegal Says:

J-Kath…you’re feeling feisty with that last remark…lol!

skeezer Says:

Fed has earned a prima donna status. Lets face it, the tournament organizers and fans want him to play if he can. He is still top draw.
The one thing fans would not want to see is if he plays a match and pulls out. That would mess up the draw. If he is truly testing out the body before hand to see if he can give it a go, that is, good to go for a tournament RUN, then all good. If not, hope he stands down for himself and the tourney.

Doesn’t Wimby tweak the seedings based on there historical play on that surface some?

Baa Says:

Fed wants luck but he won’t get it.
He can’t get special treatment just because he lost to Djoker.

Daniel Says:

Actually that is the problem with today’s over exposure.

In the past player will play or either we would know in last minute.

Nowadays evey step they do is follow by press even if they are not mention it. Everybody knows what they are doing, specially superstars loke Federer, Nadal, Djoko etc…

Daniel Says:

One thing is him goving all inpits to the press, something some celebrities do, other things is what is out of hos control. But it sure add “deama” to it

Travis Bickle Says:

Something Murray fans may find interesting…

In his interview with L’Equipe, Benneteau said that Mauresmo was sick of getting “insulted” by Murray, and that was the main reason for the split. No link, as the interview was published in print version only.

If true, my question for Amélie would be – why would you take that job in the first place since you should have known that Andy had a dirty mouth? However, whatever filth Murray spouts on the tennis court is not personal… fragile flower Amélie should have know that as well, and be a bit tougher – coaching top ATP guys is not the same as coaching over-50 yoga classes.

J-Kath Says:


Waiting to be stoned.

Feisty, because I feel Fed. will know what affect his decision will have. If he is going to pull out and does it before the draw then I’m fine with that. But recently he pulled out after the draw which I consider to be the act of a “Spoiler”. O.K. once I’ll buy it but not twice.

Hope GL is OK and still speaking to me. Wanted what was best for her as did everyone else here. PS: U sure Facebook will be good for her? It’s got so, so many people on it and so much more dangerous.

J-Kath Says:

The funny thing Travis, evidently Andy had more success under Amelie (not counting Slams) than he did under Lendel. I don’t doubt that at times he verbally attacked her and any other person he could name when he was in one of his on-court fits. Other than that in “normal” life…I doubt it.

What about him now…basically in control of his frustration on court…hope it will last.

Travis Bickle Says:

I concur fully with the notion of Federer being a primadonna (hence I call his supporters Federinas-ballerinas). I’ve also expressed my opinion that he was the biggest douchebag in tennis world.
But, this time I believe he has every right to do what he’s been doing the last several tournaments, which is entering the draw, showing up, practicing a bit and eventually pulling out of the draw. There is no rule against that, so he should be able to do it.

Let’s face it, Federer cannot win anything anymore, is obsessed with his legacy, and would be crushed if someone surpasses him in tennis all-time pecking order. Obviously he sees Novak as the biggest threat to do just that, and especially Novak winning FO and being the only one after Laver with the Grand Slam would be devastating for poor Roger. Therefore, if Roger can (totally by rules) affect the draw, so that Rafa stays 5th seed and makes it possible that Novak gets him in QF instead in SF, all the better for Roger.

To conclude, Roger showing up in Paris, entering the draw, making Rafa 5th seed, and then pulling out is perfectly sound strategy for everyone:
– for Roger by reducing Novak’s chances of winning FO
– for fans by having to witness spectacular QF (fresh Novak vs fresh Rafa), followed by the great semi (Novak vs Wawrinka)
– for the organizers by being able to put many French players in the easy half of the draw and thereby increase their chances of success

mat4 Says:

The relationship between players and coaches is often very complicated.

There are the long term relationships that work with mutual understanding: Rafa and Toni (but it is a special case), Ferrer and his coach (although they split after 20 years), DePo had a long relationship with his, Piatti and Ljubicic, Novak and Vajda… Very often, the coaches are mentors, and the relationship is special.

Then, there are cases like Ana Ivanovic, who is capable of changing his coach just to avoid paying bonuses (she did it in the case of Nemanja Kontic). Dan Markowitz (tennis-prose) gave a few examples where players changed coaches when the objectives were fulfilled, because those coaches were expensive. He conjectured that it was the case between Murray and Lendl, although I have my doubts.

The coaches are the first to pay for bad results, even when they work well. Tsonga fired Eric Winogradsky, because he didn’t want to work the Winogradsky way and improve his backhand. He did it just before the results of such work finally arrived, and after being a few months without coach, his results got worse.

Mostly, coaches don’t have long term plans with players, and their knowledge is limited. From a certain level, they focus on physical preparation and tactics, working much less on technique (something very difficult). When one notices that Ferrer plays almost the same game for the last 6, 7 years, one has to think.

Sometimes technique deteriorates by itself. It was the case of Novak’s serve, and Rafa’s serve too. The corrective work is especially difficult in those situations.

The quality of coaches is very uneven. Watching children competitions, visiting tennis camps, I am sometimes very surprised by the routine, and the errors made by coaches with licences from the federation. A key factor are the parents, and without devoted parents, most of the children don’t stand a chance of improving, or improve despite the odds. My son has lost about three years for nothing, despite his work intelligence, motivation, and results against bigger and older children. It’s only when I started to watch every training, changed a few coaches, and especially when I started paying more, that he got the adequate attention. Money makes a lot of difference.

J-Kath Says:

Come on Travis ….You into Jekyll and Hyde mode? I don’t for a minute believe you believe entirely what you said.

Not to be too cheeky…if I’m wrong and you are serious, I know an excellent promotion waiting for you….I’m sure you’ve thought about it: Press Officer for Donald Trump.

skeezer Says:

Mat4 – true dat about the parents…

Dave Says:


Exactly. Nadal won’t complain whatsoever. He is going to go full steam ahead and give everything he has until the last point. He is ready and has good attitude and confidence at the moment.

Dave Says:

Federer withdrawing wouldn’t just make it easier on Djokovic, he would make it easier on Nadal as well. Nadal is also a threat to eclipse or tie 17, if he gets going again. Djokovic isn’t the only threat to the record books. If Federer were to withdraw, you would be looking at Nadal playing Raonic, Tsonga, Berdych or Nishikori. So only 1 difficult opponent. Vs a QF of Wawrinka, Djokovic, Murray or Federer. Obviously Federer withdrawing makes things much easier for Nadal as well.

skeezer Says:

Well then hope Fed can play and is fit. Don’t want him to make it an easy tournament for the Padawans ;)

Baa Says:

Fed can’t use his creepy friends and the media to intimidate Novak anymore.
Novak can win French open and Olympics singles anytime.
Fed can’t do that.
His rabid fan pigeons tried to distract Novak, but that only
worked temporarily at the 2008 U.S. Open.
Novak smacked him back in 2010-11 U.S. Opens.
Fed tried meddling with the Serb crowd and couldn’t accept the truth from Novak’s dad.
Nadal even got mad when “#2” Fed got humiliated again at USO 11.
Fedal couldn’t be nice to Nole, but GOAT status belonged to
a disadvantaged Novak.
Bad training and bad serve were easily corrected.

J-Kath Says:

I’d like to see Fed participate. But if he’s no intention of playing he must withdraw by Friday 11.00am. otherwise he fails to act as a professional sports person.

Danica Says:

Rafa starts slow. He plays himself into form during the tournament. So, it’s better playing Rafa sooner than later. Just a thought.

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath…..FB would be great for her….because people you interact with are your true friends. You can private message and no one reads everything you say, if you want it that way…I love it! I will admit there is a lot of drama on there…but no more than here on TX….I wont be surprised if she leaves here for good…..

Daniel Says:

Agree Danica,

That’s what I said last year ref Djoko’s chance, the sooner he plays him the better.

Nadal in finals in RG, would be a whole new animal.

The only problem for Djoko to play Nadal in Quarters again is that his draw may be bad, with Wawa in semis (if playing better and reaching that far, or Kei and than Murray finals. Thats is the one thing he doesn’t want this RG. Have to play the three other in form players on clay back to back.

mat4 Says:

Danica, Daniel:

I believe that Novak has the most chances against Rafa if Rafa plays the qf against Stan, the semi against Murray before making the final.

Even better: the best thing would be Novak facing no top 10 before the final, a lucky loser in the semi, and Berdych in the final?

AndyMira Says:

Hey GL,i know what happened was painful,but let’s take that as one of a bad life experience okay?I tell you what?From now on,we talk only tennis here okay?And nothing else..and if you want to talk or unleashed anything what you feel okie said..get an can talk whatever you wish for in there but only in private message..and to tell you the truth..okie is waiting for a long time now for you to join her on FB..with giddiness and excitedness..and from my own experience,she’s got the BEST virtual shoulder you can ask for GL..SHE’S AWESOME,AMAZING,INCREDIBLE..why don’t you give her the satisfaction by being her friend on FB today?Good luck to you GL..

Okiegal Says:

Thanks, Mira….very kind words on my behalf. Appreciate it!!

AndyMira Says:’re not mad?Oh..thank God!!

Margot Says:

TB @£.45
I read about that explanation from the French press, not sure I believe it, could be spin. But, if true, I entirely agree with you. She must’ve known, Andy has a reputation. Most players do it to some extent, TBH, unfortunately Andy swears in English.
Other explanations suggest she couldn’t give the time Andy wanted, which, in the circumstances, is very likely.

J-Kath Says:

I hear you and what would make GL happy is great with me.

“True friends” fine!..My caveat is that they often have one or two other friends outside of the main support system …similar to relationships on TX.

Humble Rafa Says:

The draw should favor real tennis players who are there to win rather than to collect information. Next year, the BBC guy will be No. 3 since he is there to collect information.

Okiegal Says:

J-Kath…..All of my Facebook friends are people that I know really well…..but not seeing eye to eye with a few of them lately because of POLITICS! But I choose to respect them for their views and not stir anything up, because they are my “true” friends, whereas on TX I don’t really know any of these people and they don’t really know me…wherein lies the difference, imo……

lakie Says:

GL please come back. You are probably the only one who shares my view that Djokovic and Nadal should be in in the same half. We probably want that draw for the same reason. Please come back here for tennis. Just ignore the troll TB. I know the internet is a hard place and I did not expect you to have any friends. But even I was shocked by the level of support for TB’s filthy attacks on you. Looks like we still have the sort of blood thirsty sadistic spectators who flocked to watch wild animals kill unarmed men. Some in those days must have thought it was a useful lesson for the victim and others must have found the wild animal funny and probably asked it for a date.
Looks like more things change, the more some things remain the same.

calmdownplease Says:

‘Other explanations suggest she couldn’t give the time Andy wanted, which, in the circumstances, is very likely’

Which is, actually, BANG OUT OF ORDER.
Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased she is gone but perhaps if she was a little more honest (presumably) about her pregnancy plans he might not have bothered with her in the first place!
Maybe he would have gone for the highly inexperienced but mentally impressive Martina who is far too long in the tooth for the ‘turkey baster solution’.

Daniel Says:


I want Djoko and Nadal at the same side as well. Not quarters, but semis.

Daniel Says:

At this point I think Murray is more a threat to Djoko than Nadal this Garros. Djoko will have memories of last year trashing and with Murray he is sensong that he is etting better and more confident agaisnt him on clay. Really think they will play final again. Eillbe very hard for somebody to take three sets out of them.

Murray went 12-2 in Clay Masters with a title, final and semis and only lost to eventual champions both times in three sets. He gets victory and defeats agaisnt Djoko and Nadal. The only one who did better is Djoko because he got victories over Murray, Nadal and Kei (2) and only lost to Murray after some intense matches.

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