Novak Djokovic Falls And Now Andy Murray Is A Saturday Win In Paris From The No. 1 Ranking
by Staff | November 4th, 2016, 8:13 pm

Andy Murray succeeded in his quest on Thursday at the Paris Masters, while world No. 1 Novak Djokovic did not.

As a result, Murray is one match away from becoming the No. 1 player in the world for the first time.

Murray on Thursday in the quarterfinals in Paris stared down Tomas Berdych, defeating the Czech 7-6(9), 7-5, eliminating him from contention for the year-end ATP Finals.

On Saturday Murray needs to win his semifinal match over Milos Raonic to become No. 1. He has spent 76 weeks at the No. 2 spot.

“Getting to No. 1, like I said, is 12 months of work. Consistency. I have never done that before. In my career, I have had periods where I have been consistent for a few months at a time and then drop-offs. Whereas, this year, barring the month in March, I can’t have done much better than I had done,” Murray said. “I have put myself in a position to do something that takes a lot of consistency, a lot of concentration for a long period of time. I’m happy about that.”

Against Berdych, Murray was broken in the first set serving at 5-4 then had to come from 6-1 down in the breaker to regain control over the Czech who squandered seven set points in that breaker.

“I played some good ones, he played some bad ones on the set points, and I just fought as hard as I could,” Murray said of the tiebreak. “I served pretty well in those moments, better than him. There were a few net cords that went my way. I dealt with the double-fault well. It didn’t affect me.”

Murray has now won his last 18 matches.

Prior to Murray’s match, Djokovic’s No. 1 rank was in jeopardy following a 6-4, 7-6(2) loss to former US Open winner Marin Cilic. Cilic was 0-14 career against Djokovic entering the match.

“He definitely played better today, and he deserved to win,” said Djokovic, who gave up a break lead in the second set after some double-fault yips. “I wasn’t on the level that I could have been on. I was also…in a good position to take the match into the third set, and then two double faults. Just in important moments I wasn’t able to deliver.”

Djokovic, who had won Paris the last three years winning 17 straight, will now wait to see if Murray takes his No. 1 ranking. “All I can say is that he’s deservedly in the position he’s in at the moment,” Djokovic said.

Cilic in the semis will meet unseeded American John Isner, who beat unseeded countryman Jack Sock 7-6(6), 4-6, 6-4.

“Very tough match. Certainly could have gone either way,” Isner said. “I thought I played very well. I’m happy to move on.”

Isner is seeking his first title of the season.

“Up to this point I have been very disappointed with how I have played this year,” Isner said. “But I think I have turned a corner. I have a very good team on my side. I am relaxed, but I also know going into this event I have played well here before quite a lot of times. I made the quarterfinals last year and made the semifinals.”

Home favorite Jo-Wilfried Tsonga couldn’t make the weekend as the Frenchmen fell to Milos Raonic 6-2, 7-6(4). Murray leads Raonic 8-3 including a win in the Wimbledon final.

“If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it can still happen in a few months, which is when I thought I’d have a better chance of doing it,” Murray said. “But obviously I’d love to do it tomorrow if I can.”


COURT CENTRAL start 11:45
H. Kontinen (FIN) / J. Peers (AUS) vs [6] M. Melo (BRA) / V. Pospisil (CAN)

Not Before 14:00
[9] M. Cilic (CRO) vs J. Isner (USA)

Not Before 16:30
[4] M. Raonic (CAN) vs [2] A. Murray (GBR)
[1] P. Herbert (FRA) / N. Mahut (FRA) vs [8] R. Bopanna (IND) / D. Nestor (CAN)

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59 Comments for Novak Djokovic Falls And Now Andy Murray Is A Saturday Win In Paris From The No. 1 Ranking

Farah Diba Says:

“But,obviously i’d love to do it tomorrow if i can”…Yes!That’s a clear signal from Andy how much he wants it.Like i said in other thread,he will be super nervous today,knowing win it over Milos will secure him the No 1 in the ranking.This is huge!The pressure is gonna be unbearable.But Andy,already experienced it in Rio this the summer.I think it shouldn’t be a problem..But Milos sure going to give his all today,knowing Andy will be nervous like crazy.At Queens this year,Milos dragged him to 3 sets.This time maybe 2 very tight sets 75 76 or another 3 setter but in the end,i think it’s Andy who will prevail..INSYAALAH!C’MON ANDY!!!

skeezer Says:

Novak is sounding like Fed when he loses. Oh wait, thats not allowed.

Humble Rafa Says:

At least now, the Egg Lover can go back to his guru and focus on new age activities.

FedExpress Says:

What a troll raoniv would become if raonic plays the spoiler part

Farah Diba Says:

I hope Nole will get rest as much as possible and heal his trouble arm/elbow/wrist in the next 9 days.Good luck with your recovery Nole.C’Mon Champ!

Willow Says:

Sorry to the nice Novak fans Jalep, Danica, Courbon, Patson, the only ones i really like, as i was pulling for him to win with it been against Cilic ….

Willow Says:

As for Andy having Lendel back was a genius move, Muresmo was OK as a coach, but Lendel has instilled that mental toughness and self belief in him which had been lacking for a while ….

Margot Says:

Willow: Not enough credit I being given to Jamie Delgardo who is a calm, supportive, reassuring presence in Andy’s box and an invaluable scout and day to day coach.
Lendl has been absent since RG I believe. Tho apparently he and Jamie speak on the phone frequently.

Willow Says:

Margot yeah, whatever works for Andy im on board with, he could have my next door neighbour as his coach for all i care, as long as it keeps him on a winning track ….

Willow Says:

For the sake of credibility ill root for Cilic against Isner, only this once though ….

theDA Says:

@Margot – hello there! Can you believe what might go down today? Unbelievably proud. Just one correction: Lendl was at Queens, Wimbledon & USO. I’ll credit that wee lapse to a celebratory drink after Muzz beat Berdy ;)

Where’s Mat4? Hope he’s well. I miss his commentary during these moments.

Michael Says:

What is really happening to Novak ? He seems to have lost his way and that was totally unexpected after the spectacular success rate that he had this year. The frightening thing for him is that he is losing to lower ranked players like Agut and that is really not a good sign.

Andy definitely has a great chance to become the No.1 for the first time in his career and that is something he would cherish if he manages to achieve it.

Margot Says:

Hello there darling!
Oops re Lendl…..OK hasn’t been around since USOpen …;) So, in fact, Jamie is responsible for this incredible Autumn run then? Let’s hear it for Team Degardo.
Yeah, incredibly proud, bursting in fact, incredibly nervous now of course, but what’s new?
Yeah, some lovely,generous Nole fans still on here, like Danica and VP, but others strangely absent……;)

Willow Says:

Michael i will admit the RBA result was a little surprising, but Cilic is a top 10 player and also a GS champion, who beat Roger at the USO in 2014, and really shoulve beaten him at this years SW19, im not sure about his record with Andy or Rafa, but they have had tight matches with him, and he has played Novak very close but has still lost, yesterday was one of those days where he seized his chance and won, when hes on he can trouble the very best, hes not a top 10 player and a GS champion for nothing ….

theDA Says:

@Margot – Yes Jamie has been instrumental. I see it mostly in his serve (and improved 2nd serve) and clutchness when it really counts. Delgado also helped Muller improve his serve tremendously. He definitely deserves credit.

I fully understand why some are absent. I follow a couple on twitter and some aren’t taking it too well. Big hugs to Jane.

chrisford1 Says:

Willow – “Sorry to the nice Novak fans Jalep, Danica, Courbon, Patson, the only ones i really like…”

Willow, you mean the only Djokovic fans that do not take you to task when you say something stupid, like the above quote…

chrisford1 Says:

I do not believe it is premature to offer big congrats to Will and Judy Murray for being the 1st parents to have two sons become #1 players in the ATP. Jamie in doubles, Andy in singles.

Margot Says:

Oh dear, Marin has lost his game somewhere between yesterday and today. Help, help, if you know where it is, please return asap!

Willow Says:

There is nothing in my post above that isnt factually true Chris Ford 1, he has played Rafa,Roger, Novak, Andy all close, but is on the losing end more often than not, had MPs against Fed at W, has beaten him at the USO in 2014, i dont mind objective critisism in any way shape or form, what i dont care for is those posters that insult me personally KAPEESH ….

Willow Says:

Still not really sure what it was i said which could be considered as stupid ? ….

Farah Diba Says:

I like Marin a lot,i think he’s one of the most nicest and humble guy on tour..good manner as well,but for tonight i have to be selfish and hope Isner will get through.Marin looks very dangerous..After ousted Nole last night and a win in Basel,his confidence must be sky high and if Andy got through as well,Marin is a very dangerous prospect for Andy.And Marin came on top from their last encounter in Cincy.

Berghain Says:

Cilic was what? 0-14 vs Nole.

Was as much a shock to me as the first time Fed lost to Berdych!

Berghain Says:

“For the sake of credibility ill root for Cilic against Isner, only this once though ….”

Lol Willow, what credibility are we talking about?
I don’t come here often, but I seem to remember every time Cilic is mentioned you make it your personal mission to let everyone know that you dislike him. So this statement comes across as extremely phony.

Furthermore I think chrisford1’s reply is warranted, taking into consideration:“Sorry to the nice Novak fans Jalep, Danica, Courbon, Patson, the only ones i really like…”

Its like you’re sucking up on one side and provoking on the other. You’re basically saying everyone you don’t like isn’t nice. Dont be surprised when people give you a peace of there mind in reply to such statements. I wont discuss it further, just wanted to point that out.

Willow Says:

I prefer Isner as a person, although i cant stand his brand of tennis, i prefer Cilics brand of tennis, but i have bitterness against him because of some of the company he keeps off court, and ill leave it there ….

As ive already said i dont mind objective critisism, but i dont take too kindly to being insulted personally, which i have been merely because i voiced an opinion on something, nothing to do with being a jealous female, as theres plenty of gorgeous women out there in all walks of life ….

And BTW there was nothing i said to Michael in my post which wasnt true which was deemed stupid ….

And Margots right its easy for people to take the meaning of posts the wrong way …

Have a good day ….

Margot Says:

And here’s another shocker, before today Cilic was 6-0 v Isner!
And now it’s a win for Big John.
How often do we se that tho., a player wins an unexpected victory and then kerpow out next round.
I suppose the good news is Milos HAS beaten Andy and the bad news is Milos HAS beaten Andy….;)

Willow Says:

Strange that some people can make a federal case out of anything, even Danica agreed with me, notice she wasnt insulted personally though thankfully, wonder why i was for saying the exact same thing, hmm go figure ! ….

Willow Says:

Making Cilic had nothing left in the tank after the Novak win, Andy will have faced Milos 3 times this year ….

Willow Says:

^Sorry maybe ^….

Farah Diba Says:

Oh wow!Andy got walkover today!So,another day of rest before the final.Oh that means Andy now no 1!!..Congrats to Andy and his always loyal and beloved fans here and all over the world..M,RZ,JK,TheDa…very very happy for you guys!!C’MON ANDY 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.

Willow Says:

Andy is world number 1 now, Raonic has withdrawn, Andy will play Isner in the final, for the sake of credibility im pulling for Murray, as hes my second favorite player, hope thats alright *ROLLS EYES * ….

Margot Says:


Willow Says:

I Think JWT will be pretty peeved off ….

Farah Diba Says:

M!..Please breath easily through your nose..Out in out in..that’s it!Good girl..

RZ…The deities loves you very much today..come out now sis,Let’s celebrate together..

skeezer Says:

This will become a major Tennis story. Murray has gotten #1. Congrats to him, his team and his fans.
Just take a look at the Rankings at the beginning of this year:

Novak had almost double the amount of points. Somehow he stumbled from super duper to journeyman burn out type play in less than nine months. Meanwhile, Murray shows is courage and resolve by grinding out tourney by tourney and getting points with the hard committed yards required. Well done Murray, well deserved!

el_matador Says:

andy gets a walkover and is officially no. 1!..congrats to rz,da and margot..commiserations to jane,vp,courbon,danica..

el_matador Says:

and where is calmdownplease?..although I had some very nasty exchanges with him,he’s a very passionate andy fan..just wondering the wrath of cdp’s posts now that andy is number 1!

J-Kath Says:

I’m wholly surprised – thought Cilic would beat the living day-lights out of Isner. I do not like Cilic one little bit – and don’t know why – but recognise he can play terrific tennis even if somewhat inconsistently. I do like Isner – but usually don’t admire his tennis level. Didn’t see the match nor peek at scores so don’t really know if Cilic played badly or Isner delivered a champion performance.

Andy and Milos? On paper Andy should win so let’s hope Andy reads the same page and vows to deliver accordingly.

Pleased to see Danica, Jalep and Van Persie still around. Missing in action Courbon, WogBoy, Travis, Ronn and a few others. I hope they come back soon….most decidedly Nole will be back.

J-Kath Says:

Oh my golly jeeper creeper – the world can turn in 5 minutes.

Farah Diba Says:

Hey,where’s Andy first class fans?Still crying?You it your tears for tomorrow as well guys..

Farah Diba Says:

JK…Andy got walkover just a moment ago..

J-Kath Says:


You are a scholar and a gentleman.

FedExpress Says:

murray is the new number 1.

raonic you joke. more of a joke than kei.

J-Kath Says:

FD: Yes, just hit my comment when I saw it. BBC full of it now.

Honfleuraise Says:


Ask Clarissa to go to Nole’s address asp. He’s going to need those smelling salts now

Daniel Says:

At least 2 weeks guarantee as world number 1.

If he beats tomorrow as he should, he will enter London with 405 pts ahead of Novak.
If Novak keeps faltering and loses a round robin match along the way, Andy can keep the number 1 ranking by reaching finals undefeated eve if hebloses to Novak in final. Of course, thatbwould be anticlimatic, but he sure got help from tennis gods. 2 walkovers in later rounds in last 2 week.

Happy for him to finally hit that spot, and at a advance age in tennis. Think he is the second oldest to do so.

Let’s see how Novak will react. He seems kind of resigned latelly and maybe the tennis records doesn’t motivate him anymore as a few months back.
He was on a journet to potentially be the Greatets beyond doubt and now everything is shady

Kimberly Says:

Congrats to Murray, a well deserved achievement too bad Raonic stole his glory a bit. This should be an interesting year end final

Van Persie Says:

Congrats to Andy and his fans!

Will consolate myself with the idea that 2>1 ;)


Your posts made me smile. :)
Friendly advise: do not waste your time with sensible explanations with some of us here. I am sure you have better things to do.

steve-o Says:

Congratulations to Andy Murray, world #1! He’s earned it. Goes to show you the power of persistence. I’m sure he’ll be extra motivated to beat Isner tomorrow and solidify his hold on the top spot.

I don’t think Djokovic is making it to the final in London this year. Five in a row is tough. He will almost surely lose one RR match, and I think he’s likely to lose in the semis. He could even fail to qualify for the knockout round by a narrow margin because of the complicated scoring system.

But there is no guarantee Murray will be champ either.

J-Kath Says:


Nole’s and Andy’s individual ranking points could not be surpassed by any other player at London. So really, the no.1 contest remains between these two irrespective of whether some other player wins the final.

PS: There is now a new Andy thread available.

Giles Says:

Hey J-k. Are you working for Tennis X by any chance? Thx the new thread is highly visible! :)

Willow Says:

Hi Kimberly nice to see another Rafa fan here, weve becoming a dying breed lately ….

J-Kath Says:

Giles: Don’t tempt me – probably make an a-se of it.

The other thread was getting bulky and it’s really awkward when pertinent exchanges gets split betwixt one and other. Sorri if that seemed proprietorial- it’s a bit like washing dishes and letting them sit while others pile up …..something like that.

Willow Says:

My apologies J-Kath no more pertinent exchanges from me ….

J-Kath Says:

Willow: What are you apologising for?

Willow Says:

J-Kath i sometimes go a bit overboard, i cant seem to keep my virtual mouth shut sometimes ….

J-Kath Says:

Willow: You could discard “Willow” and become “Virtual Mouth” rather like “Humble Rafa” does. It would mean you have taken a position that allows you total freedom and also allows responders the same. That way nobody should get upset…I think/hope?????

Suggest you first have a word with OKIE….I understand you are on Facebook hence you can have a private chat?

The other way: Keep “Willow”. Say exactly what you want to say. If others don’t like it and respond negatively, don’t respond/don’t challenge. Just move on.

Willow Says:

J-Kath im not upset, far from it, if others use personal insults against me, i couldnt care less, it says more about them than me, but i will continue to say what i want and eff them, they do why shouldnt i ? ….

Anyhow i do chat to Okie on FB, but to be honest, i generally leave TX and tennis stuff here on this forum, i have friends all over this country with the way we lead our life, and i chat about all number of things on there, plans for next year, what we are doing at Yule, next years sabbats and camps, stuff like that, i dont give sport much of a thought there, cheers J-Kath enjoy the fireworks ;-)) ….

J-Kath Says:

The fireworks – thought my roof was coming off.

Otherwise girl, you do keep me confused….I’m now going to tell myself I’m your sounding board – as you do get annoyed (Yes? No?) and I will make soothing noises… more suggestions ……will you buy that?????????

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