Swiatek Holds Off Jabeur For US Open Title, Third Slam Throphy

by Staff | September 10th, 2022, 10:29 pm

Iga Swiatek confirmed her status as the best player in women’s tennis hanging on to beat Ons Jabeur 6-2, 7-6(5) in the final of the US Open Saturday afternoon.

“I needed to stay composed and focus on the goals,” Swiatek said on court. “It’s New York, it’s so loud, it’s so crazy.

“It’s really mind-blowing for me. I’m really proud I could handle it mentally.”

Swiatek roared out to a quick 6-2, 3-0 lead dominating the Tunisian who was playing in her second straight Slam final

Jabeur would claw back gaining a break to level much to the thrill of the crowd. They would again exchange breaks until the tiebreaker.

Swiatek jumped ahead but with service holds at a minimum, Jabeur came right back and held the set on her racquet at 5-4 — Swiatek hadn’t dropped a set in a final since she was 17. But Swiatek leveled up and won the last three points to become the first Polish woman to win the US Open and the first player to win two Slams in a season since Angelique Kerber in 2016.

“At the beginning of the season I realized that maybe I can have some good results on WTA events,” Swiatek said. “I also made it to the semifinal of Australian Open. But I wasn’t sure if I was on the level yet to win actually a Grand Slam, especially on US Open where the surface is so fast.

“It’s something that I wasn’t expecting for sure. It’s also like a confirmation for me that sky is the limit. I’m proud, also surprised a little bit, just happy that I was able to do that.”

Swiatek has won her last 10 finals without dropped a set and her last 10 against Top 10s, losing just one set. She’s not just a clay court player anymore.

“At the beginning of the season I realized that maybe I can have some good [hard] results on WTA events. I also made it to the semifinal of Australian Open. But I wasn’t sure if I was on the level yet to win actually a Grand Slam, especially US Open where the surface is so fast,” Swiatek said.

“It’s something that I wasn’t expecting for sure. It’s also like a confirmation for me that sky is the limit. I’m proud, also surprised little bit. Just happy that I was able to do that.”

Jabeur was trying to become the first Arab women to win a Grand Slam. She has yet to win a hard court title.

“I struggled to win my first WTA title,” Jabeur said. “It took me time. So I believe this will take me time. The most important thing is accepting it, learning from the finals that I lost.

“But yeah, definitely I’m not someone that going to give up. I am sure I’m going to be in the final again. I will try my best to win it.

“To be honest with you, I have nothing to regret because I did everything possible,” she said. “I wish I served a little bit better today. It would have helped me a lot.”

Jabeur, who will climb to No. 2 in the rankings, said added Iga was just too good.

“I think in general just playing better at the right moment, at the important points,” Jabeur said of Iga’s game. “She knows exactly what to do. I feel like she improved a lot from last year until the beginning of this year again.

“You know Iga, how she plays in finals. It’s very tough to beat her. I will keep positive and work on the things that was missing today.”

Swiatek is just 21 and in her pro career has never lost a set in three Grand Slam finals.

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17 Comments for Swiatek Holds Off Jabeur For US Open Title, Third Slam Throphy

Wog Boy Says:

Let me put this here, between the girls, since Nole isn’t given much of the chance to mix with the gorls outside his family:)

According to Herald Sun, Nole is all but cleared by Australian government to play AO 2023, they are not going to enforce 3 year ban…and it looks like he didn’t even ask for it:


Time to book the hotel and flight to Melbourne 😁

zed Says:

Hey WB, and this after sssssooooo many FanBoys were fantasising about 3 year bans :)

2023 will put the nail in the coffin of the debate for all but the most obstinate and unfair.

Wog Boy Says:

Yes Zed, even scumbag Morrison mentioned after deported Nole that he might drop 3 year ban, but he lost elections anyway.
I don’t know what Nole will win next year, but I know who won’t win anymore GSs,
Nole starting preparations with RL cup and then going to Tel Aviv to play, he needs matches since he was part time player this year and yet won GS and master one😉

Giles Says:

All I can say is that if Novax ever goes back to Australia after the way he was treated he is nothing but a shameless fool! I mean doesn’t he have any pride? Booted and literally kicked out of Australia. Pffffft

Giles Says:

Well deserved winner. Congrats Swiatek!

chrisford1 Says:

If you like anti-White and anti-West crowds and media, the NYC US Open crowd has always been game. It is a rich and powerful leftist crowd – the people that run much of global banking and media. The 1st week of the US Open commentary was like it was run by BLM, glorification of Serena and all things black. The 2nd week became “Will Ons be the 1st African to win a Major?? If only she can, what progress the sport will have made!! Then the announcers go “two-fer”….Oh, what history and credit if a Muslim wins!
Duly informed by ESPN and the Tennis Channel people where their loyalties have to lie to be correct – the Americans gave Swiatek the Djokovic treatment, as in Djokovic-Federer crowd bias. Ons wins a point, and the crowd of affluent anti-West whites lets out an ear-splitting roar for a blow struck for the oppressed brown and black peoples. Swiatek gets a point, light to no applause.
On the eve of September 11, it is like to get loved in NYC it helps to have people from your culture fly jets into NY skyscrapers. Poles and Serbs take note!
Ons seems a good person. Certainly a better sport than Serena. But in NYC, tennis becomes yet another “vessel” to serve the leftist narrative, with crowd and announcers expected to virtue signal.

Wog Boy Says:

Agree with you CF1, Jabeur looks like genuinely good, down to earth person, very likeable from the difference of Serena, that’s the reason I wanted her to win, nothing against Polish girl, as for the rest of your post, I guess you are American you know better and I am already in enough trouble here😉

Wog Boy Says:

One more thing, if Jabeur won she wouldn’t be the first muslim to win GS, first Arab/African yes, unless you count RF as partly African.

zed Says:

WB, I’m still thinking we may see Novak in Turin. He’ll get a good work out there.

Chrisford1, I am really impressed! You have made some very astute observations in your post. You have pegged them 100% !!

Giles, … sssiiighhhh … oh Giles, Giles, Giles.

Wog Boy Says:

Zed, definitely Turin, Paris masters and maybe one more. I only listed first two tournaments he has confirmed, if you can call RL Cup tournament?
Unless they changed the rules (which wouldn’t surprise me), he is automatically qualified for Turin by winning GS.

skeezer Says:

Carlos has arrived at 19. Look out Djoker and Rafa. He’s got better legs, and now the experience with a GS Slam under his belt, it is most likely that the likes of Djoker and Rafa will never sniff a Slam again. They are becoming old news very quickly. It’s about time we talk about the new generation!

zed Says:

Skeezer, I have no doubt that your forecast will be true eventually, just not true right now.

In 2023 Novak will firstly power through the Aus Open with steely determination.

Roland Garros as we all know is Rafa’s domain and, yes, Alcaraz is strong on clay, but I think Rafa has one more FO in him.

Wimbeldon, grass, come on, Seriously? After seeing Novak surge through those 7 matches this year do you honestly believe he’s finished at Wimbeldon? DO you think Alcaraz can outplay Novak on grass in just 8 or 9 months from now?

I think you are getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment (of which there is plenty I grant you).

USO 2023, yeah, that is a different story. Historically not Novak’s tournie and, being hard court, not Rafa’s favourite surface.

One more year is my feeling. 2023 will still be a Novak year with the FO for Rafa but in 2024 it will be a different story.

skeezer Says:

Yep I do. Youngest player ever to be #1. So ….yeah.


Rafa won Wimby, supposedly not his surface, so I wouldn’t count Carlos out either there. Can you imagine the fearlessness and confirmed he has gotten already getting a Slam @19? And there are other players also gaining invaluable experience in GS. Rudd, Sinner, etc.

Your Djoker is a memory now, not the future. Time to turn the Drama page of tennis and get on with the new better energy.

skeezer Says:


zed Says:

Skeezer, You’re probably too young to remember Pete Sampras but I remember when he won his first major (coincidentally the USO as well).

Whilst all the prophecies of how great his career would be were 100% correct, they were just a tad premature. His next Grand Slam was three years later!

I stress that everyone was correct, he DID go on to become one of the greatest players ever to walk onto a tennis court, it’s just the “first grand slam curse” that hits these guys.

I don’t have the data handy but how many male players win their first grand slam and then immediately follow it up with their second? What is usually the gap between the first grand slam and the second?

When I get some time I’ll dig into those questions but maybe someone here already knows the answers, that would save some effort.

zed Says:

I just checked, Rafa did follow his first FO with the FO in the following three years, so there’s that.

He didn’t win other grand slam tournaments until three years later (Wimbeldon) but did dominate the FO after winning his first.

zed Says:

Roger’s first GS was Wimbeldon but the next USO he did not win. However, the following year (2004) he won three of the four slams.

So maybe Alcaraz does have historical precedence supporting him.

I’m very excited to see what 2023 will bring. I still think Novak will take the AO and Wimbeldon and I can’t see Alcaraz beating him at those.

The FO, I do think Rafa has one more in him.

The USO is anyone’s guess.

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