Djokovic Downs Thiem In 5 Sets For 8th Australian Open Title
by Staff | February 2nd, 2020, 11:40 am

Novak Djokovic won his 8th Australian Open title coming from two sets to one down to defeat Dominic Thiem 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 6-4 in four hours Sunday night in Melbourne.

Djokovic remains a perfect 8-0 in the final after authoring his very first 2-1 sets down comeback in a Grand Slam final en route to his 17th overall title. And he becomes the first man to win a Grand Slam title in three different decades in the Open Era.

“This is definitely my favorite court, my favorite stadium in the world and I’m blessed to hold this trophy once again,” said Djokovic.

“I would like to congratulate Dominic on an amazing tournament, it wasn’t meant to be tonight. But you were very close to winning. You definitely have a lot more time in your career and I’m sure you’ll get more than one Grand Slam trophy in your career.”

During the ceremony, Thiem praised Djokovic.

“I would like to start by saying a huge congrats to Novak, an amazing achievement,” said Thiem. “It’s unreal what you and your team are doing, throughout all these years. You, and also two other guys have brought men’s tennis to a complete new level and I’m really proud and happy to compete and be a part of these times. I fell short today, but I hope to get revenge soon.

“I have experienced such huge support throughout these two weeks,” he added. “It is one of the best events in all sports and I am looking forward to returning next year.”

The Serb flew out of the blocks quickly breaking Thiem in his opening service game. But Thiem would later break back to level 4-all before Djokovic took the opening set.

In the second, it was Thiem’s turn to get out to a break lead, this time he would lose that edge as Djokovic leveled the set at 4-all. In that 9th game, though, things unraveled for the favorite. Djokovic was called for two serve clock violations and eventually got broken. Disgusted, he tapped the chair umpire on his shoes and then voiced his disappointment over the two calls. Djokovic would go on to lose five more games to go down 4-0 in the third.

Once on the board, Djokovic called the trainer and doctor down 1-4 for some dizziness and/or dehydration. Things were looking bleak for the No. 2 seed who appeared to lose some zip on his shots.

Thiem capitalized on Djokovic’s letdown to push to a 2-1 set lead, a deficit Djokovic has never come back from in a Slam final. But the Serb wouldn’t lose serve again as he tightened up his game as the stakes grew. After saving a crucial break point down 1-2 with a serve-and-volley, Djokovic broke Thiem at 4-3 in the fourth and for a fifth and final time at 2-1 in the fifth.

“Of course, I just feel a lot of emptiness right now,” said Thiem. “But that’s it. I know the feeling. I did after the last two in Paris. But, yeah, also already now I feel little bit of motivation to come back for the next Grand Slam. Well, if I have a little break, it’s going to be bigger.”

Djokovic finished with 46 winners to 57 unforced.

Djokovic has now won 17 Slams and stands just three behind Roger Federer’s all-time record of 20.

In his first hard court Slam final, Thiem falls just short for a third time in a Slam final with two losses to Rafael Nadal on his favorite court, and now to Djokovic on his home turf.

“I think it was amazing how the matches went this week,” Thiem said. “It’s great tennis. It’s a great show for everybody. Of course, it would be or it was easier for sure in a different era to win big titles. That’s 100%.

“But I’m happy I can compete with these guys on the best level. I really hope also that I win my maiden Slam when they’re still around because it just counts more.”

Djokovic also reclaims the No. 1 ranking and with little to defend until May, he figures to be on top for a long while and has a shot later this year to equal Federer’s all-time mark of 310 weeks at No. 1.

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46 Comments for Djokovic Downs Thiem In 5 Sets For 8th Australian Open Title

Old School Says:

Mr. Thiem is an uncrowned champion who has more than paid his dues. I hope for justice, Dominic Thiem: 2020 French Open Champion

RZ Says:

Congrats to “HomeSchoolDadOf9” a.k.a. James for winning the bracket!

skeezer Says:

👍Old School

chrisford1 Says:

Thiem did great. He has worked and developed into a fearsome opponent.
Three years back, Rafa said the only one he feared at the FO was Djokovic.
Now, obviously, add Thiem to the Rafa “I hate to play this guy” list.

My dream remains Novak and Rafa in the FO finals, with Novak beating him in an epic 5-setter. .

chofer Says:

The only one I see putting Rafa on the ropes at the FO is Thiem.

Simply because Novak knows he wouldn’t drain himself in a 5 setter with Wimbledon around the corner, where he has a legitimate chance to add on the tally. So, why bother?

I don’t think Dominic will be thinking of Wimbledon. Hence, he will be more focused at the French, where he feels more comfortable.

Thiem remains the odds.on second fav for the French as long as Nadal is playing it and making deep runs there.

chrisford1 Says:

I’m not sure, Chofer. Noval likes to talk about how special Wimbledon is and all that, but at the same time he knows he will be the 1st modern player to win a double career Slam if he gets another FO title and has said his ultimate challenge would be beating Rafa in the Finals there.
The other thing that may deflect from Wimbledon is the Olympics. The only big thing, as far as I know, not yet done by Djokovic, is a gold medal. (He has 1 bronze after 3 Olympics, this is his last chance.)

Django Says:

Thiem will win one when they get older and slower. It’s bound to happen. Look at Rafa and Medvedev at US open.
It’s coming but hopefully they can wait a bit.

Michael Says:

Novak is enviously at the seventh heaven and why should he not be as he purely deserves such a zenith. Winning the 17th grand slam at 32 is no ordinary feat and that too after breaking the shackles and stranglehold, two of the other greats had on Tennis.Novak battled adversity since his childhood born in a war-torn country which didn’t enjoy any kind of tradition in Tennis. Yet, through his indefatigable determination and perseverance, he prospered as a Tennis player. He was No.3 for many years often being ripped apart by Roger and Rafa; he was also derisively ridiculed as a joker and quitter. Never did he enjoy the adulation of fans except in his home country. Yet as he has himself reiterated on so many occasions, Roger and Rafa compelled him to become a better player and he did transform his game to the next level to outwit both. He is truly on the ascendant and will perhaps eclipse both Roger and Rafa in greatness. He already has many standalone achievements under his belt which are unique. My congratulations to him. What a player ???

chrisford1 Says:

I’m not a GOAT obsessed person but I do want to see Djokovic pass Fed and Rafa in numbers – not just of Slams but weeks at #1 and Masters won at the end of all 3 careers.
Because only then will Novak Djokovic get the respect and acclaim he deserves. I’ve been rooting for him since 2007, and with his disadvantaged youth he has been a striver and an underdog all his life, in the sense he wants to have fans like him, but hasn’t succeeded so far. He wants to have people cheer his work, his victories. It does touch on the obsessive, and it comes across as desperately pushing being liked.
Nick Kyrgios was right in slamming Djokovic for faults that he has. His weird celebrations were “cringe worthy” and face it, all Novak fans know he is an odd duck that is not instantly likable. And NIck’s great sledge “He wants to be liked so much I can’t stand him”.

Tennisfansince76 Says:

@chrisford1 that is not true. Djokovic has many fans all over the world just not as many as Roger or Rafa. In most matches against either of them he has not been the crowd favorite and probably will never be.

Wog Boy Says:

if you are still around, this is the trophy room we couldn’t get in, hopefully next year when I go to Serbia again (this year is not good for travelling, my auntie is a white witch and she told me not to travel, I believe her), Srdjan is storing yet another AO trophy on top of previous one, he needs new wall unit:

Identical replica of AO trophy arrived in Belgrade, brother Djordje brought it yesterday.

Wog Boy Says:

USO 2019, Kobe Bryant:
“Novak is my guy” …when asked to pick between Rafa, Roger and Nole.

Predicted reaction from NY crowd when he said it.

Wog Boy Says:

Just few day before Kobe’s death, Novak was talking about Kobe at AO:

I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in the power of something (someone) that is above and beyond us.

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy i would love to meet your auntie, as it seems we have alot in common lol :-) ….

Wogboy and J-Kath from the other day , sorry i didnt reply, on the Brexit stuff, i can see both sides of the argument to be honest, and you both make good points ….

Telperion Says:

@chrisford1 I agree thoroughly. I mean, he has his fans outside Serbia, me for example (and you, I guess) and many others that post in the blog. But he shows such desperation to be liked that it repels attraction. That tit-throwing celebration is one of the most cringe-worthy ever. Kyrgios is right. He’s one to speak since he has his fanbase even if never actually striving to be liked.

I believe that Nole had bad timing when he became a major contender as he soared to disrupt the Roger-Rafa duopoly and people had already picked their favourite, but his “me against the world” was an attitude to praise, along with many other that showed the type of person he is. Then, after Pepe and all that jazz, it’s harder to like him as a new fan. It reeks of desperation, not even taking into account all the other negative effects it has had on him.

Daniel Says:

Djoko definitely have his fan bases, a friedn’s golden retirever is named Djoko my cousin was always a fan of him even her liking Federer’s game as well. But when he plays she always cheer’s Djoko.

But it must get to him, with what he already achieve he should had more support specially in AO final agaisnt Thiem.

Maybe it is what drives him, wanting to surpass both Fedal in records (Slams, #1, Masters) in a way that he will be the all time legend people liking or not.

I think this year could be one for the ages if he avoids injury. If there is a aplayer who can do a Golden Slam at this pint is definetly him.

He is favorite for Wimbledon followed by Federer. Co-favorite at USO with Nadal. And RG can not see anybody other than Nadal, Djoko or Thiem winning.

Wawa, Zverev may take 1 down, but that is about it.

SG1 Says:

Wonder where Andy Murray will fit into this year assuming he’s healthy. He’s beaten Roger and Novak at Wimbledon. Anyone know where he’s at physically these days?

PK Says:

You need to add Medvedev to the list of possible winnters in 2020. Or is he already burnt out?

Wog Boy Says:

At least Nole didn’t give his heart this year, when asked why he answered:
“I didn’t feel like it.”
We all know why, if he can only stop giving it all together.

Telperion Says:

Sorry Wog Boy, but why do you think it was?

Wog Boy Says:

Alison, I bet you would like my auntie. She turned 90 last year, lives by herself, not dependent at all, still does everything as she is 50 and not 90 years old. Her house is cleaner than mine, still has her vegetable garden behind her house, grows her own tea, likes sage tea the most, still has one brandy a day and glass of red wine. Never had a heating in any part of the house but living are, you have to sleep in the cold room to stay healthy, and it’s freezing cold, she lives in the town where it snows even in April.

Wog Boy Says:

Telperion, I think she expected better from Aussie fans, he is ok with NY and Lonfon crowd, he knows what to expect, but Aussie crowd usually is more even, not this time though.
Jim Courier, who I think has soft spot for Nole, made similar comments, that is not fair he doesn’t have more support considering what he has done for tennis and what he has achieved.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ he expected

Wog Boy Says:

PK, actually you might be right, I watched Medvedev at WTF, ATP cup, AO and particularly match against Stan, the one he should have won, I guess last year unbelievable run took its toll on him, physically and mentally.

Van Persie Says:

Hi WB,

Thank you for the info. Hope to meet you next year then🙂.

Writing short as I am on my Ski Holiday.

Take care 😉

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy i would love your Auntie, she sounds like an amazing inspirational lady , and she sounds like this lady in this link, its pretty long , but if you get a chance to watch this link its quite interesting, enjoy :-)

Dave Says:


I wanted to ask you why Nole didn’t get more support at the Australian Open in Melbourne, but as we talked about before, and you explained the reasons why, he got so much support from Serbian people at the ATP Cup. I was actually expecting more support for him at the AUS Open this year.

Dave Says:

I also heard a rumor that tickets for Rod Laver Arena are only 25 dollars and it’s first come first serve? If that’s true, that’s an absolutely amazing deal.

Truth Says:

The negative about Novak is that he thinks “if I demand something, it will come”.
He may be fortunate with the money and success, but just because you want great fortune, doesn’t mean most things will be good. For example, he thought his friends would live long lives but obviously, it’s untrue. He’s not the smiley, heart thrower when his “lucky, famous friend” is dead by plane crash.
He mentioned that he’d be better with humbleness instead of constant celebrations and sometimes obnoxiousness.

Wog Boy Says:

ATP cup was team event, tickets not expensive, in the middle of school holidays where they knew when Serbia is playing and they could come as families with another families to support their country and it was one hell of the day out.
Coming out of their suburbs and nearby towns, taking kids, having a drink and food (though pretty expensive and greasy junk food). Once Serbia qualified in Brisbane for the finals we all knew we are coming to meet each other at Ken Rosewall Arena as long as Serbia is playing, and the boys played 3 matches and won:)

AO is different, Serbian community in Melbourne is much the same as in Sydney, but the tickets are mostly sold way before AO even started, particulary for QF, SF and F.
Only first week is holiday time, second week school started (AO was moved back one week this year to accommodate ATP Cup), and tickets are not cheap, not at all.
What you heard is not correct, I was first week, for the first match I bought the tickets (good seats) $200 each (originally $270) but who ever bought them was probably Roger fan since he had day match and Nole evening one on RLA, so he put the tickets back through Ticketmaster for resale.
For the first round tickets were from $125-$300 and every next round they were going up, for the finals they were $500-$1500 ($500 sold way ahead) and hospitality package (gives access to private to only “certain” humans restaurants and free food and drink) were $1200-$2800.
Ground pass was $54 flat rate (no access to RLA and MCA and have to wait in the queue for Melbourne Arena) I used it on days Nole wasn’t playing, it’s fun wondering around, having beer and sausages:)
If you want to watch certain player you can’t really buy tickets in advance since schedules come out after 5pm for the next day and I want to watch certain player. Only SFs are evening but you don’t know which one and whether your man will make it.
AO itself is specific GS, where the people are planning way in advance to come
to come and watch whoever plays and buy packages from all over Australia, this year they broke for the first time through 800 thousand visitors mark, most visited GS out of all 4.

Dave Says:


Thanks for the info. I didn’t think the tickets would be that cheap. That sounds super expensive. The first tickets of Wimbledon that I read about on the site were cheaper than that. The first day was like 63 Euros or Pounds, and that is a guarantee to see Nole since he is the defending champion and gets the first match on Center Court.

Wog Boy Says:

Dave, to answer your second part of the question, why Aussies didn’t cheer Nole as before.
In NY and London he is openly disliked (not so in Paris), Aussies likes him (I know it) since they are little battlers themselves they like battlers and Nole is one but Thiem is also likeable (I like him though I hated him in the second and third set and started to like him again in fourth and fifth ;), they like underdogs and they probably wanted new champion and lastly, since AO is becoming more popular with elite fan picture is changing, there were more snobs this year at AO than ever before, that’s probably why they are jacking up tickets prices.
If these two posts don’t make any sense to you just ignore them.

chrisford1 Says:

Telperion – I am a fan, you can be a huge fan of a flawed person in sports or entertainment. And you can support, admire several people in politics who have awful flaws but get things done and implement good policies that put a city, province/state/prefecture, or nation on track.
Nick has been trashing Novak and Rafa a lot, with Rafa taking it more personally. But that podcast could be very helpful to Novak if he accepts Nick’s criticism of his celebration and his pushing to be loved like Fed is loved – and it is taken to heart by Novak. Nick might actually have done him a big favor.
And maybe showed that Novaks camp, with his regular churning of staff, might be becoming a little too sycophantic when he starts doing stuff he thinks is fine, but others see has harmful to his game or personal image.
Mind you, Novak only gets small dings from me. Or Rafa. Or Andy. I could easily see myself being a fan of those guys if Novak never existed, and a deep admirer of what Roger Federer is in any case. Once you adjust to Rafa’s many tics, habits, and OCD – what is left is a world class athlete who is humble, a nice guy, and still has the same friends he made back in grade school.

Wog Boy Says:

But don’t be fooled Dave that he didn’t have support in Melbourne park, if they didn’t make it to RLA they were in numbers outside RLA with ground passes watching on big screen and sending positive vibes to Nole inside RLA, have a look:

chrisford1 Says:

The prices at Slams are high enough that I prefer the Masters series. Toronto is a train ride away from me, Cincinnati a long, long drive. Indian Wells is a cheap flight for two to LA and a luxury bus ride to LarryEllisland. One big bargain is the US Open grounds pass to the practice courts. You can see the celebs, and if you’re lucky see a clearly hung over Marat Safin who was out in the 2nd round but stayed to party – coming out and thrashing Fed on the practice courts readying Fed for the QFs.

Wog Boy Says:

Talking about Marat Safin, actually he was Nole’s practicing partner every day between SF and F and he handed him the trophy at the end, if I am Jelena I would be worried about Nole socialising with Marat.

Dave Says:

I saw that Nole had an amazing amount of support outside of the stadium. That’s very true. So it sounds like the crowd changed a bit this year.

Wog Boy Says:

“…the crowd changed..”

I wish I have ability to say what I want in a few words instead of writing a novel.
You said it, spot on.

Giles Says:

Match for Africa in Cape Town with Fedal is live on Eurosport tonite at 6.30 pm.

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy did you look at the link ….

Wog Boy Says:

Not yet Alison, I had a look at first 10 or so minutes and I liked it, I have to sit down and watch the rest when I get time, I like the accent btw.

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy i know its quite long, and its the way i speak too lol ….

skeezer Says:

Hard to believe these two, the greatest competitors ever to grace a tennis court, are truly such good friends off the court. Kudos to both for that. Was just reading how this is a really big event in SA, and they are already poking fun at each other for the hype.They both will be missed when they leave, truly elevated the tennis scene in their time.

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer .this is perhaps one of the times I thoroughly agree with you. I feel really emotional perhaps in the realisation that these two giants of the sport will soon say goodbye to us. They are going to have a blast tonite and so will all the fans who are lucky enough to witness such a sporting event. I can watch it all live. How about you?

Alison Hodge Says:

Giles and Skeezer both are absolutely amazing, both will be remembered for all their achievements long after they retire from the sport, theres no need for people to put either down, both are incredible, many thanks for the link Giles :-)

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