Osaka Announces She Won’t Play Semifinals; No Tennis Thursday In NYC
by Staff | August 26th, 2020, 11:13 pm

With the sports in the U.S. taking a stand today against police violence, Naomi Osaka got tennis involved tonight announcing that she will not be playing Thursday in the semifinals against Elise Mertens in New York.

Osaka posted this message on social media:

“Hello, as many of you are aware I was scheduled to play my semifinals match tomorrow. However, before I am an athlete, I am a black woman. And as a black woman I feel as though there are much more important matters at hand that need attention, rather than watching me play tennis.

“I don’t expect anything drastic to happen with me not playing, but if I can get a conversation started in a majority white sport I consider that a step in the right direction. Watching the continued genocide of Black people at the hand of the police is honestly making me sick to my stomach.

“I’m exhausted of having a new hashtag pop up every few days and I’m extremely tired of having this same conversation over and over again. When will it ever be enough?”

Osaka was scheduled to face Elise Mertens in the Thursday semifinals of the Cincinnati Masters. Osaka had rallied from a set and a break down to beat Anett Kontaveit 4-6, 6-2, 7-5.

The Belgian Mertens ended the run of American qualifier Jessica Pegula 6-1, 6-3.

The other semifinal pits 2013 champion Victoria Azarenka against Brit Johanna Konta.

And now the event had postponed all matches for Thursday, including the men’s semifinals. The semifinals will resume Friday with finals perhaps Saturday. Will Osaka be playing? Unclear.

“As a sport, tennis is collectively taking a stance against racial inequality and social injustice that once again has been thrust to the forefront in the United States. The USTA, ATP Tour, and WTA have decided to recognize this moment in time by pausing tournament play at the Western & Southern Open on Thursday, August 27. Play will resume on Friday, August 28,” a statement read.

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12 Comments for Osaka Announces She Won’t Play Semifinals; No Tennis Thursday In NYC

simon Says:

And before you were “Black”, and before you were an “Athlete”, I recall you were an oppressed member of America’s minority Asian community, and before that you were stalked and abused on social media and – the brunt of sexist jokes just because you hired a PR firm to photograph you wearing super-thongs in very provocative suggestive poses.

And before you became totally immersed in all the above as a social warrior without a clue, I admired your tenacity for conquering all adversities that stood before you. I was thrilled as you quickly and decisively climbed the ladder to #1 seed. You are now a social sell-out; and apparently suffering an enormous identity crisis. Too much baggage to remain a fan!

John Smith Says:

Will the tournament refund the tickets of the spectators?

Wog Boy Says:

It doesn’t work both ways, Luka Doncic was called “Bit$h a$$ white boy” by Montrez Harrell and no action was taken against Harrell, can you imagine reaction if it was the other way around.
Does Osaka and others condone that behaviour, when the white man is racially abused, particularly being European and had nothing to do with American problems.?!

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy well said :-)

Truthsquad Says:

Lots of folks being triggered and going on the offense after a player of color making a personal decision to take a stand proved her point entirely. Tennis has always been an elitist sport, and too many fans support players only if they “shut up and play.” Sports has always had the power to change minds and hearts, so I support her courage in taking a stand.

fred stone Says:

If you’re resisting arrest by a well-armed cop expect the worst.
Every single “murder” by cop could have been avoided if the perps just allowed themselves to be arrested, then let their lawyer sort it out.
The media is fueling these flames of discontent by not reporting the whole story of virtually every fatal incident.
The truth comes out a day or two later and they refuse to report it.

chrisford1 Says:

If you go “meta” you see that this has become a predictable pattern. Very rich people in media learned back in the George Zimmerman case that huge money could be made elevating cases of black thugs killed by gunfire by non-blacks, or resisting arrest into national media stories they could milk for months.
Then find another case to elevate. And the rich media owners escaped all accountability when the non-blacks the media was lynching more often than not turned out to be justified, the dead black culpable for his own death.
In doing this, the media moguls helped build up a huge number of influential leftists eager to seize power by the “social justice angle”. And eager “foot soldier” participants ready at the drop of a name of yet another martyr to block highways, burn stores, loot away since there seemed to be no consequence for doing so in black majority “blue cities”.
Along with this we now have Forced Solidarity. Clap for Beloved Leader Kim Jong Un or else – is no different than 6 self-loathing white thugs surrounding an old Asian women and berating her to say she loves BLM and raises her fist to support – or else….Except presently, N Korea has more adverse consequences..
It has been building for years in pro sports, too. Some athlete gets the dumb idea that all players must wear social justice messages on jerseys and the whole League gets roped into “solidarity” through moral blackmail.
A thug gets shot and the whole NBA closes down in respect for the felon?
Fans are now fleeing the NBA and American football in droves. Tennis does not need that headache.
But be sure after Osaka (who can’t read, write, or speak Japanese BTW) started the ball rolling in tennis, we will have the “treat” of Wokeness hit the USO in some manner. And players like my fave Djokovic who has a deaf ear for what the public wants, going “woke” to virtue signal.

Tenisbebe Says:

Wogboy: On “Inside the NBA” from Sunday Aug 23rd. Shaq, Kenny & Charles Barkley discussed this incident. Charles was emphatic that this was an example of a blatant double standard and Kenny agreed that it had to stop. Shaq was ok with just the apology. Can watch on Youtube.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks for the info Tenisbebe, I will look it up.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Django,
Charles Barkley was calling it as it is/was, the other two were, more or less, sugarcoating it and trying to shush him by talking over him.
Good on Charles for calling a spade a spade.

Tenisbebe Says:

Wogboy: Too true. Love Charles. He is never relucant to call it as he sees it, regardless of the potential backlash. Did so right away with the Jussie Smollett reveal in Chicago. The AA community in Chicago was pissed with his shananagins. And so was Charles.

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