Murray Wins Vienna Over Tsonga, Can Take No. 1 from Djokovic in Paris This Week
by Staff | October 30th, 2016, 4:12 pm

World No. 2 Andy Murray continues his march toward the No. 1 ranking, closing the gap between him and No. 1 Novak Djokovic to just 415 points in the ATP 2016-only standings after the title Sunday at the Erste Bank Open 500 in Vienna, Austria.
The Scot in the final cut off a late surge from No. 6-seeded Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-3, 7-6(6).

“The tiebreak was really, really tight,” Murray said. “I think it was a high-level tiebreak. There wasn’t really many mistakes…Jo fought well and started playing a lot better. He was more aggressive and taking some more chances and making the shots.”

Murray can take the No. 1 ranking for the first time next week in Paris if he wins the title and Djokovic loses before the final.

Tsonga was appearing in his first final since September 2015 when he won in Metz, and fell to 12-11 in career finals.

“I’m really happy with my week,” Tsonga said. “I played good tennis. I fought until the end, and that’s most important for me…It’s always good to play against those [top] players.”

Murray’s seventh title of the year raises him to 42-21 in career finals. He is on a 15-match streak and first rose to the No. 2 ranking more than seven years ago.

Tsonga kept his long-shot chances alive of qualifying for the year-end ATP championships.

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20 Comments for Murray Wins Vienna Over Tsonga, Can Take No. 1 from Djokovic in Paris This Week

RZ Says:

Fingers crossed for Andy!

Nancy Shaw Says:

You can do it Andy I have believed it since you were 19 yes.old

Farah Diba Says:

To Sean or staff..

Why there is no thread to preview a draw at Paris Masters that will start today?You usually would put up a thread to predict who’s going to meet with whom or who’s got the best chance to win,very curious about this.This is ATP 1000 after all..

J-Kath Says:

Farah Diba

You tell them girl.

Farah Diba Says:

J-Kath,don’t worry..i’ll them,and while we’re on this..Sean or staff also did not put a similar thread at ATP Shanghai a couple of weeks ago..Also a thread that usually showed up before the final..For example “Shanghai Masters Final-Who’s The Pick”,also missing..It happened constantly nowadays..I’m start thinking that Sean or staff desire to predict a winner waned a little..Is it a coincidence that it happened when Andy always in the final on those occasions?Hmm..interesting..

Danica Says:

Great stretch of the season for Andy for sure! Amazing year. Congrats for another title and getting close to #1. I’d love Nole to finish the year as #1 though. After that, there’s no way he manages to repeat the wins of this season so Andy deservedly becomes the new #1.

These last two tournaments will be more than interesting. Can’t wait to see how Paris enfolds.

Michael Says:

Well, Novak hasn’t had a bad year and yet he is struggling to retain his No.1 status. It only means that relatively his performance is sub-par when compared to the last year and with the pressure right there on him to win everything in sight to defend his points is a lofty challenge which is pretty difficult to conquer. This only goes to show the imposing difficulty in retaining your No.1 status year on year consecutively, a feat Roger managed to achieve.

Nevertheless, congrats to Andy for giving Novak a run for his money and that makes the year end No.1 contest very interesting. Novak has to win both the Paris Masters and World Tour finals to retain his No.1 status and that is a tall order given his current lack of form as well as confidence.

Farah Diba Says:

@Michael..Agree with what you said.Also i’ve read Novak latest statement that said he feels very ‘rejuvenated’ and ‘regenerated’after suffering a slump in form this last 4,5 months..”It makes me want to go on court and fight for every point because there is something to win in the end”..Oh gosh!I think that’s a clear signal to Andy that he will do anything in his power to protect his no 1..Oh God..Just hope they didn’t destroyed each other after their grueling and very tiring fight.

Margot Says:

Danica: I think Andy has more chance of getting No 1 next year too. Think Andy may well be out of gas now and Nole is well rested.
AO gonna be interesting.

Danica Says:

I don’t think Novak has to win both titles to retain the top spot altough it wouldn’t hurt.

Van Persie Says:

Agree Danica,

Looking at the ranking singles it is clear for me that Nole will most likely remain Nr. 1 if he wins Paris. Andy has also 600 points to defend, so it is pretty important for him too. to play finals this week.

Danica Says:

Andy needs to win Paris and Nole needs to fall before semis for Andy to become #1. Then, there’s the WTA where 1500 points can be got. So, it will be interesting. That’s why I hardly wait to see how Paris will play out.

Danica Says:

Sorry, WTF (not WTA).

Van Persie Says:


If Nola falls before finals and Andy wins PAris, Andy is Nr.1 next week. The points from last year’s YEC are not taken into consideration next week.

Van Persie Says:

Correction: Nole, not Nola

J-Kath Says:

Gosh Giles – that sweater again! At least he’s not in the bath.

J-Kath Says:

Farah Diba

Who are you? The Good Fairy? Mother Christmas?

Since you arrived and announced you were an Andy fan – three more new people (who sound like they are Andy fans) have followed you.

PS: Hope you can translate your magic on the courts.

Danica Says:

I love the Murray bro’s X-mas sweaters!

J-Kath Says:


Vive la difference – is better than the bath.

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