Roger Federer Might Not Play The French Open?
by Tom Gainey | April 16th, 2017, 11:12 am

In a new interview, Roger Federer revealed he might not even play the French Open. Federer, who missed the French last year, told the Swiss media outlet RTS that he hasn’t 100% commented to playing in Paris.

Via google translation:

“But is it certain that you will be engaged at Roland Garros?”

ROGER FEDERER: We will make a final decision on May 10, at the end of my training camp in Dubai. We will then decide whether or not to go to clay. The most important thing is to see how I feel. You never know what’s going to happen by then, either physically or mentally. For the moment, my intention is to dispute Roland-Garros. But the possibility of renouncing it still exists. My pause would then be ten weeks instead of seven. But one thing is for sure, I will not play just to make the figuration. That’s not how you do miracles!

Federer has already said he will not play any lead-up clay events, in part to rest and in part to avoid the clay which can cause more issues for his surgically repaired left knee. But he said if the conditions are fast in Paris, maybe he could make another deep run.

“If the weather is dry in Paris, the playing conditions will be quick, maybe even more so than at Wimbledon,” Federer said. “It would be very interesting to see how I can evolve on clay. Anyway, the goal is to continue to play offensive tennis so I do not have to radically change my approach to the game when I play on grass. I proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by practicing this tennis.”

So if the forecast is bad for Paris (as it was last year), would Federer withdraw?

Federer will now head to Dubai for a few weeks before resuming his exo tour.

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42 Comments for Roger Federer Might Not Play The French Open?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Awwww man, what a disappointment that would be!

Giles Says:

And why would he want to play the French Open when he knows he doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning, or even coming close.

.rog Says:

giles : u dont have anything else to do? why would u waste ur time here

Gregory Mattson Says:

“I proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by practicing this tennis.”

Should read:

I proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by Nadal losing early.”

Leo Says:

Translation seems pretty substandard. Wouldn’t jump to conclusions based on this

DC Says:

Good decision by Fed. Skipping FO will keep him rested , active & motivated for the rest of the year.
He should focus on winning tournaments he’s had a good track record on. He is not young like Nadal and Nole. In his hey days he played and won a lot.

DC Says:

Giles Says:
And why would he want to play the French Open when he knows he doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning, or even coming close.


He didn’t have a cat in hells chance of winning AO, IW or Miami.
But he beat the dog out of Nadal in all three tournaments.

To remian healthy and prong his career, Fed is eliminating all grinding courts from his schedule.
I would call that an intelligent decision.

DC Says:

Gregory Mattson Says:
“I proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by practicing this tennis.”

Should read:

I proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by Nadal losing early.

And Nadal proved that he could win slams on grass and HC only after Fed went off his peak after suffering from Mono ( the same disease that ended the career of Soderling when he was at his peak)

lakie Says:

obviously it did not end Fed’s career so it cannot be compared with what Soderling had. This is like saying somebody died on the operating table so everyone who goes to the operating table is dead!
Not all cases of mono are serious. With proper rest, an athlete is back to normal in most cases within a month. Only in a few cases are there complications like
Nervous system problems (rare), such as:
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Temporary facial paralysis (Bells palsy)
Uncoordinated movements (ataxia)
Spleen rupture (rare; avoid pressure on the spleen)

Clearly Soderling had some rare complication, possibly rupture of the spleen but Fed is among the majority who suffer no lasting ill effects and are completely normal within a few weeks.

DC’s post reveals his total ignorance and blind worship at the church of Roger. What amazes me is how Fed fans like DC and madmax keep posting some wild nonsense without bothering to do any research.

Tony N Says:

Gregory Mattson Says: “I proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by Nadal losing early.”

In 2009, Federer straight-setted Nadal 6-4, 6-4 in 1 hour 26 mins to win the Madrid title. If Federer could impose a devastating loss on Nadal in his home tournament Madrid, Roger was ready to beat Nadal at 2009 French Open. Federer also beat Del Potro, Soderling, Roddick and Blake at Madrid. What’s also important to consider is that Federer was on a confident streak from 2009 Madrid to 2009 US Open, winning Madrid, French Open, Wimbledon, Cincinnati and reaching the finals of the US Open (he was 2 points from winning it).

Federer is correct that he “proved in 2009 that you could win Roland-Garros by practicing this tennis,” at least in the final. After Soderling lost the 2009 French Open final to Federer, he said: “Every time I played Roger, after the match I always said I played so bad. Today, now I learned that it’s not that I played bad, he makes me play bad. So that’s what’s so difficult playing against him… (Roger and Rafa are) both great players, of course, but they have different game styles. I think Roger’s game doesn’t suit my game at all. He doesn’t allow me to be aggressive. He always had me on the run today. With Rafa, it’s different. It’s easier to be aggressive, you know. In all my matches against Rafa I think I dictated the game, I dictated the play. But against Roger, for me, it’s been so far impossible to do that… Yeah, I played (Roger), so I know. I never played anyone playing that fast. He’s a great player. He doesn’t have any weaknesses at all. He really deserves to be called the best player of all‑time, I think.”

Tony N Says:

Actually lackie, it’s you posting “some wild nonsense without bothering to do any research”

Federer suffered mono in 2008, which was an Olympic Games year. The chief medical officer of the entire Swiss Olympic team was Dr. Walter O. Frey – he was also the renown medical director of the Swiss Olympics medical centre Balgrist. Dr. Frey personally reviewed Federer’s case because Federer was one of the few Swiss athletes expected to win a gold medal. In March 2008, Dr. Frey confirmed in Swiss newspapers that (a) Federer had suffered mononucleosis (Pfeiffer’s disease) while he played the 2008 Australian Open; (b) Federer’s spleen became dangerously enlarged due to his playing effort; (c) Federer would take longer to heal the mononucleosis because he had over-taxed his body by playing the Australian Open with mononucleosis; and (d) mononucleosis is a difficult illness to overcome and its effects will linger for some time.

Travis Bickle Says:

Here is an interesting, compelling and well researched article on Roger Federer doing illegal doping. Among other interesting points, it makes the following one:
“… Being away from competitive tennis provides the perfect background to fully dedicate yourself to preparing your body with the right illegal substances. While on tour everything is focused on short term results, with microdosing substances like EPO, HGH and corticosteroids being obvious choices, but in six months away from the sport you can really get some significant work done, cycling your body to perfection…”

It is the well known fact that Federer’s out-of-competition drug tester is his friend and neighbour who lives in the same Swiss village, so Roger can basically take any drugs he wants – that guy ain’t reporting him!!!

In any case, since Fed-worshipers on this site (madmax, skeezer, & co.) keep putting long post with various links trying to deflect and accuse Nadal of doping like they always do, I’ve decided to contribute myself with a link that really makes a quite reasonable case about Federer being a drug cheat. Note that I am not accusing Fed myself, since I don’t have any evidence of him being either clean or dirty – I am simply presenting one way (quite reasonable one) to look into Roger Federer’s suspicious stamina at 36…

Here is the link:

DC Says:

@travis, fed didn’t do anything spectacular in terms of a physical capabilities.He just plays very efficient tennis.
Nadal, on the other hand at the age 30 was running around for 4-5 hours every other day during the AO- isn’t that suspicious as well ? – his game is much more physically exhausting than Feds..

DC Says:

So doctor Lakie here has ignored all the medical experts opinions about Feds Mono episode of 2008.
Doctor Lakie sounds like a Fed hater and should try to get medical help. Hating Fed will only make u feel worse cause the Fed express ain’t stopping. And the clay express doesn’t go past station no 14.

rognadfan Says:

Actually North Korea is said to have invented age reversing drug and Kim Jong-Un being a huge Federer Fan is supplying that to Roger Federer. And that drug actually takes about 6 month to clear out of the body. So, what the insomniac sociopath is pointing to has total trumpiness.

lakie Says:

DC is making more nonsensical posts.

DC Says:

Get well soon Lakie. Oops you won’t cause Nadal won’t win FO.

DC Says:

Carl Lewis won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics at the age of 36.
Also Letter won 6 medals, including 3 gold medals in just a single day at the age of 33.
Sporting history is full of exceptional talents who have done wonders in their mid 30s.
So anyone doubting whether it is possible to achieve what Fed has done this year; the answer is a yes.
It’s been done in tennis by Ken Rosewall and in other sports by many other.
If you follow cricket, Sachin Tendulkar helped India lift the 2011world cup at age 38. He suscessfully continued playing international cricket till 40, after which he retired more due to lack of motivation than physical problems.

DC Says:

Typo…That was All Oerter who won 6 Olympic medals in a single day at age 33

Tony N Says:

Travis Bickle: What credible evidence do you have to prove your claim that Federer’s out-of-competition drug tester is his friend: “It is the well known fact that Federer’s out-of-competition drug tester is his friend and neighbour who lives in the same Swiss village, so Roger can basically take any drugs he wants – that guy ain’t reporting him!!!”

Here is an interesting, compelling and well-researched analysis on Travis Bickle’s only source of wild nonsense — the ‘tennis purist’.
The self-proclaimed ‘tennis purist’ claims to be 27 years old. He rants and describes his views as “Anti-imperialist. Anti-capitalist. Pro-DPRK (North Korea). Juche is beautiful (Juche is North Korean ideology). The revolution will be launched from the Global South. May tweet about tennis during relapses.” This is the kind of source that TB relies on for BS on Federer.

Travis Bickle claims to be 27 years old. He keeps parroting the ‘tennis purist’ as his only source. He has been trying hard to drive traffic to this site preying on the emotions of the largest market in tennis: Federer fans.

Question: Is Travis Bickle and the ‘tennis purist’ one and the same person? Probably is.

The simple reason why the ‘tennis purist’s’ claims are ludicrous, dumb and irrational is that Federer’s biological passport would indicate whether or not Federer got his results from hard work or doping. If Federer had been doping then his biological markers this year would be different than his biological markers from 2013 to 2015. Since WADA has not flagged Federer’s biological markers this year as unusual, therefore Federer is clean and got his results from hard work.

The ‘tennis purist’ is dishonest to omit mentioning this obvious fact.

According to Wikipedia: “an athlete biological passport is an individual, electronic record for professional athletes, in which profiles of biological markers of doping and results of doping tests are collated over a period of time. Doping violations can be detected by noting variances from an athlete’s established levels outside permissible limits, rather than testing for and identifying illegal substances… Many believe that the athlete passport provides an excellent alternative to ensure fairness in elite sports. While a new drug test must be developed and validated for each new drug, the main advantage of the athlete passport is that it is based on the stability of the physiology of the human being. New drugs are produced at an unprecedented pace today and there is often a lag of several years between the availability of a new drug and the application of an effective detection method. In contrast, the physiology of the human being remains the same through several generations and all biomarkers developed today in the athlete passport will remain valid for at least several decades… Also, while a negative drug test does not necessarily mean that the athlete did not dope, the athlete can present his/her passport at the beginning of a competition to attest that he/she will compete in his/her natural, unaltered condition.”

In any case, Federer would not be risking his annual “$60 million in earnings from deals with blue-chip companies like Nike, Rolex. Mercedes-Benz and Credit Suisse” by continuing to play and risk a scandal.

Markus Says:

To doctor lakie who happens to also be a grammar expert, it is Bell’s palsy not Bells. And Bell’s palsy is not always temporary because some patients afflicted with this condition can have permanent neurologic hemifacial weakness. I told you, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is not good to be misinformed and even worse when one disseminates such misinformation.

DC Says:

Good point Markus
Doctor Lakie also should consider the fact that other athletes ( a few examples posted in my prior post) have been able to achieve remarkable results between the age of 33-36.

Markus Says:

It is not unusual for athletes to have longevity. There has been so much improvement that can help an athlete to prolong his competitive life. One does not have to resort to performance enhancing drugs to do that especially if you have the talent. There is no question that Federer has the talent. He also has the best technique among players because his style of play is very energy efficient. He has been relatively injury free especially when he was younger. I believe his nutrition is also top-notch. He has also decided to take advantage of the advances in technology in term of the equipment (racket) he uses. Only those less gifted who are trying to reach his level would have the need for PEDs. Just like Ben Johnson to Carl Lewis, and Tyson Gay to Usain Bolt. Ben and Tyson were second best to Carl and Usain during their times and had to resort to PEDs to catch up.

I really didn’t have to mention what I posted above because it is quite obvious. Even a caveman can figure that out.

rognadfan Says:

@ Tony N,

On the first paragraph you wrote on the insomniac sociopath, I couldn’t agree more.
Also, what a coincidence that at 1:26am I posted about- a youth serum developed by DPRK and being supplied to roger federer personally by Kim Jong-un- and you show that Travis Bickle (aka the insomniac sociopath) guy loves the hermit nation.

Here is more to the youth serum Fed is taking with Kim:
A credible source tells that Kim wants to keep roger winning grand slams after grand-slams until the time when Kim jong-un gets blinded due to cataract. And this news is credible, believe me!.It’s so credible, it’s the most credible thing that you can say and cite.
Here is the link.$/

lakie Says:

It is clear that the Fed fans knew all along that Fed was doping. They have established that he started doping not just this year as most people thought but has been doping for 17 years with the blessings of ITF who have been constantly urged by Fed to ensure no one other than him is allowed to dope.
So Fed is still the GOAT but not of tennis…
Poor Fed fans…

skeezer Says:

You live in your own bubble, have fun with that. Just press ‘follow” on tennis purist like TB has already done. You 3 can continue you love affair with the GOAT.
Poor jealous Fed fan…

lakie Says:

poor Fed fans! their main argument that Fed is clean hinged on his skinny looks but now that it has been proved that the typical doper in tennis will have Fed’s physique, they have nothing to fall back on except to claim Fed is superhuman!!! Not only does he defy age but also mono. Soderling’s career was ruined but in case of Fed, nothing happened. Within a few months the super human had reached the finals of both RG and Wimbledon and won US Open!!!!Is he from some other galaxy and did he gain superpowers because of our yellow sun? Fairy tale or science fiction? Ha ha ha….hilarious!!!

Markus Says:

Now that the big calf theory has been debunked, lakie, has to resort to the skinny physique as a diagnostic feature of PEDs use. She (he, it?) also seems to assume that everybody who gets afflicted with a particular disease will have the same course of illness, prognosis and outcome. I wonder which medical school doctor lakie went to. She has become detached from reality, a feature of psychosis.

DC Says:

Doctor Lakie has utterly failed in giving any logical reasoning or any concrete evidence for any of the statements brought forth.
In a normal society such a person is classified as a liar and not trusted.

Lakie is just mad that clay express will not cross station no 15, whereas Fed express is being powered by Goat engine and is not stopping at no 18.

lyle nubbins Says:

Markus, where was the big calf theory debunked?

lakie Says:

DC watch your language. After all those fairy tales we know who is substituting facts with fiction by claiming Fed is not subject to normal decline.
In normal society you would probably not be allowed to interact with normal people.

Tony N Says:

Flashback to early May 2009, when Federer had struggled through a 17-month slump (between 2008 Australian and 2009 Rome) caused initially by his mononucleosis and later by lower back injuries. During that slump, compromised Federer lost 21 matches, including 5 matches to Nadal. Despite being weakened and subpar, gritty Federer still fought to the bitter end in close 5-set losses to Nadal at 2008 Wimbledon and 2009 Australian. Stupid observers saw these losses as evidence that Nadal would forever displace Federer.

Here is an excerpt from one of Sports Illustrated’s top sportswriters S.L. Price: “Strangely enough 2008 might have been Federer’s greatest year — better than his 92-5 run in ’06, better than the three years in which he won nine majors — because he battled his body from start to finish. A bout of mononucleosis in late 2007 had enlarged his spleen, ravaged his powers of recovery and ruined his off-season training; from the ’08 Australian Open on, he played a step slow, which threw off his timing and sent his confidence tumbling. Yet Federer still made the Australian Open semifinals and the French Open final, labored back from two sets down to lose the longest Wimbledon final ever by the slimmest of margins, and won the U.S. Open — Hall of Fame stuff for anyone else. “Federer was ill all season long, and the story was completely missed,” (Jim) Courier says. “He hid it from everybody because it’s his responsibility to not show weakness, and he played through it because of his commitment to the tour. Which was a mistake. Mario Ancic [the Croatian once ranked No. 7] missed more than six months on the tour with a mono bout; it’s a serious illness for a high-level performance athlete. Roger needed to get off the tour and get healthy again.” Last October, Federer conceded at last, retiring from a tournament for the first time in 763 matches because of lower back pain. It has continued to bother him, but history won’t care. Nadal “shot him through the heart by winning Wimbledon,” Courier says. “Roger was not at full tilt, but it doesn’t matter, because it changed the energy between them — possibly for the rest of their careers.“ ”

Ironically, this SI article was published to explain the ‘changing of the guard’ from Federer to Nadal. Yet, a couple of days after this SI article was published, Federer finally bounced back from his 17-month slump when he won 2009 Madrid, French Open, Wimbledon and Cincinnati as well as reached the US Open finals. When Federer won the 2008 French Open three weeks later he was acclaimed the greatest of all time by most journalists and expert observers.

Later in 2009, Federer’s world-renown fitness coach Pierre Paganini said: “Last year (when Federer was set back by glandular fever), he lacked always two or three percent. Glandular fever is a really hard thing. And then the back pain came in the fall, that did not help either. I would say that from 2009 he was again his old self. But it was sensational, the way he fought through everything in 2008, even though he was limited. That limitation makes a big difference at this high level, and challenged him mentally to the extreme. 2008 was from the mental side one of his best years.”

Paganini added: “In tennis you can, at 35, still be fast enough if one has properly planned a career and implemented it. If you still have the fire, you bring the experience, anticipation and the training volume of 35 years – and Federer will be second to none. Therefore I see no difference. Jimmy Connors has proven that it is possible (Connors was a semifinalist at the U.S. Open at 39 years old).”

Why is Federer so good today? Because Federer, Paganini and Luthi have been planning for Federer’s long career for ten years AND since September 2016 he has put in the intensive fitness, training and practice blocks necessary to get back to top form. Had Federer not been playing on the tour in cruise-control (for most part) between 2010 and 2016 — during which he put less effort into his fitness, training and practice — Federer could have been playing at today’s higher level for the past seven years. But it wasn’t his goal as he had other priorities that distracted him.

Markus Says:

lyle nubbins, if you know anything about the physiology of the calf muscles, you would know the answer to your own question about calves and PEDs. I am not inclined to give you a lecture on anatomy and physiology here. There isn’t enough space and many are already complaining about long posts. Science is an exact discipline. To establish any conclusion, you need to have reliable, verifiable and reproducible evidence. Not hearsay, not conjectures, not illusions, hallucinations or delusions which seem to be the only bases of those who accuse Federer or anybody for that matter like Nadal or Djokovic of drug use, all of whom have never tested positive for a performance enhancing drugs. You can invoke conspiratory theories as much as you want but they will never amount to anything but unproven theories until a concrete evidence is presented.

lakie Says:

Markus, as the self confessed spouse of fat calves, knows all about their physiology. The exact science he presents to his family at dinner has resolved into a equation like this:
markus + model based proof of theory of fat calves= chamber pot emptied on head by long suffering wife ( holy sh*t!!!)

Tony N Says:

It is idiocy for an incompetent layperson to jump to conclusions about a person’s calves. There are variances in human anatomy between individuals. For example, the shape of the human stomach varies between individuals (see “Anatomical classification of the shape and topography of the stomach”). Thus, if we were to remove the stomachs of lackie and nubbins, their stomachs would likely have different shapes. A layperson could speculate whether these differences were caused by PEDs or genetic defects or malnourishment, but that would just be mindless speculation.

So Markus is right: “Science is an exact discipline. To establish any conclusion, you need to have reliable, verifiable and reproducible evidence. Not hearsay, not conjectures, not illusions, hallucinations or delusions which seem to be the only bases of those who accuse Federer or anybody for that matter like Nadal or Djokovic of drug use, all of whom have never tested positive for a performance enhancing drugs. You can invoke conspiratory theories as much as you want but they will never amount to anything but unproven theories until a concrete evidence is presented.”

rognadfan: Your sarcasm is hilarious :)

skeezer Says:

Has anyone looked up what lakie means?
LMAO therin is the answer to all its posts.
Time to move on. Fed is enjoying a clean record breaking qtr and the Clay season is upon us for those whom love the mud.
Bring on the Tennis.

lakie Says:

Markus knows but doesn’t want more chamber pots emptied over his head! Ha ha ha!

Now that Fed is resting, bring on the clean tennis!!!

DC Says:

Doctor Lakies illogical inferences and false theories are a result of frustation due to clay express being stuck on station no 14.Lets throw Lakies theories in the lake and
enjoy the spectacular tennis season ahead.

rognadfan Says:

@ Tony N

The comments at 12:23am reminds me of this.

Disseminating science is hard!
In a land where idiots, fake news and trumpsters thrive, you hear exactly the kind of thing this Avatar scene depicts. Living proof is the post at April 18th, 2017 at 12:23 am.

lakie Says:

ha ha, skeezer with your suspect spelling quite likely you looked up the meaning of some other word and not lakie.
Know what skeezer means? ha ha! No wonder he is a die hard fan of Fed! Anyway onto Fed free or should I say Ped free tennis at Monte Carlo.

skeezer Says:

Lol lakie doesn’t even know the meaning of its name. I found the right meaning, and it figures! ROFL!
One thing is for sure, you’re no Dr.

DC Says:

So fed has announced he will be playing the FO…that’s great news for all tennis fans.

Top story: Zverev Crushes Khachanov For Tokyo Olympic Gold