Roger Federer Is Back At The US Open
by Tom Gainey | August 24th, 2017, 12:44 pm

While several of the Top 10 have withdrawn, Roger Federer has apparently shaken off a back injury and will be fit for the US Open.

Federer was on the grounds yesterday for a practice session. The Swiss will be the No. 3 seed when the draw is made tomorrow. He is seeking a 6th US Open title and 20th overall Slam. He’s 14-0 so far in Slams this season.

He also met the with Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, during a special 36th birthday celebration.

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34 Comments for Roger Federer Is Back At The US Open

autoFilter Says:

Roger Federer’s Back is at the US Open

Markus Says:


Daniel Says:

Glad to hear his back is back. Also hope his attire is Back to Black;-) awful kkkk

Willow Says:

Hughs there well that spiked my attention, huba, huba as Okie would say ;-)

skeezer Says:

RF back is Back! Ya mon!

squirrel Says:


Haha, I was thinking of you when I saw the Hug h there, you must be swooning :)

Willow Says:

Squirrel lol oh yeah baby, nice to see you here too ;-) ….

Willow Says:

Squirrel Its a lovely picture no doubt,i did get a friend request on FB from that certain someone some months back, be still my beating heart, had a brief chat about his film career on private message, your a beautiful woman Alison he says (GULP) lol ….

Anyway i think if Federers fit then hes the favorite, who do you think ? ….

Michael Says:

Roger said that if he wins the US Open this year it will be a joke and that might perhaps happen if he is fully fit. That said, it is nice to learn that he would be vying in the US Open casting aside doubts that his back injury would play spoil sport. That is good news for the tournament itself because he is so much adored, awed and a charismatic figure who enthrals and electrifies the court just with his sheer presence.

Humble Rafa Says:

Some people are saying “back” as through their lives depended on it. It is just a 4 letter word.

Did anyone notice that I am the top seed. You don’t need the word “Back” to say that.

Humble Rafa Says:

Swiss Witch aka Patty Schnyder is playing in the qualies. Or is that her ghost?

t4t Says:

Well Fed has a good chance as he is going to get a cupcake draw and best scheduling. Frankly I do not think Nadal is going to win the USO unless he starts playing aggressive and his forehand stops leaking errors. Of course he has a chance if he gets a cup cake draw but we have it on the authority of skeezer ( “cup cake draws are not for everyone”) that he won’t get it.
I would love to see a new champion. This year, the “old” Federer and the “old” Nadal have shared all the grand slams played so far. That just proves how big a gap there is between the big 4 and the rest of the field.

squirrel Says:

Hey Willow, nice speaking to you here. Sorry I’ve been MIA because of vacation :)

Say what?? who is this person? Hugh?? Do tell! Anyway, happy for you and that person is right, you are a beautiful woman :)

For US Open, I sooo can’t wait for it to begin. If Fed is fit, he might win but I kinda agree with Chris Evert’s assesment (, it might be too tough for Fed. I think Nadal or Zverev would win… and you?

Ahfi Says:

I very much would like Fed to win this slam but have my doubts. I doubt Nadal will win either. From next year, I think it will be all about the next gen, though Fed may still win Wimbledon next year and Rafa also the French Open.

Pamela Says:

Willow, although we have never corresponded on here I always appreciate your posts…. now to the juicy part… HUGH JACKMAN!!! oo la la!! He is the coolest, not to mention so hot…. moving on.. I, for one am thrilled Roger will be playing. Daniel – I LOVED the black on black… I get the tennis mag and they featured Roger this issue… talked about the black on black he wore for one of the US Opens with the tuxedo strip going down his shorts… Roger loves his fashion almost as much as he loves his tennis…. Let’s hope the back stays in shape and Roger goes on to win another US Open. I am a native New Yorker born and raised… I have lived in southern california for decades, but when I watch the US Open… I am still, in my heart a New Yorker. I love that tournament. I love the kids day they do every year. Roger, Rafa and Novak are always involved with it and I love that about the 3 of them.. Anyway, IS ANYONE ON HERE SAYING OR IMPLYING THAT THE DRAWS ARE FIXED??? I have not seen the draw for the US Open yet, but I would say for the most part….. Roger rarely has an easy draw, so if he does for this… good for him!!! I wish I didn’t work so I could stay home and watch the day by day hour by hour matches. thank goodness for DVRs

pitchaboy Says:

Interesting draw. Easy ones for Rafa and Andy. Preliminarily looks like Fed v Baby Fed and Sasha/Cilic v Andy in last four

pitchaboy Says:

Nadal will not make it to semis despite easy draw. He has been a disaster on hard courts, fast and slow this year.

the_mind_reels Says:

For those interested, a few observations from spending yesterday at the Open watching the second round of qualifying (and some practice sessions):

Shapovalov looks in good form and full of confidence. He wasn’t really tested against Elias of Portugal, and assuming he gets out of the qualifying tournament, I could see him making a little run to the second or third round.

Casper Ruud, the up-and-comer from Norway who was ranked #11 in the qualifiers, got smoked by the journeyman Simone Bolleli. Bolleli overpowered him on both wings, though it looks like he’s gone as of today’s results.

Sharapova was very focused during her practice session. If she can get by Halep (against whom she’s 6-0), her draw opens up real nicely.

Murray was playing practice sets against Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (recent NCAA singles champ) and looked like a 70 year-old man hobbling around the court. He has a habit of grimacing and otherwise not looking totally fit, but this felt pretty exaggerated. I imagine his expectations aren’t sky-high over the next two weeks, and I’d be very surprised if he’s around much longer after Labor Day.

Nadal was drilling balls at top-speed at Carlos Moya. The forehand is still a bit erratic, though his backhand was looking very crisp.

Gasquet and Goffin duking it out in some practice sets, and Goffin clearly looked the better player…

Kyrgios wasted no time getting ramped up for his practice session and just started belting balls right out the gate. He had maybe 3 other players on the court shagging balls for him. I see him as a serious Week 2 contender if he can keep his head together and get by Querrey (who practiced serves for about 45 minutes on the court next to Kyrgios).

Kuznetsova put in what must have been 2 hours of intense drilling with her coach. Hope she’s saving some in the tank for when the actual tournament starts ;)

Meanwhile, Federer was on the grounds and spotted walking from the Mercedes tent over to Ashe. Cool as a cucumber and looking very relaxed indeed.

J-Kath Says:


Oh dear – Andy was looking that bad!!!!!….cries buckets.

Daniel Says:

Can´t see Nadal losing before QF with this draw. Gasquet again on his side and no way heloses one of the first 2 rounds.

Only treat is Fognini or Berdych in Round of 16 before Grigor before semis. Foginin and berdy could be hot and test him or lose badly and smae for Grigor. So all in all, he could reach semis untested if one of these players is not up to task.

Federer side seems more loaded, Kyrgios, and potetntail QF with thiem (Fed got the worst QF opponent on paper). Cilic with his injury question would eb easier at this point, but he is a former champion.

DelPo avoid top dogs but can face Thiem R16.

Murray draw looks really good for him to build his game, he can face Ferrer R16 and than Tsonag Qf if Tsonga gest there. All players whom he have a good record, so on paper he should be the bet for semis.

Ahfi Says:

Tiafoe, Kyrgios, Thiem? Sorry but this will not work for my
Federer.. Wow… too bad. But then again, I didn’t think he could win the Australian open! But he did!

Daniel Says:

Oh, and off course, the potential Fedal semis.

One positive for Federer is that he has a few big serves and not much grinders on his path, so potentially not too demanding matches and more fasted paced:
R3 could be Lopez – R16 Kyrgios or Querrey – QF Thiem or DelPo before semis.

Daniel Says:

Another thing, if Murray loses before semis and Fedal semis actually happens, that match will determine #1 ranking after USO. Because if Murray reaches finals he still can return to #1 if Nadal and Federer don’t go far.

So the three of them making semis would be great because whoever wins would retunr to #1 after the Open. Another scenario with neither of them winning:

1 – If Fed reach finals and Murray doesn´t win the title (semis or worts), Fed #1 regardless of Nadal because Fed would euther beat Nadal in semis or Nadal would lose earlier
2 – If Fed reach semis, Nadal lose beofre semis and Murray doesn´t reach final, Fed back at #1.
3 – If Murray reach finals , Fed loses in semis and Nadal lose before semis, Murray back at #1
4 – If Nadal reaches finals, Nadal back at #1 reagrdless of Murray (unless Murray wins it)
5 – If Fed nor Murray lose in same round as Nadal, Nadal reamins #1

Daniel Says:


both Kyrgios and Thiem could lose beofre facing Fed. Only sure match is Tiafoe, who will be oumped up by the ocasion and home crowd, but will few the pressure in the end.

Kyrgios versus Querrer R3 coudld be tricky, Querrey is in his best season. And Thiem can lsoe to anybody depending on his mood.

Daniel Says:

“Well if the past is any indication, Rafa will have his hands full at the quarters to say the least. Everytime Grigor has won a title right before a slam, he has played exceptional tennis at the slam and made the semis, loosing both times after very hard fought matches that he arguably could have won with a little more luck/experience on his side”

quoting from ATP site discussion in the Nadal Federen same side tennis news, interesting point!

But the thing, is eventually Grigor lost, he coudl test Nadal, we saw it before and in their early clahses, but to win is another thing.

skeezer Says:

Fed in Nadal’s half. YES!

Markus Says:

Tiafoe wins only when his opponent is dead tired as in Zverev in Cincinnati. Kyrgios is dangerous and seems to focus and play better against top players like the Big 4 (except vs Murray, maybe he does not take him seriously?) That means sombebody can take him out before the potential match against Federer. Thiem is the most flaky player of his generation. If he beats a good player before he meets Federer, Fed will win. Thiem cannot seem to put together two great back to back matches.

Markus Says:

My mind reels from reading from reading the_mind_reel’s report from the US Open grounds. Lucky you…and thanks, very interesting observations.

the_mind_reels Says:

For Nadal fans, just saw this posted. Hope it’s nothing serious!

skeezer Says:

Now you’ve done it. Giles will be scouring twitter, snapchat, instagram, Facebook, TMZ sports and eoline for the update on this.

Willow Says:

Squirrel aww thanks, i hope you enjoyed your vacation im going on one myself next week yipee , just camping celebrating Autumn equinox ….

Pamela thankyou, and yes Hugh did contact me, and we had a brief chat about his film career, and foundation, and how he has roots around my area oh la la indeed, anyhow (AHEM) yeah looking forward to the USO, i might be wearing my rose coloured spectacles but i would love Rafa to win it, if not him then Murray, but i would put Federer down as the favorite, i just hope we get a decent final rather than a W or FO repeat ….

the_mind_reels Says:

@skeezer: I sort of assumed that’d happen either way :)

the_mind_reels Says:

@Markus: happy to share what I saw! Thanks.

Tony N Says:

Interesting New York Times article: “How Roger Federer Upgraded His Game”

Top story: Muguruza Outlasts Sabalenka In Doha; Azarenka v Svitolina Thurs.