Serena Williams Comeback Propels Her Into Wimbledon Semis Against Goerges
by Staff | July 10th, 2018, 5:08 pm

Both Serena Williams and her next opponent brought their fans to the brink on Tuesday at Wimbledon, coming from a set down to advance into the semifinals at the All England Club.
The No. 25-seeded Williams was stunned in the first set by a groundstroke barrage from the diminutive hard-hitting Italian Camila Giorgi before recovering to win 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

“I never thought I was in danger of losing this match,” Williams said. “Even when I was down the first set, I thought, ‘Well, she’s playing great, I’m doing a lot of the right things.’ I never felt it was out of my hands. If there is one lesson I would teach my daughter it’s never giving in, always fighting. It’s really important in life, no matter what you’re going through, to never quit.”

Williams in the semifinal will line up against unlikely opponent and No. 13 seed Julia Goerges of Germany. The lanky, equally-big ball-striking Goerges has had little historical success at Wimbledon until Tuesday coming from a set down to defeat No. 20 seed Kiki Bertens 3-6, 7-5, 6-1.

“Well it’s pretty amazing, I don’t know what to say,” said the 29-year-old Goerges after reaching a first career Slam semifinal. “I just tried to fight for every point. Kiki was playing very, very solid from the very beginning and I just tried to stay calm…Obviously it’s a great opportunity to play Serena here at Wimbledon where she has won so many times.”

The other semifinal will be comprised of former Grand Slam champions when No. 11 Angie Kerber meets No. 12 Jelena Ostapenko.

Kerber handled No. 14 Daris Kasatkina 6-3, 7-5, and Ostapenko out-slugged Dominika Cibulkova 7-5, 6-4.

Ostapenko said she feels no pressure in the latter stages.

“I’m just going out there and enjoying it, probably because at the French Open a couple weeks ago I had so much pressure,” said the former Wimbledon juniors winner. “It’s now all gone. I’m just enjoying the moment. You play on a big court, in a great place, on grass, which is one of my favorite surfaces. It’s just so much fun.”

Ostapenko will look to continue the fun against the highest seed remaining, the No. 11 Kerber who needed her running shoes against Kasatkina.

“I think we both played on a really high level, especially at the end,” Kerber said. “I was just trying to stay focused during my serve at the end and it’s great being in the semis. I was just thinking that I was just running everywhere on the court. She played really well, she was moving me very much. At the end, I was not thinking too much ‘That’s the match point’ or whatever, I was just playing another point and trying to take the match in my hand at the end. I was pushing myself until the limits.”

It will amazingly be a first-time meeting between the two Slam winners Kerber and Ostapenko. Williams is 3-0 career against Goerges, failing to drop a set, with their most recent meeting the 2018 French Open.

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25 Comments for Serena Williams Comeback Propels Her Into Wimbledon Semis Against Goerges

skeezer Says:

Serena’s game is just bigger than any other woman. She amazes me that her new thicker legs can still get her around. She only runs when she wants to , does a lot of standing/walking, doesn’t bend either very much ( except when she has to ), but she serves and returns just like always, and maybe even better. She doesn’t look like she quite lost all that having a baby fat, and doesn’t look like she moves nearly as well as she used to. Camila came out firing on all cylinders, looking like she was going to take Serena down…….but nope. nada. ain’t a happenin’.
She is in the position at Wimbledon now to be the odds on favorite to win another Wimbledon.
Even if she doesn’t win it all she still has won going this far. She is just that much better than the competition, even now.

RZ Says:

Skeezer – Serena said recently that she had stored a lot of pregnancy fat because her body was storing it from her breastfeeding. She said once she stopped breastfeeding, she started losing weight. She hadn’t stopped earlier, because for many women the opposite is true (breastfeeding burns fat) but that ended up not being the case for her. I’m assuming that by the U.S. Open she’ll be closer to her pre-pregnancy weight and moving how she used to.

RZ Says:

For all the talk about how all the top seeds went out in the women’s tournament, the semis feature 3 slam finalists and 2 former #1 ranked women. With the exception of Serena, all are ranked within the top 15.

Humble Rafa Says:

People who are new to tennis are amazed at how well the big Lady is playing with so much weight and fat, and all that. But this is nothing new. My friend Nalbandian also had a pregnant belly for many years and played very well. He could glide on court and move well with that belly.

After each point, he would wipe the face and then the belly because the belly was sweating too.

RZ Says:

Oops, I should have said “slam winners” above, not just finalists!

jalep Says:

RZ – that’s interesting about Serena not losing weight when breast-feeding. For most it’s the other way around.

Also, nice to read Skeezer’s take on Serena. Thanks!

Serena vs Georgi was a pretty good match, as expected. Serena vs Goerges SF…I’d say it’s probably a routine win for Serena.
Kerber vs Kasatkina was an awsome QF.
Ostapenko vs Kerber SF might be fun watching.

Feels like a Serena vs Kerber final. No one in our tourneytopia WTA bracket pool picked Serena to win. Most of us couldn’t resist picking Kvitova to win it all after her stellar season. I didn’t expect Serena to be playing as well as she is!

RZ Says:

@Jalep – exactly. Serena said she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t losing the weight as for most breastfeeding burns fat.

Manco Says:

Goerges is not lanky, she curvaceous (even after breast reduction surgery). Pliskova sisters are lanky.

ChrisFord1 Says:

Giorgi is easy on the eyes and fun to watch play. Shame she didn’t topple “The Queen” , who is twice her weight. Woman’s tennis has been dominated for 20 years by the Sistas, and it has declined as a competitive sport. Once the Williamses and Screamapova leave, the WTA should get more fans and better competition.

Margot Says:

ANGEEEEE! Hope she wins the whole thing now! C’mon!

Daniel Says:

Serena already a set up with double break. Last time she lost a Wimbledon final was 2008 to Venus, but Kerber was one of the few to beat her in a Slam final recently, in AO 2016 so it should be competitive.

Margot Says:

Daniel: Watching Serena play, I’d say Angie has got a snowflake in hell’s chance :(

Daniel Says:

Indeed, Serena tends to peak at the end of Slams, bt anything can happen, if Sreena stars a bit slow she can gest tense also. She, like Federer, likes to be front runner.

Margot Says:

You’re right. She got tense serving out and G broke for the first time. Just prolonging the agony I feel ;)

Margot Says:

Yep! Serena is absolutely astonishing.

Okiegal Says:

@Jalep 8:48….. When I was expecting my mom kept telling me if I would breast feed I would lose the baby weight gain. She was right. I weighed less than I did when I got pregnant. So her statement took me by surprise too, but we’re all made up different. I lost 9 lbs 8 1/2 oz. right from the get go. I had a great big old bouncing baby boy!! Lol 😱😱😱

RZ Says:

Yay! A Serena vs Angie final. Looking forward to it! Will be happy for either lady to win.

Okiegal Says:

Serena and Kerber have played 8 times. Serena has beat her
6 times. I think Kerber is looking very good atm. It could shake down to be a good match. Serena can have her nervous moments if things get tight.

Margot Says:

Fantastic from Vika and Jamie! Won a tense match, about 90 break points….;) Hope that does Vika a power of good!

Colin Says:

That match was a mixture of great tennis and the kind of mistakes you get from first-time partners. I’d love to see Jamie play with Vika more often, but I suppose Heather Watson, for one, would not be too happy about that.

When I first glimpsed Miss Schuurs, I thought I was looking at a boy, with that short haircut. Her partner made the most spectacular shots, but she is a fine player.

Regarding Camilla Giorgi, she is, as Chris Ford1 says, easy on the eyes. Although she is rather lacking in personality, I think she is far better looking than the much hyped Bouchard.

Mystic - Willow Says:

Angies playing very well again after her lapse, she also beat Serena at one of the GS, so i wouldnt count her out, however i think Serena is the heavy favorite, whether its Saturday, or at the USO later in the fall, im sure she will reach Courts 24, its only a matter of time IMO ….

Mystic - Willow Says:

Colin shes one of the most attractive players on the WTA IMO, like her game too she relished taking on Serena ….

Margot Says:

OH LOL. I’m sure Eugenie would be devastated if she read your comments Colin. #Notabeautycontest

Mystic - Willow Says:

Its whats on the inside that counts ….

Humble Rafa Says:

Asking for a friend.

Does anyone know how many women have had breast reduction surgeries in tennis? It is indeed becoming an expensive game to play.

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