Dimitrov Downs Ailing Federer In 5-Set US Open Shocker; Nadal Lone Big 3 Left
by Staff | September 4th, 2019, 12:39 am

After seven losses and a going down a quick set to Roger Federer, things did not look good at all for Grigor Dimitrov at the US Open Tuesday night. The Bulgarian who has seen his ranking drop out of the Top 70 was desperate for some sort of statement win to repair his fledgling confidence.

He arrived in the quarters almost by mishap, getting a walkover from the favored Borna Coric in the second round, then taking advantage of a very good draw. But today was supposed to the end, instead, it could mark a new beginning.

After dropping the first, Dimitrov broke Federer early in the second and somehow hung on as Federer began pile up the error count.

But Roger got back on top in the third and appeared to be in control again up two sets to one.

Things shifted again in the fourth as Dimitrov went ahead while Federer fell apart. And by the end of the set, he fell apart physically as well. Federer left the court during a near-10 minute break to get treatment for what he later said was an upper back issue. When he returned Dimitrov went back to work and swiftly took care of the 38-year-old to earn the biggest win of his career, a 3-6, 6-4, 3-6, 6-4, 6-2 victory over the 5-time champion.

“It’s been a while since I played on that court, so in the first set I was a little nervous and I was just trying to find my rhythm around the court,” Dimitrov told the crowd. “He was serving really good, as he did throughout the whole match. The only thing I was telling myself was to stay in the match. I knew physically I was feeling really, really good.”

Federer, who hasn’t won the US Open since 2008, finished with 61 unforced errors and broke just 4-of-14.

“I just needed some treatment on my upper back, neck. Just needed to try to loosen it up, crack it and see if it was going to be better,” Federer said.

“I was able to play. It’s okay. It’s how it goes. I tried my best. By far not too bad to give up or anything. Grigor was able to put me away. I fought with what I had. That’s it. So it’s okay.

“It’s Grigor’s moment, not my body’s moment.”

Federer was one set from not having to face Novak Djokovic in the semifinals.

Just disappointed it’s over because I did feel like I was actually playing really well after a couple of rocky starts,” he said. “It’s just a missed opportunity to some extent that you’re in the lead, you can get through, you have two days off after. It was looking good.

Dimitrov will now play Daniil Medvedev who overcame a first set quad injury to beat Federer’s friend and former champion Stan Wawrinka 7-6(6), 6-3, 3-6, 6-1.

Medvedev came in having won 18 of 20 matches during a very busy last few months, and looked weary early. After a trainer visit to wrap his thigh, the big 23-year-old Russian was struggling to chase balls. But once the wrapping was cut, he settled down and forced the Wawrinka into error and error, and Medvedev earned his first trip to a Slam semifinal.

“I had a big pain in my quadriceps and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to continue the match in the first set,” Medvedev said on court. “I saw that it was bothering Stan because I know how it is to play an injured player. It’s tough because you try to just put the ball in and then the guy starts to get everything. So I feel really strange about this match, but I am happy to be in my first major semi.”

Wawrinka couldn’t take advantage of the big Djokovic win.

“I think in general he’s playing really well,” Wawrinka said. “He’s really solid. He has a tough game to play. I didn’t start well. I never really found the right rhythm. I wanted to play between staying back and being offensive. I didn’t serve so well… He was there when he need it, and he was the better player today.

“He’s showing the last few weeks that anything can happen with him, so for sure he’s going to have a shot. He just need two more matches.”

Medvedev and Dimitrov have split two meetings. The winner of this one on Friday moves on to their first Slam final.

Tomorrow, Gael Monfils will meet Italian big man Matteo Berrettini for a first time. Then in the evening, Rafael Nadal, who has won 24 of his last 25 matches, takes on Diego Schwartzman. Nadal leads the Argentine 7-0.

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39 Comments for Dimitrov Downs Ailing Federer In 5-Set US Open Shocker; Nadal Lone Big 3 Left

Raj Says:

For big 3, it is not guaranteed always.

Fed – Back Issue (aims to rest and prepare well for Wimby)
Nadal – knees(focus on French)
Nole – elbow (lucky guy among 3, less injury than others)

Next year might be NextGen. Atleast one new guy will win a slam.

Wog Boy Says:

“I just needed some treatment on my upper back, neck. Just needed to try to loosen it up, crack it and see if it was going to be better,”

….or you just wanted to disrupt “Гриша” rhythm?!

vk Says:

Tough luck for Rog.. but eggs on the faces of the fedfanatics who seize every opportunity to ridicule Rafa for his injury woes and more recently the ones who slammed Nole for his injury woes.

Van Persie Says:

Huge respect to Rafa! A true gentleman
I have never heard Fed saying something like that


kjb Says:

If there is one thing we all can count on around here, it’s that Wog Boy will always show up after a Fed loss to run his mouth. Classic.

Van Persie Says:

“If there is one thing we all can count on around here, it’s that Wog Boy will always show up after a Fed loss to run his mouth. Classic.”

False! as example: he posted yesterday when Andreescu won :)

Van Persie Says:

I would be very glad for Med or Dim to win the whole thing, happy one of them is in the final :)

Even if Rafa is a main rival for Nole, I have to admit, I would not be sad, if he won. He is too nice :)

Wog Boy Says:

kjb, failed, try harder, truth hurts.
I show up whenever I feel showing up, do you have problem with that?
Sorry your man lost, actually I am not sorry, just joking;)

Wog Boy Says:

I have same dilemma, there are reasons I would like Rafa to win, but on the other hand there are reasons I would like Medvedev to win (they will play in the final), I am almost certain Rafa wiil bag his #19, I already congratulated him on #19 end year end #1, he thoroughly deserves it.

About Rafa defending Nole, he has done that in the middle of tournament without worry that fans will turn on him, that’s for respect, big respect.

Andy Mira Says:

VP 2:41am…That’s Rafa…always humble,nice,caring about other peoples & very down to earth person…

So so proud to be his fans….Vamos Rafa!!

Truth Says:

Djoker disappointed some fans and others were just mad because they didn’t get their money’s worth.
I understand the criticism.
For years, Novak acted like he had no physical issue or power deficiency.
He worries too much about looking unfriendly.
He’s happy to promote his brother and guru because his brother hangs on to him for financial support/salary.
He played exhibitions or constantly travelled around being Mr. Gregarious/Perfect for his family and business people, but ignored his injuries caused by way-to-long matches.

It’s easy for Nadal to be supernice when he won another French Open.
He said he didn’t notice Novak’s breathing issue years ago and said Novak was joking around too much. He’s no buddy.

Andrew Miller Says:

Dimitrov played well in Cincinnati in his Wawrinka loss. I couldn’t understand why he was losing…to everyone! He played like Federer did in his late 20s – really did look like losing to your shadow out there. Does look like big three, as a group, is looking at exits – they’re not heading there but they’re looking at the end game – what tournaments they want to play etc. Federer with two quarters, a semifinal and a final at slams this year will and should consider this a successful year.

Nits Says:

Unfortunately Federer got injured & his level dropped. In the beginning it was good tennis. Both coming forward & single handed backhand unleashing from both ends. Was beautiful to watch.

Truth Says:

Novak was being stubborn and distracted as usual, but he’ll be back to winning Slams. it’s not bad like you claim, Andrew.
Fed is with the inflated ego and we know he & his fanboys think he’s too superior for all the players.

RZ Says:

Grigor made the best of a favorable draw. Good for him. I hadn’t paid much attention to him in interviews before but thought he was quite eloquent and well-spoken in his post-match interview.

Django Says:

Does anyone know why Roger had a private MTO for his upper back away from the masses?

Madmax Says:

Federer’s willingness to travel with his wife, four children and entourage as if going on a non-stop holiday – while also turning up for work – is amazing. Nobody else does it. Nobody else could.

Federer. We salute you. No one can do what you can do, no one can reach the heights of your talent. We salute you and we thank you. For everything you have done in tennis so far. Amazing is what you are. Better to read the article from Kevin Murphy than the slights from Wogboy, still reeling from his inability to understand greatness. And not talking about him either. God forbid.


Good Luck to Grigor. This has come very late in the day, but Fed will be pleased for him, at least.

Now rest Fed. Do what you have to do.

Madmax Says:

Nits Says:
Unfortunately Federer got injured & his level dropped. In the beginning it was good tennis. Both coming forward & single handed backhand unleashing from both ends. Was beautiful to watch.

September 4th, 2019 at 9:34 am

Nits, it was a great match and for all those who say he cannot go five sets, ‘at his age’. It is insane what he is doing, how he is playing. Really is. He is a trojan, a titan amongst everyone.

Van Persie Says:

Yes WB, true, he did it before Fed lost the match to Grig, not worrying the crowd might do the same to him after defending Nole. It was a sign of respect and I really appreciate it.


He behaved like a normal human being, which is so rare lately 🙂


relax a bit, we are having a bit of fun. We ar enot posting for life and death here. 🙂

To add something to “nobody can do what Fed does” list: nobody else from the tour can lose to Nole 3 times at slams, while having 2 match points from 40-15. It is a record for sure 🙂

Van Persie Says:

Even Halep would be envious, that she would not be able to lose like that 🙂

Daniel Says:

Which ever happened in locker didn’t help, because he came back and lost 4 straight games, 2 on serve form 30-15 up without even making it deuce.

Some sort of stiffness because he was missing the mark a lot and volleys.

Overall, he lost last 2 Slams in five sets so its a good result (semis, Finals and QF), showing he is still a force and pretty hard to beat best of 5.

Van Persie Says:

Hope you are not upset now, Madmax, I can get you. I was also sad, that Nole got injured. I know the feeling.

Van Persie Says:


Totally agree. He got even to MP’s in the final, which tells a lot. He had a good year after all.

Giles Says:

Lol “Nobody else does it. Nobody else could” As far as I know nobody else has 4 children.

skeezer Says:

Was happy Fed battled through regardless, and didn’t quit….
To add something to “nobody can do what Fed does” list: He doesn’t quit in the middle of matches, an impeccable record.

Wog Boy Says:

It’s Uniqlo curse, since Nike dumped him he hasn’t won anything big, coincidence?!

I don’t know why anybody believed he can do better than QF, he hadn’t made SF since 2015 and hasn’t won it since 2008, since the end of weak era.

At least he is lucky, it’s not serious “injury”, can you imagine if it was “injury to non-racket arm”, like it happened to Nole?

Good Lord, reading some posts I can see that some people are taking this sport of hitting little yellow ball like it is matter of life or death and taking worshipping on another level, just when I thought there is no next level.

Sorry people, I have to kill a time and there is no better place to kill the time at 3am, when really bad fever wakes you up, than TX after 38 years old loss.
Don’t worry, I took some panadols and tea Iand ’ll go back to sleep, hopefully, and leave you alone to contemplate what is next Messiah move.
Peace brothers and sisters 👯.

Giles Says:

^^^ Cos he never gets injured. Thank your lucky stars that he has been able to ward off injuries during his career. Count your blessings.

Truth Says:

Fred barely played this match. How was he working?
Lol He didn’t work very hard since 2009 US Open. He couldn’t stay #1 when Novak was injured in 2012 & 2017.
Fred was supposed to do a Houdini act when Novak was injured?
How? I thought he was the incredible, injury-free, honest respectful gentleman. Roddick didn’t have pathetic things to say to Fred?

FedExpress Says:

What a gift of Gs for Nadal. One one legged player, one mental unstable player, one inexperience player in the semis.

Diego comes back from double break down in both sets but loses both sets ahen serving to stay in it. Unreal.

vk Says:

Reminds you of the good old 2003-2007 days, doesn’t it?😁

j-kath Says:

Well done Rafa – onwards and upwards.

Wog Boy Says:



vk Says:

One more stat

Slam won facing at least one member of the Big3

Nadal 13
Djokovic 12
Federer 7

But Yeah, Nadal is the luckiest player ever 🤣

Raj Says:

Nothing can be compared to wimby draw this year.. Lucky nole

Wog Boy Says:

It’s even more impressive if we check Slams won without facing one member of the big 3:

Federer 13
Nadal 5
Djokovic 4

…and the winner is 38 years old👏

skeezer Says:

Are you not taking in the time where Djoker retired 6 times, Nadal fails to go far from either injury or facing a WC and losing early? Apparently not.
Fed didn’t;t face these guys at times because they couldn’t get through the draw TO face him.

Wog Boy Says:

Quiet please, knowledgeable “injury to non-racket arm” is talking 🤫

skeezer Says:

I’m sorry, didn’t know he plays left handed. Thought he hit a FH and served with his right arm. My bad. Waving to the fans as he left the court with his “left arm” high above his shoulder was funny as heck.

Meanwhile, all this talk about the women side of the draw, and Serena has been silently demolishing her opponents. She has been performing really well, and most importantly moving well this tournament.

Wog Boy Says:

Nole, naughty Nole, how dare you wave with your “injured non-racket arm” high in the air above your shoulder, don’t you ever do that again?!

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