Andy Murray, Roger Federer React To Novak Djokovic’s Shock Loss
by Tom Gainey | January 20th, 2017, 9:47 am

Both Andy Murray and Roger Federer talked about Novak Djokovic’s loss Thursday to Denis Istomin.

Andy Murray:
Q. Do you feel any less pressure now that the defending champion is out or do you not take much notice of that?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, for me, it doesn’t change anything unless I was to potentially reach the final, because I can’t play Novak in the fourth round or in the third round. Don’t worry about that really.

Obviously, if you’re to get to the final, then it has an effect. A lot of the times when I’ve been in the final here, I’ve played against him. Had some tough ones.

I wasn’t scheduled to play Novak today, so my job’s to concentrate on Sam and to go into that match with a clear head and a good game plan and try to play well. I did that.

Q. What was your reaction when you saw the result? Amazement? Surprise?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, obviously surprised. Novak’s record here speaks for itself. He’s had incredible success here over the years. He obviously loves the conditions.

I don’t know, maybe after the first set, it was a pretty long, tough first set, maybe you expect Istomin’s level to drop a bit.

But I didn’t see any of the match really. I saw like three, four points. I don’t know exactly what happened. But, yeah, obviously surprised.

Roger Federer
Q. What were your thoughts about the Djokovic loss yesterday? Did you expect anything happening like that?
ROGER FEDERER: No. I didn’t see it coming. I mean, I love Denis. He’s the nicest guy. He’s got a lot of fans in the locker room because he’s always super sweet and everything. Great player, good shot-maker. I didn’t see this one coming.

I’m happy for Denis. It’s a tough one for Novak. Until the very, very end, I still believed that Novak was going to turn it around, like everybody else.

Yeah, it’s why we love live sports. It’s why we watch it. It’s why people come to the stadium, people watch it on the TV. You just don’t know the outcome. Even though the odds are crazy in somebody’s favor, there’s always the chance for the big upset. That’s why I’m a big sportsfan. Voila.

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29 Comments for Andy Murray, Roger Federer React To Novak Djokovic’s Shock Loss

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Love Roger’s comments. He cracks me up.

Vicki Parks Says:

Djokovich I think should try & gain more weight he is so thin & not eating enough hampers his strength. He can bounce back soon as adds more calories into his eating habits!0

Margot Says:
On this day of days, to all my American virtual friends hiding under their duvets….

Willow Says:

Watch it Margot, i got in trouble for copy and paste by one poster ….

Margot Says:

Willow: Am I bothered? ;)

Willow Says:

LOL No me neither, sound like Catherine Tate Margot ….

Margot Says:

I am indeed quoting the goddess that is Catherine, Willow.

Frank frankovich Says:

Bravo for roger.My favorite forever !!

jane Says:

i think this excerpt left out andy’s more thoughtful, wide-reaching comment on the expectations placed on top/consistent players, so i am copying the question and andy’s response here:

Q. He’s been struggling since winning the French. Can you understand as a player at the top struggling after you’ve been at the top so long, playing so well?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, struggling by the highest standards. But compared with, like, most players, it’s not been that bad really. Obviously I think for him the early loss at Wimbledon and here would be disappointing. He’d want to play his best in the majors.

But he still won the Masters Series in Canada. He was in the final at the US Open. He was in the finals of the Tour Finals. He beat four or five top-10 players in the Tour Finals. He won the tournament in Doha last week.

He has played some really good stuff over the last six or seven months, too. It’s just not been, you know, as consistent as what it was the three years before. But how anyone is expected to keep up that level for their whole career, it’s just unreasonable to expect that of anyone.

There’s been, yeah, a couple of surprising results, for sure. But on the whole, it’s not been that bad.

J.S. Says:

JANE….I agree and liked Andy’s answer. Rafa said something similar commenting about being athletes and it happens.
For me, I am glad Novak is out…any of the top 4 gone, helps Rafa, and thats my only objective!

Saying that…NO WAY are the Fab 4 done winning/controlling the majors – my opinion only!

We will see if anyone else steps up but clearly some of the talent doesn’t have the discipline i.e.: Nick Kyrgios to name one. He is so talented but not a threat w/ all his issues!
Maybe Zverev or Raonic will be the ones to watch or cause some upsets at AO?

But for now, Nishikori/Wawrinka although they can cause upsets are not playing at the level of Rafa/Andy/Fed

BUT like Rafa/Andy said…anything can happen!
It will be intersting to talk about again after 4th round. Andy has the easier 4th round, I think? Roger will play Nishikori ? I think if he plays like today, Kei has no chance!

Okiegal Says:

This doesn’t have anything to do with this thread but all tennis lovers should like this. Tennis channel has a documentary going on called the Signature Series. The focus is tennis history (naturally it wouldn’t be on any other sport) from ancient Egypt to present day. It is so interesting…… I’m loving it!!! Look for it if any of you are interested in seeing it. I think it is old because Bud Collins was on it….but it was new to me.

Good luck to all favorites!!

jane Says:

here are rafa’s comments also; rafa gets it. he lost to darcis #135 in r1 of wimbledon in 2013, but he still ended #1. so who knows!

Q. It must have been a bit of a shock to see Novak go out today after he’s been so dominant here. Were you able to take much notice of it or were you just focused on your match?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, I really didn’t see the match. I was playing a game with my team. I just see, the real thing, I just see the last point.

Yeah, what Novak did here is just amazing. Six victories here, six titles. For a lot of years he have been in the semifinals, finals, and winning here. So is normal then. Is not possible to be every time in that situation, no?

But he played great one week and a half ago or two weeks ago in Doha, winning the title. So then today was probably an accident, that’s all. He’s playing well. Everybody has the chance to lose when you go on court, no? We are athletes. We know when we are going on court we can lose and we can win. Everybody wants to win. Everybody has a good level.

Today Denis played well. That probably was a combination that Denis played a great match and Novak didn’t play his best. When this combination happens, then you are in trouble, no? Everything can happen. And happened.

Willow Says:

Okie unfortunatly not on where i am, anyway wont see Rafa middle of the night where i am, would watch but have work in the morning, hope to wake up to happy news at 6 am, probably wont sleep thinking about it though, out for now, enjoyed the chat today for the most part, apart from batting heads with somebody on the Federer / Berdych thread ….

J.S. Says:

Fun day to talk about amazing tennis, Right?
Jane…TY for posting the comment, I watched Rafa’s interview but couldn’t repeat accurately – lots of respect with these top favs. reporters seem to want more!! LOL Not sure they will get it!

Tomorrow is going to be SO Crazy…I seriously wish I wasn’t so obsessed with my Rafa!

Here is the IW highlights, gotta love the fist pumping from my man

J-Kath Says:

Thank you Margot for quoting the goddess Catherine – PS should be spelt with a “K”. No need to apologise.

J-Kath Says:

J.S. It is a pleasure to announce that you are surely the most enthusiastic tennis supporter and tennis poster that we have all had the pleasure to encounter.

Next time you come to Europe you need to tell us all in advance- maybe we can all meet at the O2 (especially if your favourite(s) are thru???!!

J.S. Says:

J-Kath I am in Europe for 8 months – go back “home” America in May.
Sad I can only make Rotterdam and Monte Carlo.
YES YES!!! I have 2nd row/box seats at both events and will have my obnoxious RAFA shirts on. I will make sure you guys see me, LOL!!!

Looked at Australia but airfare was crazy – just couldn’t make it work!

I would love to plan 02 trip and anyone is welcome to come stay with me in the above mentioned for free! I would love the fun of another fan!!!

Enthusiastic = LOST MY MIND!!!

J.S. Says:

MARC LOPEZ all fancied up in NIKE gear….I am sure it’s because of his BFF Rafa, Looks like I will watch Lopez/Lopez doubles, take a nap and wake up to watching RAFA!!!

BBB Says:

Margot – as a DC resident who fled, I am under the duvet in a town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland :) The rain falling right at noon spoke volumes.

Margot Says:

BBB: Snuggle down, take care. Had to throw most of my Saturday paper straight in the bin, you know why….:'(

Margot Says:

Kath @5pm
You may, she doesn’t

J-Kath Says:

Margot – Me being facetious again.
Obviously my brain’s electrical circuit needs re-wired.

Truth Says:

Denis Istomin has bad vision in one eye and doesn’t like contact lenses? His uses glasses instead and color coordinates the bandanna with the glasses.
He was in a near death experience in a car crash. No wonder he’s tough as nails.

Novak, on the other hand, should be ashamed of himself for not admitting he’s mentally gone. Lifeless.
Nadal’s too nice about him.

Okiegal Says:

@J.S……..I hear you on the fist pump…..he was passionate about celebrating a tough point! So glad he won the match……was not an easy task…..Z is a future #1 me thinks. He is fun to watch. In Rafa’s overall game at this point I believe his serve has improved….he had at least 12 aces…..FREE POINTS!! I would like to see him go for more winners and be more aggressive……he is too passive at times……but he got the win and that’s all that matters! Glad you are getting to following your favorite around ….sounds fun! Be sure and let us know when you are at the tournaments. You scan hold up a sign and all it has to say is “J.S. 💜 Rafa”…!! Where in the states do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? If you do mind, I totally understand… the meantime……VAMOS!!

Okiegal Says:

@Margot Why did you throw your paper away? Did Andy get a bad write up?? I’m curious…….

Giles Says:

Oki. I reckon it was full of snot. I think you’ll find I’m right. ROFL

Colin Says:

Okiegal, it depends which paper it was. I suspect it might have had something to do with a certain Investiture, which was greeted with cheers by the Daily Mail (as you’d expect), with disgust by the Daily Mirror, and nervousness by the Observer. And horror by yours truly!

Michael Says:

Definitely Novak losing to Istomin was a shocker. It was a match, he could have won pretty comfortably in straight sets only if he had managed to turn around the tie breaker which was a cliff hanger to finally favour Istomin.

But such things happen in Tennis and the players need to take it how so big may be their reputation and standing. Novak took it in the right spirit and he will be definitely back giving his best to the game once again. He is a relentless fighter to the core who can lose battles but not the war.

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