Give it up for Gonzalez; Roddick, Federer Ahead
by Sean Randall | January 24th, 2007, 9:33 pm

In my last post I unfairly omitted Fernando Gonzalez from mention. My bad. I just didn’t think that him beating James Blake was that big a stunner. Nor do I think him beating Rafael Nadal in straight sets last night was much of a stunner either.

I am a big Gonzo fan, and I am thrilled he has reached his first Major semi, and I hope not his last. Hooking up with Larry Stefanki last summer (and Gisella Dulko) is easily the best thing that has happened. With the help of his new coach, Gonzo has learned to channel and harness that enourmous power that he has, and the results have been pretty incredible. ADHEREL

Credit to Larry and to Fernando for getting it done in a big way. I think Gonzo will take out Tommy Haas, a five set winner yest. over Davydenko, and then give Federer a real run for his money in the final. – at least taking a set. If it’s Roddick, Gonzo could get really tight knowing a Slam title is well within reach. So that could be tricky. But he continues to play as he has the sky’s truly is the limit.

As for the women, yes I said Serena is fat, and I’ll say it again. She’s fat. So what? Doesn’t seem to matter much as Fat Serena is back in a Slam semi for the first time since she won in Melbourne in 2005. Can she win it again? Sure, why not. I think Vaidisova will get too tight come crunch time against Serena, and then in the final neither Kim or Maria would really look forward to playing her.

Like I said before, imagine if she was in shape. If she was she’d easily content for No. 1, she’s that good. He’ll she might anyway.

As for Kim or Maria. I’ll stick with Maria, even though just like Kim she played like crap in her semi. I think these days Maria’s been too mentally tough to beat. And while I’ll be rooting for Kim, I just don’t think she has the fire to do it.

Back to the men…

Message to Rafael Nadal. Get your second serve in check. From the stats – I didn’t see the match – sounds like Gonzo was all over that second offering. The gig is up, Rafael-a. Lose the capris, get a second serve, move closer to the baseline, add some variety and quit picking your you know what.

My pick for Andy Roddick-Roger Federer: Federer. But close. Very close. So close it wouldn’t shock me to see Andy pull it out. So close i may just change my pick before the match.

Roger hasn’t dropped a set, but he hasn’t been at his best I don’t think. Whereas Roddick is playing far better than he was a year ago, and you watch today how many times he out rallies Roger from the baseline. Andy’s somehow added a backhand that can go up the line in addition to cross court. Wow.

On the flip side I don’t think Andy’s serve and forehand are as strong as they once were. Plus, I really don’t think Roger wants to blow his calendar Slam chances by losing to Andy Roddick of all people.

Time for some tennis…

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17 Comments for Give it up for Gonzalez; Roddick, Federer Ahead

Tejuz Says:

Well.. Fed vs Andy seems to be a tight one, but i guess Fed will be ready for Andy this time, after getting close to losing the last couple of times. Kooyong loss is nothing.. Fed was serve-volleyin both 1st and 2nd serve, even on break points, set and match points. He was just using it for tuning up. Too bad for Andy if he loses in straight sets, cuz that will surely dent is new-found belief that hez getting close to Roger. He might be getting closer, but hez still a far away from the world no 1.

Nadal.. well, hez not the 2nd best player for sure. Most of his ranking points are from the clay tournaments, but on other surfaces, he hasnt reached the finals of a tounament since Wimbledon. I guess he’ll surely lose his No 2 ranking this time, and thats gud cuz Fed will get a chance of meeting him before the finals.

Asswipe44 Says:

rafa will get back on track after he rests up a bit. just watch.

spanish_striker Says:

rafa will get back…

tennisfan Says:

Sean Randall, no offense, but it seems like most of your predictions are wrong.:-) If I am not mistaking, you are the one who said (10-12 days ago) that Roddick would have no chance against Safin in the 3rd round. Roddick won. Then, you said (just above) that it would be a very close match between Rod and Fed. Fed just crushed Rod. It was a total execution!

brinda Says:

u dint even see d match, so u hav no clue as to how well or how bad nadal played! n stats dont tell u everything!
he was overpowered by gonzalez, dats sumthin i admit.

also, any non-tennis advice to nadal is totally unwarranted!

JCF Says:

“My pick for Andy Roddick-Roger Federer: Federer. But close. Very close. So close it wouldn’t shock me to see Andy pull it out. So close i may just change my pick before the match.”

That’s what I thought too… but when I got back home, the match was already over. I was in disbelief when I saw doubles being played on TV. I thought to myself, hmmm.. maybe their match hasn’t started yet… They couldn’t have finished their match in less than 2 hours. I checked the AO website, and it turns out they did.

Roddick just got thrashed. He got out aced 2.5 to 1. And there was a bagel. His winning % on serve was very low and the serve itself was ineffective as the stats show. I don’t know the full story of what happened… maybe Roddick had an injury or something. Scoreline seems a bit peculiar. Get this: Federer had 7 break point opportunities, and converted on ALL of them. Roddick only had one look at a break point in the entire match.

Your pick was way off. He didn’t even come close to challenging Fed.

By the way Sean. Do you ever proof read your work? You really should.

david Says:

Nope, no injuries or anything present, just that Federer totally thrashed Roddick. Roddick went to the net quite a lot during that match, but Federer’s passing shots were dead-on and didn’t give his opponent a chance. Federer also outplayed Roddick from the baseline, the forehand-to-forehand rallies turning out in his favour. Plus, Roddick totally lost it after the second set after being broken for the third time – almost took out a photographer with his racquet.

Peter Says:

Close? So close?

My gut feeling was that Federer would have Roddick for lunch. When the two play, Roddick’s anxiety level spikes in an almost surreal manner; one can truly see the fear and confusion in his eyes. Until he gets his mind game under control, this history will continue to repeat itself.

Jessica Says:

Federer was sick (he actually had a cold, so he was ill too some days ago), every touch turned into gold, everything spot on. It was amazing and scary. Some of his reflections on the baseline were just from another planet.

The thought of seeing this man for another 3-5 in great shape makes me so excited…

Probably I’m not the only one…

DL Says:

thank god for widescreen tv’s otherwise Serena’s butt wouldn’t fit!!!

Louise107 Says:

Honestly, Nadal’s game isn’t that outstanding but his presence, with the loud grunting, the running around like a headless chicken and those muscles only God (or a pharmaceutical company) knows how he got them at such early age, does intimidate.
Gonzalez obviously was and is the better player and was unflinching against Nadal’s court aggression. And the score, really, it’s very unflattering and unbecoming for a supposed champion and World No. 2.

As for Federer, there’s nothing more to say about him. He is really the greatest player of all time. I had actually wished he’d give Roddick a bagel but after watching the game today and after seeing Roddick’s face in frustration and disbelief, I wished Federer had allowed him even just a little dignity.

Sparko Says:

Thumbs up to your highlighting of Fernando! I have to say though, as a fan who has supported Gonzalez for the last 2 years ,through thick and thin, these victories are more of “stunner” than perhaps they are to you. The changes in his game and stats are a amamzing! His game has been a thing of beauty in his last 3 matches. I will not predict a win against Haas but I do feel confident in his chances.

TejuZ Says:

well.. i guess i had a feeling that Fed would be ready for Roddick this time, after the scare he recieved at Shanghai. I was sure it wud be a straight set win, but i also expected a tie-breaker or two, but not a bagel set.. because Andy has been serving well this tournament.
I guess, once he lost his serve in the 2nd set, he totally lost it.. got confused and was short of ideas. Fed played unbelievable, just like he did against Andy at Wimbledon ’03 semi and ’05 final. Infact Andy had played ok in those matches, but today he really sucked. Anyway.. hope he doesnt get demoralized to be beaten by the worlds best player. Others have been thrashed like this before… like Hewitt in US Open final, Blake in Masters Cup final, Gonzo in TMS Madrid final ..

fedex Says:

fedex crushed arod you puke..
you got it all wrong…
stop predicting.

John Says:

Sean, yesterday you were called a “maroon” and now you’re called a “puke”.

What’s next? A “magenta”?

Robert Says:

Just going to say, your whole article is OFF. Hewitt is a former grand slam champion, Blake was #5 in the world and gave Federer a scare in the US Open 2006, and Rafael Nadal will remain #2 for quite a while. Let’s not forget: Nadal has a winning record (6-3) over Federer, Nadal has an all-time record 60 consecutive match wins on clay, and finally, what happened to the others? #3 Davydenko lost to Haas (so he won’t even gain ground). #4 Ljubcic is out in the first round…#5Blake lost early, and #6 Roddick got trashed by Federer. So, only one player…Gonzalez…will make significant points inroads against Nadal. If Gonzalez continues to play like this, he will eventually reach #2…but it would be in the fall of 2007…a long ways off.

OK, and Federer is simply ‘greatest of all time’. No Federer, Roddick would have 3-4 grand slam titles.

Joaquin Harnecker Says:

I would like to leave a message to Nadal after claiming he was injured during his match with Gonzalez

There was a famous australian coach namedc Harry Hopman who said that if you stepped on court than you were prepared to play; if you have problems, dont setp on court and then give excuses

Mr Nadal , understand that you do not like to loose , specially in straight sets , but your excuses are not valid and diminish your sportmanship

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