Rafael Nadal: I Don’t Want To Get Older, I Haven’t Found A Way To Stop Aging
by Tom Gainey | September 5th, 2017, 3:32 pm

Would you believe, hard courts are easier on your knee than grass? That’s how Rafael Nadal feels. After reaching his 12th US Open quarterfinal Monday, Nadal talked about the difference hard courts are vs grass courts on his knees. But overall, it’s more damaging to the body.

“For me is a little bit easy to play here than on grass. But at the same time, being honest with you, I feel that this surface is much more aggressive than grass or clay in all aspects, no?” Nadal said. “For the hip, for the knees, for the ankles, for the back. Is true that the players are playing longer, but at the same time, young players are playing a lot on hard, and I don’t know if that going to be very healthy for the future, no?

“Is something that is difficult to change, because is true that the tournaments on this surface is probably easier to maintain and probably less expensive for the organization, but at the same time, is not for me today, but is the most aggressive surface for the body.”

Tomorrow, knees willing!, Nadal will be the big favorite against Grand Slam debutante Andrey Rublev. But Rafa isn’t taking the 19-year-old lightly nor is he looking ahead to a potential Roger Federer match on Friday.

“He’s a great guy,” Nadal said of Rublev. “He have been in Mallorca practicing with me a couple of years ago.

“Maximum respect for him and going to be a tough one. He played already great matches, winning against Dimitrov, against Goffin in straight sets. Is not a moment to talk about Federer for me.”

Nadal does envy Rublev’s youth.

“I always wanted to be young,” Nadal said. “Even when I was 8 years old, I was not very happy to when I was, my birthday, to be 9. Still the same. I am 31, and I am not happy when my birthday going to be 32. I am happy being young, no? I don’t want to get older. For the moment, I didn’t find the way to stop that watch.”

Nadal isn’t the only one searching for that elusive “fountain of youth”, though for now from his results, Roger Federer may have found it.

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28 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Don’t Want To Get Older, I Haven’t Found A Way To Stop Aging

Humble Rafa Says:

“Maximum respect for him

My way of saying, you know, I will kick his whatever.

t4t Says:

Fed’s found the magical fountain, ha ha!

Sivaji Says:

it is not 12th USO QF, it is only 7th for Nadal

Sivaji Says:

Great one Rafa…. I am with you.
“I am happy being young, no? I don’t want to get older. For the moment, I didn’t find the way to stop that watch.”

Wog Boy Says:

“Nadal isn’t the only one searching for that elusive “fountain of youth”, though for now from his results, Roger Federer may have found it.”

Yes Tom, the rumors are going on and on, louder and louder, even you heard it…..some are saying it’s not fountain but waterfall..best kept secret in Swiss Alps..

Now, don’t shoot the messenger, it was Tom this time, not me…

BBB Says:

There’s only one way to avoid more birthdays.

I’ll take the birthdays, thankyouverymuch.

Wog Boy Says:

For those who are interested, Nole’s daughter was named Tara.

Sean, if you didn’t notice, Nole became father 4-5 ago for the second time, I mean, you opened thread for Serena’s daughter….

Wog Boy Says:

^^not that I am asking for new thread, but you could’ve sneaked the news in one of existing threads, couldn’t you?

Skeezer Says:

Well Djoker has the Egg and diet rumour, and we all know the historical rumours on Rafa. Fed? No smoke ever. Thus no fire.

Willow Says:

Ive been away and only just heard about Serena and Nole, so big congrats to Nole and Jelena on their happy bundle, a little sister for Stefan, and congrats to Serena and her beau too on their happy news :-)

jatin Says:

Its more about embracing your age and know your Limitations. That’s what Fed has done better than anyone. He know he can’t play a full schedule like he used to do in his younger days.
Can you Imagine what would have Happened to his body if he played the full clay schedule ?
He may not even be playing in this USO ( his back is already giving him problems anyway).
I won’t be surprised if Rafa follows the same approach from next year onwards. They are older now.

skeezer Says:

^well said.

t4t Says:

Fed embraces not age but the antidote to age. Tony N knows more about it.

BBB Says:

skeezer, just to push back on the smoke/fire – people marveled at Lance Armstrong’s longevity and success and speculated that it was doping. There was no evidence at all, until there was.

I don’t believe Federer dopes. I think his playing style is easy on the body and he has for the most part managed his schedule intelligently.

More generally, I don’t like any speculation about doping in the absence of evidence. That includes Djokovic, who was open about the egg and whose improved performance as a result of diet is only surprising to people who don’t have auto-immune disorders.

skeezer Says:

Yeah the Lance thing shocked the h@ll out of me.
You could say the same about ANY top player passing the 30 mark and winning titles, there are a lot of them nowadays…..but in Feds case he has managed his schedule better than most, and I agree with you his style of play looks effortless on the body for the most part.

I generally don’t like the smoke/fire thing, put it in the same class as “if you tell them the lie enough times, the perception to some it is true”. Especially when it comes from the few that would NEVER suspect the same from their favorite person/player….ya know what I mean?

BTW..You know I only brought up the past suspicions of Novak/Rafa because the knowledgeable jealous few continues to hack Fed ;)

BBB Says:

Yes, skeezer, I have to admit, over time I’ve come to appreciate that your snarky comments are principally retaliatory in nature :-)

Tony N Says:

t4t: “Fed’s found the magical fountain, ha ha!” and t4t: “Fed embraces not age but the antidote to age” and Wog Boy: “some are saying it’s not fountain but waterfall..best kept secret in Swiss Alps..”

That’s rich. Considering that Djokovic’s transformation in 2011 was not just due to a gluten-free diet and his pressurized egg chamber – but the magic portions and secret therapies given to him by his magic Dr. Igor

Okiegal.... Says:

@BBB 8:30……..I strained a muscle in my back two days ago and woke up with this morning barely able to straighten up and walk……..duh I’m just glad I woke up! The other alternative very bleak!! Lol

Okiegal.... Says:

In fairness to Novak and his change in diet to go gluten free….there is truth in that theory. I know people who have had allergies and they went gluten free and they’re so much better now. So how can anyone discount his story?? The egg I know nothing about but obviously it’s legal. But I can see where going gluten free could clear up his breathing problems………

Markus Says:

This gluten-free diet is one of the most hyped hoaxes in the history of nutrition. There is no scientific proof that it helps anyone other than those who have celiac disease. It is not a food allergy. People who do not have celiac disease who think they improve on a gluten-free diet are getting only a placebo-type effect from it. In short, they are only fooling themselves. I therefore, totally discount that theory that Novak’s gluten-free diet transformed him into a super athlete. “Gluten-free” maybe but not gluten-free.

BBB Says:

You can have food sensitivities that do not rise to the level of a full blown food allergy. In my case, it’s not the gluten, but the wheat. People use gluten-free and wheat-free interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

And yes, there is scientific backing for it.

BBB Says:

Okie you crack me up! I guess you know something about back problems, eh?

Markus Says:

BBB, show me that medical or nutritional or any scientific study backing the efficacy of gluten-free diet on people who are not afflicted with celiac disease. It has to be a reputable, not refutable, article.

BBB Says:

I just explained that it’s wheat, not gluten. And there’s no such thing as a scientific article that is not refutable. That’s at odds with the very concept of the scientific method.

NPR gave a good overview of the research as of 2014: http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2014/05/22/314287321/sensitive-to-gluten-a-carb-in-wheat-may-be-the-real-culprit

Okiegal Says:

@BBB……Yes I do……getting older is hampering my ability to go and blow……but at 72 yrs I’ll take it!! So I’m walking all stooped over …..big deal!! Hey BBB I crack myself up. I can do the dumbest things. You forget your age and still think you can lift like you did 10 yrs ago. I am my own worst enemy! Put the sofa down, stupid! 😕😕😕

Okiegal Says:

@BBB You are right about the gluten/wheat thing…..I know people who deal with these allergies and going gluten free has mad them feel so much better……

Okiegal Says:

Wow what a shot from Rafa!

Okiegal Says:

Wow…….what a miss from Rafa……

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